Harry Potter and the Ways of the Jedi

I must first thank Ice Girl101 for allowing me to continue, rather start this story as she had decided to abandon it. I've been given license to do pretty much as I see fit so I must apologize to her in advance if I don't quite follow her initial outline. This will be a Post Half-blood Prince fic as I see no need to discount it entirely even if after reading said story I enjoyed it slightly less than the first five.

Summary: Post HBP! Harry and his friends are sent back through space and time during a death eater attack. They find themselves at the feet of Yoda who will train them in the ways of the Jedi in order to assist them in their endeavors. Will Harry and his friends get back in time to save their loved ones and friends? Can they survive the clone wars?
Harry Ginni, Ron Hermione.
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Chapter #1: Time Turned, Inside out?

It was a day like any other on Coruscant, no holidays or festivals were being celebrated, speeders and their occupants were winding their way through the hustle and bustle of this magnificent city, ships of all shapes and sizes were landing and taking off while their various crew and cargo were being unloaded, loaded, escorting important people hither and thither, or just being refitted. Through it all, in the temple of the Jedi order, a small green creature was meditating. He was watching images only he could see as he was having a force vision. Yoda, for this was this strange being's name, suddenly sat up straight, his eyes going wide in amazement.

"Hmm. Interesting. Plans I must make, Things I must do if to help these younglings we are." He muttered to himself as he went to inform the rest of the council of what he had just witnessed.

In another time, in a galaxy just as far, far away, several events were playing out that would work against a certain group of friends. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginni were just lazing in front of the lake at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. Harry was just about to tell his friends about the many changes he'd experienced over the summer due to his coming into his magical inheritance, as well as gaining memories of a past life, and the powers of his parents, his godfather and his late headmaster when there was a loud explosion from the direction of Hagrid's hut.

"Come on!" cried Harry, "We need to get back to the castle and inform McGonagall!" No sooner than he had jumped to his feet, wand in hand, with his friends doing likewise, he heard an all too familiar drawling voice.

"No potter. You and your: friends will not be going anywhere other than where I decide to send you." It was their Former potions Master Severus Snape in all his sneering glory. Harry let a dangerous smirk play about his face.

"So, Snivelus, You've decided to sully the grounds of Hogwarts with your disgusting presence? Did you come up with that heart wrenching speech all by yourself or did that abomination you call a master write it for you? Damn Snape, you really need to consider a career in comedy! Why, that was almost funny!"
Snape didn't respond, he leveled his wand at the group and flicked it wordlessly. To their horror, Hermione's time turner Lifted itself out from under her shirt and the chain snaked its way around all their necks.

"I believe I'm going to enjoy this. You bunch of impudent whelps will no longer bother the dark lord ever again! I will be rewarded beyond all his other followers! I will be his right hand! I alone will have the dark lord's ear after this!" Snape all but shouted as he flicked his wand again. The time turner spun fifty times and spun three times to the right. There was a sudden flash of bright white light and the group was gone.

On Coruscant, Yoda was finishing up his account of his vision to the rest of the council when there was a flash of bright white light, and a group of bewildered, if not battle ready teenagers appeared where the flash was concentrated.

"Ah. Arrived you have." Yoda chuckled. Harry and his friends stood rooted to the spot, their jaws in danger of touching the floor of the council chamber. They were wondering how a house-elf was able to stand there with an heir of power about him, the likes of which they had never witnessed. It was Harry who recovered first and gazed upon Yoda. Yoda's eyes met a pair of stunning emerald Green eyes and noticed at a glance that the sparkle had all but left them. His ears folded back and he frowned.

"Seen many horrors you have, lost many dear ones you have youngling." He said softly. Harry merely nodded.

"Who, where, What?" Harry managed to sputter out after a while.

"Answers I have, and questions I must ask also." Yoda said, tapping his fingers on his cane. Harry took it upon himself to tell the strange group of beings in front of him all about who he and his friends were, all about voldemort, the prophecy, the horcruxes, the betrayal of one of his teachers, which resulted in the death of his Head Master, and how they came to be here, wherever here is. After a long question and answer session, it was decided that the quartet would be assigned guest quarters until the council could decide what to do with them. They were escorted to a set of rooms not far from the hall they had just left when Harry thought of something.

"Uh, Hermione? Won't we age while we're here and if so how does the local calendar affect us?" Hermione explained to Harry about Einstein's theory of relativity or what she could remember of it at any rate. Harry just Shrugged, unbeknown to Hermione, Harry was familiar with this theory and decided to cut off the explanation before Ron and Ginni fell asleep where they stood.

"Hermione, I do in fact understand Einstein's theory of relativity. What she's saying in short is that time is relative to the observer. In our case, us. And, given what I understand, magic or whatever the term they use here will take care of any discrepancies."

"Yes! That's it exactly!" Hermione exclaimed.

"How did you know?" Harry just looked at her as if to say, 'are you daft?' and went about the business of getting ready for bed. His friends followed suit.

Meanwhile, back on earth:

"SNAPE YOU DAMNABLE FOOL! I TOLD YOU TO BRING ME THE BRATS! ESPECIALLY POTTER! YOUR FOLLY HAS COST ME GREATLY!" Lord Voldemort was in a towering rage and Snape was cowering at his feet.

"M-m-m-my l-l-lord! P-p-please! I-I-I"

"SILENCE YOU USELESS PEON! BECAUSE OF YOU, I MAY HAVE LOST THIS THRICE DAMNED WAR! CRUCIO!" And with that, Voldemort unleashed his anger and frustration upon his less than useless follower.

Lord Voldemort after a night of torturing his followers due to Snape's incompetence, was thinking. He wondered just what Snape did with the brats and where they were now when suddenly he was pulled into a vision. This was a first for the Dark Lord as it was usually he who pulled Potter into his dreams. Lord Voldemort looked around and couldn't recognize his surroundings, but he seemed to think that somehow, Potter was comfortable with them. He could see that annoying know it all mud blood and those blood traitor Weezlys. No sooner had he spotted the youngest Weezly than a great force pushed him none to gently back into his own twisted mind.

"Ah. So. Potter, you have learned occlumency. We shall have to see about this. Where are you though? Oh! I believe I'm one up on that annoying order of the phoenix! You're missing and they have no clue! Oh! This is just too delicious! I will enjoy taunting those fools!" And with that, Lord Voldemort let out a laugh so evil, that those who heard it were chilled to the depths of their very souls.

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