A/N: Moulin Rouge is one of my favorite movies, and the lyrics to this song are amazing. In this scene, which takes place sometime in HBP, Fleur and Bill sing of being both literally and figuratively poor and illicit lovers, for their relationship has little to no approval and respect at this particular time in the book. How cute. On with the musical!

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Bill and Fleur sing Complainte De La Butte

A piano cues in at the Burrow and Fleur and Bill can be seen sitting together at said piano. The piano is old and weathered, as is mostly everything else, and the Weasley poorness is apparent. Bill is dressed in an old suit and is wearing gloves with severed fingertips so that his fingers are exposed, and fleur is dressed in an old wedding gown, one that had clearly been through wear and tear and has many rips and stains. They look dreadfully tired, but still glad to be together. Bill is bearing the scars of his fight with Greyback, though they do not seem to faze either of the two lovers as they sit together, playing the piano.

It is nearing midnight and the red moon is high in the sky, full and round, full of foreboding.

Fleur begins to sing, her voice as graceful as the French that comes from her mouth.

"La lune trop bleme pose un diademe sur tes cheveux roux."

Bill sings next, his voice deep and low; a perfect suitor for Fleur's. The rest of the music begins, but the only musician visible is Bill as he plays.

"La lune trop rousse de gloire eclabousse ton jupon plein d'trous,

La lune trop pale caresse l'opale de tes yeux blases,

Princesse de la rue soit la bienvenue dans mon coeur brise."

Fleur rises from her spot at the piano and stands, going to the window as Bill sings the chorus in English. He plays the piano as he sings, his notes coinciding in perfect harmony.

"The stairways up to la butte,

Can make the wretched sigh,

While windmill wings of the Moulin,

Shelter you and I…"

Fleur slowly turns around from the windowsill and faces her savaged soon-to-be husband. She, with a slightly saddened expression, begins to sing in French.

"Les escaliers de la butte sont durs aux misereux,"

She slowly walks over and she sings and rests a hand on Bill's shoulder as he plays.

"Les ailes du moulin protegent les amoureux,"

She rests a hand on her heart, feeling her words, as she sits down at the piano again next to Bill, who begins to sing again.

"Petite mandigotte je sens ta menotte qui cherche ma main,

Je sens ta poitrine et ta taille fine,"

They sing the next line together, smiling slightly at the thought of all the things that have happened to them and knowing that they do lose all their regrets, at long last.

"J'oublie mon chagrin."

Fleur stands yet again and turns her back to Bill, her arms crossed and her expression grave.

"Je sens sur tes levres une odeur de fievre de gosse mal nourri."

She slowly lowers the wedding veil over her face.

"Et sous ta caresse je sens une ivresse qui m'aneantit."

She turns around again as Bill sings, his voice full of sadness.

"The stairways up to la butte,

Can make the wretched sigh,

While windmill wings of the Moulin,

Shelter you and I…"

Bill, as he plays, looks back at Fleur over his shoulder as she does the same to him. He continues to sing, brows raised.

"Et voila qu'elle trotte la lune qui flotte,

La princesse aussi.

La da da da da da da da da da..."

Fleur turns around again to face Bill, a thoughtful expression on her face as they sing together the next line.

"Mes reves epanouis."

Fleur strides over slowly, her bare feet stepping over broken glass and not getting cut, and lowers herself down onto the bench next to Bill, her back to the piano.

"Les escaliers de la butte sont durs aux misereux," she sings quietly as she and Bill lock eyes, Bill still playing the piano.

As they sing the last line together, their faces grow closer.

"Les ailes du Moulin protegent les amoureux …."

Bill plays the last notes on the piano and their lips touch. The scene slowly zooms out as the rest of the music ends, Bill and Fleur locked in a sweet, solemn kiss. Bill and Fleur, les amoureux, all paramours.



A/N: I think Bill can probably speak some French, seeing as he's with someone from France. And, like I said before, whoever played Bill in my musical would be able to sing and play piano, so there. Hope you liked it. If you want the translated lyrics, email me or find them yourselves. The song is called Complainte De La Butte. Hooray for Moulin Rouge! If you can't speak French, like me, I'm sorry. I can't either, and translating this was muy dificil because of it.