Harry Potter and the Ways of the Jedi


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Chapter 5. There's a first time for everything.

Chancelor Palpatine was most perplexed. This was not due to any decisions that had to be made by the senat, no, this was due to an unforseen happening he felt through the force. He knew the young teens he had sensed a day or so ago spelled trouble, he was not sure however, how much trouble they would be. He knew one thing however, they had to be iliminated. He could not do this himself, as he didn't want to show his hand just yet. He needed to remain to all outward appearances, the kind and benevolent Chancelor Palpatine, not Darth cidius, the soon to be, if all went according to plan, emperor of the galaxy. His thoughts, as usual, inevitably lead to Anakin Skywalker, the 'Chosen one'. If he could just manipulate him, turn him to the dark side, nothing would stand in his way, save for that accursed Jedi order. No matter, with the help of Skywalker, he could crush those pompous meddlesome fools easily. Yes, if he could just manipulate Skywalker, then an idea came to him. He, Palpatine would be a father figure for the boy, soon to be man, yes, this idea had merit. He would praise him when needed, offer platitudes and advice, while drawing him to the dark side all the while.

'Yes,' he thought,

'Just give the boy what he needs, soon he will come to me of his own accord.' He thought some more as a plan formed in his evil mind.

Mean while, at the temple of the Jedi Order, Harry's scar gave a short burst of pain, but it was enough for harry to cry out, clapping his hand to his forehead.

"Harry? What is it? Is it V-Vo-Vo-Vol-Vol, ah hell, Voldemort?" Ginny asked, worry etched into her features.

"No, It's someone else, someone, someone more evil than Voldemort could ever hope to be." Harry rasped out.

"Come," Yoda commanded,

"tell me of this scar you will." He said.

Harry could see that the expression on Yoda's face meant he would brook no argument, and followed him to a quiet part of the temple.

"Tell me you will, why your scar hurts." Yoda said, a thoughtful frown on his face.

"This scar, it links me to Voldemort. Whenever he's feeling particularly good about something, or he's after torturing one of his followers for their perceived failures, I feel it." Harry went on to tell him of the visions he'd received, and how every time it seemed to be from Voldemort's point of view.

"Connection it may be," Yoda said as he touched harry's scar with his fingers.

"to the darkness you are connected. Break away from it you can." Yoda said with a thoughtful look on his face.

"There's a ritual I saw in one of the books I bought over the summer holidays back on Earth, I think I should go look over it. It might have what I need. I suspect, my scar is more than it appears to be." Harry mused.

"More than it appears to be it is. A; 'horcrux' it is." Yoda declared. Harry just looked amused.

"Huh; well, bugger me. Looks like performing that ritual after all. I really don't fancy having a piece of the soul of my heir embedded in this accursed scar. Now I know why occlumency failed to protect my mind from the thrice damned snake."

"Your heir? Understand I do not." Yoda looked confused. Harry went on to explain about magical maturity, and the merging of past and current lives. He went on to tell Yoda of who he had merged with and about Voldemort's relationship to him.

"Understand I do now. Perform this ritual you will or train you I cannot. Learn everything Voldemort would, if break the connection you did not." Harry could see the sence in this last statement and bade Yoda a good afternoon before wandering off to find a suitable chamber to perform this ritual along with a few others.

After searching and wandering the myriad levels of the temple, Harry finally stumbled upon a room that was made purely from granet. He examined the room for a long time before deaming it worthy of becoming a ritual chamber. Harry removed a dagger from a holster on his forearm. This was one of the Slytherin daggers he'd found in Salazar Slytherin's, now his, vault. It was a dagger of silver with a snake motif on the hilt. There were emeralds for the eyes and the snake appeared to be moving.

"isss thisss the placcce where we are to perform our ritualsss massster?" The dagger hissed.

"Yesss. Thisss isss the placcce I have chosssen. We mussst firssst placcce sssome blood wardsss, to ensssure no wild magiccc essscapesss. I mussst perform thessse ritualsss, lessst my teacher decccidesss not to take me on asss hisss padawan." Harry hissed back.

After a conversation with his dagger, he decided to place some wards. Cutting his palm on his wand hand, he allowed the blood to pool before dipping the dagger in it and slowly moving around the chamber drawing runes for the wards he wanted to cast. Harry then drew his wand and allowed the blood from his hand to pool on the floor in the centre of the room before muttering an incantation, and waving his wand in a circular motion around the room, causing all the runes to glow gold. After jabbing his wand at the blood on the floor, there was a brilliant flash of light and an immense wave of magic before a perfect sphere encompassed the whole room before disappearing., indicating the wards were in place.

"Masster? Will you be performing thossse ritualsss now?" The dagger asked.

"It isss time. I mussst cassst the sssoul fragment out of my head. I cannot afford to have a conection to Riddle while I learn the waysss of the Jedi." While he conversed with his dagger, Harry reached out as if to grab something, and a large tome appeared. He flipped through the book until he found the page he was looking for and set to work.

Harry was aware of a presence attempting to communicate with him via his mind, and allowed it in.

