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The alarm clock started buzzing and 5 a.m. exactly. A dazed, groggy hand slowly slide out from under the covers, hitting everything but the alarm on top. After knocking over the lamp, a few pop cans and a picture, the hand at last came in contact with the top of the clock and the alarm was silenced. Relieved that it was off the hand quickly slithered its way back underneath the covers.

"YUNIE!" squeaked an irritating voice. Yuna grumbled to herself, for she knew Rikku would surely find some way to irritate her. She loved her cousin to death, but there were times that even Yuna wanted to. . . well. . . I guess it best not be said. "Yunie!" she continued to squeaked. After yelling three more times, Rikku pounced into the room all giddily only to find her cousin still in bed. Unlike Rikku, you see, Yuna was not a morning person and would rather sleep in as to getting up with the light of day. Annoyed that her cousin would not answer or pop her head out of the covers, Rikku grabbed the blankets and jerked them clean off of her. "Get up, lazy bones!" Yuna's eyes flew open, raising her head only to narrow her eyes at Rikku. "Don't give me that look, Yunie! It's time you got up out of the bed. It's your first day and we don't want you to be late."

"I don't care if I'm late for school." Yuna said half asleep.

Rikku shrugged her shoulders. "Suit yourself. If you don't get up, you'll be stuck here with Brother the rest of the day all by yourself." Upon hearing that, Yuna jumped to her feet and got out of bed. Never did she want to be alone with her perverted cousin who seemingly had a huge crush on her. Everyone found it gross, even Yuna herself, but she just laughed it off and went on about her business.

Upon entering the bathroom, Yuna turned the shower on to allow it to get warm. While doing this she stepped in front of the mirror and gazed upon her reflection.

"Ugh!" Yuna moaned at her own reflection. Her hair was sticking in every direction possible, her make up was not on, and she was in her big sloppy flannel night shirt. "Gross!" She picked up her hair brush, running its bristles through her soft trestles to smooth them out. She then slipped her gown off over her head, slipped her panties off, and stepped into the shower.

Upon getting in, she closed the shower door, smiling as she felt the warmth of the water upon her soft skin. However, she didn't enjoy it very long, for she let out a shriek that would wake the souls on the Farplane. The water had suddenly gotten ice cold. Yuna heard laughter on the other side of the shower door while the toilet flushed. Yuna just shook her head and rolled her eyes in annoyance, for she knew right then and there that she was in for a long day.

Moments later. . .

Yuna got out of the shower, fixed her hair and applied her make up. She looked stunning and not a hair out of place. Satisfied with her looks, she stepped out of the bathroom and her eyes widen once she saw Rikku throwing clothes all over the floor.

"Rikku!" Yuna shouted. "If uncle Cid finds this, I will not take the blame for it again. I will not clean it up again."

"I am looking for my purple tube top!" Rikku said, slamming the dresser drawer shut and walking over to her closet.

"The one with the turquoise sequence?" Yuna asked.

"Yeah!" Rikku said.

"I caught Brother wearing it last night" Yuna said, biting her bottom lip to keep from laughing.

Rikku's face turned a dark shade of crimson. She was so angry that it looked like steam would blow out of her ears. "WHAT?"

Yuna burst into laughter. "Gotcha!"

"You're not funny Yunie!" Rikku said

"Neither were you when you made the water go cold." Yuna added and Rikku just grinned.

"So, what are you wearing today?" Rikku asked.

"My white dress suit." Yuna said.

Rikku just rolled her eyes in amusement and shook her head. "Yunie, Yunie, Yunie."

Yuna narrowed her eyes a bit. "What?"

"It might have been okay to wear dress pants and such when you were going to Bevelle High, but this is A East you are going to today." Rikku said. "The last thing you want to wear would be that dress suit." She then walked over to her closet and opened the door. She searched through her clothes and smiled once she came upon a certain outfit. "Perfect!" She then looked at Yuna who gulped.

"Ohh, boy." Yuna thought to herself.

"This will look great on you!" Rikku said while running over to her. She took the clothes on of the clothes rack and presented them to Yuna who's eyes went wide.

"What is this?" Yuna asked while observing the shirt. "Where are the sleeves?"

"There aren't any." Rikku said chuckling.

Yuna examined the black tube top with a rose on the side outlined in sparkling diamonds with tight too super low rise boot cut jeans with the same matching rose pattern on the right left. "It's nice."

