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At this point Roxas was starting to develop an unnatural hatred towards words that ended in an 'ess' sound. How did this happen?

"Let's seem…..darkness…yes yes….heartless….that works…"

The Superior was sitting at his desk. Looking strangely professional with a pen in his hand and a notepad on his lap, writing the words down thoughtfully as he spoke. Only stopping now to look at Roxas who was sitting across from him.

The blond fidgeted in his seat. He had come here for a meeting with the leader and had found Xemnas like this, completely absorbed in his notepad and whatever was on it.

"Um…." He ventured uncertainly.

Xemas ignored his discomfort and began speaking to him. "Roxas can you…..ROXAS!"

The blond jumped about a foot into the air as his name was called. "Y-y-yes sir?"

But the Superior was already absorbed in his notebook again, scribbling something down furiously. The confused-ignored-Roxas was starting to become the confused-ignored-and-severely-creeped-out-Roxas.

"Um, sir. What are you doing?"

Roxas really didn't feel like being in a room alone with Xemas. It wasn't like he gave off pedophile vibes like Axel did. The man was just….kinda creepy…and mentally unstable. Roxas had planned on just ditching the whole meeting altogether, and hanging out with Axel the whole afternoon. And if Saix showed up again he could claim the redhead taken him hostage-and made him have fun against his will.

Speaking of Axel. Well, he'd rather be speaking to Axel- he kinda felt bad for ditching him like that. But it wasn't his fault! Axel had totally invaded his personal space bubble! Hell, it was more like molesting his personal space bubble…eww. That's kinda weird.

"Roxas." The blond's attention was taken back to Xemas as he spoke "Can you think of another word?"

Excuse me? Another word for what?


Xemas just stared back, waiting patiently.

Let's see, first he was talking about 'darkness' and then 'heartless' and now…

"Um, nobodies. Sir?" suggested Roxas hopefully. Please save me, this man is on crack.

But the suggestion failed, so did the blond's wish. "No no no. That won't work."

Xemas leaned forward against his desk. His hands clasped together and his gaze on Roxas in what appeared to be a serious matter. Even the room and the air around them seemed to have gotten serious. And all Roxas could think of was: what the frikkin hell?

"Sir, can I ask what you're doing?"

The Superior let out an exasperated sigh. Taking his sweet time to explain the dilemma to Roxas.

"You see Roxas…" here he paused for dramatic effect. But the only effect was Roxas' increased desire to strangle something-dramatically.

"I'm writing a poem."


"You see, the words darkness and heartless. They both end in an 'ess' sound so they rhyme." He stated matter-of-fact-ly. It was almost like he was explaining the matter to a little child. Using his hands in a waving gesture to make Roxas understand it more.


"And your word…What was it again? Nobodies? Well, that word does not rhyme. So I can't put it in my poem."


"Would you like to hear my poem?"

Roxas blinked.

"I'm writing it for Kingdom Hearts. You know, when we finally create it? After we get our hearts back, I'm going to turn it into an amusement park and charge people to see it. And I want this poem to be on the entrance."

Roxas blinked again.

"It goes: There once was a creature named heartless.

But my dear Kingdom Hearts needed more darkness.

So then it got killed by a guy named Roxas."

Xemas looked up from his notepad as he finished reading his latest work. He though that it was absolutely brilliant. But just to be sure, he wanted the newest member's opinion as well.

"Roxas, what did yo-Roxas? Wait! Where are you going? COME BACK HERE!"


Meanwhile….Zexion was making an important discovery.

The older nobody picked up a nearby water bottle on his desk. As soon as he did so, blue eyes were immediately trained on it. A purple /lilac/ just dye it pink already eyebrow rose at the reaction.

He had been trying to get rid of Demyx all day-and this might just be his solution.

"See the water bottle Demyx?"

The water-based nobody nodded frantically. Eyes following the man-made container that was trapping the poor water inside. As soon as he got his hands on it, he was going to liberate them.

