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Paul's Visit

Location: In the TND Treehouse

Time: 11.34

Date: 13th May

Dear Kip

I am sitting in my room waiting for 'Shithead' to arrive; hopefully (well not hopefully) he will knock on the door at any moment as he was meant to arrive at about 11.00. I must say he is over 30 minutes late, does not seem like he is good at time keeping. Mind you he is not good at anything, he is the ultimate twat! I wonder why he's late.

Oh someone is answering the door and I can hear Abby squealing 'Shitheads' name. He is obviously here...

Written and not Read by

Wallabee Beatles

Location: In the TND Treehouse

Time: 23.59

Date: Same day (for another minute)

Dear Kip

I thought he would never leave...he literally just walked out the treehouse, who does he think he is? Anyway, on with the visit, I went out to the entrance of the TND treehouse and saw him, Abby hugged Paul...and then they started kissing...then snogging with Paul touching her breasts. Have they got this far already?

Obviously neither Abby nor Paul didn't noticed me cause when they stopped Abby turned and was shocked that I saw them being intimate with each other...

"What are you staring at?" Abby said in shock

"Oh...I didn't realise that you two were going out?" Obviously, I knew they were by now, I was just so glad Hoagie was not here to see this...he is staying put in his room for most of the day.

Paul turned at looked at me "Your really slow and so behind with the events that is happening"

"It's okay Paul" Abby said "Wally is a great friend; he just needs time to think about things"

"Wally? Oh you are Kangaroo boy!" Paul said giggling; obviously he does not have a bad memory "You take your time to think eh...you are obviously 'The stupid one'

Charming Kip

Abby didn't really say anything; instead she turned to him with a smile on her face.

"Shall I show you round the treehouse?" Abby said smiling at Paul

"Sure babe"

So Abby and Paul went off into the next room. Honestly Kip who does he think he is? He is a fucking waste of space that is what he is. And I could not believe Abby just let him call me 'The Stupid One'. I mean I may be slow, but that is just really mean. She did not even stick up for me or anything.

It turns out that showing Paul around the treehouse turned out to be Paul and Abby spending most of the day in Abby's room with the doors shut. Obviously they are up to something or doing whatever. I feel so sorry for Hoagie, he is much the better man than Paul is and yet Abby picks the 'Shithead'. Is she blind? Well obviously she must be Kip, and Hoagie is suffering.

Speaking of Hoagie, he was in his room all day and he did not come out at all. I decided to go in and pay a visit to him. To cheer him up. I mean after all he is one of my best friends. I went to his room and his door was shut, I knocked.

There was no answer

I knocked again

Again there was no answer.

So I decided to open the door into his room, and Hoagie was sitting on his bed. I walked up to him.

"Hoagie...are you alright?"

I looked him; he had his hat and his goggle's off, he had his knees kneeling up towards his chest and his eyes were red. It looked like he had been crying.

"Don't look at me Wally" Hoagie said and he cried harder "Don't think I am gay that I have been crying"

"No way" I said to him, I knew he was deeply upset, I knew he was heartbroken.

"I tried to keep it in...my tears" Hoagie said "But after seeing 'Shithead' come round I can out of my room and well you know...I saw them snogging"

He cried harder and harder. It even made me wanting to cry, but I didn't.

"What should I do?" he asked me. "I know you said to be flirty, but seeing him with her is making me die on the inside"

I didn't know what to say to him Kip. What do I do this time? How do I cheer him up? I decided this time to be honest with him.

"I really don't know"

"What does she see in him Wally? What's good about him? What is not good about me?"

"Well Hoagie, you are good, there is nothing good about Paul."

"But why is Abby more interested in him? Surely if there is nothing good about him, why is she interested?"

I couldn't answer this, I mean I am not a girl, I am not sure what girls like. But Abby is clearly blind by what she has fallen for.

"Maybe, she don't know the full story about him"

"Well we don't seem to know much about him either, but I can feel something's not right."

"Maybe she just needs a bit of time to think about what she has fallen for"

"Yeah" Hoagie said with his eyes rolled "They are in Abby's bedroom, probably doing god knows what"

He then started to cry again, he then put his hands to his face.

"I wanted to be her first"

I looked at him, 'be her first'. Kip did he mean...?

"You mean Abby is still a virgin?"

"Well...probably not now" Hoagie said gritted his teeth in anger "And you sound really shocked by that"

"Well I don't poke my nose into that sort of thing" I said to Hoagie. If I am really honest Kip, with Abby's big boobs I wouldn't be surprised if she weren't. But I didn't tell Hoagie that part, but she doesn't like the attention from boys anyway.

