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Two hours after that, Kitty showed up and found Steve and Hank in the waiting room.

"Kitty, there you are. I was just telling Steve that the procedure went wonderfully. Jon should be waking up soon."

"Procedure? What procedure?"

"Oh God." Hank excalimed, "You didn't tell her about the procedure with the robot parts?" Hank asked Steve and then saw the look of confusion give way to one of pure anger that Hank had never seen on her face before. Now Wolverine's perhaps but never Kitty's.

"He told me, Hank." Kitty said glaring at her husband and not taking her eyes off of him as she crossed her arms and said, "I told him no."

"What?" Hank exclaimed glaring at Steve. This was the mess he had tried to avoied but had dove head first into it, instead.

"Hank, can I speak with you alone, please?" Kitty asked still not looking away from Steve.

"Yes, Of course." Hank said leading Kitty to his office and as soon as hse was in he shut the door and said, "Steve told me that you said yes. Why did you say no?"

"Because the parts came form a robot project called the Sentinal. Its meant to hunt and probably kill mutants like us, like Jon. I didn't want my son do be apart of that life! Aprat of killing his own kind!"

"The government is doing this?"

"Yes. Steve's an engineer that works with the military and the government, closely. So closely that I didn't know about this until nearly two and a half hours ago."

"I'm so sorry Kitty. If I had had any idea..." Hank began but Kitty stopped him.

"I know Hank." Kitty said shifting her gaze from Hank to the door and then back to Hank. Beast saw her anger change to worry as tears filled her eyes.

"What else is bothering you? "

"I'm worried about the school and how this will effect them."

"What can we do?"

"Warn them. Tell them to be prepared for anything." Kitty said taking a deep breath wich made Hank wonder what she was thinking but before he could say anything there was a knock at the door. "Come in." Hanks siad and a young female nurse cam in and said, "The Livingston boy is awake, sir."

"Thanks you Elisabeth."

"Can I go and see him?" Kitty asked when Elisabeth left.

"Of Course. I'll keep Steve out here untill your done."

"Thanks Hank, for everything." Kitty said as she headed to see her son.

Jon, still confused, was looking at the ceiling when the door opened and his mom walked in. He managed to pull himself up into a sitting position as his mom pulled a chair up beside his bed. "Hey there." Kitty said gently as she took her son's left hand in her's. It was hard to believe that even thought the hand she held looked normal, it wasn't flesh and blood.

"Hi mom." Jon said weakly.

"How you feel?"

"Tired, confused. How am I suppose to feel?" Jon asked wanting to make sure he was all right and that he wouldn't worry his mom anymore than he all ready had.

"Just like that. Do you remember what happened?" Kitty asked. She had heard hat people often didn't remember an accident that was this tramatic.

"No. All I remember was going through a intersection on my way home. I thought I was dead."

"You almost were. Listen son, something has come up and I've got to go away for awhile." Kitty said talking to her son as if he were a small child. She knew Jon hated it when she did but Kitty wanted to protect her son from the truth, from what had really happened to him, for awhile longer. She'd left Steve tell their son the truth.

"What is it mom? Maybe I can help. Let me go with you."

"I don't think so Jon. This is something I've got to do alone, okay?"

"Okay I guess." Jon replied sinking into his bed. He really wanted to go with his mom. Why didn't she want him going?, "When will you be back?"

"I don't know. You take care of yourself, okay? i'll always be there for you."

"But how will I know where to find you?"

"You'll know Jon." Kitty said, "I love you."

Kitty kissed her son's forhead, hugged him one last time, got up from her chair and passed through the wall leading outside and was gone.

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