Title: Why Me?
Rating: T
Reasons for rating: nothing too major
Ships: (not mandatory) Veronica/Logan, Lilly/Dick, Duncan/Meg
Summary: AU. Veronica Mars is not your typical Neptune High Student. She has straight A's and a perfect family and life. That is, until Logan comes along. What happens to Veronica when he shakes things up?

Word Count: 3090
Disclaimer: I do not own Veronica Mars or any of the Characters.

Shout out: Thank you Mary0112 for being my Beta!

Hey guys. This is something new I'm working on. It's based loosely on a book I read called Why Me? Let me know if you like it, and I will continue writing it.

And yes I will continue Mommy Dearest, I just wanted to get this out first. And wow I forgot how hard it is to write from the authors point of view.


Life in Neptune California isn't like most places. Neptune is split between the rich, and the poor. The 09ers, and the PCHers. There are no exceptions to the rule. If you're an 09er, then your parents make millions, live in mansions, and drive fancy cars. Maybe even have a chauffeur. If you are a PCHer, then your parents don't make any money. That is, if you still live with your parents.

Meet Veronica Mars. Her father is the towns sheriff, and her mother is a therapist. She helps celebrities who need someone to talk to. Let's just say they pay a lot of money to talk. Veronica Mars was at her locker one day looking in the mirror as she applied a fresh coat of lip gloss. She felt hands cover her eyes. She jumps in surprise and let's out a little squeak.

"Guess who?" Tickles her ear as a male voice caresses her skin. Veronica pretends to think as she feels a smile come across her face.

"Let's see. It can't possibly be my best friend, he would never sneak up on me." The hands are removed from her eyes. She turns around and sees that it is indeed her best friend. In fact all of her friends were there. The one who covered her eyes was smiling back at her with a goofy grin on his face. He shrugs.

"What can I say, you scare to easily."

Her other best friend rolls her eyes and smacks him on the arm. "Oh Wallace, it never gets old for you does it?"

Wallace laughs. "Never."

Lilly turns her attention back to Veronica. She grabs Veronica's bicep and starts squealing. "Did you hear the news? There's a new guy in town. Guess who it is?" Just as Veronica opens her mouth to guess, Lilly interrupts her. "Logan Echolls! Can you believe it? The Echolls moved to Neptune, and their hottie son will be joining us here." Lilly can't contain her excitement. The guy next to Lilly laughs.

"That's my sister. She'll go after anyone." Lilly shoots her brother Duncan a dirty look.

"Shove it Donut. Just because you date Meg, doesn't mean you can talk to your favorite sister like that." Duncan shrugs.

"You know I love ya. I'm just stating the facts. Besides, if I didn't know any better, I would think you didn't have your own boyfriend to drool over." The guy standing behind Lilly wraps his arms around her shoulders.

"Dude, it's all good. We're the sexiest couple." That's Dick. Lilly pats his hand. "That's right baby, you tell them."

Veronica turns back to her locker and grabs what books she needs for her 1st period class. She turns around and starts walking. The rest of the gang follow suit. With Wallace on one side and Lilly on the other, they all start talking at once about the new kid and what he would be like. Veronica took a long strand of her honey blonde hair and twirls it around one of her fingers as her mind wanders.

"Right Ronica?" Veronica snapped out of it as soon as she hears her name. Realizing Lilly and everyone were looking at her, she tried to think back on what was being said.

"Sorry Lilly, what did you say?" Lilly waggled her eyebrows at Veronica as a smile crosses her face.

"I was just saying that maybe now would be the perfect time for a boyfriend. Maybe a certain Mr. Logan Echolls, hottie extraordinaire." Veronica rolls her eyes.

"How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not ready to start dating again." Veronica had recently broken up with her on-again, off-again boyfriend. Veronica was the one who finally broke it off with Troy Vandegraff. Ever since then, Lilly has been trying to hook her up with anyone with a pulse. That was Lilly. Boys are her life. Veronica doesn't even know how Lilly's lasted so long with Dick. They've been dating for six months now. A record for both of them. Maybe it's because they have an open relationship.

"Veronica Mars. You are going to be 16 soon. You should be dating as many guys as you can before you finally settle down. Why not date Logan? I think you two would be perfect together."

"Sorry Lil, but I need to get to class now. Don't want to be late." Veronica walks through the door they were stopped at. Wallace follows because he has the same class. As soon as they sat down, Wallace behind Veronica, she turned around so the two of them could talk before class started.

"Can you believe her? Why is she always trying to hook me up? I have plenty of time to start dating. I don't need to do it right this second." Veronica asks Wallace. He shrugs.

"Maybe because your one of the most popular girls in this school?"

"Morning class." Mr. Hart says as he walks through the door carrying his briefcase. He walks over to the desk where he puts his stuff down and takes a seat. He pulls out his attendance sheet and starts reading off the names. "Cassidy Casablancas?" The boy to my left raises his hand.

