First, let's get the crappy disclaimer out of the way. Sailor Moon does not belong to me. It rightfully is a copyright of Naoko Takeuchi-Togashi (married to the Yu Yu Hakusho manga author himself:P) and Toei (creeps are have pulled everything anime and manga related of the SM series across the globe not to mention not releasing Sailor Stars). Humph...

Anyhow, let us move on before I lose control of myself... O.O

This is definitely not my first time in writing a Sailor Moon fanfiction story. I've written some really crappy ones back in 1998-2000. I regret ever remembering them. By late 2003, I've successfully integrated the SM characters in my popular anime crossover series entitled YuYuGiDigiMoon (which you'll find on my profile page): The Wrath of Pharaohmon and The Invasion of the Rajita. The Sailor Senshi are featured along with the characters from Digimon Tamers, Digimon Frontier, Yu Yu Hakusho and Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters.

Needless to say, this new story is sort of a spin-off from my anime-crossover involving only the Sailor Moon characters, a few of the OC characters featured in my crossover and other elements borrowed from that crossover continuity. This fic is set in a AU and takes place five years since the end of the final Sailor Moon anime season: Sailor Stars. :D

Since this is an AU, the years will have to be retconed for this continuity. Since the start of SM took place in 1992, that means Usagi and co. would all have been 14. By the end of the series, the five Inners were 16. It would have ended in 1994. Well, in this AU, we'll say that the Usagi first becomes Sailor Moon in 1998 and the defeat of Galaxia would have taken place in 2000. Just in time before the TRUE turn of the new millennium (2001). The current setting of this story takes place in 2003.

This story will have focus on all the characters but I want to place more emphasis on the other Inners and Outer Senshi more. It will be at least a season long (at least by Sailor Moon standards and could be longer than 26 chapters). This series will be officially entitled Sailor Moon Galaxy Stars. I've waited too long to write a good SM story and I've improved as a writer since '00. And I do mean that A LOT.

Anyway, that's enough rambling from yours truly. All I can say is not to expect too much daily updates with this story. I've got other stories I'm working on such as my Digimon Fusion Ultimate Edition series and planning out a draft for my first Naruto story.

Without further ado, let a whole new chapter to the Sailor Moon franchise begin!

"I'm Usagi Tsukino, sixteen years old and in the first year of high school. I'm a bit rash and I'm a crybaby... but I'm actually an agent of love and justice, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon...

But, that was five years ago! A lot has changed since then! I'm now twenty-one years old and already living with Mamo-chan! I was a bit rash and still kind of a crybaby. I haven't been fighting any evil forces since the defeat of Galaxia but I am still the agent of love and justice, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.

How's my life been you ask? Well, I've been living it easy and moved in with Mamo-chan right after I graduated. Yeah, I still live in my town district of Azabu-Juuban. As of now, I'm nine-months due to give birth to a new seed of life and will marry Mamo-chan before the baby is due. Today marks a new era in our lives... and the adventure is far from finished. Heh, right guys?

Um, guys...?"

"Just get the introductions over with, Odango-Atama!"

"Sorry, Rei-chan. Anyway, that's the introduction. Now, time to take a glimpse of our new lives since five years ago! A new chapter in our lives has been written..."

(Cue Sailor Stars theme Sailor Star Song)


The city of Tokyo. Japan's largest and without a doubt busiest city in the country. People all over the world have dreamed of visiting this region primarily for the culture. However, for the Japanese people, it was simply a normal day like any other.


Busy traffic.

Children going to school.

Young adults in love in the park.

Nine fuku wearing Japanese female warriors stopping the forces of darkness that had threatened their planet numerous of times.

Wait, what?

Yes, nine fuku wearing Japanese girls stopping the forces of darkness that had threatened the existence of the human race and the planet Earth numerous of times. In addition, a girl from the future and a star seed of the universe's most powerful Sailor Senshi.

That is what these female vigilantes have been called: the Sailor Senshi. It was five years ago when the final battle against the universe's greatest threat, Sailor Galaxia, was defeated. Thanks in part to the champion of love and justice, the daughter of Queen Serenity extinguished the evil of Chaos right out of Galaxia. The entire planet was revived and a new age of peace would start on that very day.

