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Undercover Pt. 2

The adrenaline coursed through his veins as he stepped into Rachael's bedroom. He'd already made all the necessary precautions, and now was the big moment. He'd been wound up all day in anticipation of this.

Granted, every one of those little bitches he'd put in her place was exhilarating, but he had a feeling that this one would be even better. She seemed to be the most strong-headed, strong-willed person he'd ever come across. Just thinking about how horribly he was going to shatter that spirit brought a gleeful grin to his face.

As he silently snuck up next to the bed, a puzzled expression crossed his face when he didn't see her at first. Looking closer, he breathed a sigh of relief when he realized that she's just covered herself completely with the bed spread. Hmm… he thought to himself. Wonder what she's hiding from?

Pushing those thoughts aside, he held his breath and leaned closer towards the bed. Gently grasping the edge of the blanket, he lifted it up and peeled it back.

Wow, he mused, genuinely impressed, she even looks dazzling when she's asleep. His lips twisted into an evil smirk. Perfect. Just as he was about to make his move, the glint of something in her hair caught his eye. Craning his neck, he studied the object until he realized what it was. It was a barrette, and a childish one at that. A pink butterfly adorned the top, like something a little five year old girl would wear.

Amused, he had to bite back a chuckle. Who would have thought such a powerful business woman would have such a thing? Grasping the plastic between his fingers, he gently pulled it from her hair and pocketed it, taking it as a souvenir to give to his "girlfriend" so that he could remember this night.

His next moves he performed with lightning-fast precision. He gathered up the corners of every other blanket covering her and ripped them away, tossing them on the floor. Then, just as she began to stir, he pounced. Pressing his gloved hand over her mouth, he crawled on top of her so that his shins were over her legs, pinning them down.

Rachael's eyes instantly flew open and stared at him in shock, fear, and confusion, just as the others always did.

He leaned forward and put his face close to hers. "Obey me, or die."


As Olivia was snapped out of her slumber, the first thing she was aware of was the pair of eyes staring into hers. Fear shot through her veins as she instantly understood what had happened. She must have fallen asleep long enough for Jergens to sneak in. But how in the hell had he gotten past the guards and the cameras set up by the guys?

However, considering the situation she was it, the events that had led up to it were the least of Olivia's concern. She had somehow managed to repress her instinct to scream, but her innate reaction to the weight on top of her kicked into gear and she began thrashing wildly. Her legs were all but paralyzed as she felt his knees digging into her thighs and she crudely aimed her flailing arms towards his head.

Jergens was temporarily caught off guard, as none of the other women had ever fought him before, but he got over it quickly as he felt her hand connect solidly against the side of his head. Grunting in pain, he used his free hand to fight back. He brought his arm back, curled his hand into a fist, and pummeled it against her jaw. Olivia let out a wounded shriek, but it came out as a mere muffle underneath Jergens' glove.

"Bitch! I said obey me!" He increased the weight on the arm that was covering her mouth, sending shooting pains through her already tender jaw. Olivia could do nothing but whimper silently and press her head deeper into the pillow to alleviate some of the pressure.

Fury blinded Jergens as he already felt his eye swelling up. He forcefully shoved Olivia's hands behind her back, thus completely immobilizing her. Grabbing the top of her camisole in his hands, he'd only given it one violent jerk before the straps ripped and it easily slid of her shoulders, leaving her in nothing but a bra from the waist up.

Her eyes, previously closed, suddenly snapped open again at this. Looking into the perp's eyes, Olivia instantly knew what each of his past victims had felt. Looking into his eyes, she saw the coldness and the inner rage within him. Looking into the hatred of his eyes, she knew she couldn't give in. She'd allowed herself to be put in this position for one reason and one reason alone, to stop this bastard from ever raping another woman again. And she'd be damned if he'd rape someone again, especially her. You're too strong for this, she urged herself. You've never let a perp assault you like this before, why are you starting now? Her own voice screamed in her ear. Fight him, damnit!

