Well, that was fun. Here is the final tally:

Sleeping Beauty - 2
Cinderella - 4
The Frog Prince - 3
Snow White - 2
Hansel and Gretal - 1
Rumpelstiltskin - 1
The Goose Girl - 1

Cinderella won...and a good thing too, I've never read "The Frog Prince" and I let my friend borrow the book, rofl.

HOWEVER. And please don't kill me. I'm pretty tired of that story (my little cousin never shuts up about it)...and feel like weird little goblin-y dudes.

Haha, Rumpelstiltskin.

This one is actually kind of fluffy and a little tragic on Raven's part, and I mean angsty, not funny.




Beast Boy knocked on the door again, Starfire close behind him and the other two boys leaning in.


"Go away!"

"Raven, please read another one!"


"Why not?"

"Because you guys are idiots!"



"I'll give you a kiss..."

There was a pause. Then...

"Still no."

Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire gave up then and tromped downstairs. Beast Boy trudged after them.

When they got downstairs, the Titan boys sat on the couch and Starfire sat cross-legged on the floor.

"I'm bored," mumbled Cyborg. Beast Boy looked downcast, like he'd been rejected. Robin resisted the urge to laugh at him. Starfire looked like her puppy had run away.

"I am still unused to the strange phrases on this world, but I believe I am...bummed out?" Starfire murmured. The boys merely nodded.

"What are we gonna do?" Beast Boy sighed.

"I vote for Rumpelstiltskin," said a flat voice from behind them. They all turned so fast Raven thought they're get whiplash, but she took her place between Robin and Beast Boy anyway and picked up the book, flicking through the pages.

Beast Boy grabbed her instantly, hugging her tightly, and Robin laughed as Starfire, pouting, came over to sit on his lap (picture it: she's a foot taller than he is).

"A long time ago," Raven began to read, "there was a very lonely king who needed a queen. So he-"

"What king doesn't already have a queen?" Cyborg asked, bemused.

"This one. So he gathered up all the young ladies in the village to see which one would be most fitting."

"PIMP!" screamed Robin and Cyborg at the same time, and the boys all doubled over with laughter. Raven and Starfire ignored them (Starfire due to lack of understanding).

"The miller brought his daughter, and when the king asked why she should be his bride, her father said "She can spin straw into gold!" The girl was-"

"Is that possible?" Starfire asked, wide-eyed.

Raven groaned. "No, but he wanted his daughter to live a rich and happy royal life, so he lied."

"How beastly!" Starfire exclaimed.

"Yes...but fatherly...he must have really loved his daughter." Raven's voice shook with anger and remorse, and Beast Boy went behind her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, reading from behind her back and hugging her.

"The king was amazed, and said "Show me!" The guards and king took the girl to a room filled with more straw than she'd ever seen in her life, and that was all that was there. Straw and only straw."

"Only this and nothing more." Cyborg said.

"Quoth the Raven "Nevermore,"" Robin recited. They both laughed and even Raven chuckled at this one.

"Straw, and a spinning wheel. The king put her in the room and told her "If you do not spin this straw all into gold by morning, you will be ha...you will go to the dungeon." Raven sighed internally and felt Beast Boy chuckle softly behind her. Starfire's eyes and mouth were wide-open enough as it was.

"As the king left, the girl began to cry, and a little voice said "Why do you cry, little girl?" The girl looked all-"

"Oooooh, what was it?" Starfire, of course...

"Erm, wait and see? A goblin appeared next to the gi-"

"Goblins are evil and cruel little gremnorks!"

"Yeah," Raven said dryly. "I'll bet. The girl said "I cry because if I do not spin this straw into gold by morning, I will be locked in the dungeon, but I cannot do it." And the goblin grinned."

"Little b," Robin muttered. Raven felt a jerk behind her as Beast Boy elbowed Robin in the ribs.

""I will do it for you, but I expect something in return...give me your necklace." The girl sadly gave her necklace to him, and he jumped on the wheel and began to turn the straw into gold. Entranced, the girl fell asleep."

"Evil little creatures alone do the impossible," Starfire grumbled. Robin hugged her around the waist. "Are the Teen Titans evil little creatures?"

"Well, no..."

"Just BB," Cyborg remarked, and Starfire and Robin laughed.

"When the girl woke up, the king was in the room. "Good job!" he said. But instead of marrying her then and there, he took her to a bigger room filled with even more gold."


"Right. Aiie. So. He repeated his command and threat and left the girl there, and before long the goblin came back. This time, he requested her ring. "This ring," the girl said sadly, "was given to me by my great-grandmother. It was her dying wish that I'd have it." The goblin shook his he-"

"That is so swee-"

"Yes, Starfire, it is. Now, MY family is broken and uncaring, so if you please, stop bringing up how loving HER family was!"

There was utter silence in the room, and Beast Boy could feel Raven quivering with rage. He tightened his grip on her and she briskly continued. "The goblin took her ring and began to spin the straw into gold, and by morning, the king had returned. "I have one more room for you, and if you spin that straw into gold, I will marry you," he said, taking her into a room bigger than her house and both of the other rooms combined. It was, of course, completely filled with straw."

Cyborg chuckled. "Where is this king getting all of this straw?"

"Ex-Girlfriend," Raven said shortly. "Shut up." Everyone laughed.

"The goblin appeared and the girl began to cry instantly. "I have nothing left to give you," she sobbed. "You have already taken my ring and my necklace. Now I shall be han...er, thrown in the dungeon!" The goblin was not without a heart. "Listen," he said. "I will spin this straw into gold, if you give me your first-born child." The girl agre-"

"That poor child..." Starfire murmured.

"Yes," Raven said in a sickly sweet voice. "Abandoned by its mother and left in the hands of a cruel monster."

"Rave," Beast Boy breathed into her ear soothingly. She turned around, her eyes docile, and kissed him on the cheek affectionately. Cyborg and Robin bit their tongues.

"The goblin spun that straw into gold, and the next day, but girl became the queen. Sonn, she had a baby boy, and one day, the goblin came back for him. She begged him not to take her baby, and being kind, he said that if she guessed his name in three days, she could keep the boy. Then he vanished. The queen confessed to the king and the village, but by then, everyone loved her and only wished to help."

"Thank God," Robin laughed.

"So the first and second day went by, and everyone in the village gave the goblin all the names they could think of, but none were correct. During the second night, a villager came to speak with the king and queen. "I saw something strange tonight," he said. "While I was walking a saw a strange little man, he was dancing around a fire and singing a song. It went like this...

"'Tomorrow I'll brew, tomorrow I'll bake,
For I shall have the queen's name-sake!
How hard it is to play my game,
When Rumpelstiltskin is my name!'"

The king and queen were so happy they gave the villager a cart-load of gold."

"I'd hate to be the horse luggin' that," Beast Boy commented. Raven smirked.

"When the goblin came to call the next day, the queen asked "Is your name Rumpelstiltskin?""

"OWNED!" Cyborg yelped and he and Robin exchanged high-fives.

"The goblin hopped up and down in rage. "The devil told you! The devil told you!" And the he grabbed each of his ears and ripped himself in half."


Naturally, everyone fell out of their seats.


Haha. I'll do Cinderella next time, but keep voting.

- Sorrowbyrd