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Chapter One. The End And The Beginning

Harri ran like she had never run before. She came to a stream but did not stop and waded in trying hard to keep her teeth from chattering when she felt the freezing water soaking her clothes. She looked behind her and was almost sure she had lost them. She continued wading in, the stream was a good thirty feet across and wasn't too deep. She had crossed it many times before and knew exactly where to go. She finally got to the other side and mustering the little strength she had left she continued running. Merlin help her if they caught up with her!

Earlier that morning….

"HARRI COME ON. SAY YOU'LL COME!" Seamus was getting aggravated; the girl was more like a mouse everyday. She was really nice and pretty and he had wanted to go out with her for the longest. He had just gotten his nerve up to ask her and now she didn't want to go.

"I told you the Headmaster said I should stay at school." Harri explained wrapping her robes around her. It was just starting to get cold and she wasn't wearing a sweater.

"Merlin! Harri your such a goody to shoes. Do you always do what you're told?" Seamus asked disgustedly. Harri was really nice but she was so compliant. Dumbledore really had her under his thumb.

"It's not that! It's just that I don't think…" How to explain to Seamus that all the bad things that had happened to the people she cared about were because she hadn't followed Dumbledore's advice.

"You or Dumbledore?" Seamus liked the Headmaster but the man was obsessive when it came to Harri. He was always checking up on her wanting to know what she did and who she was with.

"Well he advised me that-" She began defensively but was interrupted.

"Poppy cock!" Seamus had had it.

"Well if you're going to be rude about it." Harri did not want to hurt her friend's feelings but the youth would not give up. She had had the same conversation with Ron and Hermione and she was not crazy about repeating the argument.

"No I'm sorry! Look you know I like you. You're great and I just want to spend time with you."

"Really?" Harri asked shyly. She didn't consider herself pretty. She wore glasses that made her look like Hedgewick and was a good five inches shorter than the other girls she was too skinny and although she did have a figure she was too shy and fearful about anyone seeing the scars her relatives had inflicted on her to let it show.

"Really! Say you'll come." Seamus pleaded.

"Ok I'll come." She smiled. She really did want to go. Dumbledore had not told her not to go. He had only asked her to think about it carefully. Well she had and she was going.

Seamus grinned back.

Hours later he lay dead along with twelve others and she was gone. Wizards, Aurors and Professors searched for her but did not find her until three days later.


Lucius led the Death Eaters on the hunt. The stupid Potter girl who had been captured earlier that day had escaped. The Death Eater moved resolutely through the forest his aching body protesting with every step. She unlike Lucius was relatively unharmed. He had suffered the Dark Lord's torture because of her and she would pay for it.

Voldemort had wanted her for himself so no one had so much as looked at the little shit. Everyone had tip toed around her to the point that she had gotten away and who had been blamed for it? Lucius. He'd get her for it!

He took to the sky while the rest of the Death Eaters spread out. Ten minutes later he spotted her and called the others to surround her.


Harri felt her ribs painfully. She wished she had her wand to defend herself but she had dropped it whenthe Death Eaters had caught her. Her lungs ached with every breath but she dared not stop. Lucius would not give up on her and she did not think she could defend herself if she were caught a second time. She had never been so afraid, her friends were dead and it was her fault. If she hadn't gone they'd still be alive.

She continued running and just when she had thought she was out of danger a figure apparated about twenty feet in front of her. "Oh Merlin!"

Lucius Malfoy shrunk his broom and signaled to the rest of the Death Eaters who apparated close to Harri. The girl stumbled in shock and looked around. They were every where! Oh no!

"STTTAY AWAYYY FFROM ME!" she tried to stand but her legs could no longer support her. She was cold and afraid and she could not hide it.

"YOU LITTLE SHIT! YOU'VE CAUSED ME ENOUGH TROUBLE!" Lucius shouted striding over to her.

"Let me ggggo!" Harri screamed when Lucius grabbed her arm and pinned it behind her back.

"Scream all you want! I got tortured because of you!" Lucius was livid, he had never been shamed and it was the littleshit's fault.

"I'm…ggg glad! You kkkkilled my friendddds! I hope he kkill kills you! I HOPE YOU DIE YOU BASTTTARD!" Harri shouted half sobbing, half stuttering from the cold.

"YOU BITCH!" Lucius threw Harri to the ground. The young girl lay sobbing for her dead friends.

"I hopppe he he he kkillls you!" she said getting up and making a run for it. Lucius did not chase her but signaled the Death Eaters. She was easily caught and brought back.

Lucius had been ordered not to harm her but he didn't care. He was going to make her pay.