The Sailor Senshi have not seen much action since then and only reacted to local theft. The girls who donned the outfits have moved on with their lives since graduating and looking ahead to their futures. For some, college was the next step in life. Others are on the road to fulfilling their dreams. And a few were already living the good life without much stress and need to jump into action. Those days of fighting the good fight were long gone.

Or were they?

The girls thought so.

One notable couple were looking forward to two of the most important events in their lives within a years time: marriage and the birth of their first-born child. Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba would at last fulfill their dreams. Usagi's desire to marry her lover would indeed take place before the birth of her first child, Usagi "Chibi-Usa" Tsukino II.

Needless to say, Usagi was excited. However, the year 2003 would also mark the end of the another quiet period. A new threat has just recently arrived in Tokyo... to feast upon the humans and raise a new army of darkness.

It begins.


Sailor Moon Galaxy Stars, Lycan Arc

Episode One: Five Years Later! A Glimpse at the Everyone's Lives!


Azabu Apartment Complex/Room #312/Outside Balcony/October 5, 2003/9:09 AM

Stepping right out of bed and toward the balcony, a young adult girl felt the cool breeze blow against her. She had a odd hairstyle with two pigtails topped with spherical buns, which were known as odangos. It was the Japanese meaning for dumpling, which was what her close friends referred to her as 'Odango-Atama' or 'Meatball Head'. The girl's eyes were blue and glistening with purity to them. The outfit she wore was a pink gown with a white rabbit symbol on the top left corner of the gown. She walked out wearing pink slippers. Her body was shaped like that of a super model despite her young age and has at least matured since graduating high school. Along with her somewhat changing physical features, her personality had somewhat matured. Becoming a future mother would allow her to change her view of life but there were many times where she still acted like the complete goof ball.

She let out a deep sigh of relief while the cool breeze blew against her. This was a sign of perhaps another good day for Usagi.

She smiled radiantly and stretched out her arms. "Oh yeah! Just another good day!"

Then, she looked down to her stomach and smiled softly. "Nine months until you're born into this world, Chibi-Usa. It'll be good to hold you in my arms as an infant. I can't wait!"

Just then, she heard the apartment phone ring and rushed inside. She didn't want Mamoru to awaken after coming home from a long-hour work shift. She picked up the phone and answered it in reply.

"Good morning, this is Usagi Tsukino speaking..."

"Good morning, Usagi! It's me, Rei-chan!"

The odango-girl grinned and responded to her Miko friend. "Oh, Rei-chan! Great and I was just thinking about you! How are you this morning?"

"I've been up since four 'o clock this morning, Usagi. You see... Lately, I've been getting these visions from the fire."

"What? Like what kind of visions are you talking about here? Every time you've ever had a terrible vision, there would be a new enemy lurking."

Rei responded through the phone line as a deep sigh was heard. "That or I've been just working too hard since my grandfather retired. Working as the head priestess has taken a toll on me for the last year or so."

"Why not take a break?"

"Not going to happen anytime soon. It's my family duty to tend to the shrine. I thought you knew that."

"Sorry, I must have forgotten. Anyway, if you're feeling bad, maybe you and I can meet somewhere later today? Unless you have a busy schedule?"

"No... A hour after noon would be good for me. I just want to let you know that I have yet to tell anyone else about this, but..."

"That's okay, Rei-chan. At least you're telling me. You can tell me everything after we decide where we can meet. Ooo, how about we meet at your shrine? I mean at least you'll be around there. I wasn't going to do much except going out to eat with Mamo-chan. I think he'll understand if I can come over to see you."

"Are you sure you want to cancel lunch plans with Mamoru-san?"

The blonde-haired girl nodded quickly. "Yep, that's not a problem for me. Besides, this sounds serious and you know I'm always here if you need me."

"Arigato, Usagi-chan. I'll be waiting until then. Talk to you then. Bye."

"Bye and don't stress yourself," Usagi suggested before hanging up the phone. What could she have seen form her visions?

"Usagi?" a faint voice queried from behind her.

The girl turned around and saw her black cat with the golden half-moon emblem on the forehead. The cat's eyes were slightly orange-brown and a tiny pink nose was shaped on her nose. This was Usagi's guardian cat, Luna.

