San Francisco Railway Station, May 15th 2003, 8.30pm

The handsome blonde haired man looked at his watch for the umpteenth time and sighed, she was late and he was getting impatient. He'd been standing at the San Francisco railway station for about 30 minutes making sure nothing could upset his plans, he looks at his watch again, if she didn't hurry up the time would pass and he'd have to start again. A woman with long dark hair runs up the steps of the railway station, why oh why did it have to be tonight that the Con-Ed had decided to dig a hole in the middle of the road. She ran into the station and spotted him under the clock her face broke into a smile thank the Gods and Goddesses he was still here she hadn't had a date for months and didn't particularly want to loose this opportunity especially with this guy. He looks up and sees her running towards him he smiles, the stereotypical Wicca devotee he thinks, long hair, long skirt, beads,

"I am so so sorry I'm late the Con-Ed have the road up, thank you for waiting, I'm Holly by the way, blessed be" she blusters, he takes her hand

"Blessed be Holly I'm Ashton, I'm glad I waited, are you hungry I know this great place not to far from here" he replies, he moves towards the exit.

The couple are walking towards an alleyway down the side of a nightclub, Holly is just finishing a quick description of her life and how she came to join the Wicca,

" when I realised that I could sense people's emotions I decided to see what good use I could put it to, so a friend of mine put me in touch with a friend of hers who was a Wicca and I finally found somewhere I belonged. It does tend to put a cramp in my dating schedule, no one wants to date a witch" she finishes. Ashton stops in the alley and looks to the sky he sees Venus pass into the Moon's shadow and feels and a familiar pull, he bends towards Holly as if he is going to kiss her. She turns her face to his as it morphs into a sickly green, scaly, version of his handsome features with long vampire fangs, she screams as he bites the back of her neck, she carries on screaming as she feels her life force slipping away, the demonic Ashton looks up as three women come running into the alley

"Stop!" yells the youngest "Iron bar" a large iron bar forms in her hand and she swipes at the demon's leg, it misses but the demon trips

"Quick, the spell" shouts the middle one, she joins hands with the other two and they start to chant

"That which was formed below, here may you no longer dwell..." the demonic Ashton shimmers and disappears

"Damn I knew I should have frozen him" says the oldest woman; the others are leaning over Holly

"She's in a bad way, can you call Leo" asks the youngest woman, some small balls of light start to swirl around them and they form into a man, another man appears in a shimmer the same way the demon disappeared

"Cole, did you find out who he was" asks the middle woman, the man nods

"I'll tell you later" he says, the first man who appeared first is bending over Holly with his hand on her chest

"I can't do it, something's stopping me healing her, can you help?" he says to the youngest woman, she also puts her hand on Holly's chest, her hand glows faintly

"It's no good, there's got to be some reason for this" says Leo, they all look up as a police car pulls into the alley, a Hispanic man and a stout coloured man get out

"Well what d'you know, the Halliwell sisters, why am I not surprised?" says Lieutenant Cortez