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Strumming his fingers irritably against the stark white sill, he watched as raindrops spattered against the windowpane, their soothing pitter-patter doing nothing to relieve the tremendous migraine he could feel coming on. He wondered idly when the new roommate would show up, having gotten a call from head office earlier telling him that they would be arriving that day.

Huffing in annoyance as he heard a ruckus coming from his room, he looked over his shoulder to find many of his personal belongings being tossed out his door. Growling, he rose from his seat and strolled soundlessly to lean against the doorframe, staring at the offender who was currently destroying his quarters. "Are you still here?" he asked in an irritated tone, his smooth baritone reverberating off the walls of his once clean room.

"Damn rights I am," the gruff voice of his brother replied, whose head was currently stuffed underneath his bed.

"And what, pray tell, are you doing, little brother?" Sesshomaru inquired as he crossed his arms and stared angrily at the whelp who was now rummaging through his laundry hamper.

"Looking for your wallet!" Inuyasha fumed, lifting his head from the bin to glare at his elder sibling.

"Why?" the stoic older of the two questioned sourly.

"To take back the twenty dollars you stole from me. Don't even try to deny it, you dick, I saw you take it this morning!" Inuyasha snapped, brushing a stray lock of his silver hair from his eyes. The offending strand simply fell back into its place, along side the rest of his haphazard bangs. His amber eyes, alit with accusation, glared coldly at his brother, awaiting his confession.

Tucking his own steely silver hair behind his ear, Sesshomaru sighed, and told him in a clipped tone, "I took that money from you, Inuyasha, because I distinctly remember you stealing a twenty from me. Therefore I was merely retrieving what was rightfully mine." His golden orbs watched with no small amount of amusement as his brother grumbled and stormed out of his bedroom, though they belied any emotion that he felt. "Are you done wrecking my living space now, Inuyasha?"

"Not until I get my money back!"

Smirking, Sesshomaru removed the wallet from his back pocket and lifted it into the air, high above his much shorter brother's head. Inuyasha was in no way small, standing at six feet, but Sesshomaru just happened to have the advantage at his impressive height of six-five.

Inuyasha, seeing the wallet, lunged for it, only to have his brother gracefully sidestep him and lift the wallet higher, dangling it mockingly in the air. Snarling, he leapt again, only to be dodged once more.

Snickering at him in a taunting manner, Sesshomaru chided, "Well then pup, if you want the money, you'll have to get it."

Huffing at the degrading nickname he had been dubbed with, Inuyasha rushed him, his shoulder ramming into Sesshomaru's midsection and pushing him back a ways. However, he didn't seem all that fazed, for he continued to hold the wallet up, and still wore a taunting, wicked grin.

After a few moments of playing around, Sesshomaru reached out and grabbed his brother by the throat, halting his next attempt to tackle him. "I've had enough childish games, Inuyasha. It is clear that you aren't getting anywhere, so you might as well save yourself the humiliation, as well as save me the headache, and leave."

"At it again, hmm?"

Sesshomaru turned to acknowledge the figure now standing in the kitchen doorway, casually sipping a beer.

"Screw off, Naraku!" Inuyasha bellowed at his brother's roommate, glaring harshly at the tall, black haired man.

Knitting his brows together, Naraku stepped forward, stopping to stand beside both of the Taisho brothers and gaze lethargically at the younger of the two. Lifting himself to his full height of six-three, he locked his blood red eyes with those of the brat's and clipped, "What did you do this time, whelp?"

"I ain't done nothing wrong, fucker!" the teenager fumed.

Lifting a perfectly sculpted black brow, Naraku took another calm sip of his beer and remarked, "Impeccable use of grammar, Inuyasha. Tell me, how is kindergarten progressing?"

Before the hot-headed youth could retort, his older brother tossed him aside carelessly, pointing at the door and stating firmly, "That is enough, Inuyasha, now leave."

"But I…"

"Get out!" Sesshomaru repeated angrily. When Inuyasha crossed his arms and made no move to leave, Sesshomaru strolled up to him and lifted him by the shirt collar, tossing him out into the hallway. Slamming the door in his face, he slid the lock into place and listened as the moron continued to bang at it, cursing loudly at him from outside. After a minute or so of putting up with the racket, he snarled and removed a five dollar bill from his wallet, sliding it part way under the door. "I will give you five dollars to shut up and leave, Inuyasha! Take it or leave it."

Both Naraku and Sesshomaru watched the bill carefully as a pregnant pause instilled between the three, sighing when it finally was yanked to the other side. The telltale noise of his stomping down the hall was the last they heard from him… for the time being.