"Luna? How long were you up and listening to my phone conversation?"

"I heard the whole thing. So, what's the problem with Rei?"

Usagi simply shrugged her shoulders and responded. "I have no idea. She did tell me about some new terrible visions from her meditation and the sacred fire."

"This sounds bad and here I thought we'd be doing this fine after five years."

"You don't think there's a new enemy. Huh? Luna, what do you think?"

The feline rubbed her chin with her right paw and 'Hmmed' to herself. "I think there isn't any doubt about it, Usagi. Take me along with you and we can alert the other girls?"

"No, I told Rei-chan this would be a talk between us two. I don't want to get the others involved yet until Rei says it's okay. You know how she likes to keep secrets to herself."

"Yes but if this is a new enemy we need to know about then the others have every right to be informed."

"I know but I'd rather talk to her alone," Usagi said, walking past Luna. "I don't know about you but I'm hungry for some cereal."

The cat sweat dropped and muttered in thought. Oh, you'll never change. But I am looking forward to the birth of Chibi-Usa in this time line. I've got to wonder though. Are we going to be dealing with a new enemy? Perhaps it is time for the Sailor Senshi to take action... again.


Juuban Heights Apartment Complex/Room #214/9:45 AM

As a door opened, a tall brunette girl walked out and looked ready to start the just right. Her hair was tied into a long ponytail that reached down her back. A green hairband kept her long, lush brown hair up. The eyes were green and a pair of pink rose earrings were noticeable on her ears. Compared to her best friends, she was the tallest and often called the 'Amazon Girl'. Despite her abnormal size, she was very kind to those close to her especially Usagi.

This was Makoto Kino and battled as Sailor Jupiter. However, she has not seen much combat since Galaxia's downfall. She currently works and co-owns a new restaurant in town. She is currently living her dream of one day owning her own restaurant.

She wore a long-sleeve turquoise shirt, a white jean skirt that reached at least six inches down her legs (and did not reach the top of her knees) and her legs were covered with long, black cotton stocking garment. Her legs were long compared to the rest of her body. She checked herself in the mirror and fixed her top to make sure her chest didn't stick out much.

"Ah, perfecto!" Makoto smiled and snapped two fingers on her left hand. "Looks good on me. Now to see if that lazy bum is even awake yet."

With that, the brunette paced toward the other side of the room and stopped at second closed bedroom door. She slowly leaned forward and placed her ear near it to listen carefully.

What she heard made her want to close her ears and cringe.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Those were the loud snores of her apartment room mate. Makoto sighed deeply and opened the door to peek in. The room was a single bedroom with dark blue walls and the room itself was a complete mess. Yes, an utter MESS. She saw lying down on a couch bed the sleeping form of a blonde-haired girl. Her hairstyle was unlike Usagi's and was straight down. She was laying sprawled out on the couch bed with her arms and legs stretched out. Her pajamas included an extra-large white t-shirt with a picture of Sailor V striking a pose. She was wearing no pants or even a pair of shorts. Not even a pair of socks and her red bow was on the floor. She snored loudly with drool coming out of the left side of her mouth.

This girl was Minako Aino and she fought under two identities: Sailor V and Sailor Venus. In fact, she was the first of the Sailor Senshi to be awakened in the present day to battle the forces of darkness. Since graduating form high school, she has been on the road to realizing her dream as an idol. She has worked with radio and taken part in idol events. However, she hasn't made much effort in finding other work and has lived with Makoto for the past few years.

Needless to say, the hard-working brunette was left to take care of herself and Minako. The relationship became more of a mother-daughter relationship than best friends.

Makoto was surely not going to put up with Minako sleeping in for the sixteenth day in a row. She glanced over the other corner to see a sleeping white cat curled up. Like Luna, this one had a golden half-moon crescent on its forehead. This cat was the guardian of Minako named Artemis.

"Humph, 'make an effort to wake up early my butt'," the tall brunette scoffed as a devious thought came to mind. No way am I going to yell at her. So, I'm going to wake her up the hard way.

As she walked out of the room, Makoto paced into the kitchen and picked out a tall glass. She turned on the faucet in the sink and filled the glass half-way with ice-cold water. She immediately turned off the faucet, snuck back into Minako's room and stood tall over Minako's sleeping form.

