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Stars and frills filled the gym that was decorated beautifully. The theme of the prom was called Eternity and everything was decorated in blue and white. Stars hung from the ceiling to give it a heavenly feeling and look. The tables had white table clothes on them with blue flower center pieces. A white mist hovered across the floor to make it look like clouds, which set off the heaven effect even more.

The music was jamming, people were dancing, laughing, and just having a good time. Rikku burst through the gym doors, stomping away from Gippal who threw his hands up in defeat. Tidus and Yuna followed them in with their arms linked together in a romantic fashion.

"You look amazing tonight." Tidus flirted and Yuna just blushed. He escorted her over to the nearest table, pulled out the chair for her and she sat down. Rikku and Gippal stood on just in the distance arguing and cursing at each other in Al Bhed. Yuna placed her hand over her mouth as she laughed. "What are they saying?"

Yuna giggled. "She's cussing him."

"Over what?" Tidus asked.

"Him being her blind date." Yuna continued to giggle.

"What did you do, Yuna?" Tidus asked curiously.

"I set Rikku up with a blind date for the prom. I didn't tell her it would be Gippal." Yuna admitted.

"Yevon, Yuna!" Tidus said in an amused manner. "Where do you get these ideas?"

"I've been around you! Something had to rub off eventually." Yuna said with a smile and Tidus shook his head.

"I AM SO MAD AT YOU, YUNIE!!!" Rikku shouted over the loud music and Yuna gave her an innocent look. "Don't give me that look either, Yunie! You did this on purpose!" Yuna shrugged her shoulders.

"Babe, relax." Gippal said as he brought Rikku a cup of punch. "You know you wanted to come with me because you can't resist me."

Rikku turned to Gippal, her eyes glaring and her face turning a dark shade of crimson. Tidus and Yuna knew what was to come and so did Gippal, however, before he could react, Rikku snatching the glass of punch from him and poured it right over the top of his head, giving him a punch shower you might would say. She slammed the cup down on the floor and stormed off, leaving Gippal totally humilated and Tidus and Yuna in laughter.

"Yuna, Tidus!" called a voice from the crowd. Tiduas and Yuna looked only to see Shuyin, Lenne, Lulu, and Wakka approaching them.

Lenne wore a long, white, satin down with blue lace overlay and pearl sequence. It was strapless at the top and had matching blue and white shoes. Her hair was pinned up with a few loose strands in the front to accent her facial features. And despite the bright colors, Lulu wore a gown of silk that was a dark purple in color. The top tied aroud her neck with a plunging neckline. The front was short and flowed out in the back to the floor, giving it a very elegant look. She wore a amethyst pin. She had taken her hair down out of her braids and pony tail to let her long hair flow freely.

"You guys look great!" Yuna said in excitement.

"Look at you! I love your dress!" Lenne said. "Where's Rikku?"

"Not here at the moment." Yuna said.

"Why not?" Lulu asked. Yuna pointed at Gippal and laughter broke amongt the group of friends.

The song that was playing ended and without a moment to spare a very good song that everyone lover began to play and even more excitement filled the air.

"Let's dance!!" Lenne suggested and with all in agreement everyone got up and the fun really began.

The night pressed onward, everyone was having a great time, and everything seemed perfect. A slow song was now playing and the couples there were holding each other tight as they danced together. Gippal walked over and sat down, trying to wipe the red stains from his white suit.

"Here!" Rikku said with a shove to his arm and he looked at her. "Use this. It will bring the stains out." Gippal took the wash cloth and stain solution from her, giving her a cold stare. "Don't give me that look, Gippal, because you know I will smack it right off your face!"

"Is this an apology?" Gippal asked sarcastically and Rikku shrugged her shoulders. "Well, if it is, then I'm not accepting it."

"Take it or leave it!" Rikku said as she turned away.

"Alright, alright!' Gippal said and she turned back around.

"Thought you'd see it my way." Rikku hissed.

Gippal scoffed. "Why are you so angry at me all the time here anymore? I mean, I cannot even talk to you without you giving me the cold shoulder, the evil eye, or one of your famous cussing in Al Bhed." Rikku tightened her bottom lip up. "If there's something you want to say to me, Rikku, then say it. I am tired of all this bickering between us. It's time to come clean."

"I don't have to tell you a damn thing, Gippal!" Rikku said. "I don't owe you an explanation as to why I am angry at you! I have every reason to be!"

"What the hell- -" Gippal began.