Making his way into the kitchen, Sesshomaru opened the fridge and grabbed a beer of his own, moving to sit on the black leather couch in their living room. Turning to Naraku, who sat beside him, and then to the plasma screen, he mused idly at the two women immersed in a kiddie-pool of green jello.

Then, shortly after he had made himself comfortable, a knock caught his attention. Growling, he rose and stormed to the door, furious that the whelp had returned to pester him yet again. Grabbing hold of the handle, he unlocked it and shouted while swinging the door open, "I though I told you to…" He paused in mid sentence as he took in the woman standing before him. Lifting a brow he scrutinized her for a moment before she spoke.

"Hi there! I'm Kagome, your new roommate."

Her cheery disposition gave her a charming appeal, as did her modest apparel. The camouflage pants she wore hugged her muscled thighs nicely, hanging comfortably low on her hips. Her off-the-shoulder black t shirt was slightly baggy, but stretched tightly across her chest. On her dainty feet were a pair of black track shoes, and her ebony tresses she worn in a messy, high ponytail. In her arms sat three large boxes... boxes that looked as though were beginning to weigh the young woman down. Brusquely taking them from her, he stood aside, letting her enter. As she walked by, he could not stop his eyes from trailing to her backside. 'Hmm... lovely.'

"So… where am I staying?" she asked innocently.

'In my bedroom,' his mind supplied, though luckily he was able to keep such lecherous thoughts to himself. Instead, he settled for, "In the room next to mine." She nodded and smiled, blushing slightly. The reddengin of her cheeks did not go unnoticed by him, and he bit back a smirk as he walked down the hallway to where their rooms were situated. Pushing open the door to their unoccupied space, he set her boxes down on the unused bed in the corner and motioned to the room. "It's not much, but…"

"Its fine," she interrupted, placing a small hand on his bicep.

Looking down at her, he commented, "I am Sesshomaru. I surmise you wish to meet your other roommate as well?" When she nodded, he led her out of the bedroom and down the hall, toward the couch Naraku was currently occupying. "Naraku," he called out.

The raven haired male turned his head to the side and, spying the woman standing next to his friend, rose from his seat, making his way toward the little delicacy that graced his presence. Setting his beer aside, he reached down to grasp her hand, lifting it to his lips and kissing it tenderly. "As Sesshomaru stated, my name is Naraku. And what did the heavens decide to name such an angel?"

"Do you always use ridiculously lame pick up lines?" she asked with a laugh.

Naraku's grin widened, and he gave a small, casual shrug.

"Kagome," she answered him after another moment's pause. She heard him make a rumbling noise, almost like a purr, and whisper her name to him self, as if to test it.

"Mmm… Kagome… lovely," he mused aloud. It suited such a godly creature. Lifting an eyebrow, he took her gently by the arm and led her into the kitchen. "Would you like something to drink?"

Clearing her throat, she replied quietly, "A glass of water will be fine." When he turned to fetch it for her, she was unable to stop herself as her eyes dropped to his backside. The man had a wonderful ass. She was tempted to grab it, to see if it was as firm as it looked, but withheld, not wanting her roomies to think her a pervert.

Someone in heaven must have been smiling down on her, for she had been blessed, with not one… but TWO extremely gorgeous roommates. When he turned and held a bottle of water out, she accepted timidly, allowing him to lead her into the living room. She sat next to him on the couch while the silver haired one, Sesshomaru, took his spot next to her. For a moment Kagome could do nothing but stare at the two half naked women on television, each covered from head to toe in what looked to be jello. Then, once she had gotten over the initial shock, she realized there would more than likely be a lot of these types of shows. After all, she lived with two young men.

Both Naraku and Sesshomaru stole the occasional glance at the young woman in between them, both finding her more attractive than either of the females on TV. They noted that she didn't seem appalled by their choice of channel, but simply watched without saying a word.

Deciding that it would be appropriate to watch something more tasteful, Naraku changed the channel to a horror flick. It wasn't even half way through the program that Sesshomaru felt a weight upon his shoulder. Looking down, he found the little woman to be sleeping peacefully, leaning against him for cushioning.

She mewled lightly, a sound he found to be rather endearing. Chuckling, he stuffed his arm behind her and pulled her into his lap before tucking an arm behind her knees and standing. Cradling her body to his, he made his way into her bedroom and set her on the bed. She'd yet to put sheets on the thing, so he cut across the hall into his own room and retrieved a blanket. Once she seemed adequately comfortable, he exited her room and made his way back into the living area.

Naraku glanced at his companion, a slight smile gracing his lips.

Sesshomaru made his way back to the couch and resumed watching. "Someone in heaven is smiling upon us, my friend," he commented with a look of sheer delight on his handsome features.

"So it would seem," Naraku concluded.

