Desperate Wives

Chapter 7: To Burn or Not to Burn?

By: SheDrinksGreenTea

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Innocent blue eyes blinked once.

Furious gold eyes didn't blink at all.

She looked at her with innocence.

She glared at her with hatred.

Standing right now in front of a flaming beauty, was innocent Meyrin Hawke.

And in front of that innocent angel was the flaming beauty, Cagalli Yula Attha.

Meyrin's innocent eyes blinked and she smiled, "Good morning, Ms. Cagalli!"

The said woman, Cagalli, gritted her teeth in frustration, but closed her eyes and with a strained voice, said "Good morning, Ms. Meyrin."

It's been a few weeks since Meyrin has moved in, and Cagalli still hated her. Well, how can you blame her? An 18-year-old girl, who just a few weeks ago, claimed Cagalli's fiancé, Athrun Zala, was her fiancé as well. Now, Cagalli had two options: One: Murder Meyrin and hide her body where no one can see it, or two, play along and crush this girl with whatever thoughts she had to marry Athrun. After all, Cagalli liked to prove people wrong.

Yes she did.

"Ms. Cagalli!" Meyrin chirped that brought her out of her train of thought. "Since it's been almost a month since I've moved here-a month of us fighting over Athrun-Why don't I have the pleasure of making us all dinner? I just want to thank you for allowing me to enter your home." Meyrin bowed, "It's been very fun."

The look on Cagalli's face was rather noticeable…no wait…it was very noticeable that there was no way in hell that she'd let this brat cook her meal! Who knows, she might poison it and when Cagalli is dead, she'll take Athrun away.

But Cagalli refused to tell Meyrin this.

She really refused.

So with a forced --a very noticeable forced--smiled, she replied innocently, "No, that's alright Meyrin. I refuse to let our guest, (nuisance), to use the kitchen. I believe that it's very rude to make someone like you get in there, (and murder me with whatever you're gonna make…)."

Meyrin shook her head, "No! Ms. Cagalli! I want to do it. I want to make you proud. I want you to know that I am very serious about winning Athrun's heart and with me making dinner, it'll prove that I am a worthy opponent."

If there was a meter for anger, Cagalli's would've gone off the roof. She fisted her hand behind her back and with a smile she said, "Meyrin, Meyrin…you are a wothy opponent for Athrun's affections, but really. I don't want to make a guest rui-I MEAN cook dinner. Please, I'm also anticipating an arrival of a very important guest."

Meyrin stood back up and tilted her head to the side in wonderment. "And who is this special guest? If I may ask."

"You'll see."

"Ahh." Meyrin intertwined her hands in front of her as an idea struck her. "Are you not allowing me to make dinner because you think I'll take this special guest away? OR you can't cook at all and you're scared to see how much Athrun will love me and you're just making this "special guest" lie up so I won't have to cook at all!"

Oh dear. She shouldn't have said that at all.

Cagalli swore she felt blood running down her fingers as she pressed her nails closer to her palm in her clenched fist. Yes, she is actually trying not to kill this girl on the spot.

"…..are you trying to start something….?" Cagalli gritted her teeth, tensing.

Well, not really.

Meyrin continued that little innocent act. "Oh no, Ms. Cagalli!--(fuck formalities)--I'm just stating my own opinion. Usually the people I meet would love me to make dinner for them."

Cagalli really tried not to scream, for the sake of Lacus, Kira, and Athrun still sleeping somewhere in the mansion. They wouldn't really like the fact that they may have to go downstairs and see one girl turned into the hulk, and another girl missing but numerous holes in the house.

"How 'bout this…," Cagalli said in the nicest way possible, "Why don't we cook…together?"

"Ahhh!" Meyrin jumped in joy like a little girl. "I would love that Ms. Cagalli! I'll go out and get some supplies at the grocery store! We're gonna have so much fun!!" She took off right away and slammed the front door.

Cagalli sat on the sofa in the living room and sighed, I really hate kids…

Kira Yamato was outside, enjoying the quiet atmosphere that Cagalli's mansion had to offer. There was no death threats or swears when Kira was outside, he can finally relax after a stressful month from Cagalli and Meyrin.

That is until…

"KIRA YAMATO!" a voice boomed.

Kira jumped and looked behind the comfortable patio chair he was laying on. Right behind him was a furious--yet adorable--Lacus Clyne; the loving girlfriend.

Though she didn't look so loving right now…

How? Well, in Kira's POV, he looked at his girlfriend from head to toe, trying to find out what made her so pissy this morning.

Lacus's hair was not in the neat fashion it always was, her baby blue dress didn't look ironed, and most importantly the look in her eyes had "Death" written all over it.

"What I do…?" He squeaked, hoping she would go away and leave him to his perfect morning.

"KIRA YAMATO," Lacus screamed that you could've sworn that the earth froze. "You used the bathroom this morning did you not?!"

Kira's eyes narrowed in annoyance, "What of it?"

Lacus clenched her fist at her boyfriend's sarcasm. Oh how she wished she could've wiped that look of his face…too bad she loved him too much to even do that in her anger. "Why didn't you clean the shower?!"

"Huh." What the heck is this woman trying to say?

"I found a giant hairball in the drain!" Lacus reached into the pocket of her blue dress and shoved the ball of brown hair in front of Kira's face. Kira eyed it with disgust! It had everything that whatever Lacus used in the shower in it! Swallowing his breakfast, he managed to ask, "So I left a little hair in the drain. Big deal." He shrugged it off and resumed his relaxing position on the chair. Lacus, of course, fumed.

