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Chapter One: The Darkside of Things

In the furthest reaches of Mongolia, where ice and snow covered everything, a small, black vehicle traveled over the landscape. It paused at the apex of the current cliff, and out of it stepped two men. The driver, clearly the subordinate of the two, stepped behind the other as he surveyed the area. "Is this the correct place, sir?"

The other man stepped forward, looking down upon the remains of a building. A small, humorless smile crossed his features, before he turned to the driver. "Yes indeed it is. Contact the Order, I want this place restored by this time two days from now, with all the modern innovations of course. Once you have done that, lets head down there, I want to explore the final resting place of the greatest criminal mastermind of all time."

The two got in the car, and after a few moments, it began moving again, down to what was perhaps the greatest testament to mankind's dark and light sides. A ruined castle/factory that had served as the staging ground for the start of a World War. And the place where a unique group of individuals had stopped said war from happening.

The Headquarters of the Fantom, AKA James Moriarty


The man walked around his new domain, once again thankful he had worked to create a group loyal to him, and a web of contacts that could get anything he wanted done in a matter of hours with complete secrecy. He was in what had been the Fantom's personal quarters, now commandeered to be his own, of course. His radio buzzed, interrupting his musings.

"Sir, can you hear me?"

He sighed, and then flicked on the device. "Yes, what is it?"

"We have something here sir, something that you should see. Were not sure what it is, but judging by the amount of metal we had to cut through to find it, it must be important."

"Very well, Send it in."

Mere moments later, a trio of men stepped into the room, carrying a sturdy box. A simple latch was all that kept it from opening. "Here it is sir, we checked it over, and can find no traps. We assume that Fantom was counting on his vault to keep it safe." The man placed the container on the table and backed away respectfully, bowing towards his leader.

Rather than reply, the leader opened the box, and gasped out loud. The men assumed stances, ready to sacrifice themselves if it meant that HE would survive. They were ready for anything…

…except for him to start laughing out loud in glee.

The three exchanged looks, before the head of the group stepped forward. "Sir? Are you alright?"

"Better than that, my friend. I'm simply…extraordinary." He pulled the contents out slowly, cradling them as the treasures he seemed to believe they were. "It's too bad that the files on the Nautilus have disintegrated, but the rest appear remarkably intact." He pulled out a vial of clear, odor-less fluid. A slight murkiness was the only clue that this was not water.

"Take this down to the lab, and have the entire team analyze it. Along with these." He pulled out two more vials, one filled with an unknown liquid, and the other with what appeared to be blood. "Amazing that the blood is still viable after the Daystar virus, but perhaps it is because Mrs. Harker was the first Daywalker…" He mumbled to himself as he dismissed the three with a wave of his hand.

He focused on the last of the materials, a set of, according to the outside covering, invisible skin patches. He wondered why they included the formula AND the skin, then realized that it was probably a "sampler" kit, and who wanted to be stuck as an invisible leader? He turned back to the room he was in, and smiled. "It appears, that the League lives on."


At the Big Apple Bank, in New York, New York, USA, the day had just ended, and the tellers where transferring their money to the vault for the night. A low rumble was felt through the building, and everyone tensed. Ever since 9/11, most of New York had become very aware of what could happen by letting their guard down. As such, the Night Guard pulled his gun from its holster, checked the ammunition, and clicked off the safety before moving forward.

All of his precaution, however, was in vain, as the back wall collapsed in. As the dust cleared, the guard gapped as three MASSIVE men stepped through the hole they had, if the lack of equipment was any indication, caused with their own brute strength.

He raised the gun and prepared to fire, only to have a voice from the ground call out to him. "I wouldn't waste your bullets. While that is a powerful weapon, for a handgun, I doubt it would do more than scratch these men." The guard looked at the man who had spoken, unable to make anything of his figure as he was dressed completely in black. From head to toe he was a little above average height, but seemed a dwarf because of his placement next to the three others.

"Who are you?"

"A fair question." The man raised his hand, and one of the huge men threw the piece of the wall he was holding at the guard. Reacting too late, he was able to dodge half of the slab, but his legs were crushed. He cried out in pain, as the man in black approached. "I am…Adrian."