But it was really feeling Jergens' hand fumbling around with the waistband of her pants that set Olivia off.

A shot of adrenaline spread throughout all of her limbs, kicking them back to life again. You only got one chance Liv, make it good.

Her arms adroitly slid out from behind her back and flew into the air. She swung her left hand first, and it easily met his cheekbone. Somehow, he'd still managed to keep a tight hold over her mouth, preventing her from calling for help, so she had to venture another punch. This time, she threw a right hook that caught him square of the bridge of his nose. An indescribable satisfaction filled her when Olivia clearly heard a cracking sound. When Jergens' hands flew up to his wounded nose, she seized her chance.

"Elliot!" Olivia screamed as loud as her lungs allowed, instantly hurting her unused voice. Just as she was about to try again, Jergens pounced again. He flung himself on top of her, recovering her mouth with his entire arm this time.

"Shut up!" He screeched back, almost insane with ire at this point. His fist shot out and this time it grazed her eye. Jergens was about to throw another punch when he felt someone grab the back of his shirt and jerk him up from the bed.


"How in the hell did we miss him?" Fin huffed breathlessly as he ran up the apartment stairs with Munch by his side. Seeing Olivia with a serial rapist on top of her had thrown out their petty little argument as they raced to save her, and Jergens. Elliot had taken off like a bullet and was probably already in Olivia's apartment. And the detectives knew him well enough to know that he would be beating the crap out of Jergens right now, and if no one interfered, he wouldn't stop until the he was dead.

"If you weren't screaming at me…" Munch retorted under his breath, not one to give up things so easily. A quick glare from Fin, however, and his grumbling faded out.

"I think we better haul ass before we have a dead perp on our hands." He quickly increased his gait with only one floor left to go. "C'mon gramps!" Tugging at his partner's shirt, Fin had to grin slightly when he heard him fire back his own insult.

All joking matters were quickly thrown aside in favor of "cop mode" as they finally arrived on Olivia's floor. They dashed up to find the front door violently kicked off its hinges. Both men cursed in unison as they saw it. Fin ran into the bedroom first with Munch close behind.

Even though the scene they arrived to had been what they were expecting, the sudden jolt of seeing it for real caught both of them off guard. Olivia was curled up on her bed, tear stains ran down her face as she frantically clutched a pillow over her chest. She was numb with shock as she watched her partner and Jergens.

Elliot had the still-masked Jergens pinned up against the wall as he was delivering blow to blow to his abdomen, causing him to fold forward like a rag doll. If he happened to fall, Elliot would simply grab him by the collar of his shirt, toss him back against the wall, and resume the beating.

John and Fin both watched this for a few minutes, and then John finally pointed to them and spoke. "You break that up, and I'll get Liv outta here." Fin's shout of dispute against the plan was suddenly lost in the background as the distinct sound of bone snapping resounded throughout the bedroom, quickly followed by a somewhat subdued scream from Jergens.

Shit! As he and his partner ran in opposite directions, Fin cursed to himself. Let's just hope that wasn't something fatal. Painful, hell yeah, because this guy deserves it, but hopefully not fatal. As Fin charged Elliot, he knew the man had slipped of the cliff of reason quite awhile ago, and that only sheer force could stop him now. Summing up all his strength, he braced himself and continued his desperate sprint.

Within seconds, his shoulder collided against Elliot's. The power combined with the rapidity of the tackle easily swept Elliot off of his feet and threw him back into the bookcase to his side. Fin, however, was able to stop and catch his balance just in time to watch Jergens give a final defeated moan before crumpling to the ground, unconscious.


While Fin was trying to restore some sense of order to the room, John was hurrying over towards Olivia. The shredded tank top on the ground had caught his eye, so he quickly shed his jacket as well. Once he reached her, he spoke her name softly. "Liv?"

She still clutched the pillow tightly against her, like a shield, as she glanced up to look at John. He could see the tear stains on her cheeks and the unshed tears in her eyes that she was trying to desperately blink away.

