I own nothing… especially not Harry Potter

A Little Explanation…
This is basically one large A/N before you read anything.

First off.
I love musicals and I have.
So, that got me thinking some time a few months ago, what if Harry Potter had a musical? Well naturally they'd need actors that could sing and dance and be awesome, but besides that, I mean, and besides that it's utterly ridiculous, it would be awesome.

So, again I think, why not? I mean, its fan fiction and if someone can put people that have never met before into a story as a couple, then I'm going to make a Harry Potter Musical, dammit! The musical scenes aren't in order, as they're basically just a bunch of little song oneshots. Heh, and the music is all handpicked by yours truly. Also, and this is very VERY IMPORTANT (heh the caps lock was to catch attention from people who skim A/Ns): I'm going to mark this as complete because I don't know when/if I'll add more, but I probably will. So therefore, it will say complete but it might not be. Kind of like a collection of oneshots, read me? Good.
One more thing. You probably won't like this all that much unless you like musicals and can visualize stuff well. It is, after all, a musical.

Heh, so sit back, chill out, and enjoy!