School's Obsession

Summary: Sora has to go to an all boys academy. Dorm life is pretty boring…until he meets his roommate.

Disclaimer: I do not, in any way, own Kingdom Hearts. That pleasure goes to Disney and Square Enix.

Author's Note: Third time is the charm, right? At least that's what they say. Same plot line as before though thoroughly cleaned and detailed. Back by popular request.

Warning: This story contains yaoi, or boy on boy love. Don't like it? Don't read it. No major warnings, just cursing and the occasional sexual situation. Noting to bad though, we're trying to keep it at a T rating here.

Chapter One: Private School!

A chocolate haired teenager stared at his parents in shock, a dumbfounded look plastered on his face, his ocean blue eyes as wide as dinner plates, "P-private school?" He asked, the tone of his voice slightly higher than normal.

The boy's brown headed mother slowly nodded, a small frown on her face, "Yes…private school." She said, restating the fact that was slowly sinking in to her young son. Her eyes glanced over to her husband, who had an annoyed look on his face as he cupped his cheek, "Yes, private school." He said before pausing, "It's the best school. You should be proud to be accepted into such a prestigious school!"

The boy's shock did not wear off as he stared at them, slowly shaking his head, "I don't understand. I…I thought I was going to Destiny High, we filled out the paperwork and everything was set. Wha-? How did this happen?" He asked, his voice cracking.

His mother sighed, "Son, you're smart, very smart. You deserve a proper education. You can't get that here." She said softly, making a feeble attempt at comforting her son.

He shook his head quicker, "What am I suppose to tell my friends? They all think I'm going to Destiny High!" He said, panic adding to the shock he already felt.

His father rolled his eyes, "Tell them the truth!" He snapped, "That you've been accepted into the best school; Traverse All Boys Academy."

The boy covered his face with his hands, resting his elbows on his knees, not saying anything. He just simply shook his head.

"I knew you wouldn't like it." His mother began, "I tried to tell him-"

She was cut off by the harsh glare her husband sent her, "It's for the best." He said slowly, his eyes turning back to the boy.

He boy raised his head, glancing at his father for a moment before sighing, "I need to be with my friends." He said raising slowly, a frown on his face.

His mother nodded, "You go do that. But, don't stay out too long, you have to start packing." She said, "We've got tickets for the ferry set on Monday."

The looked at her, "Mom! That's three days away!" He cried.

His mother answered him with a soft, "Sorry." Before the boy exited the house. Anger now added to his feelings of shock and panic.


"Stupid, stupid, stupid…" The boy muttered as he walked across the sandy beach, kicking up the sand as he walked. He knew what this was about and it had nothing to do with him being smart. It was his father. The man was a poor excuse for a father, he knew that much.

He had never knew his real father; he had died when the boy was still young. His mother had remarried a few years later. Oh how he hated his father now. The man wanted nothing to do with the son of his wife, nothing at all.

The boy sighed; there was nothing he could do about it now. He'd have to go; there was no way to avoid it. His footsteps carried him to his best friend's house; Kairi, a girl he had known ever since he was a child.

Now another feeling joined the rest; fear. Why? Well, his friend was well known for her temper. And, this…this would anger her.

He had been looking forward to starting school with his best friend. But now, that was impossible. And, he got to tell her this. Lucky him…

He hadn't realized how quickly his feet carried him to the front door of his best friend's house. He was half tempted to turn around and walk away. But, just as the idea popped into his head, the front door opened.

Behind the door was his red-headed friend, a surprised look on her face as she held the door, staring at him, "Sora…?" She said slowly, blinking in confusion.

The boy blinked, laughing nervously, "K-kairi!" He stuttered, "Hi!"

Kairi gave him a weird look, "Are you ok?" She asked, stepping out on the porch, "Is it the heat?" She added, holding up her hand to shield her eyes from the glaring sun.

Sora quickly shook his head, "No…I'm fine." He said, giving her a reassuring smile, "I just need to talk to you."

Kairi nodded, "Alright." She said, pushing her door back open, "Let's go inside though, it's too hot out here."

Sora nodded in agreement, "Okay." He said, following the red headed girl into her house, which was oddly quiet. "Where is everyone?" He asked, looking around the house.

