"Big Time"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Let's just scoot right into the finale...

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Part Seventeen - Me Too, KP (08.09.07)

Underneath Noirish Pak, Inc. HQ - San Mateo, California
9 Hours Until the Senior Class Graduation from Middleton High...

As Kim Possible sat facing the only entrance in the room, with her back against the wall, she was crying in distress over the suicide of Tonio Louenthal, the head of the Worldwide Empire of Evil, right in front of her eyes. Global Justice Agent Will Du was standing in front of her, trying to console her, while the heads of Kim's sidekick, Ron Stoppable, and his naked mole rat, Rufus, were in the trash can.

Meanwhile, Sarah Jones, who had been working undercover under the guise of Agent Sierra, Louenthal's office assistant, was busying tying up Agent Echo and Agent Lima, both of whom had been knocked out as a precautionary measure. The remaining five GJ agents in the room were barricading the door, as the sounds of other WEE agents converging on the office quickly became apparent.

"Miss Possible!" Will called out to Kim. "Kimberly! We need to get out of here right now!"

"Leave me alone!" Kim shouted, swinging an arm at Will and missing. "Don't you understand what just happened!"

"I know, and I told you, it wasn't meant to be this way! Look, if we don't get out of here now, our own lives are going to be in serious jeopardy!"

"What's taking so long?" Sarah asked as she came over.

"She's not responding to anything I say!" Will told her.

"Let me try."

Will stepped off to the side, and glanced towards Ron, his head still in the trash, as Sarah squatted down in front of Kim.

"Miss Possible, I know we just met, but it is urgent that you get over what just happened and help us escape! Do you realize that if we do not get out of here in the next two minutes..."

Suddenly, voices and pounding sounds could be heard from the other side of the barricaded office doors as the WEE operatives were trying to bust into the room.

"More like 45 seconds!" yelled one of the GJ agents by the door.

"In the next 45 seconds, that we are all going to die? They're not gonna ask questions... they'll see their leader's body on the ground, and they will, without question, shoot to kill us on the spot! Do you want your life to end this way? Especially when you've got such a bright future in front of you?"

"Me too?" Ron asked, raising his head somewhat out of the can... until he felt another round of puke coming up. At which point he stuck it back in.

"Cornell, Columbia, Penn... the possibilities are endless as to what you can do with your life! You can grow up to be just as successful as your parents! I mean, c'mon... a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon? What are the odds?"

The pounding at the door got even louder and louder.

"The point is..." Will cut in, "we're not forcing you to join Global Justice right now. Or ever. As much as we'd all love to have you on the team, in the end only you can decide whether you want to become one of us."

"We should've never gone to the lengths we did," Sarah admitted. "But Agent Du here has praised your skill to great length... and that's something he had never done before. Ever! So much so that we had to figure out how to get you to join."

"And that's when someone at GJ suggested that we alter your school records so that you wouldn't be able to get into any college or university you applied to. That someone apparently interpreted my praises for you, Kimberly, and took them a bit too far."

"Dr. Director intends to punish the operative who went through with it despite the denial of his proposal. We understand if you hate us for not putting a stop to this earlier..."

"But we need you to overlook that for the moment and get us out of here... NOW, KIMBERLY!"

Kimberly had stopped crying at some point during the revelation, so they were a little surprised when she quickly raised her head up. She flashed them a look of determination as she nodded and rose to her feet. Sarah did the same, then produced a small remote control out her pocket and aimed it at the floor, near the closest corner of the room. A small hole opened up, and a cylindrical platform rose up out of it. And on it were Kim and Ron's backpacks.

"Uh... okay..." Ron said hesitantly as he raised his head up again. "I think I'm done..."

"Good!" Kim shouted as she grabbed the two packs and threw Ron's in his direction. "Catch!"

Ron instinctively reached up and caught it by the strap in mid-air.

"She's gonna need cover fire!" Sarah yelled to all the agents as Will handed the laser rifle back to her. "Prepare for incoming!"

"Yes, ma'am!" the other agents shouted, getting into 'fire ready' positions.

"How much time do you need?" Will asked as Kim pulled her Laser Lipstick out of her pack.

Kim activated it and immediately started cutting a huge hole into the window.

"Just tell your men to be ready to fly!"

"Does that include me?" Ron asked curiously, putting his backpack on.

"Ready for blast-off!" Rufus chirped, climbing into Ron's pants pocket and putting a safety helmet on.

Seconds later, the WEE operatives burst in, destroying the door. Both sides opened fire immediately, as laser beams started flying in and out of the room. By this point, Kim had finished cutting through the window pane. Raising her leg, she kicked it out, sending the glass plummeting down to the bottom of the cavern.

"Let's move out!" Sarah yelled.

