"Kiss Me Again"

Author: PsychoKittyUK
Category: Slash
Rating: M+
Content Warnings: WINCEST.

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Chapter 4


The fourth time Sam kissed Dean was while Dean was sitting in front of the fire. He had downed almost all of a bottle of Tequila. Which he had found in the back of one of the cupboards. He was taking another swig, when Sam awoke. Sam lay there looking puzzled at his brother, Dean hadn't noticed that his brother was awake, he kept chugging the bottle and talking to himself.

"God I love him so, so much. Why are you doing this to me God? Why have you made me feel this way about my brother! I just want to kiss him, taste him. Love him. But I can't, it hurts so bad, this isn't working! It's not numbing me enough! I can still feel the pain!"

Sam's eyes widened. Sam remembered the first time he had kissed his brother, he'd used the excuse that he needed to know how to kiss a girl. That was a lie, he'd already kissed a girl. What he'd wanted was to kiss his brother. He had dreams about his brother constantly, the things he wanted to do to him, how he longed to touch him. But it was forbidden, so he constructed a simple plan to get that kiss. But it wasn't enough, he wanted more and more. Until he couldn't stand it any longer and had kissed him the second time.

The second time was easier, Dean had revealed he was bi about a year before. His heart had jumped at that news, he was shocked, happy and hopeful about it. Maybe his dream wasn't so unreachable after all. Sam had been picked on by a guy at school, the guy knew about Dean's orientation and decided to say crap about Dean in front of Sam. Sam had lost his temper, over the things this jerk was saying about his brother. So he hit him, this resulted in a fight. Sam had won of course, coming out with just a black eye. But it was so worth it to see the other guy, doubled up in pain from Sam's blows. He'd learned from the best, his brother Dean had practiced with him, making him able to look after himself.

But the surprise result was the second kiss he'd managed to get off his brother. Dean was such a sucker for his little brother, he could wrap him around his finger and get him to do almost anything. Well anything except what Sam really wanted that is. And that was Dean himself.

Sam remembered the third time he'd been able to kiss his brother, that one had been the best. Not only had he kissed Dean, but he'd gotten his brother hard. Of course he had to run from the room, before he'd got down on his knees and sucked him off. The whole thing had been planned for days, Missy Beth had given him the idea, she'd kissed this boy at school and made a big song and dance about how crap he'd done it. This had made the boy cry and that had sparked the third kiss plan into action.

Sam had got so worked up over the third kiss, that he'd jerked himself off for days at the memory of the kiss and seeing Dean's hard on poking out at him. But things changed when they were off hunting more, never getting to be alone with Dean as much, staying in crappy motels with their Dad. There were no more kisses for Sam. Then Dean had started picking up women here and there. So Sam's dreams where locked away and forgotten.

Until now!

Dean had drunk himself to the bottom of the bottle, still full of despair. Sam slipped of the couch and knelt next to Dean, taking the bottle from him.

"Sam? Sammy!" Dean slurred. "Oh Sammy! My beautiful Sammy!" He touched Sam's face."Aren't you asleep? You were asleep! On the couch, asleep."

"Shhh Dean, I'm awake now. I can see now. My eyes are open." He reached for his brother and pulled him towards him.

"Sammy? What are you doing?"

"I'm making our dreams come true Dean."

"Dreams? Am I asleep?"

"No Dean, I was, but not anymore." Sam chuckled.

"Did you have a nightmare?"

Sam didn't answer he just closed the distance between them and kissed his brother. Dean moaned and let himself go. Hands touched each other as their tongues mixed. The intense kiss made them lose control.

"Kiss me again Sam!" Dean said. Sam complied.

Soon clothes were being removed and thrown aside. Bodies slid and ground against each other. Sam slowly lowered Dean down on his back and began exploring his body, touching, tasting the soft skin, nuzzling the fine hairs at his groin. Making Dean arch and buck with want.

"Sam! Oh Sam! Yes!"

"You're all mine Dean. You're finally all mine!" He growled and took the weeping cock into his mouth. He lapped, nipped and sucked at the shaft and Dean thrust upwards into the hungry mouth.

"Dreamed of doing this to you many many times. Never thought I'd get to actually do it. God you taste so good Dean, just like I knew you would."

"Fuck Sammy!" Dean yelled.

"You know what I always wanted Dean?" Sam whispered in his ear. "You. Inside me. Fucking me."

"Oh fucking hell! Yes! Oh yes!"

Sam flipped them over, Dean covered his brother and kissed him, rubbing their cocks together, the friction driving him insane.

"Do it Dean. Make my dreams come true. Make me yours forever!"

"I love you Sam." He spread his precum, mixed with spit, along his shaft. Then pushed the tip of his dick against Sam's puckered entrance.

"Now Dean. I need you now!" Dean pushed the tip between the muscle, Sam gasped as it slipped in a little, he relaxed himself as much as he could and Dean slid in more. "All the way Dean, please!" Dean pushed in as far as he could go. Holding his breathe as he made himself keep still. Allowing Sam to adjust.

"Oh fuck! So good Dean. Ohhhhhhh!"

"Shit Sam, you're so tight!"

"Ok, ok Dean, you can move now."

Dean pulled back and then pushed in again, he repeated this a few times slowly. Then when Sam began to move, he picked up his pace.

"Yes! Yes! Dean! Oh god yes! Fuck me! More!"

"Oh! Oh! Fuck! OH SAM! Feels good! Wanted this so much." Dean groaned as he pounded his brother into the floor.

"Dean. Dean. DEAN!" Sam screamed as he shot his hot load onto his brother's skin. Dean shouted Sam and something else which was illegible,as he came hard and fast inside his brother. His spent and exhausted body wavered and Sam pulled him down next to him, cuddling him tightly as they drifted to sleep.


The End.