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Chapter 5 (Original)

With a shaky hand Sasuke reached for the knob on the door. He had never been this nervous before and the feeling was alien to him. Sasuke could feel the sweat collecting on his hand and wiped it away. His hand fell back to his side and he took a deep shaky breath trying to relax. All these things he was feeling were overwhelming him. He was so anxious to see the blonde, yet afraid that he had already lost his chance. What if Naruto had given up completely? What would he do then? A little girl walking by interrupted his thoughts.

"You'll never know if you don't go in…" The girl said solemnly as she stopped right next to the Uchiha and looked at him. Sasuke's eyes widened at the sight of her, her eyes held no emotion. The little girl in front of him was dead to the world and all that remained was an empty shell with no will.

"How did you know?" Sasuke said.

"The boy in there," She said pointing to the door in front of Sasuke. "Is broken just like me. No one came back for me; I'm all alone in this world. I lost everything…"

Sasuke opened his mouth to speak again but didn't have the chance as a nurse ran to them and grabbed the girl.

"I'm so sorry if she bothered you. It won't happen again," The nurse said pulling the child away. Sasuke would have just let her take the girl away if she hadn't looked back. He saw the lone tear as it slid down her pale cheek and his heart clenched in a feeling unknown to him. So unused to the feelings he was experiencing he couldn't help but follow his gut instinct and what his heart told him to do.


"Yes?" The nurse questioned confused.

"She wasn't bothering me, we were talking. It was rude of you to interrupt us," Sasuke said with a slight glare directed to the young woman.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," She let go of the girl's arm and the child ran back toward Sasuke and clung to his leg. "I didn't mean to." She bowed in apology and blushed in embarrassment as she quickly walked back down the hall.

"Thank you…" Came the soft voice of the girl. She didn't look at Sasuke so all he could see was her black hair. When he had seen her cry he had thought of Naruto. The girl's eyes looked exactly like his, but it confused Sasuke because the girl's eyes were a steel gray and Naruto's were a bright blue. Their eyes were different, but for some reason Sasuke had seen Naruto in the little girl.

"Your welcome," Sasuke said awkwardly. He was unused to personal conversing of any kind. The small girl looked up and managed a weak smile, but the dull dead look in her eyes remained. She was a very cute little girl, but she was surrounded by sadness much deeper than Sasuke's. She clutched Sasuke's leg tightly as if she let go she would disappear and find that none of this was real.

"If you want," She let go of his leg with one hand began reaching for the handle of the door. "I can open it for you. Everyone needs help sometimes." The other hand was moved to hold his hand.

"No," The little girl looked slightly disappointed and hung her head. "I need to do this myself." As he said this though, the grip of his hand tightened around the girl's much smaller hand. The girl looked up surprised and nodded in understanding.

"You've been waiting for this forever…" The child started. "Are you going to wait even longer?"

To answer her he reached over and firmly gripped the cold metal of the handle. Squeezing his hand a little, the girl silently urged him to continue. He slowly turned the knob and the door opened with a soft click. Sasuke let go of the door and it gently swung open.

It felt like a dream, everything but what he was doing seemed to disappear. There on the bed, right in front of him close enough to touch, was what he had been waiting for his whole life, Naruto. Sasuke walked up to the bed and vaguely noticed the girl let go of his hand. Unconsciously he had moved to the side of Naruto's bed. He looked down at the boy and smiled softly, but soon frowned.

Bandages covered most of the blonde's body. Small scars already marred the tan skin that wasn't covered. Sasuke grabbed his cell and quickly called the hospital and asked that someone come immediately to this room and explain what happened to Naruto. He hung up and shoved the cell into his pocket angry that someone had injured his blonde. His large pale hand reached down and stroked the boy's cheek lovingly.

