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Chapter 8


"Tirgovishte, Railway station

Greeting you, my friend! We've just arrived in Tirgovishte, the wine capital of Transylvania. Well, everything's according to plan except one thing. Have you ever had a strange feeling that someone who died had come back for revenge? No? Hmm, sorry for writing such an absurd. I'm glad of having few minutes away from Van Helsing. The hunter is looking for horses at the moment, so I'm able to rest.

To the deal: I want you to organize a meeting between me and mysterious new leader of the werewolves pack. He could be an excellent ally for me. I've seen him already: tall, strong, mighty warrior.

That fool Fenris had disappointed me. Find some guys to get rid of him. And the last thing. Send a letter to the witches of Black forest. I need to speak with one who had a close contact with my father. Hope you'll answer soon. I'll try to keep the hunter here for some time, but he hurries to complete the task. Sending the letter with Lukan.

Sincerely yours, Vladimirine"

"Hungary, Budapest

Oh, my dearest friend, Vladimirine! I'm begging you to stop this! What if Van Helsing finds out about your origin? I pray to all of my aunt's gods to help you. Forgive me for my weakness.

Fenris died. You don't need to worry about him. What to the werewolf leader, I'm afraid it would be difficult. He had banished my envoys. But I'll keep trying. Speaking about him, you know that he hates gypsies? I mean women of course. That's why I'm sending you a vial with a potion to make your hair lighter.

The witches you told me about call themselves the Eternal Virgins. Funny, isn't it? The one met great count Dracula and lost purity. Visit her first. She lives on the outskirts of Tirgovishte in a small hut. Her name is Lavinia, she'll tell you many interesting things I suppose.

Good luck, Vladimirine and, please, be careful!

With love, Katherine"

"Katherine, dear, you don't need to worry! Soon Gabriel Van Helsing will obey all my orders! I thought of making him my lover first, but he ran away like a boy! The more he fells for me, more I feel disgusting. I want to suck him dry and tear his heart on pieces. He'll pay for my father's death.

Well, where were we? Oh, yes! Thanks for the potion, I needed this. The hair color made me very different, that stupid mortal can't recognize Anne's features in me. About the werewolf leader … I'll find him by myself, but thank you for your work.

Now, if that witch was father's lover, she'll certainly tell me, how to resurrect him. Yes, Kathy! I'm going to return him back! Think I'm crazy? I know that the witches' clan of Black forest keeps great secrets in their numerous libraries.

So as you see, I control the situation. Here's my newest order: keep an eye on that monk, Carl. I believe he has never trusted me and spies for us through some agents of Vatican. You know, the Holy Order as the Jesuits has eyes and ears everywhere. I need Carl's letters, especially those he sends to Van Helsing. Be very attentive. He can cause me lots of troubles.

P.S: I won't mark the place I'm writing from. You shouldn't as well. Send only our faithful Lukan to carry the letters. I'm sure he'll never betray us even at the face of Death.

Your Vladimirine"

"Gabriel, you can call me a liar, but, please, read it until the end! The hunter named Maria, your partner is not the one we used to think. She's our enemy! I don't know what's in her plan, but I'm absolutely sure she'll hurt you somehow! Oh, certainly Maria (or what's her true name) reminded you someone close and familiar. I won't share my suggestions before making a complete search. Take care and watch for her.


A wide grin appeared on Vladimirine's face while reading. "You're smart, Carl, but I'm smarter." thinking this, she was setting a fire on the Carl's letter. Then blew away the ash and watched it's last trip in the air.