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Your Crying vampire

The priceto Love, the gift of Hate

Chapter 1

In the mountain village

She was in a black cloak with hood, completely covering her face and figure, walking to the old wooden house. Some people, who noticed the stranger, were exchanging whispers. What brought this person into their God forgotten village? At least it became safer here after the greatest terror – count Vladislaus Dracula died. But still the inhabitants of the mountain village in Transylvania felt his gloomy presence here and kept crucifixions and wooden stakes with them.

She noticed curious humans around and hissed, baring long white fangs:

"I came with peace, don't make me angry!" she said with threat in her voice. Humans stepped back in fear. Word 'Nospheraty' ran across the village with lightning's speed. The bravest men surrounded the vampiress and said:

"There's nothing to look at here! Go away or we …"

"Or you what? Kill me? Try if you want, but I don't want to lose time with you. I came to the old witch Cloanse and I'm going to see her, no matter how much of you I'll kill before!"

The youngest and inexperienced man raised a sword and wanted to strike her, but she grabbed his arm and everyone heard his scream, mixed with the crackle of bones. Humans stepped back; it was clear who has the power.

"Show your face first! We don't trust strangers!"

She smirked and took off her hood. Humans screamed:

"Lady Anne Valerious!"

"I'm not Anne, you fools!" the vampiress said firmly like their words were the worst curse. She faced to the old door of the witch's house and knocked twice. The crowd was watching her, sure that it was their long ago murdered princess. The door soon opened and a tiny old gypsy, enveloped in different warm shawls let her guest in. People were staying outside for some time and then went homes, discussing the stranger.

'She's just like Anne Valerious, I swear!' – such phrases were repeated by everyone.

Of course the woman in the cloak wasn't Anne and couldn't be. Old witch quickly understood it, inviting her to sit. The stranger took off her cloak, letting Cloanse to look at her. Pale skin, long dark curls, brown eyes of Anne and soft lips, waiting to be kissed. The woman was at the age of twenty, twenty two maybe, very beautiful and seductive. Her willowy figure was vested in a white blouse with a black corset and black pants with high boots. There were two long silver daggers hidden in her boots and the other interesting thing was the golden medallion with a green dragon on it.

The guest looked around: simple old furniture, the fireplace, dry herbs and branches on the table and piles of cards. Cloanse cupped her face in her thin and wrinkled hand, discovering woman's lovely features and then said:

"I knew you'll come. I knew it since your mother has sent you to the West land."

"I came because my stepparents told me about my real origin."

"But not all? That's why you desire to get the truth? Sit down at once and be my guest," said the witch and lowered on the nearest chair, the vampiress settled opposite her.

"Do you know, whose sign is on your medallion?"

"No, I just know it's from here, Transylvania. Those humans called me Anne Valerious … Why?"

Cloanse smiled bitterly, that cold tone and royal behavior of her proud guest reminded her someone.

"Oh, that's a long story … Let me to show you …" she put hand on the woman's forehead and closed eyes. In next few minutes the vampiress saw all her family's story.

It was a cold and windy night … Cloanse was fortunetelling on cards at the light of candles. Suddenly someone knocked loudly in impatient.

"Who is it?" she asked, hiding cards.

"It's me, Anne! Please, let me in!" pleaded the breaking voice of a woman. The witch opened the door and her guest – dark-haired gypsy collapsed in. She looked frightened, her eyes were filled with tears.

"I think I'm pregnant …all signs are …"

"Silence, my dear, I know everything."

Cloanse squeezed skin under Anne's corset and shook head:

"Poor little girl … She would be born in time of storms. Do your brother Velkan and king Boris know about your pregnancy?"

The young mother became sadder:

"No … They'll kill me if they know. But I know who the father is!"

"Really? Who?"

"That man, I don't know his name … Please, don't blame me, but I fell for that stranger. There in Tirgovishte I met him. It was like a dream …"

"In Tirgovishte? Oh, yes, your family was hiding you there, but hard times made your father to change decision. Alright, describe me the stranger …"

"He's tall, with black hair, not a gypsy, but I think he has gypsy roots. Ah, he was clad in all black and came to our house late at nigh, said that lost his horse. Why haven't I asked for his name!" Anne breathed heavily, falling on the chair. Cloanse made her to drink some hogwash, which made her relaxed.

