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"This is so pointless..." The redhead that had spoken the words leaned back in his chair, raising his arms to rest behind his head.

"Axel, don't rest your feet on the table, what if the Superior sees you!"

Opening his left eye to regard the blond who had questioned his morals, he made hispoint by crossing his feet at his ankles. Themusician started to complain again but was hushed by the other blonde Axel was sitting between.

"Demyx, quit your worrying. If he wants to get his ass kicked and assigned kitchen duty for the rest of the week then that's his problem."

"Yeah, what Larx sa-HEY!" A glare was sent atthe 'traitor' next to him.

Larxene's posture somewhat resembled her mood. Sitting slouched with her knees spread in a very unladylike manner underneath the table. Her head was further down enough to rest on the tip of the headboard, with an arm swung casually over the back of the chair. The smirk she gave to answer the glare only accented her nature.

"Of course, you're already doing those kitchen duties anyway, for a month actually."

Larxene glanced over at the nobody sitting in front of her. "Right Luxord?"

Axel and Larxene had a special past time that went on to make the time go faster in the organization. They took bets. Be it from each other, or from other members. The more scandalous the better. The more risk-worthy the more the pay. Axel had earned quite a lot of munny from people he had bet concerning the amount of his alcohol consumption. Sure the consequences had been terrible, but hey, the castle looked a hell of a lot better when it was on fire.

Demyx had always disapproved of this, only because the only dares people gave him were...um...favors.

And of course who better to regard over all these bets than Luxord? After so many games of poker, this nobody knew how to make people pay up, and people always got their munny. Unfortunately that munny usually belonged to Axel.

"That's right Larxene, and if I'm not mistaken..." the usual expression of the card addict nobody broke into the smallest of smiles.

"Axel should owe you about 700 munny now from the other bets."


Thelightening based nobodysuddenly bent forward laughing. She didn't stop when someone else walked into the meeting room, but all three heads turned toward the member. It was a very angry Marluxia, covered in a generous amount of dirt and covered in leaves. His shaggy pink mane had twigs sticking out of it and his expression looked deadly. As he sat down in a chair not too far away from the others a few leaves fell from his hair.Looks like Larxene won that bet too...

"Alright, 900 munny."

Seeing Axel's jaw drop and the expression of disbelief on his face was too much. The blonde leaned further forward and doubled up laughing. One hand holding her side, the other gripping the table to hold her up in her fit.

"You guys!" plead Demyx, just as the Rest of the Organization members walked in, followed by the Superior.

Although usually quite carefree and reckless, Demyxhad always seemed to clam up whenever the Superior was around. Especially during these meeting when Xemnas would stand at the front of the table and discuss the Organization plans with intricate detail. His orange gleaming eyes seemed to pierce through everything in the room.

Larxene ceased laughing and sat back, although still slouched. Axel quickly removed his boots from the white table top and leaned forward, resting his hands against the surface. From the corner of his eye Axel could see Demyx sit up noticeably straighter too.

The Superior took his usual position at the front of the room, but all eyes were on the figure that was trailing him. He stood towards Xemnas' right, not quite next to him, but not standing all the way behind him either. It was as if he didn't know where to stand without disrespecting the leader. A bit out of place was what the guy looked like, noted Axel.

"Hey, who's new kid?" whispered Larxene. He obviously caught her attention too.

"Dunno…" Came the reply. "…kinda cute though, don't you think?"

A snort was heard. "Yeah, if you think sticking out like a sour thumb is cute."

And she was right. The kid standing next to Xemnas was very young. Maybe a few years under Demyx who was currently the youngest. But this kid was really short too. Why was a kid in the Organization in the first place? He was clearly a nobody though because of the black coat he wore, the official uniform of all members. However, it seemed as if the coat was too big for him. His size was small and his form seemed to get lost underneath. He was clearly too skinny and the oversized coat made him look awkward.

But that wasn't to see he wasn't attractive. His face was rounded and a bit pale. Dirty blond hair sprouted from the top of his head, but seemed to lean towards a side, rather than sticking out at every which angle like Axel's.