"When I shower, I would like not to see a gerbil on the floor!"

"Tch." Was all Kira said. "I'm sorry then. Next time I'll be a good boy and clean up after my mess, okay mommy?" Damn sarcasm.

Lacus threw the hairball at the chair Kira was on and, you know how hairballs are supposedly "light as a feather?" Well, combined with Lacus' anger and somehow inhuman strength, the hairball managed to tip the seat Kira was on, causing him to fall over. "OUCH!" the young man cried as he rubbed his injured jaw. Where the hell did that strength come from…

"I'ma let this pass, even though it's your second time!" Lacus crossed her arms to show that she was, in fact, very serious. "If I see another one of these in the drain, you are so sleeping in your sis' room!"

Kira's eyes widened, "What the heck Lacus! You know Athrun and Cagalli share her room! Who knows what they do to each other?! And now you want me to sleep there?! That's worst than capital punishment!"

Lacus made a 'tch' sound, "Well, then I hope you bring blindfolds and earmuffs." And with that said, she walked away back into the mansion to play with her haros.

Kira, who was still sitting on the grass, glared at his girlfriend. "She must be on her period."


Athrun parked his car into the garage. He had just returned from a very important meeting as a representative for Cagalli, who was still busy doing paperwork and asked him to go in her place. So poor Athrun had to wake up a bit earlier then the rest, (since it took him awhile to get ready), and drive to the city of Orb for Ms. Cagalli.

While getting out and locking the car, he heard the front door close. Curious, Athrun looked outside through the garage window and saw Meyrin walking outside with a smile in her face. Since it was morning, Athrun decided to greet her.

"Good morning, Meyrin." He said with a smile. Meyrin heard it and looked at the direction she heard his voice. Seeing Athrun wave at her, she smiled, "Ahh! Good morning, Asuran!" Yes, she still called me by that nickname. "How are you this morning? Did the meeting go well?" She continued asking as she walked up to him.

"Mm. It was alright; nothing special. Just had to sign important papers for Cagalli," Athrun shrugged. Meyrin smiled, "Seeing that you have more time on your hands now, would you like to accompany me to the store to buy things for dinner?"


She nodded, "Yep. I'm making dinner for everyone to thank you for inviting me to stay in your household!"

Athrun cocked his head to the side in bewilderment, Cagalli actually allowed this…?

"Soo…" Meyrin's words broke him out of his train of thought. "Is that a yes, Asuran?" She tilted her head to the side a bit as she looked at his face, seeing him pondering on a decision was really cute, especially for her.

"Uhh…I can't," he finally said. Meyrin pouted in disappointment.

"Do you have something else to do?"

Athrun nodded and lowered his head, "I have some other businesses to attend to. I'm sorry, Meyrin."

Meyrin continued to pout, "It can't wait…?" She really wanted to spend time with him today.

Athrun shook his head, "Sorry…"

She sighed and forced a smile, "Okay, okay. Don't worry. You are the fiancé of the Representative of Orb!" She tried to sound cheerful about it, but in truth Meyrin hated saying the fiancé part. "Okay then," she folded her hands together. "I guess I better get going. I'll be back in a few; bye Asuran!" Meyrin the exited the gate and Athrun watched her until she was out of sight. He sighed to himself and walked into the mansion.

"Cagalli." The said woman looked up from the papers she was reading on her desk to the person in front of her, who was no other than Athrun. Trust her, she didn't really want to see his face at the moment, especially when she had important work to do.

"What is it?" She decided to ask, since it would be rude to keep a guest--even though they were engaged-- waiting.

"I just wanted to ask you about tonight," Athrun said in a stoic posture, showing Cagalli that he was pretty serious about whatever he was going to ask her. He continued, "Is Meyrin really going to make dinner?"

Cagalli stopped fixing her papers for a moment and sighed, scratching her head a bit from stress. "Well, she wanted to…so I just let her." She refused to let Athrun know about the argument.

"I see…" was all Athrun said. Cagalli got a but annoyed with his reply and asked him, "Do you want her to make it?"

Athrun jumped at the sudden question, "No! I just wanted to ask you if she had your permission to use the kitchen. You know how Kira treasures it….Everything in there is like his second love, next to Lacus."

Cagalli narrowed her eyes a bit, At least his second love is an inanimate object…

Athrun could read Cagalli, and knew immediately what she was thinking about. "Meyrin is not my second love. Nor was she my first."

"Mmmhmm," Cagalli mumbled and resumed her paperwork.

"Cagalli…I'm serious…," Athrun whined as he walked towards her desk and place his hands on it. "You know I would never two time you…"

"Yeah, yeah…" Cagalli said in sarcasm, still looking at her papers and refusing to acknowledge the fact that Atrhun was in front of her with puppy eyes.

"Cagalli…really, look at me…," He begged.

"Can't you see I'm busy? Really Athrun, go find Kira or Lacus…I'll talk to you later, okay?" Cagalli said in the sweetest way possible. She was really stressed out from what she had to do all day.

"All right," he muttered, giving her a chaste kiss on the forehead. "Just don't do anything rash, okay?" And he exited the door.

"Hm." Cagalli muttered. "We'll see about that."


What has Cagalli planned for this whole event?


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