"Your father's going to leave tomorrow?"

"Yes, he's sure that found Dracula's den somewhere on the sea coast ... I have never seen him, just heard that he's a vampire, our family's enemy. Why is it important?"

"So you'll be able to give birth to your child … then we'll send it as far as it possible …"

"I don't want to send away my girl! I want to grow her here in the village! I'm ready to protect her from vampires, I'm strong, Oleg, father's friend taught me, how to fight!"

The witch breathed in heavily and opened her bookcase. There were some books on ancient demonic – spell books, skulls of animals, tiny bottles and some papers. The old woman took one and showed to Anne:

"Do you recognize this man?"

Anne looked at the picture of the night stranger, just a sketch, but talented artist was able to show all coldness of these deep eyes.

"It's he! Where did you get this?" asked the woman. Cloanse sighed again, warming hands in shawls:

"Your stranger's name: count Vladislaus Dracula, Prince of Transylvania, count of Danube lands …"

"No … that can't be …" Anne dropped the picture and squeezed her throat, unable to breathe. The witch put hand on her shoulder:

"That's true … I'm afraid you'll bear a half-breed: half a human, half an immortal creature. Don't be afraid. Do you have friends from West Europe?"

"Yes, Lady Aida Zagrowsky. She's polish, but lives in England …"

"Write her a letter, tell her everything, all truth, and then ask to help to send the girl to England."

"I understand, she should be far from that monster … If the God forgives me?"

"He will, He forgives everything. You have to live in my house before it'll happen. I'll tell your brother that you're ill, but I beg for one thing…"

"What thing, old woman? Beg for all, you want, I'm in your hands now."

"Your child should know about her family … And one more thing … you don't have to wait a lot, the girl will see the light in three months."

"Push, Anne, the pain will gone …" said Cloanse, holding the woman. Anne with a wooden stick in her mouth could hardly breathe. The child was close …

The witch didn't expect such heavy birth; Anne was close to lose consciousness. She has already lost lots of blood, like the child wanted to kill her mother. Cloanse put a wet bandage on her wet forehead:

"I see the head, come on, girl! You're strong!"

Anne spit off the stick and screamed, her voice mixed with newborn's cry. Tired mother closed eyes and fell in deep, painful dream while the witch gave the girl some food: fresh blood of a cow, and then washed the tiny creature, enveloping her in blankets.

"Here you are … little countess Vladimirine Dracula, father's copy," sighed the old woman, looking at the child: she had dark hair, mother's brown eyes, but not warm … something evil was in them …

Anne was still sleeping after giving birth to Vladimirine.

The door opened and a stern woman in green dress came in.

"How's Anne?"

"She could die, but all's fine. Take the girl. Her name is Vladimirine and this … belongs to her," said Cloanse, putting golden medallion on the baby.

"Is Anne sure?"

"Absolutely, take the child and leave Transylvania … Vladimirine will come to me when she'll grow up. I know it …"

Vladimirine was breathing heavily, realizing what she has seen.

"I knew, I'm special! Of course! I'm the great count's daughter! His heiress."

"I hope you like your name …"

"Yes! It suits my rank." said the young woman, her eyes were sparkling madly.

"Do you realize why I send you to England?"

The vampiress rose from the table slowly:

"Old witch, you didn't let me to know my father well! You ruined my childhood!"

Cloanse slapped her very strong for such thin and old woman.

"You – ungrateful creature! Brides of your father knew about you and wanted to see you dead!They offered me money, scared me, promised to burn my house, but I helped your poor mother to bear you!"

Vladimirine blinked at her and then calmed down:

"I lived with that family … I used to drink animals' blood, I …"

"They gave your home, education, love … Be grateful, little misery!" the old witch was irritated with Anne's daughter, whom she hold when she was a toddler. Hold a snake …

"So my father was killed by Van Helsing, I heard?"

"Yes … Maybe you'll ask about your mother?"

"Why should I? This face … her mirror reflection, I hate it! I'm the true daughter of my father and I'll revenge for him! I will!"

"Want to kill the great hunter?"

"Much worse, I'll make him to suffer, I'll make him to pay for all he's done to me! You'll see, dear granny, may I call you so?"

"Go away … I thought you'll grow like your mother, but you're not even like your father. Leave me, demon!"

"As you wish, granny."