This was so much worse than I thought, Paul has completely ruined everything with Hoagie and he is devastated. He is sitting there crying, heartbroken, torn apart, finally saying how he feels about her. Then I heard a voice at the door.

"Hello, Hoagie? Can I talk to you?"

The door opened and there stood Kuki. She had walked into the room to Hoagies bed and saw him crying. She sat next to him and put her arms around him and hugged him. Kuki...sigh...

"Hoagie" she said "Don't worry, I know you are feeling sad about Abby, but she will see the light"

Kuki has such amazing comforting powers, but I suppose she's a girl, she knows how girls think.

"Abby has already told me about Paul" she said "She said she is going to take it slow and won't loss her virginity with him straight away until she is ready, so Hoagie don't worry, she is still a virgin"

At this point Kip, Hoagie and I looked at each other, how did she know about her being a virgin, she came in at the right time when Hoagie had been crying about her. It was like she had been in the conversation...

"I kinda eavesdropped on your conversation" Kuki admitted blushing "I just wanted to come in and reassure you Hoagie that she is still a virgin"

It explained a lot really Kip what she knew what we were talking about without be psychic. Hoagie sighed with relive. And he was beginning to stop crying.

"There is still a chance with Abby after all"

"Well you will need to work on it" Kuki said smiling

Hoagie and I looked at each other and looked back at Kuki.

"Well you need to give Abby some attention" Kuki said to Hoagie "I mean the only reason why Abby is interested in Paul is because he seems to be giving her so much attention"

Hoagie seemed interested in Kuki's words of wisdom, she is amazing, and she knows how to cheer up someone. But that's what I like about Kuki Kip. She's kind...and gentle.

"Why don't you try asking Abby what she would like" Kuki said "Then you can plan a date with her and stuff based on what she said. You know take an interest."

Hoagie seemed to like the idea. These sorts of things I would have never come up with that Kip. I suppose you need girls to help out sometimes with that sort of thing.

"You two guys" Hoagie said "You are the bestest friends I could ever have, thank you so much for helping me both of you"

Hoagie wiped his eyes "I am going to take more of an interest in her, when Paul leaves I will talk to her more" He stood up from the bed, he seemed to cheer up and he began to smile.

"I am going to make some ice cream, would you two like some?"

Ice cream sounded good, Kuki and I both said yes, and with that Hoagie ran out of his room. I am alone with Kuki in Hoagies room. Maybe I should take an interest how she feels, I need to tell her how I feel or she may find someone else. I could have told her there and then, but she went on to something else.

"You know Wally" Kuki said to me "I think your novel will have a happy ending, despite that you don't know about it"

I stared at her.

"What novel?"

"You know Wally, what you write in your book"

I had completely forgotten I told Kuki about you Kip, well I told her I was writing a novel about two lovers...I had thought that would have blown over.

"Well, my novel seems to be going towards a happy ending" I said to Kuki

"Well if it was Hoagie and Abby's story, its seems like it's going to have a happy ending" Kuki smiled

I wish there was a happy ending coming our way. I wanted the novel to be about me and Kuki Kip, not about Hoagie and Abby. But I suppose that's still a nice story all the same.

Hoagie came back in with our ice cream and we all sat down together and ate it. It was nice what Hoagie had said. That me and Kuki had helped him out with his problems. And he knew we were always there for him no matter what. I felt really proud about that, I really did. It was great that me and Kuki can make Hoagie smile within the sad times.

The evening arrived and we were all just about to eat dinner in the kitchen, our favourite Tortilla chips with Nacho Cheese. That was about the only time when Abby and Paul came out from the bedroom. We sat at the round table with Paul sitting next to Abby, Hoagie ended up sitting next to Paul on the other side. I sat next to Hoagie and Kuki sat next to me and Nigel sat next to Kuki and Abby on the other side of Paul. We all sat in a circle eating Nacho Cheese; unfortunately it was quite uncomfortable with Paul around. Abby would not stop talking about Paul of how great he was and how she is to be with him and found no other boy and that crap. He's a useless 'Shithead'. Awkward it was Kip.

"Well it's great to finally meet you" Nigel said to Paul "So how did you meet Abby?"

"At Lizzie's party mate" Paul replied "As soon as I set my eyes on her I knew we were meant to be, so we got talking and we then just started dating."

"How do you know Lizzie?" Nigel asked

"Oh we met through one of her mates named Sally" he replied "She's a very good mate, so that's how we met"

"That sounds great" Nigel replied "It's just Lizzie is my girlfriend"

"I hear she is not feeling too well ever since the party" Paul said "Abby told me about it, man she seems run down"

"No she's not" Nigel said looking away from Paul "I am not sure what's wrong with her, she is always sick all the time"

"I am sure she will get better" Kuki said to Nigel putting his arms around him. But Nigel just kept looking away.