Naruto looked so sad even in his sleep. Sasuke could feel the pain and sadness radiating off the boy. The blonde was broken and Sasuke wanted to be the one to fix him. He wanted to see Naruto smile and laugh. He wanted to hold Naruto when he was sad. He wanted to talk to Naruto and help him work out his problems when he was angry. He wanted to eat with Naruto. Sleep with Naruto. Love Naruto. Be with Naruto.

His fingers gently traced the whisker like scars on his cheeks as he smiled fondly at the blonde.

"Umm?" The girl began. "Do you want me to leave?"

"No, stay," Sasuke said turning to look at her. "What is your name?"

"My name is Kyoko Kikukawa and yours?"

"Sasuke Uchiha," He answered. "Thank you, for the… support?" Sasuke said awkwardly, still unused to talking a lot. A small smile appeared on her face though the dead look in her eyes stayed and she walked over to stand next to him.

"You looked troubled and I thought you would want some help. Then when that lady was taking me away you stopped her, I felt like I mattered for once. I have never had anyone care about me. I mean truly care. I never met my father, he left my mother when he found out she was pregnant. It also turns out that my father had HIV and he gave it to my mother and me. Though it didn't matter because my mother died giving birth to me. Mine has already developed into AIDS. My aunt, my mother's sister, is my only known living relative and blames me for my mother's death. So, she pays the hospital to let me stay here and be cared for. I have always been alone…" Kyoko's voice faded as she ended the sentence.

Sasuke then understood. This girl had never had a good life, ever. She has had no one. There were no happy memories to give her hope and no future to look forward to. There was nothing. In an action he was unused to, he set a hand on her shoulder in hope of giving the child a little comfort. Her tiny hand reached up and held Sasuke's for reassurance. They stayed like this even as the doctor came in to talk to Sasuke.

"Ah, Uchiha-san. The patient was very badly abused by his escaped convict uncle. Lacerations and puncture wounds cover most of his body. The largest laceration is from his chest down to his abdomen where it splits and runs down both legs to his ankles. The deepest puncture wound is one through his abdomen in which it goes all the way through. His intestines were cut but are healing well. He's made a pretty quick recovery overall, most people probably would have died from blood loss or not have been able to heal correctly or fast enough. His body will heal, but he may never wake up." That was all Sasuke heard before he tuned out the doctors voice feeling himself go into shock.

Never…wake up?

That thought raced through his mind as he saw his hope for a new life crashing down around him. Could his one last chance at happiness really be disappearing from his sight so quickly? Why was life so cruel to him? All those other people lived happy lives, yet his was always drowning in sadness. Life was so unfair.

"W-what are the chances he'll wake up and be okay?" Sasuke demanded his eyes flashing dangerously.

"His chances of waking are slim to none," The doctor began with a grim look on his face. "It would take a miracle for this boy to awaken."

"Have people in this situation survived?" Sasuke asked looking at the ground with his hands clenched into fists by his sides.

"What?" The doctor asked confused.

"Have people in this situation survived?" This time he looked right into the others eyes a glare set into place and his voice commanding.

"Yes, but very, very few."

"That is all I needed to know," Sasuke began before waving him off in dismissal. "You may leave now." His tone hinted at it being more of a command then a suggestion. The man nodded before leaving Sasuke alone with the blonde boy.

As soon as the doctor was gone Sasuke's hard look softened and his hand gently reached out caressing his love's cheek once more. He has to live…he has to…


It had been two weeks and still the boy had not awoken. Most of the fourteen days were spent at the hospital. He barely would leave the room as is, only to eat and use the restroom. The doctors had begun to worry about his obsession with the boy. Time after time a psychologist would be sent into the room to try and help him but he would just cruelly turn them away. He was in denial of the possibility that Naruto may in fact die. After all these years alone he had learned to love again and he refused to let his happiness be ruined.

It was then on the fourteenth day however that the boy he knew as Gaara from Naruto's diary entries appeared to visit his brother. The boy looked surprised to see him there at first but then it turned into suspicion.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" The green-eyed boy questioned, a glare directed right at him.

