Title: Boku to Maoh: Blue Demon
Subject: Okage: Shadow King
Genres: Romance/Drama
Sub-genres: General

Main Pairings: One-sided Ari/Marlene, one-sided Ari/OC, Stan/OC
Other Pairings: One-sided Linda/Epros, one-sided Linda/Big Bull

Summary: A girl from another world is literally dropped into the Okage world and slowly learns of some of the people in it and why she was brought there.

Disclaimer: I do not own Okage: Shadow King/Boku to Maoh or any of its characters. The game and its characters are copyright their respective owners and/or creators. Any OCs you encounter are mine along with the plot. Thank you.

A/N: If the story's OC seems like a Mary-Sue, I'm sorry. I'm not the best writer ever, but I'm trying my best.

This was spawned from a character I somewhat role-play on a message board.

At first she was just a character I played that somehow met Stan (who pops up on the message board, played by myself), but she became a part of me because I act as her often and visit that message board frequently.

In fact, my mind has wrapped itself around the part so tightly that I feel at one with my character when I go there.

Because of all this, she and I are very similar and she's like another self to me, as crazy as it may seem. So the reason I'm writing this is because I wanted to write the story of how she met with Stan and what happened in that time.

You certainly don't have to like it or even read it, but I thought I'd place it here just in case it grabbed the interest of any Okage fans. (God knows we need all the fan fiction we can get if you're like me and have a craving for Okageness of all kinds.)

Lastly, it may seem like I'm trying to bring the same kind of goodness the game brought, but I'm not. I know that I can't match that level, so I'm staying with what I can do. I find that different ways of telling and delivering a story are actually nice to have, each fanfiction a little piece of the self in some form.

Well, this is another piece of me…

Boku to Maoh: Blue Demon

by Syrenia

Prologue - Welcome Back To The Beginning

A few years had past since Stan, Ari, Rosalyn and the rest of the group had gone on their journey, ridding the world of Classification.

Now, Big Bull was the owner of a fitness club in the old dungeon, the Big Tree Hole, that the team had found him in. Kisling was a well-known scholar who'd written many books on ghosts and even an autobiography. Linda was "dating" Epros, both of whom were working in Bloc's circus.

As for Ari, he was still living with his family, he and Marlene dating, although she'd left to "find herself" a year and a half ago.

And then there was Rosalyn who was still a hero, her main concern now being the pursuit of Evil King Stan, though the demon always seemed to be one step ahead of her.

Lastly, there was Stan, the Great Evil King, who had gradually built a name for himself, destroying cities here and there just to boost recognition by the people he would one day rule.

But, although he had become more like an Evil King, he still remained the same Stan that Ari and the gang knew. He still wanted to rule the world, thought Ari was a useless slave and found it evil to remove the welcome mat from people's doorsteps so they couldn't wipe the dirt off their shoes.

In fact, he'd pretty much left Ari alone. He only popped up once in a while to check up on his property, though he swore it was simply that he'd been in town and decided to drop in and see if he could have some of Mrs. Overshadow's delicious omelettes.

As his Evil Butler, James, had said, they really were good omelettes.

Most of the time, however, Stan was wondering across their world, and even through the Transverse Tunnel, seeking anything to help him in his goal of world conquest.

Nothing had really proven worthy of pursuit, but he also pillaged along the way, building up his reputation.

Whenever he spotted an evil deed just waiting for his masterful hand to see it through beautifully, he would take the opportunity, finding it hard to say "no" to such a thing.

Hot on his trail, Rosalyn was almost always following steps behind him, her shadow still what she considered an unflattering fluorescent pink.

She swore she'd have Stan change it back and that she would defeat him, yet she couldn't seem to keep up, only actually seeing him once in a while.

On the off chance she saw him, the two would battle, name-calling the main event.

And although she won a few, she also lost a few, retreating hastily. She never seemed to realize that the more she battled him, the stronger he became against her with the experience.

The battles gave him a good idea of her usual attacks and, though he didn't let on, he recognized how redundant all of her moves really were.

Becoming more familiar with her technique with every fight, he slowly became a tougher opponent.

Even so, Rosalyn was blinded by her rage, wanting to vanquish the Evil King and say goodbye to her pink shadow once and for all.

The parasol-wielding hero following him constantly, those who noticed the trend swore she was obsessed with defeating him, blind to anything else. And such was true, though she didn't listen to any of it, hell-bent on destroying Stan.

Every town she entered seemed to either know she would be there soon beforehand or understood she must be after the Evil King.

As of now, Stan was wandering around near Triste, finally having heard promising tales of something that might aid his world conquest.

Lately, in not only Triste but also a few other towns, a rumor had been flying around about the statue opposite the one that was the entrance to the Transverse Tunnel.

It had been said that a key was all it took to open the door there, leading to what was said to be another world.

However, it was also said that the key had been long lost and the entrance was shut tight.

No one believed the rumors enough to seek out this key and open the door save the Evil King who thought it couldn't hurt to look.

At the moment, Stan was thinking of places the key might be as he walked about in the snow. He couldn't think of a single place he hadn't already looked, though, beginning to think the rumors were just that - rumors.

As he walked across the snow, racking his brain for somewhere to look, he folded his arms behind his head.

After a few steps, however, a tiny sound pricked Stan's pointed ear.

Instantly, he knew what it was, sneering before he shouted, "Thatta girl, fat legs! Break a twig and give yourself away!"

Rosalyn fumed, stomping out from her hiding place, "Damn you, you stupid Evil King!"

He huffed a laugh, still standing with his back to her.

"Fix my shadow, you damn jerk!"

Stan sighed, arms falling to his sides as he turned to face her, "Now, why would I want to do a thing like that?"

He smirked at her brief look of puzzlement, "I prefer being stalked by an incompetent hero all day to touching the likes of you, pork chop."

"Why, you--!"

Whipping out her rapier, the hero ran at him, Stan sneering and standing firmly in place.

As she neared him, only feet away, he sidestepped, hands gathering energy.

Soon Rosalyn was dodging orb after orb of dark magic, another of their pointless battles ensuing.

On the one hand, Stan knew it was pointless, but on the other, it was good practice and a way to learn just how to use her own moves against her.

Whilst the two fought in the middle of the snow, unawares of all but the battle on their hands, something strange was about to occur elsewhere. It was to happen right in the Rumille Plains, just past the Transverse Tunnel they'd crossed to reach their location.

But what was to occur there did not start in the Rumille Plains.

What was soon to happen began from within another world entirely.

And that other world was just beyond the door of the second statue that lay across from the door to the Transverse Tunnel...