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Wally's Personal profile


Why I am starting this I do not know, I guess I got bored that I just had to do something

So I am starting a diary, yeah I know diaries are a bit out of date and everything and it was really made for girly girls. But still I need something to put my feelings that over power my brain.

This book knows all about my thoughts. Anyway here is some info about me.

Name: Wallabee Beatles (someday I will get that name changed! Maybe something like Daniel or Alex)

Age: 16 (the legal age to have sex………..Don't ask!)

Date of Birth (a.k.a DOB): 28/2/90

School: Cleveland high school

Hobbies: Wrestling (the top of the lot), drawing (Its nice to draw) and well liking Kuki (more about her soon)

What I look like: I still have blond hair, but it has grown a bit since I was ten. Yes I am still the smallest out of the group (sometimes I wonder if I'll get taller?) I still like to wear my orange sweatshirt and baggy jeans, though they're getting small, need new clothes soon. Well there you go that's me for ya.

Well there's a brief profile on me. Yeah short I know but still I am lazy!

Let me introduce you to my friends

Nigel Uno: He is one of my best mates. Though he is still has bossy has ever but still that don't matter. He's still going out with Lizzie. I'm surprised he ain't dumped her yet, I mean she is a right bitch. Maybe he's trying to see if he can make love to her. Mmm I wonder how big his thingy is, SORRY BAD THOUGHTS. But still. Though to admit, I think he's gay, same old Nigel, tee hee. He is a great mate.

He's 15 years old

Hoagie p Gilligan: Well here's the dopey clown who loves to tell the crappy jokes. Though I play the jokes on him, like one time when we went to the swimming pool, I stole his swim suit, his clothes and his towels so he had NOTHING to put on. His thingy was bigger than Nigel's, HA. He ended up getting laughed at and I felt sorry for him, so I gave him back his things, he gave me a wedge after that mean rotten git. He is such good fun though and we do lots of friendship things together. Best mate ever.

He's 16 years old

Kuki Sanban: Aw the love of my life, I slowly die as I look in her eyes. She has great sense of humour and everything.

My deepest secret: I LOVE KUKI

I so love you, she kills my brain with love and everything! Oh Kuki I wish I could kiss you, then I would snog you, then I would start to undo your clothing, then I would undo mine, then we will kiss some more, then I would – woops got carried away – though mine is SMALL! That worries me.

Kuki (sigh) she's 15 years old and the youngest

Abigail Lincoln: Now she is amazing, let me tell you something she has got boobs the size of water melons, GEES. She nearly knocks you out with those THINGS. All the boys look at them and gawk at her. Abby just smiles and walks off. Though to admit I think she is kind of person who possibly sleeps around maybe, though she denies that she does. I don't know, she is one of my friends and it seems Hoagie as got his eye on her (smooch!) hee hee hee

She is 16 going on 17 and the oldest

Well there are my friends, but what about the KND

Well I found out that we get to join the TND, just I was about to tell Kuki my feelings, Numbuh 86 tells us that we can join the TND. Numbuh 86 is too in the TND, she enjoys it though she does keep looking at me.


So there you go me still in the KND, but in the TND, a bit complicated really.

I am not writing anymore in this crud, maybe later I will. See you soon my little Kip (that's my diary's name)

Written and read by

Wallabee Beatles

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