"Don't worry." Rikku said "I've matching shoes as well." Yuna just looked at her cousin.

The school bell rang. Yuna stood before one of the tallest and widest school buildings she had ever seen in her life. She stared in astonishment at the sight before her though was quickly knocked out of her gaze when Rikku threw her arm around her cousin's neck.

"Well, Yunie, welcome to A East." Rikku said as she and Yuna gazed upon Zanarkand A East.

The surface of the calm, glistening water was disturbed by a splash. Ripples spread throughout while he descended into its depths. He liked the coolness that it presented upon his skin, and he found the calmness that surrounded him to be very soothing. Adjusting to the water, he began to do his usual morning laps

Around the sphere pool, he swam, however upon her third lap he heard movement in the water behind him and he knew exactly what that sound was. With a smile on his face, he quickly done a back flip, catching a blitzball right before it made contact with him. He looked off into the distance only to see his partner sneering a sinister grin at him. Returning a sinister grin to his partner, he threw the blitzball into the air, quickly swam upwards high above the ball only to do a back flip into a spinning side kick. His foot made contact with the blitzball, which sent it sailing off into the distance and straight into his partner who gave him an amused smile, tossed the blitzball aside and swam towards him where they soon swam to the surface.

"Too bad you're not that good during a game." Shuyin teased playfully.

"Not only am I good, I'm the best!" Tidus boasted proudly, sounding exactly like his father.

"Maybe with the ladies." Shuyin added playfully. "You score more with women that you do points in a game."

"Don't be jealous, Shuyin." Tidus continued to boast. "We all can't be like me."

"Just you wait, Ti." Shuyin warned. "You're gonna keep screwing around and you're gonna meet up with one that's going to steal your heart and all you will do in the end is break hers."

"I'll worry about that when it happens." Tidus said. "Not that it's gonna happen. I'm not whipped like most guys." He began to swim towards the platform from where he dove off at.

"Are you referring to me?" Shuyin asked with a raised eyebrow.

"There's no one else here, Shu." Tidus said. "So, yes it's you." Shuyin just let out an amusing laugh, hopped out of the sphere pool and followed Tidus to the locker room.

Yuna followed Rikku to her locker, however, she barely got it open when someone slammed it shut for her. She looked only to see Gippal parading around like he were the Al Bhed King or something. Rikku huffed, rolling her eyes in annoyance and turning away from Gippal as she walked down the hall to get away from him though he tagged along behind him like he were a puppy she was leading on a leash. Yuna followed behind, observing and snickering at the two of them.

"Ahh, if it isn't Cid's girl." Gippal said in his usual cocky tone.

"I have a name! Use it!" Rikku said stopping and turning to face him. "You have one second to tell me what you want." She crossed her arms over her chest and just when Gippal opened his mouth, she put her hand up in front of his face to silence him. "Time's up!" She walked away from him. "Let's go, Yunie." Yuna giggled as she walked passed an unamused Gippal to catch with her cousin.

"That wasn't very nice, Rikku." Yuna teased.

"Neither is his looks." Rikku added. "Come on! I'll introduce ya to the gang!" She grabbed Yuna's arm and dragged her down the hall.

Long chestnut trestles were tossed back, her mocha colored eyes glistening with joy, which only widened in excitement when she heard Rikku squeal at her. She turned around only to be greeted by the hyper Al Bhed fire cracker.

"Thank Yevon you're here, Rik!" Lenne began. "You won't believe- -"

"Yeah, yeah." Rikku butted in and said. "We all can gossip later! I got someone I want you to meet."

Lenne looked at Yuna and smiled. "So, you're her cousin." Yuna nodded her head. "All she talked about most of the summer was you coming and taking your senior year here at A East. I'm her best friend."

"Lenne, isn't it?" Yuna asked and Lenne graciously nodded her head. "The one and only."

"I'm- -" Yuna began.

"Yuna, right?" Lenne said grinning. Yuna just smiled.

Suddenly, a blitzball hit dead center between Yuna, Lenne and Rikku, bouncing off the lockers. The girls gasped, looking in the direction in which the ball has came. Lenne smiled brightly once she saw her love approaching her.

Tidus walked up the hall just behind Shuyin, however stopped dead in his tracks once he saw Yuna and it was only when their eyes met that Tidus didn't know why he couldn't take his eyes off of her.