A wave of guilt washed over Munch as he realized that he'd never seen Olivia cry in all the years that he'd known her. She had just always been… too strong for that. Before he could stop it, the question he'd been avoiding popped into his head. How much had happened before Elliot broke it up? Shaking his head in an attempt to stifle the thought for the time being, he stretched out his arms and slung his blazer around her shoulders.

"Are you okay?" Olivia instantly nodded and made a motion to stand up, reluctantly accepting the hand John offered her. Both detectives snuck a quick look back at the three men in the corner before walking out of the bedroom and into the living room. John was holding Olivia's arm to help steady her, since she was still slightly shaking. After shock, John thought to himself.

Just as they cleared the doorway, the sound of footsteps and shouting caught their attentions. Within seconds, a group of armed cops swarmed into the room, led by Cragen. As the cops spread out and began checking the apartment according to code, the Captain caught sight of Munch and Olivia.

"What the hell happened?" He slightly shouted, obviously bewildered by the entire situation. It suddenly occurred to John that he, Fin, and Elliot had completely forgotten the part of that night's plan where they were supposed to contact Cragen before breaking up the stake-out.

"Uh, long… story?" Munch tried, shrugging his shoulders sheepishly.

Cragen merely glanced around with an air of helplessness about him, his stare eventually settling on Olivia. "Liv, are you all right?" His voice instantly softened to that of a concerned parent and he looked her up and down.

"Fine," she simply replied. In the short time since John had first seen her on the bed, all of her confidence seemed to have returned. Her head was held high, and she stood with her normal poised stature.

"Cap, we got him." Two cops emerged from the bedroom, each holding onto one of the unconscious Jergens' arms. Neither looked too concerned about his comfort as they dragged him along, letting his feet scrap along the floor and his head dangle forward like a rag doll.

"What happened to him?" Cragen asked, his bemused expression returning.

"I think he ran into a wall or something," One of the other guys chipped in jokingly. Between chuckles, the men quickly made their way out of the apartment with Jergens in tow.

"All right," Cragen sighed. "Then I guess we're done here." He turned to Olivia. "There's an ambulance outside. I want you to go get checked out." Olivia opened her mouth to argue, but Cragen held a hand up to stop her. "I don't want to hear it. Go."

As she snapped her mouth shut, pain shot through her jaw, bringing back the memory of the right hook Jergens had attacked her with. Slightly wincing, she realized that getting it checked out might not be such a bad idea. "Fine," she sighed. "I'm going." While she headed out into the hallway with John following closely behind, Cragen went into the bedroom.

Elliot was the first thing that caught his attention. He was propped up against a bookcase, breathing heavily with sweat dripping from his forehead. Fin was standing slightly over him, looking slightly worn out as well. It didn't take Cragen but a minute to figure out what he'd missed.

"Good job with Jergens," he remarked sarcastically. "Let's just hope we have a live person to prosecute."

"Cap," Elliot weakly started, getting up to his feet. "I can explain."

"Save it," he snapped, pointing a condemning finger at him. "I don't want to hear anything until we get back to the station house. Then you can tell me how you guys managed to screw this up." Giving them both a final irate glare, he turned around and stormed out of the bedroom. Elliot and Fin exchanged weary glances before reluctantly following him.


"So," Cragen leaned up against one of the desks in the bullpen and looked at his squad. "Tell me how we all managed to mess up a plan that we spent all day trying to perfect." He gazed accusingly at the three men like a father glaring at his sons. All three pairs of eyes averted themselves in different directions, so that no one had to meet his stare.

Olivia, who was sitting at her desk, was the first to speak. "I was caught off guard," she confessed with guilt, clearing her throat. "I fell asleep, so I didn't see him come in. I was too late to fight him off, so the guys had to step in."

