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I plan on making this slash.

The Joining of Souls- Chapter One

Blood dripped down his back in warm, sticky lines causing his over-sized shirt to stick to his shoulder blades and back, but he kept on running. His panic was making the gash on the back of his head nothing more then a dull ache, even though the wound was inches long. The buildings surrounding him in the dark alleyway becoming nothing but blurs as he tried to run faster and faster. Sweat ran down his forehead, matting his mess of black hair and causing his glasses to keep slipping down the bridge of his nose. His green eyes were wild with the fear that the men chasing him might catch him. How did they find me? He though to himself. Privet Drive was supposed to keep me safe. He searched up and down the intersecting alleyways, desperately trying to find a hiding place from the band of Death Eater hot on his trail.
What a you call a band of Death Eaters? He thought bitterly. A Murder? He was exhausted, about to collapse at anytime, but he had to keep moving. He glanced over his shoulder to see how close they were getting. He could see the silhouette of their black robes not to far off in the distance. Suddenly, as he was running he smashed, full bodied, into someone while his head wasn't turned forward.

"Quickly, Potter, in here." The hooded figure said before grabbing Harry by the shoulders and steering him in to a dimly lit doorway.

"Who are you? Let go off me!" Harry yelled, desperate to get away from this stranger. They've found me! He thought frantically. The man must of noticed Harry's sudden terror and quickly reassured Harry that he wasn't a Death Eater.

"If you aren't a Death Eater then why would you grab me? And how do you know who I am? And how--" Harry was cut off by the man putting his hand over his mouth.

"Shh, do you want them to find us Potter?", the hooded figure whispered into Harry's ear, pulling the smaller man into a dark corner. Harry was about to protest, when the group of Death Eaters rushed by them.

"See, you can trust me, if I wasn't on your side I could easily of given you to them."

"That still doesn't prove that you are not a Death Eater. You could just be waiting to give me to Voldemort yourself so you can get all the glory of capturing the boy-who-lived."

The man lifted up the sleeve of his robe to show Harry the pale unmarred flesh of his forearm.

"How's that for proof"

Harry was dumbfounded. So he's not a Death Eater, Harry thought to himself.

"This still doesn't tell me who you are." Harry said, trying to cover up the fact the he was embarrassed about assuming that his capture - no- rescuer was a Death Eater.

" Do you know that you whine more then Pansy, Potter? Very well, I'll tell you who I am, no, better yet I'll show you."

With that the mystery man pulled off his hood and revealed none other then Draco Malfoy.