Yawning against the back of her hand, Kagome stretched and looked around her. The walls surrounding her were frightfully bare, and, for a moment, she forgot where she was. 'That's odd,' she thought to herself while wiping the crusted on sleep from her eyes, 'I don't remember going to bed. I was watching that movie and then… Oh no did I fall asleep?' She blushed a little and chewed her lip, hoping she hadn't done anything embarrassing while slumbering. Someone had told her once that she made noises while she slept.

Growling, she wondered to herself how she had gotten into bed if she had not gone by herself. 'Did one of them carry me?' she asked herself, growing slightly self conscious. Tossing off the comfortable coverlet, which she then realized wasn't hers, she pulled herself into a sitting position, stretching once more before rising.

When a loud crash reverberated through the apartment, she jumped, started by the sudden deafening noise. Quickly rushing to the door, she threw it open and peered out into the hallway. Sesshomaru's door was open, and she could hear voices inside. His, Naraku's, and… someone she was not yet familiar with.

Feeling a little bolder, she padded lightly across the carpet to peek into the room, only to have something whiz past her. Gasping in surprise, she turned to find a young, silver haired man slumped on the floor.

"Get out now, Inuyasha," Sesshomaru ordered as he stepped into the doorframe, eyes swiveling when he saw Kagome standing next to him. Honeyed orbs softened a great deal upon seeing the startled girl, his body shifting to face her directly. "You are awake."

She nodded slowly, a loose stand of messy hair falling in front of her eyes.

"Did you sleep well?" he inquired. When she nodded again, he returned the gesture before bending down to collect Inuyasha by the collar of his shirt. Hoisting the bothersome pest from his spot against the wall, he trudged to the front door and swung it open, tossing the childish boy into the deserted hallway.

Frowning, Inuyasha attempted to push past his brother but halted when Naraku stepped up behind him. Next, a small, black head of hair peered past Sesshomaru, catching Inuyasha's eye. "Who's the chick?" he asked, tilting his chin in her general direction.

Growling, Sesshomaru bit out, "That is not your concern, boy." With that he slammed the door in Inuyasha's face, grumbling as he slid the lock into place.

"Who was that?" Kagome asked innocently, large blue-grey eyes alighting first on Sesshomaru, and then to Naraku.

When Sesshomaru merely growled and rubbed his temples, Naraku stepped forward and explained while gently grabbing her shoulders and turning her around, "That was Sesshomaru's younger brother."

"Half-brother!" a scathing voice hissed from behind them.

Sighing, Naraku corrected himself, "Yes, half-brother, Inuyasha. He tends to make several unexpected and unwanted visits so you will most likely become acquainted with him sooner or later, though I recommend staying away from him. In fact, we need to simply stop allowing him entrance entirely."

Placing a hand on the small of her back, he led her into the kitchen and put a fresh batch of coffee on. Turning, he found the little angel sitting nonchalantly at the table, and quickly joined her.

"Why would I want to stay away from him?" she inquired, tilting her head to the side.

Leaning forward and placing his elbows on the table, he remarked smartly, "Recent surveys suggest that stupidity is contagious." When she giggled at his statement, he lifted a brow and grinned back, loving the soft tinkling of her laughter.

Moments later, Sesshomaru joined them in the kitchen, sitting across from the pair. His fingers were still massaging his temples, the tight clenching of his eyes suggesting a rather nasty migraine was waging war inside his head.

"Do you need any Tylenol?" Kagome asked, worry and concern lacing her voice.

Shaking his head a little, Sesshomaru mumbled, "No… it will recede. I just need to get the sound of his annoying voice from the recesses of my mind."

Kagome found she liked the sardonic nature of her new roommates. Standing when the light on the coffee machine switched off, she strolled to the counter and retrieved a cup from the shelf, filling it with the steaming brown liquid. Adding sugar and milk to the brew, she sighed and sipped it slowly, happy that the two she was to live with shared her love of coffee.

"So," she chirped, despite the early hours of the morning, "what are we going to do today?"

A small silence instilled upon them, Sesshomaru still willing his headache to go away while Naraku looked thoughtful. The ebony haired man stood, making himself a cup of coffee while suggesting, "Well, since it's the weekend and none of us have work or any classes, I heard there's a new club in town, why don't we go tonight?"

Had it not been for the pulsing pain between his temples, Sesshomaru would have grinned as the petite woman across from him nearly leapt from her seat at the mention of a club.

"Oh, really! I love dancing!" she cheered, clapping her hands together in excitement. She assumed that she looked rather foolish during her little outburst, but didn't really care. The last time she had gone to a club was… She blushed a little when her memory drew a blank, finding it rather embarrassing that she couldn't recall the last time she went out. Shrugging it off, she squirmed eagerly in her seat and finished her coffee.

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