"Uchiha Sasuke. I'm here because I am in love with your brother," Sasuke answered bluntly. Shock and confusion registered on the other's face.

"You…love him?" Gaara questioned.


"Do you even know him?" Gaara asked. "I've never seen you before in my life so I'm pretty sure you don't know him."

"I read his journal and we met once as children," Sasuke said grabbing the journal from his pocket and tossing it to the boy who caught it. "That journal told me everything I needed to know about him and was enough for me to fall in love with him."

"You…" Gaara began shaking. "Must be crazy! You read my brother's journal and now claim to love him! Do you really think I believe you? Do you?" Rage was now present in the green eyes as they stared with hatred at the elder man. "Stay away from my brother. When he wakes up, I don't need you around to give him false hopes!"

"I do love him! I found the journal! He wanted it found," Sasuke began. "I don't care if you believe me, but I refuse to leave him!" A glare rivaling the other's appeared on his face as the two faced each other anger radiating off them both.

"Stop it!" Came a girl's voice from the door. They both looked over surprised at the sudden outburst to see Kyoko in the doorway on the verge of tears. "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" Her small hands covering her ears and her right foot stomping the ground with every word she said. She shook her head back and forth while shaking.

"Kyoko…" Sasuke whispered breathily. Even though he had known her for just a short amount of time, over the past two weeks they had grown so close. He considered her a daughter and loved the girl. He moved forward and tightly embraced the upset child. Though even the comfort of his embrace did not calm her.

"N-Naruto wouldn't want you t-to fight!" Tears were now streaming down her angelic face. "H-he always said t-that you should s-smile! Even w-when you are at y-your worst. Because smiles m-make you f-feel better. H-he also said that y-you should b-be nice t-to people because y-you never know if t-they could turn out t-to be a g-good friend."

"He's right," Sasuke whispered into the young girl's hair. He rubbed comforting circles on her back and tried his best to sooth the girl.

"N-Naruto…" She began as she started to sob even harder than before. "H-h-he w-was m-my o-o-only f-friend! A-and n-n-now h-he's going t-to d-die!" Kyoko screamed the last part before coughing as the tears flooded down her face.

"You…you really do love him don't you?" Gaara asked staring sadly at the girl. He understood her pain for Naruto was his best friend and if he died it would be like a large piece of himself was missing and there would be a void that no one could ever fill, because no one could replace Naruto.

"Yes…I love him so much…" Sasuke whispered hugging Kyoko tightly. Seeing her so sad made his heart clench in pain and he felt so lost and helpless for he knew that he couldn't make this better. He could only watch Kyoko suffer just as he was.

"I-I d-don't want h-him t-to d-d-die!" Kyoko shrieked. "P-please d-don't make h-him die!" Hearing her say these things threw Sasuke over the edge and he felt warm tears well up in his eyes. "I-I w-will miss h-him s-s-so m-much!" His vision became blurry as his dark eyes stung before the tears slowly slid down his face leaking from the corners of his eyes. "D-don't' t-take him a-away f-from me! P-please d-don't!"

It was killing Sasuke inside to see Kyoko like this. He picked up the small girl and carried her to Naruto's bed then laying her down beside him. The little girl then clung desperately to the unconscious boy unaware of the salty tears staining his sheets and the delicate heart that was slowly breaking at the thought that her best and only friend would soon be gone. Her tiny hands clenched the sheets covering the blonde tightly while whispering into them words begging to not have her friend taken away.

Sasuke was about to sit down beside the bed and help comfort the girl before a hand on his arm distracted him as Gaara motioned for him to follow him outside of the room. Nodding he followed the other outside gently closing the door behind him so not to alert Kyoko of his absence.

