"Mom!" Ashlynn ran inside her house, to the kitchen where her mother was, her long black hair was pulled back, revealing her saddened brown eyes.

"Ashlynn, dear, what's wrong?" her mother anxiously wondered what the problem was.

"He-he dumped me!" Ashlynn sobbed.

"Oh, honey don't worry about him. Let it go, but if you really need to get over him, I might be able to help, " her mother smiled slyly, "go put on your pajamas and I'll get you some ice cream."

"What?" Ashlynn asked confused.

"It's how you get over a guy." her mother smiled.

"It's ok, I'll just head to my room, but can I still have that carton of ice cream?" Ashlynn chuckled, finally lightening up.

"Sure, hun. Here ya go." her mother handed Ashlynn a carton of cookie dough ice cream from the freezer.

Ashlynn headed to her room. Now only slightly depressed that her boyfriend of 8 months had left her, she plopped down on her bed with her delicious ice cream. As she ate the ice cream, she read her new edition of What's New. Before she even finished the ice cream, she was out like a light.