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Muir Island

Moira couldn't believe what she had just heard. She thought Charles Xavier was dead. She thought that his prise pupil had killed him but obviously she thought wrong.


"Yes Moira. Its me."

"But... We all thought...I thought..." Moira couldn't finish her sentence cause tears were falling down her face and she could no longer find her voice. Xavier raies his hand to Moira's cheek and said, "Its all right. What we've been working on for the past year. Your reseach worked Moria. I was able to transfere my mind into this body just before Jean killed mine. I was going to do it eventually bu weither its ethical..."

"Who gives a about bloody ethicas Charles? Maybe if it were someone else but your xmen need you charles. the world needs you and I don't know what we'd do with out you. there' aren't many people like you in the world."

"You would live Moira. You'd move on just like you do when other people die."

"I'm going to call the xmen," Moira said turnign to leave but Xavier grabbed her arm and said, "No Moira."

"but they deserve to know that your alive. Why out them through all this heart ache when you can end it by telling them the truh."

"Moira, I love the xmen and my students but i... I need time away from them. I need a break form trying to fight an up hill battle with Eric."

"I wouldn't worry about Magneto any more."

"Oh God! Jean, she..."

"no, she didn't kill him. Henry injected him with the cure. I talked to storm two days ago. Telling her to call if she ever needed anything. She's got a good head Charles."

"Yes, that is why I chose her."

"She deserves to know but I won't tell her. Its not my place. YOu can stay here as long as you like but promise me one thing."


"That you will eventually tell them. You can't hide from them forever."

"I promise moira."

Meanwhile, in an office building somewhere:

"Raven, we're going out to lunch, you wanna come?" A beautiful blonde woman asked. she worked at the desk nest to Raven's and had been very accepting of her, which was something Raven had never been used to.

"no but thatnks Grace. I've got papers I've got to file.'

"Okay. Maybe next time. Just to let you know, we're shutting down for an hour for lunch so n one should come in here."

"All right. Bye Grace."

"See ya Raven." Grace said as she left Raven alone. Raven had been working for about five minutes when an elderly gentalman in a black coat and hat pulled over his face, wlked through the door and up tro Raven's desk.

"I'm sorry sir but we're closed for lunch. Come back in an hour."

"I'm sure you can make an exception." The man said, "for an old friend."

Raven's eyes grew wide as she realized who stood in front of her , She stood up and met his gaze as he pushed his hat up a bit to reveal his face. There was silence for a few moments until Raven asked, "What do you want?"

"For you to come back with me."

"Why? Im human now remember?"

"Yes but so am I. We are the same again."

"So as long as we are BOTH human or mutants you'll have me! You left me for dead Eric! you expect me to come crawling back to you?"

"Yes because it will all be over soon."

"What? What are you talking about?" Raven asked, "Your not going to start the war again are you?"

Eric didn't reply so Raven continued to talk assuming she was correct in her assumptions.

"you can't do that again, Eric! You lost once and you'll surely loose again, espesually since Jean is dead! I may not have been at Alcatraz but I know what happened and what you unleashed on the world! You want me back? Well too bad cause sometimes we don't get what we want! Goodbye Eric!" Raven said grabbing her purse and coat and walking out of the building, leaving Eric alone to think about what she had said.

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