"Do you want the details?" Gaara questioned a somber sound in his voice. Now without anger fueling him Sasuke could see all the worry and emotional drain on the red heads face. Sasuke just nodded and Gaara sighed taking a deep breath. "Naruto was walking home from the library and Kyuubi attacked him. He tortured him for five hours before police found them and took Kyuubi away. Naruto was still conscious when they found him and was still awake for a month while he was here, then about three weeks ago he fell into a coma and has not awoken since."

"What happened to Haku and Zabuza?" Sasuke asked remembering that not much was mentioned about them after they had went to America.

"They are happily living in America. I still haven't told Haku that this has happened. I don't want him to have to be sad and cry again. It hurts too much to see my loved ones in pain…"

"I understand…" Sasuke whispered. Gaara looked up into his eyes seeing that the elder was being completely honest. "What about you and Neji? And Sakura and Ino?"

"Sakura and Ino have been depressed and trying to put on happy faces and be hopeful, but they are slowly losing hope and already starting to act as if Naruto is dead. Neji is sad too but he didn't know Naruto as well as we did so he is probably the only reason I'm still sane. Without him I'd probably be going crazy!"

"I never had anyone…" Sasuke said before stopping himself. A curious look was on Gaara's face but he decided it was probably better not to ask and kept silent. Both weighed down with the thought of the loss of someone they loved they walked back into the room finding Kyoko beginning to calm down but still clutching to the blonde boy.

He sat beside the bed and gently ran his fingers through Kyoko's long hair glad to find it was helping her calm down. With a sad smile on his face he watched as Kyoko released Naruto from her tight grip and turned to face Sasuke.

"S-Sasuke?" She asked tears still falling down her face.


"I love you, Daddy." Her lips turned up in a small smile and Sasuke felt heartbroken at the sight of the small girl. She looked so beautiful even as she cried; a simple smile brightened up her whole face but was smothered by the sadness surrounding the girl.

"I love you too Kyoko," Sasuke said leaning over and hugging the small girl tightly before letting her go.

"Goodnight," Kyoko whispered lying close to Naruto and wrapping her small arms around his warm body. Sasuke felt the warm tears prick at his eyes again and fought them off for a few minutes before giving in and letting them slide down his face as he watched the last two people he loved sleep in front of him.


Tears cascaded down Sasuke's face as he watched the doctors' race into the room and it all became chaos. Though he knew it was too late, they were both gone. Kyoko and Naruto had died in each other's arms. They looked so peaceful and content with no trace of sadness on their faces as Naruto's heart monitor line went flat and Kyoko's breathing stopped. All their attempts at reviving them were useless and Sasuke could do nothing but watch as they tried to bring back his loved ones, but they were dead now. Forever.


Sasuke watched silently as the caskets containing Kyoko and Naruto were lowered into the ground. He was in denial of what was happening. It was like watching a movie in slow motion. The priests words muffled and the faces in the crowd a blurry mess. All the focus was on the two people being buried. He watched with silent tears slipping down his cheeks as they covered the caskets and all that remained of the ones he loved. The cemetery was cold and the essence of death surrounded him. It was almost suffocating. The cold October wind blew around him and caused most to shiver. The leaves on the trees were turning red, orange, yellow and brown. It would have been a beautiful day, if not weighed down with the death of loved ones. The sky was a dreary gray with only a few clouds decorating the sky. It was so peaceful and somber on this day.

People then began walking up and placing flowers on the graves. Sasuke waited until everyone was gone before walking forward and placing down a single red rose on Kyoko's grave. It was nothing fancy, but beautiful just the same. It's simplicity only complemented the beauty of the flower, just like Kyoko. A beautiful little girl whose simplicity and blunt honesty made her all the more pretty and loved. She may not have known that so many cared for her, but maybe she didn't want to. It might have hurt too much for her to know that she was going to have to leave the people that cared about her behind. Kyoko truly did care so much, that she had forced herself to not care. Though she did care, she cared so much. Kyoko loved and worried. She laughed and cried. Though when it got to hard and overwhelming she'd just bottle it all up inside and ignore her feelings, because it hurt so much when you loved and cared as much as she did.