"Present." That's Dick's Little brother. He's only a year younger, but he's in the same grade as us. When he was a kid, he was near the genius level, so they let him skip 2nd grade. All the guys picked on him because he was scrawny, and never fought back. Veronica hated when they picked on him. He was always nice to her, so she tried to go out of her way to be nice to him. She even let him sit with her at lunch. Dick never made it easier on Cassidy either. Always calling him Beaver. You know, from Leave it to Beaver? The television show? Dick was always the meanest to him. You think he would stick up for his little brother.

"Logan Echolls?" Mr. Hart went on with the attendance record.

"Here." The boy walked through the door with a swagger. Like he knew he was the epitome of cool. I hated him already.

"Ahh Mr. Echolls. Our new student. Next time, I would like you to be on time. I'll let it slide today because it's your first day. Have a seat in front of Ms. Mars." Mr. Hart pointed to the only empty seat, which was in front of Veronica. He did the head nod to all the girls in the class, and they all swooned and giggled as they waved back. When he stopped in front of Veronica, he winked and did a semi-bow. Veronica gave him a dirty look in reply. He seems taken aback by this, so he sits down and faces the front of the classroom.

"That guy sure is full of himself isn't he?" Wallace whispers from behind her. She nods her head yes. Suddenly a piece of paper was thrust onto her desk.

So Ms. Mars. Where are you taking me after school today? After all, I'm still new here. Maybe we could 'sight see'.

Next to it was a smiley face with it's tongue hanging out and it's eye winking. Veronica tries to hold in the disbelief. Instead she wrote back.

I don't know what your doing after school, but I have plans. Why don't you go find some other girls to help you out. Looks like they're dying to be with you. Now cut it out. I'm trying to concentrate here.

After making sure the teacher wasn't looking, Veronica gives the paper back to Logan. She looks around the room and sees all the girls giving her jealous looks. So she turns her attention back to the teacher and tries to pay attention. That is, until the piece of paper ends up back on her desk. Trying not to get annoyed at him, she looks at the paper again.

Now why would I find someone else. Your doing a great job of making me feel welcomed. What's the matter sweetheart, resisting my charm? No ones ever done that before. I think I like this game of hard to get.

He's not serious is he? She scoffs out loud in disgust. "Ms. Mars. Is there a problem with what I'm saying?" Her head shoots up in surprise. She immediately shakes her head no.

"No Mr. Hart. Sorry. It won't happen again." Mr. Hart answers back.

"It better not. You know better than that. Now what was I saying? Oh yes." He continues on with his speech.

Veronica crumples up the paper and throws it at the back of Logan's head. When he feels it, he ducks his head and brings his hand up to protect his head. When he turns around to look at Veronica, she's already writing away in her notebook with the air of innocence. Logan laughs and for the rest of the period, keeps his body forward and leaves Veronica alone.

Logan ended up being in three of Veronica's classes. One of which, is journalism class last period. Veronica joined the class because she loves taking pictures. She doesn't know why Logan took it. Maybe because it's an easy class. Whatever the reason is, he had to sit across from her, so every time she looked up, he was looking back at her. He always had an intense look too. Like he was trying to think of ways to win her over. So far, for his first day, Veronica was the only one who treated him different. She didn't care that he was THE Logan Echolls. And that he was worth millions. Money and fame meant nothing to Veronica. She was happy in her own world. Great parents, great house, and great friends. She was a straight A student, on the pep squad, and was class President.

After school, Lilly gives Veronica a ride home. Lilly was the oldest out of all of them. She was 17 and a grade ahead of everyone. Veronica's 16th birthday is a few days away, and she's the baby of the group. Everyone else has their own cars. Their own expensive cars. Lilly keeps pointing out cars she wants her to have, but Veronica doesn't care what kind of car she has. She did fall in love with a Chrysler Le Baron. The top even goes down. So you could say it's like a convertible. Her father taught her that there are more important things in life than money. Their house was big, though it wasn't a mansion like everyone else. They didn't have maids taking care of everything. Her mother even cooks their food. And meal time is family time. Their small family made sure to eat dinner together every night.

As Lilly was driving her home, she confronted Veronica. "Everyone is talking about you and Logan. They keep telling me about how much you too are flirting and giving each other these looks." Veronica's mouth hangs open as she stares at Lilly.

"As if. For your information. I cannot stand him. He's too full of himself. And he's too self-centered. As far as I'm concerned, he could just leave me alone." Lilly glances back at Veronica.

"Don't you get it? That's why he's so into you. You're the first girl to ever ignore him. Your untouchable to him, and it's driving him crazy." Lilly pulls up in front of Veronica's house, ending that conversation. I'll call you later."


The rest of the week went on like usual. Finally, it was Friday. The weekend was here. It was also Veronica's 16th birthday. All day everyone kept wishing her happy birthday. Her friends even decorated her locker and had her carry a balloon around all day. Even though that was embarrassing, Veronica didn't care. She carried that balloon around all day with pride. Logan was still staring at her whenever he was around her, which was a lot. He even ate lunch with them. He made quick friends with Dick and Duncan, but Wallace, being the BFF that he is, was more reserved. He was wary of Logan because Veronica was. Lilly, constantly flirted with him. Along with her other best friend and class mate Madison Sinclair. Madison was available, and she made sure every guy knew she was.