In MI-6, Special Agent 007, James Bond, perhaps the worlds best spy, entered the office of M in a bad mood. Ever since the incident with Elliot Carver and his obsession with controlling the world through his Media Group, he had been on "leave", basically M's way of saying he had almost screwed up. He fully intended to go in there and give her a piece of his mind. He opened the door, without knocking, and sat down without being asked. For a spy reporting to his superior, this was borderline unacceptable behavior.

M let it slide, assuming, correctly, that he was merely blowing off steam. "007, on time I see."

"Yes well, I have had very little to do as of late, as you well know."

"Indeed. I can assure you however, that your next assignment will leave you wishing for more free time." M reached into her desk, and pulled out a remote. The back wall opened to reveal a screen, displaying different pictures of men and one woman. "Do you know who these people are, 007?"

"I can't say I do."

"That is where you would be wrong. As a matter of fact, I am almost positive you have read about them all." The picture stopped on a young man, dressed in an 1900 American outfit. "This man is Tom Sawyer, of the American Secret Service." The slide changed again. "Allan Quartermain, perhaps the greatest hunter the world has ever known. And these are Dr. Henry Jekyll, also known as Mr. Edward Hyde, Mina Harker, the wife of the man who helped Professor Van Helsing take down Dracula the first time, Captain Nemo, of the Nautilus, and Rodney Skinner, former thief and invisible man." Seeing the disbelieving look on Bond's face, she smiled. "Not all fantasy started that way James. You should know that after your run-in with a vampire before."

"That is the only reason why I even halfway believe all of this." Bond rubbed his chin as he spoke, recalling his encounter with the vampire overseas, and his rescue from said vampire by the Nightstalkers, specifically, Hannibal King. The man was annoying, but he was the reason Bond could still walk in the daylight, so he was thankful. Ever since then, MI-6 had an…understanding with the Nightstalkers. They stayed out of their way, and asked for their assistance if necessary, and the favor was returned.

"Indeed. It is your previous experience with the "fantasy world" that has lead to your selection. A little history lesson is in order, I believe…" With that, M gave a rundown of the creation of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and what each ones qualities were that lead to their inclusion. The Fantom mission, and those that followed. Bond was slightly amazed that these people were, at one time, REAL. "As fascinating as this is M, what does a group from the 1900's have to do with me?"

"I'm getting to that. I assume, you are aware of the recent strings of thefts and murders that are plaguing the world."

"I have heard of them yes. A group of men that have certain abilities robbing backs, murders where the assailant can't be seen…" Bond began mentally connecting the dots, and turned back to the images on the wall, now a group shot of the League taken shortly after the funeral of Quartermain. "Someone has found Fantom's research, and are using it, aren't they?"

"Yes, they have, and yes, they are. Although we have not seen any Nautilus class ships, we have seen many different versions of Hyde, invisible men and women, and what appears to be a set of vampires."

"I thought that all the vampires were wiped out thanks to Daystar?"

"So did we. Apparently, according to the Nightstalkers, the virus has no effect on hybrids. And as the blood of Mrs. Harker was indeed, that of a hybrid…"

"It's still able to be used to create more. Why aren't there more of these vampires?"

"Apparently, the Nightstalkers have been in touch with someone that the Americans were looking for, a vampire hunter named Blade. He has been dispatching them, often times before anyone realizes he was even there."

"Helpful of him."

"Yes, that is why I want you to recruit him." Bond nodded absently, then did a double-take. "Yes, you heard me 007. We, along with the Americans, have decided to restart the League. And want you to be the leader." She clicked the remote again, and a new set of images began going by. "Along with Blade, we want you to attempt to recruit these individuals." Images flashed by, with a brief description of each on the bottom.

"So let me get this straight. You want me to lead a team that consists of a vampire-"

"Half-vampire. I have heard it is a touchy subject with him."

"Right. You want me to lead him, three mutated teenagers, a god, a NSA Agent, and a wizard, to take down this "Adrian" character?"

"Yes. Most of these men are in America, but the wizard and Blade are here in England at the moment. The NSA Agent is enjoying a vacation, I believe." She pulled a black case out of the desk and handed it to him, along with the files he had just seen. "In the case is the mask needed for the god. Contact Mr. Ipkiss first in America, and the go from there. Once you have everyone assembled, report to the CIA's "Farm" for more information."

"Yes ma'am"

James picked up the materials, head slightly buzzing from the amount of information he had just received. Suddenly, being on "leave" doesn't sound so bad…

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