"You forgot what we had!!" Rikku blurted at long last. "You act as though what we once had never happened, like it never even existed!" A tear stung her eye. "Was I that easy to forget, Gippal?"

"When I moved to Djose two years ago- -" Gippal began.

"You know what?" Rikku interupted. "Save it!" Gippal threw his hands up in defeat. "We've already had this conversation about how you couldn't get me out of your mind only to tell your friends that you only wanted one thing from me!"

"Rikku, I'm a guy!" Gippal spatted. "Guys say stupid things!"

"That's lame, Gippal." Rikku said. "Even for you!" Gippal just looked at her. "This ends here. . . tonight. The arguing, the teasing, the anger. . . it all stops. Do you understand me?" A tear fell from her eye. "You go your way and I will go mine." Gippal fell silent as Rikku wiped her stray tears away. "Goodbye, Gippal." Rikku walked away from Gippal who's very heart was breaking. Why he wouldn't tell Rikku his true feelings were beyond reason and it was too late to get her back and this he knew.

Rikku ran outside the school building just crying her eyes out. She then got her phone out, flipped it open and his her father on speed dial. "Pops?" She calmed herself a bit. "Come pick me up." She then folded her phone back down and put it away, lowering her head in saddness.

Yuna stood out by the docks just beyond the school. She took her shoes off, sitting down and allowing her feet to dangle in the cool water. Tidus soon approached her, the wind softly caressing his golden strands of hair.

"What are you doing out here?" Tidus asked, walking over to Yuna who looked up at him as he sat down beside her.

"Thinking." Yuna said.

"About what?" Tidus asked.

"The future." Yuna admitted and Tidus just looked at her. "I mean, prom feels so final. Graduation is only two weeks away now, everyone will be moving on and most we'll probably never see again. We'll eventually lose touch with close friends. . ." Tidus wrapped his arm around her. "Things are about to hange for us and in a big way. What do you plan on doing after graduation?"

"Sharing my life with you." Tidus said softly and Yuna furrowed her brow. "I want you to be a part of my life, Yuna. . . always and forever." Yuna smiled. "And right now, I would feel like the luckiest man in Spira, if you, Yuna. . ." He pulled a small box from his pocket and Yuna's eyes widen.

"Tidus?" Yuna said. Tidus then opened the box and Yuna placed her hands over her mouth as she gasped loudly.

"If you. . . would. . ." Tidus trailed off. " . . . be my wife."

Yuna placed her hand on her chest, turning away as Tidus nervously awaited her answer. She looked back at him, smiling as she cried tears of joy. "Yes." She giggled loudly. "Yes, I will." Tidus removed the ring from the box, placing it upon her finger. He kissed her passionately as she caressed his face, which caused the diamond ring to relect against the moonlight beautifully.

Two weeks later. . .

Graduation hats were thrown into the air, tearful hugs and goodbyes were said and given by the graduates, for after this day, things would certainly be different. The world was within their grasp and the opportunity to make the best of things were certainly possible.

Yuna released Lulu from a hug only to hug Lenne. Rikku pounced on both the girls and embraced them as well. They all looked at each other, not wanting this day to end.

"So, what are your plans after today." Yuna asked.

"Luca." Lenne said with a smile. "I'm going there for collage."

"What did you choose as your major?" Rikku asked with a bounce.

"Singing." Lenne admitted proudly. "Spira had better watch out because this time next year, everyone will know my name."

"I'm heading to back to Bikenal Desert." Rikku said. "I'm going to further my studies in machina."

"But you already know so much about machina." Yuna said.

"I'm not going to study the actual machine, Yunie." Rikku said and Yuna furrowed her brow. "I'm gonna major in becoming an actual teacher." Yuna smiled. "I want to teach young Al Bhed the arts and studies of machina."

"I'm headed to Djose myself." Gippal said. "Maybe we'll be partners one day."

"Hardly." Rikku said.

"I guess me and Lu are headed to Besaid, ya?" Wakka said, taking Lulu in his arms. "We'll discuss college issues once we've settled down together there."

"What about you, Yunie?" Rikku asked.

"College can wait a a few months for me I think." Yuna said as she turned to Tidus. "I'm going to focus on getting married right now."

"I start college in the fall." Tidus said. "Furthering my skills in blitzball. I'm going to be the best of the best and far more famous than my old man ever dreamed of!"

"Sounds like we've all got a plan then!" Shuyin boasted. "Let's make the best and be the best!" Everyone cheered in agreement only to give one final group hug.