When Lilly dropped Veronica off after school on Friday, she told her that everyone was hanging out at Lilly's house, and that she would pick her up around 7. Every Friday night, if there wasn't a party, was movie night. They rotated houses. This week it was the Kane's turn. After Veronica had dinner, she went upstairs to take a shower and get ready for the night to come. She was giddy because it was her Sweet 16. She was thinking about the perfect guy while she was applying what little make-up she wore, when the door bell rang. Finishing up, Veronica walks over by her closet and puts on her sandals. She had on a light blue summer dress. Her long hair down. She makes her way down the stairs and over towards the front door. Lilly's wasn't there, but she could hear voices in the living room. Curious, Veronica walks into the living room, and stops short. Sitting there on her living room couch, talking to her mother and father, was Logan Echolls. They all look up when Veronica walked in, and smiled at her.

"Honey why didn't you tell me you made a new friend?" Mrs. Mars wanted to know. Speechless, Veronica shrugs.

"You two have fun at the Kane's. And remember Veronica, no later than midnight. Otherwise I'll have to come get you myself." Mr. Mars tells his daughter.

"Don't worry daddy, I'll be home on time." She shoots Logan a dirty look.

"Ready?" She asks him in kind of a snotty tone. He stands up and looks her up and down with a smile on his face. He turns to Veronica's parents.

'It was nice meeting you Mr. and Mrs. Mars. I'll make sure your daughter is home on time." He shakes Mr. Mars' hand. Daddy has a big smile on his face, and mom has a dreamy look on her face. Maybe she thinks Logan would be the perfect match for her daughter. Just what Veronica doesn't need.

When Veronica and Logan walked outside and over to Logan's bright yellow beast of a car, Logan opened the passenger side door for Veronica. She in return shoots him another dirty look. He closes the door for her and walks over to his side and gets in, then shuts his door and starts the car. Veronica turns to him.

"Lilly did this didn't she? This was her idea wasn't it?" Logan nods his head yes. Then he did something that surprised Veronica as he backed out of the drive way and started making his way towards the Kane's Mansion.

"Why do you hate me so much Veronica Mars? What did I ever do to you beside be nice?" Veronica wasn't expecting that. So she thought about it.

"I don't hate you. I've never hated anyone before. I just don't like you.' Logan shoots her a look.

"There's a difference?" Veronica nods her head yes. "Ok then, why don't you like me?" She answers him back.

"I didn't like you from the moment you walked in to Mr. Hart's classroom. You had this swagger in your walk. You're over confident. You're used to always getting your way. You're too full of yourself. I don't like those qualities. You only want me because you can't have me. Where are we going?" Logan had pulled up in front of a pizza place and put the car in park. He turned to Veronica looking a little shocked.

"You really think that about me?" Veronica shakes her head yes. All Logan has to say is, "You're wrong."

Then he had the nerve to ask her to get the pizza for him. He even handed her the money. Surprised, she snatched the money out of his hand. She opened the door and slammed it closed. Then she stalked inside of the pizza place and paid. She carried it out to the car. Logan opened the door from inside, and she slid in with the two boxes on her lap. She had just enough time to close the door before Logan slams on the gas pedal and peals out of the parking spot. Which caused Veronica's body to fly backwards as the pizzas nearly fell off her lap. She hurries up and adjusts the boxes as she seethes inside.

"Slow down would you? What's the big rush?"

"These guys from school just passed by. They challenged me to a race. I need to catch up to them." Logan replies. Veronica didn't like that answer.

"Are you serious? Don't be stupid Logan. It's not like you need to impress anyone.

Logan's foot doesn't let up on the gas pedal. She can see the car in front of her get closer and closer. So close in fact, that she can see that it's Dick and his brother Cassidy. Logan gets up on the side of Dick's car, and they make some sort of male hand gestures towards each other. Apparently it meant speed up. Because that's what they did. Logan goes even faster as he passed Dick's car. Veronica yells for Logan to slow down again because she knows there's some sharp turns up ahead. Logan sees the turns ahead and slams on his breaks. Only he didn't step on them quick enough. He turns the steering wheel as far as it will go to make it around the corner, but it's not working. His car goes off the road and into the woods. The pizza boxes in Veronica's lap are the only thing she has to hold onto, and but that isn't steady enough. She didn't even have her seat belt on. The front of the car clips a tree and the windshield shatters. The car keeps going forward as Veronica fights to stay inside the car. Logan continues to fight with the steering wheel. The tires hit a ditch and the car pitches forward. Veronica is still holding onto the pizza boxes as she flies out of the window and the ground looms up in front of her and her world shatters.


Sorry about my story being bunched up. I was trying to write it as if it were a book, but it didn't really work. So thanks to my great Beta Mary0112, it should be a lot easier to read. And thanks for all the wonderful feedback.