"See it?" asked Zexion again. And for good measure he threw the bottle a couple of inches into the air and caught it again. Just to tease Demyx.

Except he forgot that his purple/ blue/ why not pink? Hair was still covering his face. And since his left/or maybe right because the author doesn't have enough time to open up another window and search for pictures of Zexion to see which eye it is again-but she has enough time to type this sentence out. eye was out of commission, it totally threw his perception off. Which meant his aimed sucked. So he dropped it.


Zexion quickly picked the bottle up again as Demyx dived for it. Freedom to H2O!

Demyx pouted and the older nobody couldn't help but compare it to a puppy. If Zexion had been waving the water bottle in the blond's face again, he'd be wagging his tail if he had one- with his tongue sticking out. And he bet if he kicked Demyx he would looked like a kicked puppy too.

Don't kick him. Don't kick him. Zexion suppressed them tempting thought.

The water-based nobody was still on the floor after his last dive for the water bottle. Staring up at Zexion like a lost puppy now. Zexion also bet that if he asked Demyx to roll over and play dead he'd-

Don't be a pedophile either! Don't be a pedophile either!

"Zexion can I liberate the water bottle now?"

Blue eyes stared up hopefully at the cloaked schemer. The cloaked schemer stared back. Then the cloaked schemer stared at the water bottle in his hands. Then the cloaked schemer started to….scheme.

"You want the water bottle Demy?" asked Zexion in a way that you would talk to a puppy. But he ended up sounding more like a pedophile. Shit.

Demyx nodded again.

"Then go get it." And with that he threw the water bottle outside. Except his aim was bad so it hit Xigbar. But Xigbar was still outside so it was okay.


The water bottle rolled down the hall and Demyx came running after it. Zexion quickly closed his door and locked it. Leaning against the wooden surface he let out a sigh of relief. Success! That is, until a certain thought came to mind.

Did he just call him 'Demy?'


Axel was bored. Why was he bored? Because his Roxas wasn't within 10 feet of him.

So he decided to go find Roxas. Because it was time for a plot and the reviewers were probably clicking the back button now.

Well let's see. Roxas said he was going to a meeting with Xemas, so let's start there. And that's exactly what he was about to do when a certain blond bumped into him.


The fire-base nobody turned around at the sound of his name. But only for a second.

"Go away Demyx, I'm thinking about Roxas."

The blond pouted. He then began following Axel down the hallway at a ridiculously fast-pace. Where was the nobody going to in such a hurry?


Axel paused. "I am?"

"Well…" Demyx, who had now caught up to the redhead and was now walking by his side, quickly thought of excuses and spoke.

"Okay fine no, but-"

"Demyx, can you at least be helpful and tell me how many days I have left?"

The redhead stopped suddenly in the middle of the hallway, causing Demyx to run right into him. Normally the fire-based nobody would have yelled at him, but Axel was still standing there waiting for his reply.

"Axel, what are you talking about?"

He turned around to face Demyx. Oh that's right. He hadn't told him yet.

"Wait, Axel! What are you talking about?"

The redhead counted off on his gloved fingers. Well today was the third day, so he still half a week left. That meant time to get his ass moving and seduce Roxas already. But first he had to get rid of Demyx-again. Fun.

"Forget it Demyx." And off he walked.

"WAIT! What's going on!" cried Demyx.

"I…" and with this he pointed to himself "am going to find Roxas and confess my undying love for him. And you" he gestured at Demyx "are going to liberate that water bottle."

The blond stared down at the bottle that Zexion had told him to fetch. Right, he had forgotten about that for a minute.


When Roxas finally freed himself from another poetry session with Xemas, his first thought was to go back to his room and sleep. It was getting really late and talking with Axel could wait later. What he hadn't expected, was to run into the redhead in the middle of the hallway.

Actually, it was more like:

Axel standing outside of Xemas' room-outside of Xemas' flaming room. With a can of red spray paint in his hand. And on what was left of Xemas' door was red graffiti that read:

Axel was here.


