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Title: Breakfast in Bed
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Tatsuha/Ryuichi
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Implied sex, Shonen-ai

My first Gravitation fic, so please go easy on me. This is one of the themes from a community at lj. I requested the pair but haven't been approved yet. Even if I'm not approved I'm still going to do them. XD


Tatsuha groaned, snuggling into the pillows. He cursed lightly, glaring at the window which allowed light to seep through curtains that were pulled shut. He was still so tired... and his rear was sore. His eyes widened and he bolted up into a sitting position. This wasn't his bed or his room. "Where the hell am I?" He was really starting to panic. He tried to remember the previous nights events. The raven haired teen remembered going to the release party for Nittle Graspers new record, spiking the punch and drinking a little to much of that punch. He shifted slightly in the bed, wincing as he did. He heard foot steps outside the door, his eyes widened once again and he pulled the blanket up to his chin.

The door opened and Ryuichi entered.

"S-Sakuma-san?" Tatsuha blinked.

"Tatsuha-kun," the singer exclaimed, jumping on the bed and tackling the teenager. "You're awake!"

Tatsuha was utterly confused. So he was at Sakuma Ryuichi's home? Did they...? Well, if they did that would explain the pain lacing up his backside. "Sakuma-san?"

Ryuichi's face lit up, "Wait here!" He bounced out of the room leaving a stunned Tatsuha. He came back moments later holding a plate, his pink bunny Kumagoro on top his head. "Kuma-chan and I made you breakfast," he stated proudly, handing Tatsuha the plate.

"Really," his eyes started to water at the gesture, he completely forgot that he was in his idols bed. He looked down at it, "Sakuma-san? What... what is this?"

The singer beamed, "Its an omelet, silly."

The teen looked up at Ryuichi, back down at the "omelet". It surely didn't look like an omelet, it was burnt to a crisp and had ingredients sticking out of it that obviously didn't belong.

"Well? Aren't you going to eat Tatsuha-kun?" Ryuichi asked, his goofy smile never leaving his face.

The raven haired teen silently swallowed a lump in his throat and nodded. He couldn't hurt his idols feelings by not eating the so called omelet. Tatsuha cut off a small piece with his fork, brining it to his lips. 'Its now or never...,' he closed his eyes and placed it in his mouth. His eyes snapping open at the taste, he resisted the urge to spit it out when he saw Ryuichi smiling at him. He slowly chewed and swallowed the piece of omelet, gagging slightly. "Tastes good," he offered the other a slight smile.

Ryuichi looked serious for a moment.


"Tatsuha-kun tastes good too," he said equally as serious as the look on his face before he pounced on top Tatsuha, making the plate go flying across the room, completely forgotten.


Heh, I had fun writing this. I hope you enjoyed it!
-Yami Sango