Paul then turned and looked at me.

"So Kangaroo boy" Paul said "How are things with you? Finally clocked in we are going out mate?"

I was just about to shout at him Kip but was interrupted

"Paul, leave Wally alone" Abby said "He needs time to think about things, he don't think as fast as we do"

I am so glad Kip that I seemed to be viewed as slow by everyone and especially 'Shithead'.

Nobody really talked after that, we just finished our Nacho Cheese in silence really, and Hoagie would sometimes look at me thinking 'You feeling uncomfortable'. I would respond back raising my eyebrows.

Once we all finished Nigel stood up "I got to keep working on that machine"

"Oh Nigel, again?" Abby asked with her eyes rolled "You need a rest"

"No I don't Abby, I am fine!"

And the argument began again. Nigel is always putting his machine before his health Kip. What are we going to do with him?

"You're not, you got bags under your eyes again, and I think it's time you went to sleep"

"But I don't need to-"

"I am taking you to bed" Abby stood up and grabbing Nigel by the sleeve "You are not getting a choice in that" And with that Abby left the room dragging Nigel to his bed.

Kuki stood up also "I need to sort out my Rainbow Monkey stuff, if you need me I am in my room" And with that she left.

It was just me, Hoagie and 'Shithead' left in the same room. It felt really awkward Kip, we really did not want to be in the same room as 'Shithead'. Something was not right. Paul then turned to Hoagie.

"You're really quiet" Paul grinned "What's the matter? Cat got ya tongue?"

"My tongue is perfectly fine Paul" Hoagie said to him quietly, he really looked like he was not listening "I am just not in the mood to talk"

"Why not? He asked moving closer to Hoagie "What's wrong?"

I bet Hoagie was thinking, you're the problem you stupid Bastard, how dare you take my girl. I bet he wanted to punch him in a million pieces. But he suddenly changed his tone of how he spoke. He spoke differently; he was not saying 'mate' anymore.

"Nothing much just thinking" Hoagie replied quietly. I am surprised he stayed so passive throughout that conversation.

Then the weirdest thing just happened Kip. Right in front of my eyes I could not believe what happened. Paul put his arms around Hoagie, Hoagie seemed to wake up from not listening to him and he had his eyes wide open. Probably thinking, 'What's going on?'

"Well Abby has said a lot about you Hoagie" Paul said "She is very worried about you that you seem to be so closed in your room recently" He then started to rub his hands up and down his arm and he put his other hand on his chest.

"You can tell me what's wrong" Paul said as he was putting his mouth to his ear. It was like he was whispering to him. "Anything at all"

"Uh no thanks" Hoagie said pulling away "It's okay, I feel alright anyway, I just feel quiet"

"Oh okay" he said

Hoagie turned and looked at me. "Let's go Wally, let's go play Yipper" And with that we left the room leaving Paul behind.

We went into Hoagies room and we shut the door. He looked at me slightly confused; I was just as confused as to what happened. Kip what happened?

"Did you just see what happened?" Hoagie said to me "He rubbed me, and his face was so close to mine"

"I am slightly confused myself" I said "What did he just do?"

Hoagie looked down at the floor. "I don't know, it was like I turned into Abby, he cuddled me and felt me".

I was slightly confused Kip to what happened. Even sitting here in my bedroom I think to myself of that weird situation. Paul had suddenly changed his personality when Abby left the room. It was weird...I can't really explain Kip, but it's like when someone has two personalities.

"Should we tell Abby what just happened?" I suggested to Hoagie "Because it looked like he wanted to...be with you...did you see how close he got to you?"

Hoagie looked at me slightly confused, but then he looked back at the floor.

"I don't know, maybe he was just concerned about me" Hoagie said, "But he really needs to know some boundaries of getting too close"

"Are you changing your mind about Paul?"

"No way, he's still a knob for stealing my girl"

Hoagie and I laughed. We do have a very strong friendship together Kip. I know Hoagie would never leave my side if I needed any help, and I would never leave his. Well it just shows after today that we can rely on each other and tell each other anything. (Well expect my crush on Kuki because he will just laugh at me).

"We won't tell Abby" Hoagie said "I think he wanted to know if I was okay" We both didn't spoke much about it after that.

Location: In the TND Treehouse

Time: 03:02

Date: 14th May

Dear Kip

I have only realised that I have been writing in you for 3 hours. Everyone must be asleep now. I hope Hoagie is feeling better after today (well yesterday). But I am off to sleep. Night Kip.

Written and not exactly read by

Wallabee Beetles

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