Sarah aimed the remote at a segment of the wall to her right, and it slid open to reveal a half-dozen jetpacks. Will realized this instantly as he passed them out to the two agents who had already backed up to the window.

"We're one short!"

"No, we're not!"

Sarah pushed Will into Kim, who instantly got what was going on. Even if she didn't necessarily approve of the choice. Kim turned Will around so that she was looking at the back of his head, wrapped her arms around his chest, and then pushed the ignition button on her jetpack backpack. It started instantly, and Kim and Will flew out of the office. Ron and Rufus were right behind them, followed by two other GJ agents.

"Head towards the light!" Will said to Kim, pointing to a large skyport entrance door that was in the process of opening up.

Kim did as she was told, as Ron and the others followed suit. By the time they were 400 feet away from where they had exited the building, Sarah and one last GJ agent flew out, laying down cover fire as they pulled away.

The group of nine barreled towards the door as it finished its opening process. Lights mounted on the walls of the tunnel on the other side became apparent as they approached the door and went through it.

A minute later, the group emerged out onto the surface level, coming out of the other end of the skyport tunnel and putting them right near where the GJ agents had parked their jets. The group touched down on the ground and went to start them up.

"Have room for a few extra bodies?" Kim asked as he let go of Will upon touchdown.


Will suddenly heard a familiar yet frightening clicking sound. He slowly turned around and gasped as Kim had a handgun... the handgun that had been in his pocket... and it was pointed right at his head. The other GJ agents quickly pulled out theirs, cocked them, and aimed them right at Kim.

"KIM, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" yelled Ron in a panic.

"Put it down!" Sarah ordered. "Don't make us have to shoot you!"

"This is about the whole 'ruining your college admissions' stuff, right?" Wade thought out loud. "I swear to you, those were the actions of one lone agent operating alone, without authorization!"

Kim was a still as a statue, keeping the gun and one eye on Will, the other eye on Ron, Sarah, and the other GJ operatives.


"We won't warn you again... put it down, Miss Possible!"

"I'd never do anything like that, Kimberly, nor would I approve of someone under my watch commit such a charge! You have to understand, I only have the utmost respect for what you do!"

Still no movement from the teen heroine. Ron tried to reach in to snatch the handgun away, but Kim quickly smacked his hand away.



"You've got until the count of three!"

"What else can I do?" Will asked, now begging for his life. "Do you want me to take the fall for everything?"


"You don't want to kill me... that's never been your style!"


"I'm... sorry..." Kim uttered.

Will closed his eyes, expecting the worst. So was everyone else around her.

Until Kim suddenly flipped the gun so that she was holding the end of the gun's barrel, and then flashed a smile.

And burst into snickering and laughter.

"Wha?" Sarah gawked.

"Huh?" wondered the other GJ agents as they lowered their guns and looked at each other.

"Whoa, Kim," Ron said as he walked up to her and looked her in the eyes. "Are you... okay?"

"You... you... if only you could see the looks on your faces!" Kim said with a chuckle.

"That's not very funny," Will said as Kim gave the handgun back.

"What was up with that?" Ron asked, perplexed.

"Yeah... fill us in," added a curious Sarah.

"Well, after the shooting range test, despite my apprehensions, I've always wondered what it would feel like to hold a gun in a situation where I'd actually need to possibly save my life. Or Ron's."

"And... how did it feel scaring the life out of me?" asked Will as he pocketed the handgun.

"It's like nothing I've ever felt before... it was SUCH A RUSH!"

"Really?" questioned Ron.

Kim's smile quickly deteriorated into a frown, and she replied, deadpanned.

"Never again."


"Even in self-defense... people can really get hurt with guns. Or worse," Kim said matter-of-factly. "I'd rather not have the risk of me making such a tragic mistake be on my conscious."

Ron was scratching his head as he walked over to Will.

"Is that her way of telling me she's NOT joining Global Justice?"

"Pretty much," Ron told him. "I... think."

"How 'bout that ride for Ron and me back to Middleton?" Kim requested as she walked past the two young men and headed for Will's jet. "I know you want to."

Kim winked playfully, then continued her trot to the jet. Will and Ron shot odd glances at each other.

"And... that, Stoppable? She..."

"Yeah, she still thinks you're irk-able."

Everyone then headed back to their jets to make the trip home.

It was around 3:30 in the morning when a jet plane stopped above the Possibles' house. Kim, Ron, and Will had slid down a rope from the cockpit and now were standing on Kim's yard.

"So, you know the whole time?" Will stated, surprised.

"Not immediately, but I started to put the pieces together right after we left GJ HQ..."

Roughly 13 hours ago...

"So, you think someone's been tracking you for the last few months?" Wade concluded, after Kim told him all the facts.