Cragen slightly bit his lip and mulled over her words a moment before replying. "Olivia, while I appreciate your trying to protect your fellow detectives, I'm sure no one blames you. After all, you weren't the one who should have been monitoring the video feed from live surveillance cameras!" His voice rose in anger and he began pacing the room, his arms crossed across his chest. "These three were supposed to be your eyes and ears. And where the hell were the guards we placed outside during this? How did they not see this guy get into the building?"

"Because he was already there," Fin informed them as he stood up from his desk. "We checked the standard hallway cameras that were already set up. Jergens entered the building a few hours before the lab tech guys even showed up. Turns out, the day after his date with Liv, he introduced himself to a guy who lives two floors above Olivia's apartment building. He convinced the guy that his house was being fumigated and he needed a place to crash."

"So this guy opens his home to a complete stranger?" Cragen asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Like I know why people do half the dumb-ass things they do?" He shrugged and crossed the room.

"All right, there's one down," the Captain sighed. "Now, how come no one jumped on the microphone to tell Olivia that Jergens had finally showed up?"

There was a long pause before John finally took it upon himself to answer. "Because we didn't know." They all looked guiltily away while Munch spoke. "We weren't watching the monitors. We had no idea until we heard Olivia… scream." He weakly coughed out the last word.

Knowing that the way the conversation was heading was probably the last thing Olivia wanted to go through right now, Cragen switched gears. "Speaking of which, how could you have not heard anything before that? I mean, he did stick to his MO and use his line, "Obey me or die," right?" She merely nodded in conformation. "All right, so how come the microphone didn't pick that up?"

Munch leaned back on his desk and shrugged. "Because he took the clip off and pocketed it. I assume he was taking it as some kind of souvenir or something."

The Captain simply nodded and allowed his gaze to travel the room. All of his detectives looked like they were only about a few minutes away from passing out from exhaustion. "All right, I think that's enough for tonight," he announced. "Everyone, go home, get some sleep. We can finish this up tomorrow." Without offering anymore of an explanation, Cragen walked into his office and shut the door behind him.


"Ow!" Olivia whimpered in pain as she ran her fingers over her jaw bone. It still hurt like hell, but the paramedics had assured her that it was just slightly bruised and swollen, and would be fine if she took it easy for a few days. As she lay in a bed in the semi-dark crib of the station house, she softly sighed as she thought back to the night's previous events.

When Cragen had finally given the orders to go home and sleep, it had been about six in the morning. Being that they'd have to come back to work in a few hours anyway, it was almost guaranteed that no one was going to actually listen and leave. Besides that, all the guys had about seven or eight cups of coffee coursing through their systems, so they certainly weren't going to sleep anytime soon.

Though Olivia lacked the coffee, she still had the adrenaline rush from fighting off Jergens that kept her wide awake. She'd only retired up to the crib because she couldn't take the tension in the squad room. Aside from asking if she was okay or if she had some file, none of the guys said a word to her. Elliot hadn't even looked at her since they got back.

It's because I screwed up, she thought. I was dumb. I fell asleep during a stake-out and put myself in danger. And then I managed to El, Munch, and Fin blamed for it. If I were them, I probably wouldn't talk to me either. I couldn't even fight the bastard off by myself. If Elliot hadn't of come in and pulled Jergens off of me when he did…

"Ugg." Olivia let her thought fade off as she groaned powerlessly and flipped over on the bed so that she was now facing the door to the room. Squeezing her eyes shut, she tried to silence her thoughts and see if she could get at least a few minutes of sleep in.

Just as she was about to give up hope of ever falling to sleep, there was a knock on the door. "Liv?" A voice softly drifted into the room that she recognized right away.

"Elliot?" Olivia opened her eyes to see her partner standing in the doorway with a hesitant expression on his face.

"Oh, you're sleeping," he sheepishly pointed out. "I didn't mean to wake you up. I'll just talk to you later, sorry." Just as he was excusing himself from the room, Olivia sat up.