His gaze roamed down to the boy's eyes, now currently staring at the table shyly. They seemed a nice sapphire blue. No, lighter. Cerulean. And they seemed to shine a bit as the florescent ceiling lights reflected off the walls and onto his eyes. Axel propped his arm up and rested his chin lazily on his palm, continuing with his observation of the blond. Who at the moment still looked a bit flustered or embarrassed as all eyes were on him, though not intently as Axel's. He moved his gaze down to his lips, they looked thin and seemed to be drawn in a tight line, tension around his jaws.

Axel vaguely heard Xemnas as he introduced the boy as Rocky...Roxy...Ruckus... something like that.

As if feelingthe pyro'sgaze on him, the boy looked up. Those blue orbs that Axel had been observing before were now locked in a gaze with his, and Axel has decided that cerulean was definitely the right hue. The blond held the gaze even through the intensity of the stare that the redhead was subjecting him to.

Axel smiled.

Those same orbs widen at the friendly gesture and then quickly looked away. But the pyro kept his gaze, and soon after saw the blond shyly sneak a glance back at him, then back to the table again.

The redhead's smile turned in smirk and widened.

"Larx, I think I found a way to get your 900 munny back." said Axel, not taking his eyes off the boy.

"Oh? How so dear Axel?" replied Larxene in mock interest.

Axel gave a jerk of his head towards the newcomer who was now staring intensely at a spot on the wooden table before him.

As realization dawned the blonde spoke again. "Isn't he a bit out of your league?"

"Shut up."

"Do I hear another bet coming along?" Came the pleasant mannered question from Luxord, with a bit of amusement showing across his face.

"Yeah." said Axel, his eyes still on that...Romas? kid.

"I bet you 1000 munny that I can get that kid by the end of the week."

One of the poker nobody's eyebrow raised up. "You're feeling quite ambitious here Axel."

Larxene however cut to the chase. "Get him? Where? In your room or in your bed?"

"Both obviously." replied the pyro pleasantly as if they were discussing what kind of tea they would be drinking later that afternoon.

"Alright Axel" said Larxcene, leaning forwards to extend a hand to him. "You've got yourself a bet."

Axel reluctantly tore his gaze from the boy and shook his comrade's outstretched hand. "One week..." he was reminded.

He quickly focused his gaze back on the new member. Good thing too, because that moment the boy decided to move his gaze back up and look at Axel again. Taking advantage of the timing, the redhead gave him a suggestive wink. Just for kick, it couldn't hurt. The boy's cheeks quickly redden again and he looked away again, quite flustered and unsure of what he just saw.

Axel quietly chuckled. One week was going to be a piece of cake.


When the meeting was over, Roxas visible relaxed. He could still feel that weirdo staring at him. He quickly walked-almost ran- out of the room. He had no idea who that guy was or what he wanted, but he made him feel very uncomfortable.

As he passed the doorway to the blinding white hallway he made a quick run to his left to reach his room. That was until he heard a voice to whom he could only image it belonged to.

"Hey, wait up!"

Roxas reluctantanly turned around.

Axel had been worried when he saw the blond fleeing the room.

Of course Demyx had bolted for the door too, as fast as he could. But Larxene Luxord and had waited behind a bit, wanting to go on in details with the bet essentials. But Axel didn't really have time for that right now.

It was luckhe had made it out in time to catch the kid. He was even luckier as the blonde turned around when he addressed him, instead of high-tailing it as any other sane person would have done.

"You run fast kid." he said with a curve of his lip.

Roxas had no idea what this guy wanted with him, or why he hadn't kept running when he had the chance. But it was too late now. He watched as the redhead extended a hand to him.

Roxas took this time to collect himself. He had ran quite a long way down the hallway and his follower had caught up with him in no time, even with a late start. And he wasn't even out of breath! His 'stalker' Roxas noted looked kind of lanky and skinny. Obviously fast as he had just proved, but probably not that strong. He was taller than Roxas was and he had to look up to meet those brilliant green eyes. The blonde tried not to cringe as they seemed to shine in delight as the member caught up with his victim.

