Burning Cigarette

By: Allie-Dee

Inhale, exhale.

The smoke from the cigarette twisted upward and upward until it was invisible. Ray's head cocked to one side, staring at a couple giggling and hugging tightly as they walked into the building. He sighed, still trying to remember why the hell he let his friends drag him down here.

"It'll be good for you."

"We'll buy!"

"You need to see human life, you do realize that don't you?"

He did realize that. But he still didn't want to come down to Mickey's. He lit another cigarette.

10 years.

A small smile came on his face. Has it really been that long since he graduated from Roscoe and got his heart broken? He hadn't seen his old friends in forever. Travis was somewhere in the world, but nobody knew exactly. Robbie was probably on a radio show at some nice place in Toronto and maybe Lily was making it in New York City. They all promised they'd come back after ten years for the reunion but it seemed like he was the only one to show.

10 years.

"Ray, get your ass back in here!" a shrill voice cried.

He looked up and saw Misty, his best friend from his apartment scowling down at him. She was the one that tore open the letter from the school (he was playing to "lose it") and demanded him to go. Then, she invited herself, as well as Hayden and Greg, who were just looking to get some free eats and beers. They probably already picked up some chicks and were leading the macarena as they sloshed some more beers down.

Just thinking about it made Ray shiver.

"No thanks." he replied.

Misty's teeth clenched and she swooped down to his level. "I don't fucking care if you don't want to be here, okay? But you need to see your friends and that chick that you're always pissin' and moanin' about."

'I do not piss and moan about her." he paused; her eyes burning a hole into his face. "Well, not always." Pause. "Just once a month."

"Once a month too many!" she yelled. Ray wondered if she had been drinking. "This isn't healthy, and you need to get inside and meet some of those kids and drink a beer and have a fucking good time."

"Nah, that's okay. I'll just stay out here with the fresh air." Then he took another drag of his cig.

She gave him a blank look. "Fine, Mr. Social. But I'm gonna come back, and when I do, you will have no effin' choice and you will be IN that party, having fun, whether you like it or not."

He waved his hand to her vaguely and then went back to what he was doing as she clomped back inside. He wasn't going to be in that party because when she does finally come back, he thought with a smirk; she'll be too drunk to even form sentences.

He got comfy again and was lighting another cigarette when an all-too-familiar voice spoke.


Ray froze; the new cigeratte was in his hand. He turned his head to the right and saw her standing there, shocked.


The cigeratte fell to the ground, it burning slowly in the night.


OMG. ITS ME. ALLIE DEE. OMG! Please go crazy, please say you missed me. I'm not hear to stay, but I want to make this story. I'm already working on the next chapter so don't worry that I'm not going to finish this.

So I bet you thought it was Lily, eh? But no, it's Parker. Yeah I bet you're like WTFOMGFJDSK!

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