"There's no other explanation."

"If you taken into account the simplest criteria, you could make a debate that more than half the world is tracking you on and off just because of your website and your reputation as a world-saver!"

"But how many people have the ability to hack into college admissions servers and falsely deny me entry into all of the universities that I applied to?"

"Not too many, but using that criteria, our perps are one of two underground organizations..."

Wade brought up a schematic of the first, an... energy drink maker?

"The first is Noirish Pak Incorporated... as you might imagine, it's a front for an off-shoot branch of WEE... the Worldwide Evil Empire!"

"You mean that whacko group of villains led by Dr. Director's younger twin brother?" Ron asked. "The guy who kidnapped me just because she wanted me first?"

"She wanted the 'Ron Factor,' Ron... not you," Kim growled.

"What? I didn't mean it that way, Kim!"

"Which makes it even more ironic that the other organization in question is... Global Justice!"

Kim smiled. "Well... that makes this choice real easy."

"Really? Because the obvious target would be G..."


"Wait a minute... wha?"

"Global Justice would never do something that low just to get one recruit, especially someone like me..."

"Wait, that was earlier today?" screamed Ron. "It feels like it was THREE MONTHS AGO!"

"You figured that out just from that genius friend of yours?" asked Will.

"Pretty much. The only problem was, I didn't have any definitive proof. Until..."

"I'm wondering why you tried to ruin my life... by hacking into the Admissions Department of every single college I applied to!"

"Do... do what now?"

A little shocked at the accusation, Tonio lowered the experimental weapon in his hands.

"I didn't even know that you were the so-called Kim Possible until yesterday when you kept my top agent from eliminating that thorn, Agent Will Du!"

"I could tell by the way he said that my theory was right. He and his organization had nothing to do with that whole deal at all!"

"You mean... we nearly got ourselves killed for THAT? KIMMM..."

"No big... I was in control of the sitch the whole time! I knew that Will here would be going to the same place."

"So you also knew about our mission..."

"To save me after you all found out about that rogue agent who set up this whole scheme in the first place? Yeah... I knew. But still... there's one thing that I haven't figured out."

"And that is?"

Back in the streets of downtown Boulder, Kim and Ron were still in pursuit of the last councilman's kidnappers. Suddenly, one of them reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, silver ball. He dropped it on the ground, instantly covering an area within twenty feet of the object in smoke.

But that didn't scare Kim at all.

"They think I'm frightened of a little smoke grenade?" she asked out loud as she grabbed Ron's hand and headed right for it.

"Wait a minute, Kim," he yelped before they were engulfed by the smoke.

It only took a second or two to run through it, but once they were on the other side, they were surprised to see that the kidnappers had disappeared.

"They just went poof..." uttered Ron, "like ninjas!"

"The two agents that kidnapped that University of Colorado councilman, Mr. Crawley. Did the rogue agent have help? After all, wasn't their whole board kidnapped?"

"No, the Worldwide Empire of Evil was responsible for that, but for a somewhat unrelated reason. One of their agents had a son who also applied to the University of Colorado..."

"And he was rejected, and so the agent asked his boss for permission to get revenge on the Council Board for it?"

"Wait... if you knew that, then why..."

"Just a hunch," Kim said with a sly smirk.

"But won't the WEE come after us after what we did?" Ron asked.

"No need to worry..." Will reassured them. "Sarah bugged the system so it would erase any memory of you and Kim being there. If they come after anybody, it'll just be us at GJ."

Kim and Ron nodded in understanding.

"Well... then... I guess now that everything's settled, this is where we part ways."

"'Fraid so."

"Good luck being a secret agent and all," Ron said, shaking the GJ agent's hand.

"It was... a pleasure working with you," Will replied in return.



Ron shot him a dirty look. "That's just wrong, dude."

"So... farewell forever?" Kim asked.

"Well... unless we cross paths again at random..."


"Kimberly... thank you for everything you've done for all of us at GJ."

"You knew how it is... no big!"

With that, Will grabbed the rope, pulled out a remote control from his pocket, and waved goodbye as he was raised back up to the jet. Kim and Ron waved back as Will climbed aboard and flew off, back to GJ Headquarters.

And out of Kim and Ron's life... forever.

Middleton High School, Mad Dog Stadium
0 Hours Until the Senior Class Graduation from Middleton High...

Mr. Barkin was at the podium, addressing this year's senior class with the graduation ceremony's keynote speech. Parents, siblings, and friends looked on as some of Middleton's best and brightest were about to close the book on a major chapter of their lives.

