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-Coming Home-

Prologue -

Okay, So it's been a month since the incident. I can't help but feel empty..ever since he left, I've been totally out of it. My mind is blocked, I can't write lyrics. Wouldn't it seem like I'd be inspired? That I'd have so much pain that I needed to get out? No, I can't. I have to sit here and keep it all in. Despite my tears, the endless supply of kleenex and the Ben and Jerry's ice cream surrounding my bed, Things have been pretty normal.
"Jude, You've gotta let go." Kat tells me. Isn't she the one who was having the hardest time getting over Jamie? Who is she to tell me that I need to let go? I've barely left my room since..Yeah, sure, I go to school. I drop by the studio afterwards with the same excuse I had the day before.
"I can't do it without him." And that's the truth. I can't. Darius sympathizes. He seems to get that I'm having a hard time. He even put me back to work with Kwest, thinking that it would be easier on me since we were close, than to get me a new producer and have to start all over. Truthfully? I don't even want to sing anymore. Hard as that may be to consume, It's the truth. He was my inspiration..my everything. I just don't have the strength anymore.
"Jude!" My mom calls me down for dinner. It goes like this everyday..I usually sit in my room and sulk until she calls me down. After dinner, I go back up and continue. I just can't help it. He's gone.

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