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Boku to Maoh: Blue Demon

by Syrenia

Epilogue - Drama 101

Growling, Stan held himself back as Spooky went to Derrick's side, Derrick embracing her as he continued, "You are the blue demon - the one believed by our people to be capable of opening portals between worlds... The portal connecting earth and this world is but one you've opened... And I am the one you were promised to from birth, Spooky. I am your mas-"

"I am her master," Stan's voice interrupted, Spooky quickly pulling away from Derrick.

"Sta-- I mean, master... I--" the demoness tried to speak, interrupted by the Evil King.

"You disobey me still, boy?" Stan asked as he walked over to the two.

"Spooky, he can't be your master," Derrick said, turning her head. "You were promised to me."

"You're my master?" she asked, becoming more and more confused.

For once, she seemed so innocent, completely torn between the two.

"Yes," Derrick replied, drowning out Stan's "no."

Finally growling, Stan pulled the demoness into his arms.

"You've already agreed to be my slave," he said, looking down into her eyes. "Whatever he was to you means nothing now... I'm your master."

"O-Okay," she whispered, Stan holding her as he snarled at the other demon.

"Damn you, Trinidad. You know she belongs to me," Derrick growled, taking her hand and leading her to him.

"You know I am your King, the ruler of our people, yet you continue to disobey?" Stan asked, Spooky looking to him.

"You're... my King," she reminded herself, moving away from Derrick.

"Yes," replied the Evil King, "and as such, I have claimed you."

"Claimed her?" echoed the other demon, surprised, but soon angered. "You idiot Evil King."

Moving past Spooky, Stan stood in front of the other demon, his claws to Derrick's neck.

"Go on, boy; tempt me to kill you," Stan growled.

"You'll never be half the King that Gohma was," replied Derrick with a sneer.

Stan merely sneered in return, nails cutting flesh just enough to make him bleed, "Big words from such a small threat."

"Don't be so sure of that, Trinidad. As long as you stand between me and my mate, I'll be your worst enemy," Derrick warned the other shadow demon. "She belongs to me."

All the while, Spooky watched, suddenly shoving them both away from each other.

"Stop it!" she shouted. "Just stop it, okay?"

Growling, she shook, her eyes beginning to glow a dark blue, "I don't belong to either of you imbeciles."

She then looked to Derrick, "Being betrothed means just as much as a promise to our kind, you idiot. Don't expect me to care."

"And you," she snarled, looking to Stan. "My words are nothing. They mean nothing. You got that, stupid Evil King?"

Slowly the two demon's eyes began to glow golden in response to hers, her evil aura flaring up and sparking theirs.

"Well, don't you two dipshits have anything to say?" asked the demoness in an aggravated tone, looking from one to the other.

Before she knew it, she had two demons pinning her back to the wall.

Slowly, her evil faded, eyes returning to normal.

"What the hell just happened?" she asked, the pair's evil grins making her shiver.

Their glowing eyes fading, Spooky watched the two demons.

After his eyes became normal, Stan took her by the hand, "You're my slave."

"No," Derrick growled. "She's mine."

"Oh, hell. Here we go again," she muttered, pulling out of Stan's grasp and getting away from the wall.

"I remember about our kind," Spooky announced, standing behind them as they faced her. "Promises mean nothing, so anything said to either of you means nothing."

"She's right," Derrick muttered, looking to Stan. "We have to settle this the usual way."

Spooky blinked, "What's the usual way?"

"We fight to the death," Derrick told her, the demoness looking nervous.

"No, please don't fight each other. Please," she begged, Stan crossing his arms.

"Fine," he said. "Then how do you propose we settle this?"

Quickly, the demoness thought of a way to stop them from having to fight...

"You know what?" Spooky asked, hands to her hips. "I'm sick of this drama."

The two blinked, exchanging a bewildered glance as the demoness tapped her finger to her lips in thought.

"What we need is a good plan to help Stan take over this world before we go to conquer earth," she said, hoping this would lead them away from any fighting.

"Any ideas?" Stan questioned, ever eager to hear an evil plan.

Derrick looked disbelieving, "You really want to help him take over?"

"Of course!" she exclaimed, shrugging. "That was part of that "destiny" crap, right?"

"You haven't changed a bit," Derrick laughed. "As long as that's what you want to do, I'll join you until I can fight him."

To that, Stan growled in disapproval.

"Cut the drama 101, Stan," Spooky commanded, Stan looking grumpy and confused all at once. "The funnest way to take over the world would be through making a band and hypnotizing the audiences until everyone was bowing down to Stan. Then we could take over and make the heroes hunted outlaws!"

"I like it," Stan said in approval, nodding as he crossed his arms.

"That's just crazy enough to work," added Derrick with a smirk.

Spooky smiled, "Then let's get some of Stan's old team, except parasol porky, and start the band!"

And so it was that a whole new, less dramatic adventure began right smack dab in the middle of destiny's plot for the blue demon...