These are the character intros to my fanfic, "Power of the Soul."

This fanfiction is the saga of four teenagers after the Heartless came to Earth.

I do not claim to own any of the characters, concepts, or ideas borrowed from Kingdom Hearts. I do not claim to own any of the characters the heroes' weapons and fighting styles are based off of. Keeping with KH's artstyle, the heroes' appearances are described with manga characters. I do not claim to own them, either.

I do claim the original characters and original concepts.

The following story is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Note: the clothes described here are donned at the end of Chapter 5. Until then, they wear casual clothes.

Roy Hartmut – the "Red, Brave Spirit"

Age 17

Soul Color: Red

Weapons: 4 Swords (functional replicas of game/anime characters)

-Sephiroth's Masamune

-Kadaj's Souba

-Cloud's Buster Sword

-Ichigo's Zangetsu

Handedness: Ambidextrous (born right-handed)
Eyes: Blue (Train Heartnet's eyes, but normal pupils)
Hair: Brown (Fourth Hokage)
Face: Train Heartnet (from Black Cat)
Clothing: Roy wears a crimson trench coat modeled after Dante's (Devil May Cry 3), blue jeans, and a black T-shirt. He also wears leather boots and black leather finger gloves.

Roy is the central protagonist of the story (it is told from his perspective, excluding the interludes). He is a military child who has moved several times in his life, and that has made him into a loner; he avoids making friends so he doesn't have to feel the pain of losing more friends.

Roy is a master gamer and an avid swordsman; he has almost no life, and spends most of his time playing video games and training with his swords. Roy is also something of a dunce; though he is a slacker and a total gamer, he can't even tie his shoes.

Roy recieves a special wound early in the story that draws out his darkness and enhances his abilities (even further than the Heartless-altered world), and later gains the ability to fuse his swords into even more powerful blades.

Roy's fighting styles are derived from Jedi fighting styles; normally, he uses Form II - Makashi, in Dark Form he uses Form IV – Ataru, and in his final battles he uses Form VII – Vaapad. He uses the Batto-jutsu technique frequently with all forms.

Amy Riesa

Age: 17

Soul Color: Purple

Weapons: Ruroni Kenshin's Sakaboto (Ruroni Kenshin)

Handedness: Right-handed

Eyes: Brown (Temari from Naruto)
Hair: Brown (Sakura from Naruto)
Face: Anzu Mazaki (from Yu-Gi-Oh)
Clothes: Amy wears a kimono like InuYasha's Robe of the Fire Rat. It also has the same abilities (immunity to burning). She also wears white sneakers (though they're rarely seen).

Amy is a serious artist who owns a sakaboto (reverse katana), and out of the four heroes is the smartest and most talented. She can draw just about anything; real, comic book, manga, you name it, she can draw it. Amy is also the only protagonist who can legally drive.

Amy possesses the ability of "materialization," the ability to make her drawings real. The only downside to this ability is that the materialized object is the same size as it was on paper. Amy is the one who drew (and therefore materialized) the main protagonists' new outfits.

Jason Rashar

Age 17

Soul Color: Blue

Weapons: Keyblade

Handedness: Right-handed

Eyes: Brown (Hikaru from Hikaru no Go)
Hair: Black (Rock Lee from Naruto)
Face: Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!
Clothes: Orange version of Link's tunic with white pants and a whit undershirt (LoZ series) and black sneakers

Jason is a Keyblade master. He is even more of a slacker than Roy, but is also a lot thinner. He is also less enthusiastic about things, but will still stand up for what he believes is right.

Jason is also an avid game player, but doesn't play as many action titles as Roy. Jason, however, has more focus in his life than Roy.

Jason has a lot more light in his heart than Roy, who has mostly darkness. He is also a lot thinner than Roy; thus, he has greater speed but less strength. Jason's Keyblade also gives him an edge in battle, but since he hasn't wielded a sword prior to the story, it takes him some time to learn how to use it. Because Roy trained him, and since Roy is a fierce fighter, Jason developed more defensive skills.

Serenity Sheno

Age: 16

Soul Color: White

Weapons: None.
Handedness: Left-handed

Eyes: Brown (Rinslet from Black Cat)
Hair: Brown (Ino from Naruto before she cuts her hair)
Face: Eve from Black Cat Clothes: Rinslet's dress from Chapter 12 (Black Cat)

Serenity is the only one of the main protagonists who can't fight at all. Despite this, she is resolved to come along, if only because she is Jason's girlfriend.

Serenity is one of two pure-hearted characters in the story, her heart being untainted by darkness.

Serenity is a total geek, and frequently shops at Hot Topic. She is a plain and simple, classic geek.

The only special skill Serenity possesses is a sixth sense of being able to "feel" how much light or darkness is in a person's heart and soul.


The Heartless

The Heartless invade our world early in the story. It is the coming of the Heartless that awaken the heroes' latent abilities (i.e. Amy's Materialization).

Most Heartless in this story appear as their once-human counterparts; thus, entire cities are populated by Heartless.

The heroes fight them off with their weapons, but since Serenity has a pure heart, she doesn't need to worry about the Heartless.


Though there are Nobodies in this story, none of them are truly antagonists. Since they don't have hearts, they are regarded as inconsequential by the Heartless as well as the Order of Light. Nobodies in this story resemble their once-human counterparts, but lack emotion. They only do what is in their best interest.

Nobodies are referred to as "nihil" by the Order of Light.

The Order of Light

An elite group composed of nearly pure-hearted members, the members of the Order of Light are the main antagonists. The Order of Light seeks to "purify the world," which essentially means the slaughter of anyone who doesn't have a pure or nearly pure heart. Their powers are based on the Chinese Elements. There are only 5 Members, one for each element, with a "Master" who directs them. The "Master" controls all the elements, as well as light itself. Each member has absolute control of their element.
-Earth: empowered by fire, weak to wood -Metal: empowered by earth, weak to fire -Water: empowered by metal, weak to earth -Wood: empowered by water, weak to metal -Fire: empowered by wood, weak to water Each member of the Order wears a trench coat colored to symbolize their element, as well as having the Japanese character for that element on the back.

The Order of Light can control people with their element (primarily water and metal), but never do so during battle, as they are honorable fighters.

The Order of Light also controls powerful beings known as Luce, beings of pure light. These beings appear as upright, shining, yellow humanoid figures. They are immune to most attacks (except dark elemental abilities).