The next morning Ashlynn woke up to the smell of pancakes. She got out of bed and followed the smell to the kitchen.

"Good morning." Ashlynn yawned.

"AH, good morning! Good night's sleep?" Elie asked as he flipped a pancake, "Almost done here."

"Alrighty, I had a great night's sleep, thank you." Ashlynn answered.

"Good, good. Any plans for today?" Elie asked as he set a stack of pancakes, plates, and silverware on the table alongside the butter and maple syrup.

"Yes, in fact, I do. I would like to head into town. My mother, you see, she was in the house, unless she escaped." Ashlynn sadly explained.

"Yes, I understand. Let us finish here, I'll come with you and be of service for you." Elie begged.

"Sure." Ashlynn was glad to have someone's company.

After breakfast, Ashlynn helped Elie clean up and then she went to her room to pull her hair up and get ready. Shortly, both were ready to head into town.

The walk wasn't long, but it seemed to take forever to Ashlynn. As she stood on the hill above the town, her eyes glanced at the tow, abandoned and destroyed.

"Come on, let's go down there." Ashlynn motioned.

Elie nodded and followed Ashlynn. There was nothing left. Everything was in ashes, except a small building on the edge of the town. No one lived there, as far as Ashlynn knew of, but it was still standing. The town was silent, not one soul remained in town, or was alive. Ashlynn headed over towards Park Street, where her house use to stand.

"Nothing, not even bones." Ashlynn murmured quietly.

"Perhaps she escaped."

"Where to though?"

Ashlynn turned around and walked to the building, maybe someone was still alive and in town. The door creaked as she slowly pushed the door open.

"Hello?" Ashlynn's voice echoed throughout the front room.

Nothing but the blowing wind was heard.

"Abandoned I guess." Ashlynn said disapprovingly.

She turned to Elie, but he was not there.

"Elie? Where are you?" Ashlynn shouted, her voice began to become shaky, fearing she had lost her friend too.

"Ashlynn? I'm here, just exploring, sorry to have scared you." Elie reassured her from within the darkness.

"Find anything?" Ashlynn asked, relieved.

"Nah, nodda. I can't believe this building is still standing." Elie awed in amazement.

"Yes, well I guess we can go." Ashlynn looked around the darkened room before stepping back into the sunshine.

"Where to now?" Elie asked.

"I don't know, I should head to Syraus to find my father. I guess this is good bye, thanks for everything."

"You're leaving me now? Syraus is like 30 miles away!"

"You want to come?"

"Of course, I want you to be safe."

Ashlynn was speechless once again.

"Come on, let's go to the house to pack a bag or two and let's head out." Elie suggested.