"El, wait." She rose to her feet and pulled the door back open. "I wasn't actually sleeping. I was just up here pretending to, so I could get Cragen off my back." She was relieved as she got a smile and chuckle out of Elliot. "So, did you want something?" Stepping back, she crossed her arms in front of her chest and waited for him to say something, anything.

"Uh…" His eyes darted around the room and avoided her gaze as he nervously began massaging the back of his neck with his hand. "I just…" Pursing his lips together, Elliot took a deep breath and decided to just blurt it out. "I'm sorry," he abruptly declared, finding Olivia somewhat off guard.

"What?" Thinking she'd heard wrong, her brows furrowed with incomprehension. Allowing her arms to drop to her sides, she subconsciously took a step towards her partner.

"I said I'm sorry," he repeated, this time more shamefully than the first. His gaze instantly dropped down to his feet, and Olivia knew there was no mistaking it this time.

"Sorry? For what?" Her confusion seemed to only increase with each passing second.

Now it was Elliot's turn to act as if he'd heard wrong. "'For what?'" He asked incredulously. "Well… for not having your back out there tonight." His icy blue eyes locked directly onto Olivia's as he spoke. "Cragen was absolutely right back there." He carelessly motioned out into the hallway with a flick of his hand. "I should have been watching the monitors more closely, been on the mic to warn you." He shook his head ruefully, turning away again. "I shouldn't have let Munch and Fin's stupid argument distract me from watching out for my partner."

With his last sentence, something suddenly clicked for Olivia. "Wait…" She grasped his shoulder with her hand and gently pulled him back to face her. "Is that what's going on? None of you are talking to me because you feel guilty?" Elliot glanced at her cautiously, then hesitantly shrugged and nodded. "But it's not your fault," she stated bluntly, as if that fact was obvious. "I mean, we all knew what I was getting myself into by setting myself up for that. Why would you guys think it's your fault?" She searched his face for some hint of an answer.

"But I wasn't supposed to let it get that far," he blurted out. "I was supposed to warn you that he was coming so you could fight him off until we got up there to arrest him."

There was a pregnant pause between the two, until Olivia spoke again. "El…" She began softly. "That's really sweet and all, but did you really expect it to go like that? Face it, not one single undercover operation or stake-out we've ever done has gone right. Our luck here, it's not that great. Having something go right for us would be like Munch agreeing with the government on something. It's never going to happen." She grinned as Elliot couldn't help but laugh and smile at her statement.

"All right, I suppose that's a pretty valid argument right there," he conceded before losing his smile and becoming serious. "But I still should have had your back."

"El," Olivia became seriously as well, and reached out to place her hand on his arm reassuringly. "You did. When you were beating the crap out of Jergens, I'd say you had my back covered pretty well," she smiled. "But…" She quickly added in a teasing voice. "If you still want to make it up to me, I know what you could do."

"Oh?" He grinned as well, folding his arms. "And what would that be?"

"Take me out to breakfast. I'm starving!" She exclaimed.

"All right," he nodded, "I think I could do that. So, where ya wanna go?" Elliot opened the door, ushering Olivia into the hallway.

"Thanks." They stepped out into the hall and started walking towards the elevator, side by side. "Um, I don't care. You pick."

"Oh, I know this great little restaurant a few streets over, down by that designer shoe store." Elliot pointed in the general direction of the place with his finger.

"You mean Al's Pancake World?" Olivia clarified for him. "Sounds great." As the elevator doors opened and they stepped down onto the first floor, she suddenly got an idea. "Hey, bet I can beat you to the car," she challenged with a wink.

"Excuse me? You want me, to race you to the car, like a couple of little kids?" He raised his eyebrow dubiously at her.

"And why not? Afraid I'll beat ya?" She grinned and playfully pushed his shoulder.

"That's it," he declared with a chuckle. "You're on!" And with that, he was off, dashing down the unusually empty hallway.

"Hey! Cheater!" She called with a laugh, taking off after him in a sprint.


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