"Watch you I shall. Dangerous rituals can be." Harry didn't even argue, he knew that Yoda had gone and asked his friends about the magic his, soon to be Padawan was about to perform.

"Very well. I shall create an observation area for you." Harry said, as he waved his wand and the wall leading to the coridore shimmered for a moment, before seemingly going back to the business of being a wall.

"Interesting. See you I can. Wait here I shall." Yoda's amused voice echoed through Harry's mind.

Harry found several rituals he wanted to perform but decided to do something a little differently. He immersed himself in the Force and to Yoda's astonishment, began to seemingly have a conversation with it. After several minutes, Harry came back to himself, summoned a quill and parchment, and began to write. Half an hour later, Harry had recalculated all the rituals he wanted to perform and reworked them into one ritual. The drawback was that he'd be magically exhausted afterwards but, while conversing with the Force, he found he could use it for the magic of the rituals rather than allow his own reserves to deplete. With a decisive nod, Harry made another grabbing motion in the air in front of him and some chalk appeared, He drew the various runes and pentagrams, then he drew a large circle around them all and drew runes for the four points of the compass, and the four base elements. Harry had decided he'd chant in parceltongue because of the power he now knew he could weald with it. After doing all this, Harry caused the stone inside the circle to rise up out of the floor and tilt slightly to one end. He made one final grabbing motion, and a small vile with a dark crimson liquid appeared in his hand. Uncorking the vile, he was about to drink it when a question came from Yoda.

"Drink that concoction you must?"

"Yes. It allows me to keep my mind while I'm chanting for the ritual. It is usually better for someone else to do the chanting, but in this case, I'm the only parcelmouth here, so I have no other option but to do it myself." Yoda frowned at this but said nothing.

Harry after a moment, began to chant in a low sibilant hiss.

After several painful hours and a good deal of bloodshed, and, an immense wave of magic that threatened to bring down the temple, the 'Super Ritual', as Harry would later call it, was complete. True to the conversation he had with the Force, his reserves were full and seemed to be expanding as the various magical blocks he had placed on himself for everyone's safety were dissolving. With barely more than a thought, Harry opened the door and allowed Yoda in to assist him back to his quarters.

"Cast out the soul fragment is now?" Yoda asked.

"Yes, it's gone for good. I still have a connection with the 'darkness', but, I will no longer be pulled into Voldemort's mind nore he into mine." Harry explained patiently.

"Hmm. Like the sound of this I do. Although, connected with the darkness, I do not like, though do anything about it, I cannot." Yoda shrugged.

"I am neither light nore dark. I am however, grey. I can use both equally well to my advantage. For without the grey, there can be no shadow." Yoda's eyes widened, knowing Harry's words were true.

"Eight hundred years have I trained Jedi. Know your words to be true I do. Forgotten this I have, for a long time. Make a conscious effort I shall to remember." Yoda mused.

"Yoda, I have decided that I and my friends will swear by the 'old code'. Simply put, the current Jedi are weak. Our emotions are a part of who we are, and to cut off such an important part of ourselves, well, the idea, to me, is ludicrous. It's our emotions that define us, tell us of who we are, and I refuse to bury them in a dark dank corner of my mind, where they can one day overwhelm me and consequently drive me beyond the brink of insanity." Harry spoke so vehemently, that Yoda shuddered.

"Believe you I do. A good idea it is. A long time, have we forgotten who we are, become arrogant, believed ourselves to be above such things as emotion. Reform the Jedi order you will young Potter." Yoda said.

"No. That job, belongs to another. I am here for two reasons. First, to learn what I need to protect your 'chosen one', and secondly, to fulfil my own destiny." Yoda blanched.

"Surely you cannot mean, young Skywalker? There is too much anger in him, always uncertain his destiny is." Yoda ventured.

"Indeed. However, should you all let him walk his own path, and not guide him along when he needs, or asks for it, you very well may find yourselves with a Sith lord darker than Revan could ever hope to be. I've seen betrayal in his future, he would become a darkness to rival that of Palpatine." Harry upon his last statement, had unknowingly set the wheels in motion for the downfall of the current Sith lord.

"Palpatine? What know you of Palpatine?" Yoda asked incredulously.

"Ah. Master Yoda, that feeling I got from my scar earlier, it showed me a glimps of things to come while at the same time, allowed me a glimps into the thoughts of the current Sith lord. I'm afraid, your current Supreme Chanceler, is more than he would like us to believe." Yoda pondered this for a moment, and again, for the umpteenth time that day, his eyes widened.

"Train you I cannot, young Potter." At this, Harry's face fell.

"But, I," Yoda silenced him with a look.

"Saw you speak with the Force I did. No better training would you receive, than from the Force itself. A first time for everything there is." Yoda chuckled. Harry couldn't help it, either the day had finally caught up with him, or the absurdity of the whole situation had finally made itself known to him, but at Yoda's last comment, he threw back his head and laughed. It was the kind of laugh that would have you rolling on the floor, banging your fists, and bring tears to your eyes all at the same time, and that is exactly what both Harry and Yoda did. And that's how their friends and colleagues found them several hours later, chuckling and chortaling and outright laughing at a joke only the two of them seemed to know.


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