"Hold her down." He ordered, the Death Eaters quickly complied thinking it would be their turn soon. Harri panicked and struggled she knew what the Wizard was going to do and screamed for him to stop but he ignored her and pulled her clothes off. Lucius wanted to humiliate the girl just like he had been humiliated. He hated her and would have never touched her but this time his sense of revenge outweighed his need to make her suffer.

Harri closed her eyes and braced herself. Lucius lifted what was left of her wet skirt and pushed her legs apart, she struggled to free herself but wasn't strong enough…in the back of her mind a voice told her she deserved it, if it weren't for her, her friends would still be alive.

Dumbledore had trusted her to make the right decision but she had failed him. Everyone was dying just like her Godfather and Cedric. Everyone was dying! Lucius felt the small barrier as he pushed inside but did not stop. The idea that he was raping Harriet Potter the –girl- who -lived filled him with a sense of satisfaction that only came when he was casting unmentionables. He pushed into her hard; Harri did not open her eyes but whimpered as the Wizard raped her... when he pulled out of her he ordered the Death Eaters to let her up. They did so grudgingly, they had wanted their turn but Lucius ignored them and the dazed girl was made to walk all the way back. The Death Eaters angry at having been denied some fun groped her every chance they got. Lucius saw them but turned a blind eye. Bitch it was what she deserved!

Harri struggled with her captors every inch of the way but it was all for nothing in the end the sixteen year old was thrown at Lord Voldemort's feet.

"I see my orders were not obeyed." The angry Lord hissed as he rose from his throne. Lucius remained still whatever he got would be worth it. It would be quite a while before the brat got over what he had done to her.

"You like the girl Lucius?" Lord Voldemorte looking at the girl on the floor.

"I abhor her! I'd rather be dead than touch her!"

"But you did more than touch, didn't you?" Lord Voldemort acussed.

"She deserved nothing less."


"YES." Lucius answered fidgeting slightly. The Death Eaters carefully took a step back. Voldemort had a thing for virgins. There was a rumor that their blood lent him power.

"SHE'S USELESS TO ME." The Dark Lord explained angrily "USELESS!" He shouted kicking the girl where she lay. Harri felt the foot make contact with her stomach and doubled over unable to breathe. "I have waited years to bed and you have destroyed that!" he shouted kicking her again. Harri screamed out in pain. Lucius heard her but was unmoved by the girl's pain.

"You hate her, don't you? Well she's yours now." Voldemorte cried and cast a spell that knocked him to the ground. The Dark Lord held the spell with one hand while he eyed Harri with the other, minutes later Harri was also under the same spell. "infinitum fidellus consortus" Lord Voldemorte shouted and brought both his arms together tying their magical streams. Minutes later both Lucius and Harri lay side by side gasping for air.

"You have taken what is mine Lucius. Well now she is yours.…I have joined your magic with hers…the great Lord Malfoy will have a half bloodwife."

Lucius gasped for air…no it couldn't be, it couldn't be!

"You took her from me…well now you'll know how it feels TO HAVE WHAT YOU HAVE CLAIMED AS YOURS TAKEN BY OTHERS."

Lucius was trying hard to concentrate but something inside him begged for someone. Someone was missing from him. He needed her, he needed her…he needed Harri! He moaned painfully as the feeling grew. His refusal to believe it carved him like a knife.

"Feeling it, aren't you?" Lord Voldemorte whispered waiting for the feeling inside the couple to intensify. Harri whimpered, her hands patted the ground as if searching for someone, when her hand made contact with Lucius she grasped it urgently. Voldemorte smiled gleefully and looked to the Death Eaters around him, let the games begin.

"I believe you were denied a taste of her." The Dark Lord said pointing at Harri.

The Death Eaters who had brought her nodded slowly.

"She's yours." Was all he said.

Harri felt herself being dragged away and screamed as she lost contact with Lucius. She felt her clothes being torn away…when she felt the first one inside her she screamed out and did not stop until a torrent of magic broke through and slammed everyone away from her. An alien coldness and brutality over took her. Her magic did not stop until they were all gone.

She woke up hours or was it days later to find herself covered in bruises and blood, their blood. She was in the corner of the darkened room with rotting corpses around her…she cried and put her hands to her mouth to stop screaming in horror. They were all dead! Everyone including Voldemorte lay dead at her feet.

She had killed them all! All dead ! All dead! She murmured shutting her eyes, her small fists beating her fore head. All Dead! All Dead!

Lucius heard the chanting but was too weak to do anything, he closed his eyes and felt himself slipping into darkness.


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