P.S. Roxas is minezzz!

"Axel, what the hell are you doing?"

The redhead turned around as soon as he heard Roxas' voice. "There you are! I've been looking all over for you. I guess Xemas wanted to hold his poetry reading in the meeting room instead huh?"

Roxas merely stared back. "How'd you know about the poetry thing? And what the hell happened to his room!"

Axel really wanted to say 'Axel happened, baby.' But he figured that it would probably creep Roxas out more that it usually would. "Xemnas has poetry sessions with everybody. It helps him cope with the fact that Kingdom Hearts isn't getting anywhere and that we might as well buy our hearts off of ebay already."

Then the older nobody motioned toward the room. "And then I got bored looking for you so I raided his room."

Roxas silently wished that Axel never got bored around his room. "You know you could have warned me about the whole poetry thing…"

If it was possible, Axel's smile got wider. "Well, I was going to but then you ran off so fast! I didn't even get the chance."

Oh right. Um...

Axel seemed to sense Roxas' discomfort and immediately changed the subject. "Poetry can't be that bad can it?"

"It can when you're with Xemas." Roxas replied, grateful for the escape.

"Hey, you know. I can write poetry too." Said Axel cheerfully. "Wanna hear?"

"NO!" The blond immediately turned around again, walking down the hall in the direction he came from. He had enough of poetry for the day. And enough of Axel too. Jeez, and for a second there he was actually thinking about finding Axel and telling him sorry for running off. But then again, Axel should be apologizing for his frequent molestation of the poor blond. Why did Axel have to be so complicated!

"Wait Roxas! I wrote one for you!"

The younger member stopped in his tracks. What…the…hell?

Axel had run up to him and was now by his side. Now was Roxas' chance to run away! But why couldn't he move?

"Doncha wanna hear it?" asked Axel with a smile when he noticed the blond hadn't run away.

No. I would not like to hear it.


Dammit! It was like Roxas' mind was betraying him. When he wasn't with Axel, he was always thinking about hanging out with him. And whenever he was with the pyro, he was only thinking about getting the hell away.

"Okay." The redhead cleared his throat.

"Roses are red…."

"Axel that's already someone else's poem." Stated Roxas.

He was looking at anywhere but the redhead. He really wanted to just leave and go to bed. It was late and he was tired. And Axel had no poem making skills. But hadn't he wanted to see Axel just a while ago? Why couldn't his mind pick one already! Did he like Axel or not!

"Fine." Huffed the older nobody. But Axel's spirit wasn't broken yet.

"My hair is red…" and that he pointed to the spikes on his head.

But Roxas still wasn't looking. Axel frowned, but quickly remedied the problem. With his right hand, he cupped Roxas' chin and brought it up to meet his face. At the gesture, Roxas started to blush furiously.

Awww, the kid was blushing! More importantly, Roxas wasn't squirming to get away. Something was different about him. But before that, he had a poem to finish and Roxas' eyes were just perfect for it.

"Your eyes are blue…."

And incredibly sexy was what Axel wanted to add. Why hadn't he noticed how pretty those blue orbs were before? But right, back to the poem. Focus Axel, focus!

Oh well, he'd just steal a line from the original. Roxas wouldn't notice right?

"Sugar is sweet."

The blond started to open to his mouth to say something. Okay fine, so Roxas did notice that Axel sucked at poetry. So sue him. Go ahead, no disclaimers just do it.

Quick, what rhymed with blue?

"Axel…can I just go now?"

Dammit! Blue, blue, blue- what rhymes with it!

"Axel, I'll see you tomorrow okay?" and a hand reached up to moved Axel's off of the blond's chin.

"Sugar is sweet…." Repeated Axel, ignoring Roxas. His hand stayed firm on Roxas' face and the other snaked around his waist to hold him them. Earning a surprised look from the blond.

"Wait, Axel-"

"And I like you too."


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