Attack of The Hammy Clones!


RJ & his friends snuck on over to the new building. It had been finished a few weeks ago, but they had just woken up from hibernation. They opened up the ventilation shafts, and snuck into the building.

Chapter 1

It was different from the other houses. It had big, steel machines. And drawings of some sort of machine. RJ looked closely at it, and said,"It says.
Cloning Machine." RJ then noticed the machine from the drawings, and they all wal-
ked up to it. RJ then said,"I wonder how you turn it on?" And Hammy said,

"How about this button?"

Hammy pressed the button, and the machine turned on.

"Now, I wonder what happens if I press this button?"

RJ looked at the drawings, and shouted,

"Hammy, no!"

But Hammy had already pressed the button.

Chapter 2

Some sort of circle of light hit Hammy, and the light got brighter and brig-
hter until it just vanished. Everyone then opened their eyes, and saw five Hammys standing their. They said all at once,

"I want cookies!"

RJ rubbed his hands down his face in irritation, and said,

"Oh, god."

(In unison)"Let's do that again!"


Too late.

Chapter 3

Now, there were 25 Hammys. Then, they smelled something in the air. They looked at RJ's bag, and RJ remembered he had some cookies in there.

"Hammy, no! Hammy-"

(In unison)"COOKIES!"

The Hammys all jumped RJ, who was pinned under them.

"So, Hammys. You want a cookie, well, if you don't get off of me, I'll give you a cookie, all right. One shoved right up your-"

Verne then said,

"Uh, Hammys, why don't you get off RJ and you'll all get a cookie?"

The Hammys got off of RJ. RJ had to them all a cookie, and then said,

"We have to find a way to turn them all back into one Hammy, for his sake,
and for ours."

Everyone agreed.

Chapter 4

Everyone studied the drawings, trying to figure out how to turn Hammy back to normal. But, one Hammy was looking in RJ's bag, and found a Root Beer. He to-
ok a drink, and let all the rest drink some. Oh, boy.

The Hammys began bouncing all over the place, and everybody ran for cover.
Then, a Hammy saw a cookie in RJ's bag, and ran to it, when he tripped, flipping it into the air.


All the Hammys saw the cookie, and ran toward it. Then, another bright li-
ght surrounded them all. The light got brighter and brighter, and then vanished.

Everyone looked out from their hiding places, and saw Hammy standing there,
holding the cookie. RJ walked over to him and said,

"I'm glad your back to normal, Hammy. Give me my cookie."


"Give it!"


RJ jumped Hammy, and grabbed the cookie. RJ sat his cookie down, and when he looked down, he saw that he had put it on the cloning button. A bright light cloned Hammy again, and they all jumped him, slamming him into the machine, breaking it. When RJ saw it was broken, he smiled, and asked,

"Which one of you is the original Hammy and not a clone?"

"I am!"

"Good, now about what I said about giving you a cookie earlier when your 25 clones jumped me? Come here!"

The End.