He then moved over to Naruto's grave holding a large bouquet of Freesias and gently placing them down onto the grave. Freesia meant innocence. Naruto was the most innocent person in the world in Sasuke's mind. The boy tried so hard to be happy and others around him would crush his hopes and be cruel, yet still he would persevere and go on still trying. Even with all the pain he kept living and hoping that it would get better. Then when things did get better something would go wrong, he had learned life was cruel and unfair many times and yet he still lived wanting happiness. That one hope that never died kept him going, but before Sasuke could help give him that chance he had been ripped away from life and died. Then standing there a thought ran through his mind.

They are gone forever.

It felt as if he had been crushed. The stress and sudden shock were too much for him. He had no idea what to do, where to go, what to say. It was all happening too fast and he found that he couldn't even catch his breath having to deal with this constant whirlwind of emotions. The only thing he could do was turn and run. And run he did. He sprinted to his car half blinded by tears before getting in and driving fast down the road back to his home. He tore down the streets not caring what the speed limit was only knowing he had to get away, far away from them. He couldn't stand even thinking that they were gone. Before he knew it he was at his home and jumping out of his car before quickly making his way inside and up to his bedroom slamming all the doors behind. Finally reaching his bed he collapsed tired and emotionally exhausted from the days events.

The tears still slid down his face but he felt nothing for he was numb. He knew though in the back of his mind that when it registered that they were dead and never coming back that it would hurt, hurt so much. He needed to think things over before even trying to comprehend all of what had happened in such a short amount of time. And so for about a month he laid in his bed until he finally came to terms with the fact that the ones he loved were dead. With that done he weakly pushed himself up and off his bed. Changing his clothes to a black dress shirt and black slacks, he walked from his room. In a way it was surreal and like he was living a dream. He felt empty and hollow as if he were just floating. This feeling accompanied him all the way to his car and on the drive to the graveyard. Once there he got out of the car and was met with the crisp cold air of November. Leaves lay scattered everywhere in beautiful designs of red, gold, and brown. Though he was blind to the beauty, for he could think of nothing but going to the graves. He stopped and stared at the two identical headstones, frozen as he read the names on them. Kyoko and Naruto really were dead.

Sasuke stood in front of the gravestones. They were still new but the flowers placed upon them were old and rotting. He felt completely numb staring at the names carved into the stone and he felt his heart clench as he fell to his knees. His whole life came crashing down around him as he screamed.

Finally his mind was able to break through the shock and horror and realize what this all meant. The one person he had loved was gone. He would never see him smile for him. Never feel the boy in his arms. Never get to know him, but most of all. Never get to love him.

Tears began streaming down his face and he reached a shaky hand up to feel the warm streams as they slipped down his face. He touched them and yanked his hand away as if it had been burned. What was the point? He had nothing. All he had wanted was Naruto and he was gone. Never to know how the Uchiha loved him. His breaths became shallower and quicker as his heart raced. The feeling of a knife twisting in his chest made him lurch forward in pain and place a hand on the cold ground.

He then looked at Kyoko's grave through his blurry eyes ignoring the stinging pain he felt. She had been like a daughter to him even if only for those two weeks. They had grown so close and he would miss her so much. She could have been part of his happiness with Naruto. They could have been a family…

There had been so many possibilities for them, but Naruto and Kyoko were dead. What did he have left?

That is when he realized something.

It was the end.

There was nothing left in this world for him, he had waited to long and wasted every chance he had been given. Living in the past had taken up his future. The numb feeling returned as his tears dried up. The pain in his chest faded away and he stood. He was nothing again.

All emotion in his eyes was gone as he laughed an empty laugh. He should have known that being able to have a chance at a happy life was too good to be true. Wishes were things that never actually came true and dreams were only meant for sleeping.

He walked from the graveyard no longer feeling any pain or loneliness.

Uchiha Sasuke was dead to the world.

The End

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