"And remember, seniors of Middleton High! Wherever you go from here, whether it be to an institution of higher learning, to some sort of professional sport, or... the local junk food eating establishment... there's one thing that you all need to do. Take charge of your life and GRAB IT BY THE HORNS! Nothing comes easy in life... you have to go out there and make your life the way you want to live it! And with that... I hereby announce the Class of 2005, proud graduates of Middleton High School!"

"YEAH!" everyone yelled, throwing their purple and yellow-colored graduation caps into the air.

A little later, many of the new graduates were spread out all over the field and the stadium, chatting with family and friends. Among them were Kim, Ron, and Monique, who were openly discussing their future as their parents talked off to the side.

And watching as Bonnie pranced by, having already gotten rid of her graduation gown and moving about in a garnet-colored Florida State University short sleeve shirt and golden-colored shorts.

"Ugh..." Monique shuddered. "To think, not only am I going to college in the same state as her, but in the same city! We're literally going to be just miles apart."

"You're going to Florida A&M, right?" Kim remembered.

"Yep! Go Rattlers!" Monique mock-cheered.

"I don't know why you guys are trying to go so far away!" Ron exclaimed, "especially since there's such cheaper alternatives close to home."

"I thought the point of going to college was to get away from the 'rents," Monique whispered to Kim.

"Ron's... not that type of guy," Kim whispered back.

"Middleton State, here I come!" Ron proudly declared. "Go... uh... what's their nickname?"

Kim and Monique shrugged their shoulders, as they didn't know. Or maybe, they didn't want to know.

"What about you, Kim?" Monique asked. "After all of those snafus, I'm pretty sure all of the universities you applied to are begging for forgiveness by doing anything to get you to come to them!"

Kim laughed nervously. "Well... about that... you see..."

"What are you talking about, Monique?" Ron butted in, wrapping his arm around Kim and pulling her close. "Kim's coming to MSU with me! After all... we can't break up the team, right?"


"Kim! Think about us! Don't tell me we just became a couple just so we can talk on the phone every night, hundreds of miles apart!"

"I don't know!"

"You don't know?" Monique and Ron said at the same time.

"The last 48 hours have been such a blur... I still don't know what I want to do with my life! Go to world-saving full time? Settle down and try to follow in my parents' footsteps and get into a high-ranking profession? Try to continue to balance both? It's... it's just something that I need a little more time to think about."

"But Kim..." Ron whined.

"I know I have to consider you too, Ron. And my parents, and the tweebs."

Kim took a few steps away from Ron and Monique and gazed up to the blue sky above.

"Whatever I decide, it has to be in all of our best interests."

Kim turned and beckoned Ron to come over to the railing with her. Once he did, she clasped her hands over his and looked longingly into his eyes.

"But no matter, whether we're two minutes or 2,000 miles apart, you're the only person that I'd want by my side all the way."

"Me too, KP. Me... too..."

Suddenly, all of the parents walked over, ready to head off to celebrate with their high school graduates.

"So, who's ready to celebrate a new beginning for our little cubs?" Mr. Dr. Possible asked.

"JP Bearymore's Pizza Party-torium!" Jim, Tim, Ron, and Rufus all shouted.

"Sounds like fun!" Mr. Stoppable said. "Let's roll out!"

The entire gang headed for the nearest exit, save for Kim, her parents, and Monique.

"Should we tell them?" Kim asked her parents.

Kim's folks looked at each other, then at Kim, and shook their heads.

"Tell them?" Monique wondered out loud. "About what?"

"Let's just say be glad this'll be the only time you'll ever go there."

And with that, the foursome followed the rest of the group out, with Kim and Monique bringing up the rear.

And the young teen heroine glancing back over her shoulder and taking a look at the football field below for the first time...

As a high school graduate.


Author's Notes for 'Big Time':
It took a year longer than expected, and a lot of wading through the muck and constant cries within me of 'I don't want to write this story anymore' and 'I've got no motivation left to make this interesting.' But, it's done! I'm just happy that the story gets a satisfactory ending, even if open-ended... we'll leave that to the TV series to figure that out.

Of course, if you're not happy with 'this' ending, there are two alternate endings that I may be coaxed to releasing on my website...

Thanks to all who have read 'Big Time.' Unfortunately, thanks to losing interest in the series and said show about to end... again... this will be my 4th and last 'Kim Possible' fanfiction. Those four stories, even if some ended up being critically disapproved (cough, 'Some Senior Substitutions,' cough) were some of my favorites to do in my fanfiction writing career.

It's a shame that this particular story didn't work out as planned, as originally this fic was supposed to lean on the border of the PG-13/R rating line, as opposed to straddling the PG/PG-13 one that this fic ended up doing, with a lot more violence and bodily injury, specifically for Kim and/or Ron. Nevertheless, sometimes you've got to deal with the cards you're dealt.

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