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Title: Bumper cars
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ryuichi/Tatsuha
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Shonen-ai

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Ryuichi tugged at his lover's arm, "Come on Tatsuha-kun!" He looked back at the teenager smiling brightly, its been awhile since he was able to go to an amusement park.

Tatsuha grinned, he'd make sure that Ryuichi would get his fun today so he'd get his fun when they got home.

Ryuichi's eyes widened, "Bumper cars!" He exclaimed and ran toward them with Kumagoro on his head.

The raven haired teen followed at a slower pace, wondering how the stuffed bunny always managed to stay on the singers head.

"Come on Tatsuha," Ryuichi jumped up and down at the entrance waiting to get on. He sat in one of the cars placing Kumagoro beside him. "Tatsuha! Sit with me and Kuma-chan," he grabbed Tatusha's hand pulling him down next to him.

A few minutes of waiting for more people to get on the cars powered up. "Tatsuha...," Ryuichi pouted. "Why isn't the car moving?"

The teenager looked down at Ryuichi's feet. "That's because you're stepping on the bre-!" He didn't get a chance to finish his sentence because his lover took his foot off the break. "Ah!" He screamed holding onto the dashboard.

Ryuichi laughed, slamming the vehicle into the other ones around him. The singer hit a few cars so hard they went through the walls that surrounded the ride. Others he hit where the drivers went flying out of their cars. "Isn't this fun Tatsuha?" He turned the car sharply almost throwing Tatsuha out of it.

After a few minutes the bumper car came to a screeching halt. Ryuichi laughed, picking up his stuffed animal, "Wasn't that fun Kuma-chan?" He turned to Tatsuha, "Tatsuha... what's wrong? Didn't you have fun?"

Tatsuha still held the dash board in a death grip, his eyes wide. At least he knew now never to let his lover drive a real car or anything else with a motor for that matter.


Sorry this wasn't the best. I only had a few hours of sleep while writing this.
-Yami Sango