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Chapter 20. Not mine, not yours, just ours.

Lucius stood before the fireplace bleakly. It had been three months since Harri had left them. Three long months of waiting. It was clear that his wife was not going to comeback...her friends had come by first Luna who in her dazed way told him and Remus that if they were suffering Harry who had been destined to feel the warmth of her husbands was having to settle for warming spells. Her husband Greyback had been more eloquent and had simply threatened him and Remus with ripping their cocks off if they weren't going to put them to good use. By far the worst had been the Granger girl who had accused them of slowly killing her friend with their fued. He had thought the girl insane at the time, he wasn't so sure anymore. Something had to be done and quickly, taking a deep breath he went to see Lupin.

Remus sat outside when he heard Lucius approaching.

"We need to talk." The aristocratic pureblood began looking at the forlorn werewolf.

"Come to insult me?" Remus asked sipping some tea.

"As important as you may believe yourself to be I don't, to me you're a means to and end."

"Always the user," Remus rose meaning to walk away.

"Oh most assuredly...but it takes one to know one, doesn't it?" Lucius replied matter of factly.

"I did it for love!" Remus shouted shoving his hands in his pant pockets.

Lucius smirked, stupid mutt! How the beast had gotten one over on him was beyond him! Nevertheless he wasn't here for that. His wife was going to give birth to his second son and he was not about to stand by and see the child being raised without him by his side. Deciding to play the werewolf he began, "I feel she does too."

"What did you say?" Remus turned sensing Lucius's determination.

"That she loves you." Lucius sneered shaking his head at Remus's astonishment.

Remus couldn't believe the Pureblood's words. The blonde had to be up to something! "Did she tell you that?"

"No, she told you. Are you blind as well as stupid?" Lucius leaned on the wall and looked up at the sprinkling of stars in the clear night. Why was he even trying?... Because even though he would never admit it, he loved his wife and was worried.

"She's never said anything of the sort." The werewolf contradicted.

Rolling his eyes and trying to keep his patience Lucius continued. "She forgave you, didn't she?'

"She's too kind." Remus murmured unwilling to meet the steely grey eyes.

Lucius shrugged nonchalantly, "She is but she loves you nonetheless."

"What about you?" Remus couldn't help but ask curiously.

"I don't discuss my personal life with anyone least of all you."

"Typical Malfoy," just like the blonde to act like he was above the whole thing.

"I assure you there's nothing typical about being a Malfoy."

Remus rolled his eyes, "Why are you telling me this?"

"I want my wife back...she won't come back until we come to an agreement."

Remus blinked in stunned silence, "and...and the agreement would be?" Lucius was making the first move! He would've never thought it possible!

"You and I need to learn to live together," Malfoy was exasperated. Was Lupin that dense or was he being dense to prolong his groveling?

"Not bloody likely!" Moony growled before Remus could reign the werewolf in.

"I must admit that those would've been my exact words months ago..." Lucius admitted walking around the small terrace.

Remus could only gawk...Lucius was different! Could it be possible? Did the Wizard feel something for Harri? "Don't tell me you've grown fond of ..."

"Fond of her? Yes. Odd, isn't it?." Lucius mused out loud.

"So you expect us to get along so you can be with her."

"Just this once can you get your head out of your arse. I expect us to get along so she can be with us both. It's what she wants and needs. She loves you and needs me. It's that simple."

"You think she doesn't care for you?" Remus couldn't help but feel a little put out that the Ex-Death Eater seemed to be willing to put their differences aside so they could get Harri back.

Lucius ignored the question and continued, "...so I suggest you get your stupid werewolf possessiveness and your selfishness under control so she can be happy and give birth to our children."


"Because her happiness doesn't rely on just me!" Lucius thundered losing his precious Malfoy control.

"What about us two?" Remus asked curiously.

"There is no us two Lupin. Just us three." Lucius called out over his shoulder.

"Malfoy!" Lucius stopped and half turned enquiringly.

"Very well," Lupin nodded. He was desperate and needed his wife and if the only way to get her back was to tolerate Malfoy then so be it!


that same night...Potter Castle

Harri lay against the fluffy pillows staring into the fire when she felt the wards in the castle tremble. "Dobby!"

"Yes Mistress!" the little elf cried excitedly.

"Who's here?" She asked sitting up.

"The Masters and they're coming this way!" Dobby informed Harri gleefully.

"Really?" Harri couldn't help but feel her heart race, "Oh Merlin I look awful!" She cried touching her face and running her hands over her mussed hair. I have to change, she thought frantically, trying to slide of the bed with as much dignity as her swollen stomach allowed her. They couldn't find her in bed like a beached whale!

She was trying to get a robe over her night dress when her door clicked open and Lucius strode in looking every inch the aristocratic pureblood. Remus followed behind him his eyes darting from the empty bed to where she stood.

