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In the year 2119 A.D. man is starting to understand their limitations, as well as their most important discoveries…and inventions.

Some say that the richest street in the world, Capsule Street, where the most powerful people in the world live. It contains the three largest company leaders in the world. The three companies are famous for their work, but two are in higher leagues with one another.

The first that lives on the street are the Briefs family, when Mr. Briefs was only eighteen he invented a storage capsule, and ever since have been manufacturing things to put into those capsules. He married his high school sweet heart and began a family strait out of high school.

The second that lives on the street, strait across from the Brief's family, is the Ouji's. When Mr. Ouji's father was killed, Mr. Ouji had to take over, at the mere age of 16. His Uncle raised him and helped him run the business, while his nephew could complete his schooling. Mr. Ouji married a his high school sweet heart, and have been trying to begin their family. Ouji Industries, is a company that manufactures parts, so much of what Capsule Corp. uses is manufactured by Ouji Industries.

The third is none other than Frost Incorporated. They have been developing a device that will allow people to travel in space through hyper freezing, so they are incapable of aging through space traveling. They are also helping leading scientist to find worm wholes to other strange planets.

Life is just getting great for the world, when our hero's enter the world, and have to live out their…Chibi Years…

Well wasn't that good? This is kind of the foot note. I will be using a lot of the original characters but, the original main characters (Bulma, Vegeta, ect.) will have large or small families…I just like the idea. Most of the main character's siblings will be made up by me.

As for non-human characters like Piccolo and so on everyone will be human, but they will possess the traits as the original character does. Well if you need to ask any questions…ask in a review….

Next Time: Life comes to a slow halt for the Brief's what will the young couple do?

Parental Saga: High School Shock

A/N: There you all go I hope that you will join me next time…I would also like to state that this is eventually going to turn into a Bulma and Vegeta Romance story…but for right now when their still young' they will have cute stuff and jealousy issues. You, the readers have a obligation to this story you will be somewhat help me with what I should throw at them next, you'll have to read and see if I like the idea.

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