Kairi's house was the social gathering spot for all the teens on Destiny Island. She was rich and her house was always supplied with party materials. It was like an ever raging party.

"They're at the beach." She answered simply, walking into her grand kitchen, "Mom and Dad are on another one of their trips and won't be back 'til the beginning of the school year."

"Next week." Sora pointed out gently.

Kairi nodded, opening her refrigerator to pull out a jug of milk, "Next week." She repeated, smiling. "Do you want some cookies?" She asked before pausing, "Well, of course you do."

Sora grinned, sitting at the breakfast bar, "Thank you." He said as a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk were placed in front of him.

"Baked them myself." She said proudly.

Sora nodded, "So that's why they look so good." He commented before he picked up a cookie.

The two sat in silence for a while. Kairi watching Sora munch on her cookies, her chin resting in her palm, a grin on her face.

"What is it you wanted to talk to me about?" Kairi asked after a few minutes.

Sora froze, a cookie in his hand and his mouth full. He took a drink of milk, swallowing before looking at Kairi, "Oh…" He said softly, setting the cookie down.

Kairi lifted an eyebrow, "Well, I'm a busy girl, speak." She said, tapping her fingers on the counter.

Sora placed his hands in his lap, "Now don't get mad, it wasn't my choice." He began, pausing to look at Kairi for any sign of a reaction. The girl simply nodded for him to continue. "I'm not going to Destiny High." He said.

She gave him a look, an odd look, "What do you mean?" She asked, placing her hands on her hip, "There's only one high school on the Island." She pointed out.

Sora nodded, "I know." He said softly, "I'm not going to a school on the Island."

Kairi's eyes widened, "Sora…" She said slowly, her voice cracking, "…what do you mean?"

Sora looked her in the eye, sighing heavily, "I have tickets for the ferry on Monday. I'm going to Traverse Town and I won't be back until Christmas."

Kairi frowned, looking at her marbled counter tops, "…but, I don't understand…" She said.

"My parents enrolled me into a Private school. I got accepted." Sora said, he didn't know how to make things any clearer for her.

Kairi nodded, "Oh really? That's nice." She choked, looking away, making a poor attempt at hiding the tears spilling from her eyes.

Sora gently laid a hand on her shoulder, "No it's not, Kai, I hate it. But, I don't have a choice. Don't pretend to be happy for me when I'm not happy myself."

Kairi nodded, wiping her eyes, "S-so, you leave Monday?" She asked, "After this weekend?"

"Yes." Sora said softly.

Kairi turned to face him, "There's something I have to tell you. Something very important, ok?" She said. Her voice still choking as fresh tears ran down her cheeks, "But, you have to be honest with me, do you understand?"

Sora slowly nodded, not understanding what Kairi was talking about.

Kairi smiled, "Good." She said nodding her head, "I've known you forever. We've been friends forever, right Sora?" She asked.

"Of course, Kairi. I've never been closer to anyone else." Sora said, and honestly he didn't think he'd be closer to anyone else.

Kairi nodded, "How close are you to me?" She asked.

Sora blinked, "Kairi, I don't understand."

Kairi sighed, "Sora, I like you." She said, "I mean I really like you."

Sora blinked once more, "Well, I like you too."

Kairi frowned, "Not like like, I mean like like."

"Oh!" Sora said quickly, the fact dawning on him, "Oh…Kairi…I—" Before he could say what he wanted to, a pair of soft lips sealed his. His first kiss.

Kairi slowly pulled away. She had always been bold, that why she always got what she wanted. But, Sora didn't it was he that she wanted.

He blushed softly, "Oh." He said once more.

Kairi's eyes narrowed, "Oh! That's all you can say?"

Sora's eyed widened as he held up his hand, "I'm sorry! I mean…I…" He paused, "…like you too?"

Kairi smiled widely, pressing her lips against his once more. His second kiss. Just as innocent as the first.

A soft rumbling in his pants pockets caused him to pull away, "That'd be my parents." He said, his tone apologetic.

Kairi nodded, "Call me?"

Sora grinned, standing up, "Of course."

"Be careful walking home, lazy bum." She said, grinning as she gathered the plate and cup.

Sora nodded, walking to the door. Guess that meant they were 'going out' now. A goal he never even thought of. She was a friend, a sister, but a girlfriend? He would have to try it out.