"Harri?" Remus asked smiling nervously.

"Harriet." Lucius recovered first and closing the distance between them and took her hand kissed it lightly. Remus followed suit but kissed her lips instead.

Harri swallowed and looked at the pair hopefully, "To what do I owe the honor of this visit?"

"We've come to ask you to come back to us." Remus rushed in quickly.

"Is that tr...true Lucius?" Harri couldn't help stuttering and cursed herself as she sat down in a love seat.

"Yes my dear it is," Lucius nodded taking an arm chair by the fire.

"We've talked it out Harri." Remus began taking her hands in his, "We were wrong! We can't live without you! We want to make you happy and we're willing to do anything to make sure it happens."

"Lucius?" Harri saw the sincerity in Lupin's face but again turned to the blonde who sat apart.

Lucius turned to the fire and took in the picture, the werewolf holding his Harriet, she leaning close to him, her eyes filled with hope, "He took the words right out of my mouth my dear Lady."

"You don't sound very happy about it." Harri mumbled wringing her hands.

"Harriet, I am Lord Lucius Malfoy, believe me when I tell you this is as much happiness as you will ever see written on my face."

"Sour puss," Harri whispered under her breath before she got up and went to sit on his lap.

"LADY!" the Pureblood protested before slipping his arms around her waist carefully.

"Why do you do it?" Harri asked laying her head on her husband's shoulder.

"Do what Harri?" Remus asked happy to see his wife even if it was in Lucius' arms.

"Nevermind...making a point is not as important as it once was, is it?" Harri asked to the pair.

"Next time I try to make a point you can pin my ears back Harri." Lupin offered shamefacedly.

"And you have my permission to ..." Lucius stopped unable to think of anything to say.

"Donate some of your money to charity? Free all your elves?" Harri asked playfully.

"Donate money? Free the elves? That is what we call cursing below the belt, don't you think Madame?" Lucius asked looking completely offended.

Harri couldn't help but laugh. Remus tried to keep a straight face but it only lasted a couple of seconds before he too joined in the laughter.


Months later...

Surrounded by her closest friends Lady Harriet Malfoy-Lupin gave birth to two beautiful boys. The first child was born on April 27th at 5:50pm and was named Augustus Malfoy-Lupin. He had the most beautiful angel blonde hair, Lucius could not have been prouder. Well that was until the child opened his mouth and bit him. Swearing loudly the Pureblood managed to wiggle his finger away and passed the child to Lupin who looked like a proud albeit confused father. Blonde hair? There had never been any blondes in his family that he knew of.

"I guess this one is mine." Lupin smiled guiltily as he took the blonde bundle from the Pureblood. Lucius sneered and walked away to await his own.

Remus cooed and talked to the baby but little Augusts simply looked at the werewolf with bored patience and then drifted of to sleep. Lupin held the child closely all the while racking his brain on the fact that there had never been a blonde in his family. The Lupins were all brown haired and Harri had dark hair. Confused he waited for the next child.

Draco saw his father stride in mumbling about little brutes and muzzles under his breath.

"Where is he?" the teen asked rising to his feet. Draco had decided to renew his relationship with his father. He figured that with siblings around he'd better keep his father close. True he was the eldest and the Malfoy heir and had nothing to lose but just in case. Besides the idea of having a baby brother was just too exciting to pass up.

"That one was Lupin's." Lucius informed his son holding up his bitten finger.

"He bit you! Why?"

Lucius frowned at the question and turned away in time to see Hermione stride in holding a second bundle. She was followed by Luna, Greyback, and Severus Snape who in turn was followed by Earthpaw who didn't seem to want to give up on the Potions Master.

"Here you are Mr. Malfoy." The young witch smiled releasing her small charge to the care of the Pureblood.

Draco eyed the young witch appreciatively until he noticed Hermione watching him and he looked away quickly. Lucius cautiously uncovered the baby and smiled when he saw the angel blonde hair and no canines. Sighing in relief he sat down and allowed his heir to look down at his sibling. Everything seemed fine until the child opened his eyes and a pair of amber eyes stared back insolently.

"Merlin's Balls!" Lucius and Draco exclaimed in unison. The baby who was later named Andreas Malfoy-Lupin frowned and fell asleep grumpily.

Luna and Hermione could only smile while Greyback, Earthpaw, and Snape laughed.


Harri smiled and snuggled under the blankets while her husbands sat watching over her and their children. Harri was finally happy!

Nature had had a funny way of making things work out. Lucius' son was not just his but Remus'. Remus' son was not just his but Lucius' also.

To Harri, things couldn't have worked out better. Her sons would have two fathers that would love and protect them. There would never be any mine or any yours in her family. There would only be ours!


the end

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