Fitness Buddies

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Note- I'm not going to make it exactly like the episode in the beginning. I mean, I do have some creativity ya know.

Danny and Tucker panted as they ran laps in gym class. Their other friend, Sam Manson, came running backwards in front of them. Their sneakers clanked against the ground as they ran, the boys' gym uniform becoming drenched in sweat.

"This is just embarrassing," Tucker remarked. Sam only grinned at them as she jogged ahead. Danny couldn't help but watch as she ran. Her chest rose and fell according to her breathing, the CH in the circle on her shirt moving in tune. The red shorts she wore showed off her pale legs and her white sneakers fit her perfectly.

Danny turned his head to see Tucker smirking at him. "Taking in the view?" he snickered. The blue-eyed halfa rolled his eyes and elbowed him.

"Shut it," he hissed. "You know I don't like Sam that way and she doesn't like me like that either." Tucker sighed.

"Clueless." the techno-geek said, with a shake of his beret-wearing head. Danny gave him a confused look and was about to ask what he meant when Sam called from in front of them,

"Hurry up! My grandmother can go faster than that!" she called, laughing. Danny glared playfully.

"Oh, it's on!" he called back, sprinting with a sudden burst of energy. During his sprint, Danny changed into his ghost mode and flew up to Sam, grabbing her waist and flying into an alleyway. They both laughed as they did so, failing to hear Tucker say, "Lovebirds."


Back in gym class, Tucker was leaning against the pull-up bars while Danny struggled to pull himself up. Finally, he pulled himself up and groaned in pain, sweat beading down his forehead.

"How many is that?" Danny asked him.

"One," Tucker replied, still leaning against the side of the bars. Danny sighed. Just then, Sam came running up to them backwards. She jumped up on the bar next to Danny's and did a few pull-ups before swinging back, flipping around, and jumping off. The goth landed on her feet and threw her hands up in the air.

Sam jogged past them and shouted, "Hey Danny!" before jogging away. Danny glared at her and Tucker watched as he fell off.

Coach Testslaff surveyed the students as they pathetically tried to get through gym class without collapsing. Students ran around the mini-track field in the gym; a kid was trying to pull himself over an acrobat beam but fell on his stomach, still on it;Two students were on a mat, one trying to do a sit-up and only resulted in falling back; a girl running laps stopped, panting. Another girl was jogging behind her and then ran into her, knocking them down.

And now we bring ourselves to our favorite character, a certain Mr. Fenton. Danny was climbing up a rope – scratch that, TRYING to climb up a rope. He fell back onto the mat below him, landing on his ass. Tucker stood near him, with his hands on his knees.

"This has to be the worst display of physical fitness I've seen in all my days at Casper High," their teacher said, while eating a sandwich.

"Apparently, somebody doesn't own a mirror," Tucker commented. Suddenly, a dodgeball flew out of nowhere and hit him in the stomach, making him fall to the floor.

"And apparently somebody doesn't have a sense of humor." Danny added, then cringed as Testslaff's whistle blew.

"According to my reports," she told him. "the only thing funny here is how much you're bringing down your class average! So, I'm gunna assign you both fitness buddies." Tucker and Danny exchanged looks. "Manson," she said, beckoning Sam.

Danny's heart fluttered as she backflipped next to the coach and placed her hands on her hips. He tried not to focus on the fact Sam's shorts slid down to her thighs as she did this. Sam smirked at them. Danny smiled weakly back and she winked at him, causing blood to rush to his cheeks.

"You help Fenton." Sam grinned at him and Danny's eyes widened.

"She's going to kill me!" Danny whined, and a dodgeball hit him roughly in the chest. He fell to the floor next to Tucker, allowing the ball to roll away. Sam's grin widened.

"What's the matter, little Danny afraid little Sam's going to make him do hard labor?" she remarked. Walking to him, she grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the gym. Tucker chuckled as he watched Danny get dragged away.

"Lovebirds." he muttered.

"Baxter," Coach barked. "You're going to have to whip Mr. Foley into shape."

"Cool," Dash said, leering over Tucker. "Is broken in half considered a shape?" At the last part, he pulled on his shirt collar. Tucker blinked, both confused and scared. Scared, because Dash would most likely kill him; Confused, because he didn't know Dash knew how to say the word considered.

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