"Big Time"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Back to the world of Kim Possible we go...

This will be the fourth KP fic that I've penned, after "She Will Do Anything," "Dangerous Girls," and "Some Senior Substitutions." You needn't have to have read any of those previous three... but it would be nice if you do, if you haven't already!

In terms of the show, this takes place two weeks after "So the Drama." The idea for this came up back when the show was still considered to be cancelled. Before we found out Kim and Ron still had one more year of high school left and all the other stuff the creative staff's putting into Season Four. Thus, my state of mind when the idea for this fanfic came about... what was it, almost a year ago, I think... I wasn't betting on the series being renewed at that point.

So, in order to enjoy this fic, you have to pretend Kim and Ron were actually seniors in "So the Drama," as many people, including myself, thought they were, and thus, none of the Season Four stuff will intrude into this story. Not gonna guarantee it, though... if Disney throws me a great subplot...

If I'm lucky, this'll be a summer project and be completed before Season Four makes its premiere this fall, as I've heard it's been projected. Knowing me, I'm not all that confident about that, but we'll see.

Hit the 'don't sue me' button and let's get started!

Disclaimer: The characters and places of the TV show 'Kim Possible' do not belong to me. They are property of Disney and the show's creative staff.

Prologue (05.31.06)

Middleton High School
Last Day of Classes for Seniors, 48 Hours Until Graduation...

"Kim! KIM!"

Ron Stoppable was running through the crowded hallways between second and third periods towards Kim Possible, his friend since childhood and, as of recently, his girlfriend. He was in a state of panic, almost as if something was wrong.

Horribly wrong.

"Kim, Kim, this is major! I need your help, bad!"

Kim, who was at her locker pulling out the last of her textbooks that she needed to return to her teachers, turned to Ron... with tears in her eyes?

"Uh... KP?"

Kim wailed loudly as she collapsed into Ron's shoulder. Confused as to what to do and all of the eyes of fellow students staring at them, he did the only thing he could think of...

Talking it out...

"Okay, Kim, cut the waterworks!" Ron shouted, trying to get her attention. "I know this is big and all, but shouldn't I be more unhappy over this than you? I mean, aren't I the one in danger of not graduating if I don't pass today's final in..."

"I didn't get in!" Kim mumbled between sobs.

"What? Get in what? Or where?"

"Columbia!" Kim exclaimed, looking up at Ron's eyes. "I got my rejection letter this morning... I can't believe this! Every school I applied to... every one!"

"But that's impossible... you're Kim Possible! You can do anything! That's been your saying, your thing, for years! For as long as I've known you!"

Kim sniffled. "But that all means diddly squat now! My reputation's ruined!"

To be continued in Part 1 - Coming Late June 2006