But what distracted Roxas the most was this crazy guy's hair. It was bright red and completely clashed with his green eyes. He found himself vaguely wondering how on earth he could comb those spikes down. The blue diamond tattoos seemed to complete the man's strange appearance.

"Hi I'm Axel." His gloved hand still held out towards Roxas.

The blonde took his waiting hand and shook it. If possible, the grin on the redheaded maniac grew even wider.

"Souh, what's your name?"

Double take. Hadn't this guy paid any attention? That whole meeting they were in for half and hour was all about him! Xemnas had taken a painstakingly long time to explain how he, the 13th member was going to help the organization move further in reaching their goals, whatever they were.

And now, this random crazed guy was going to ask his name? The same freak that had been starring at him the whole time in that creepy half-lidded way of his that made Roxas feel exposed?

But part of Roxas didn't want to feel that way about him at all. He was the first guy that had bothered to actually speak to him that day. To actually have a conversation with him ever since he joined the organization, so he couldn't be that bad could he? So with the though that he had convinced himself that this Axel was just trying to be friends with him and had known his name all along and was now just using that question as an excuse to talk to him, he spoke.

"I'm Roxas." he said.

A look passed by Axel's face that told Roxas this was news to him.

"Oh, Roxas. Nice name kid." said the redhead, trying and failing to act like he knew it all along.

So much for making friends. Roxas tried to draw his hand back again but the redhead hadn't let go yet. Then he noticed that the man's gloved hand were no longer wrapped against his palm, but stroking his wrist. Making light circles with leather clad fingers against the slit of skin where the blonde's coat hadn't covered his wrist.

"I'm Axel." said the nobody again, complete oblivious to the reactions his antics were causing.

"I know." Gritted Roxas through his teeth. "You've already told me that."

He jerked his hand visibly through the grip but Axel held on. His stroking of Roxas' wrist didn't ceased and seemed to carry on, completely ignoring the blonde's squirming and discomfort.

"Oh, must have forgotten." his voice lowered considerably. Roxas thought that this was the only man on earth that could make that statement sound remotely suggestive.

Roxas started to panic as the redhead moved closer to him.

"Come on Axel." A hand reached out and grabbed the pyro's shoulder, pulling him back unsuspectingly.

"You've got dishes to wash, remember?"

The first thing Roxas noticed about his savior were the two blonde antennas that seemed to stick out form the side of her head. Did everyone in this organization have weird hairstyles?

Axel got reluctantly dragged back by the speaker, (good thing too because Roxas could feel himtrying to lace their fingers together.) The blonde girl was seemingly stronger than she looked. Her blue eyes locked on Roxas, but her words addressed Axel.

"Tell your little friend goodbye, mmkay?"

Since when had they become friends? But that didn't matter. He turned around and started to make for his room before anything else happened.


Roxas cringe again. Everything about this man made him want to run...far, far away. And he had no idea why but his body has lost all ability to move again. This was the second time it had happened, no matter what his brain was telling him to do, he stood still.

"Roxas!" maybe it was the desperation in the other's voice that made him stay.

"I'll see you tomorrow right?"

"Umm...yeah." he said uncertainly, still not turned around in fear of what the redhead might try and do.

"Great!" he could hear Axel struggling heavily behind his back, with the sound of leather being pulled and boots getting dragged along the titled floor.

Axel quickly grabbed the door handle of a random room to better speak to Roxas. Damn Larxene was persistent! But he wasn't about to lose this bet.

"We'll meet in front of the meeting room. Tomorrow morning. I'll give you the grand tour of our castle! Okay?" there it was again. The desperation in that man's voice.

"Sure, whatever." Roxas mentally kicked himself.

"Alright, it's a date then!"

Shocked, Roxas turned around quickly enough to see Axel flash him another one of those smirks. Then gave him a quick wink before being dragged off by Larxene.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all...


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Axel: And this room is….-opens door-


Axel: ….this is Larxy's room.

Roxas: …Help….me...