God that Malfoy thinks he can just taunt anyone because he's the self-proclaimed 'Slytherin Sex God'!

During the beginning of the year feast, Malfoy had brushed by her. "So the moment you've been waiting for all your life - you've been given head. Did you scream with joy?" Harry choked into his pudding at the implicationand Ron glared at him. Hermione merely shook her head.

I cannot believe that empty-headed sack of uselessness was appointed Head Boy. She cringed at the thought of living in close quarters with the arrogant Slytherin.

When she had received the mail notifying her of her new position as Head Girl, she practically fainted when she read Malfoy's name next to her own. She had marched down to McGonagall and came quite close to begging her to choose someone else for Head Boy.

"I'm sorry, but I simply cannot do that. Both you and Mr. Malfoy have fairly acquired your positions."

"But it's Malfoy, why not McMillan or someone else? Anyone would be better than him."

McGonagall simply pursed her lips. "I know that you have had a bad history with Mr. Malfoy. But he has good marks and like you, showed a far more sense of authority than the other prefects."

Hermione scowled. Sense of authority my ass! More like stomping down all the first years and muggleborns when they get in his path

When they had been looking over their new quarters, Malfoy had discretely put his arm around her and blew lightly into her ear. She had squealed, pushed him away and practically run into her own room.

She groaned at the sound of Malfoy's evil laughter echoing through their common room. He hadn't failed to take up any chance to parade around their quarters half - naked, gloating at her embarassment.

Arrgh...I cannot take this anymore. He has a truly perverted sense of humor and I'm just egging him on by blushing like a silly little girl. It's time to show him that I'm not some innocent Gryffindor. I can be just as cunning and sly as any of those nasty Slytherins.

This was going to be an interesting year.