"Time to wakey wakey," Makoto giggled, tilting the glass to the edge.

Then, the water came pouring down from the glass and splattered the lazy blonde's face with ice-cold water.



Minako's screamed echoed throughout the room as she jumped up and felt drenched with ice cold water. She looked down at her shirt, hair and her feet. All covered in water. This had awoken Artemis, too. Glancing behind her shoulder, Minako spotted Makoto holding an empty glass.

Smiling innocently, Makoto waved and giggled. "Good morning there, sunshine! How was your sleep?"

"Ugh... I was having a peaceful catnap myself," Artemis yawned, stretching out his legs.

Minako panicked and grabbed Makoto by her shirt collar. "DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT! DID YA!"

"Well yeah. You've been sleeping in for the past sixteen days. I'm not going to let it happen today when I need your help with running some errands and cleaning the house. Look, it's not going to hurt," she responded, crossing her arms and taking Minako's hands off her. "You've been staying up late playing video games and working your idol shows. Halo, Gran Turismo and Sailor V can wait until tonight. Better yet we can play Multiplayer mode again if ya want?"

"Great but Naruto's on tonight! I can't miss it!" Minako reminded her, taking the glass away from her friend's hand.

"Yeah, I forgot I'm living with a complete Narutard here," Makoto sweat dropped. "Then again, I'm guilty of being one myself."

"So, we'll watch Naruto tonight and play some Halo later!"

"Yeah but after we complete our chores today. It doesn't hurt to get out of bed and do some work once in a while."

Minako groaned. "But now I'll have to get some clean clothes since I'll all freaking wet! Just you wait, Mako-chan, I'm going to get ya back for this! Cause debts are a bitch!"

Artemis sighed and immediately corrected the blonde. "Don't you mean 'Paybacks are a...'"

"Yeah, I heard you, Artemis! Now, let me get dressed!" Minako opened her closet to grab her clean clothes. "Hmm, let's see. Oh yeah! This race car shirt will do not to mention these cute blue jean shorts! I just want to wear something plain today!"

Makoto walked out of the room and called out to her friend. "I'll be making breakfast for us in the meantime. How do omelets sound?"

"Hai!" Minako's voice rang out.

"Mina, just don't give Makoto any trouble today? Please?" Artemis implored the blonde-haired young adult. "Then you and her can have fun playing games all night."

"Yeah and then kick her back in Gran Turismo," she snickered, twiddling her hands together. "Just you wait, Mako-chan, I will OWN you."

With that, Minako picked out her clothes and stepped into the bathroom to get dressed for the day. She stepped out in front of the mirror and took off the drenched t-shirt. Standing out in a pair of orange bra and panties, she thought about her friend Usagi.

The blonde smirked as she twirled a lock of her hair. Just nine months until Chibi-Usa is born? I wonder how you've been doing lately, Usagi-chan. Hope you and Mamoru are happy together. At least you have your true love.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Makoto put a frying pan on the stove and turned a knob to heat the stove's cooktop. She, too, was thinking about her friend, Usagi. A smile crossed her face as she was proud that Usagi was living with her destined love.

At least you're happy, Usagi-chan. Now if only the rest of us can find our true loves. It's only a matter of time but I can manage to wait. Makoto thought, putting on a white cooking apron. "Now to get started and another busy day. Now can I expect Minako to be on her best behavior...? Pfft, when pigs fly is all I can say."

With that, Makoto proceeded to cook for herself and her best friend.


Outside Juuban Bookstore/10:00 AM

Standing outside of the a local bookstore was a young woman with neck-length blue hair and dark blue eyes. She was wearing a long-sleeve white buttoned shirt with a dark blue vest over it, a pair of beige-colored jean shorts and white slip-on shoes. The girl carried a bag of books to study with once entering the bookstore and to buy even more books.

This girl is Ami Mizuno and she once battled enemies under her alternate identity, Sailor Mercury. After graduating high school, Ami immediately enrolled into one of the local universities and studied hard to major in the field of medicine and become a doctor like her mother. It would take Ami several years of study to finally obtain her major but it will all be worth it to her.

Just as she waited, the bookstore finally opened. Ami was the first customer to enter and took a deep breath upon entering. A smile crossed her face as she gazed around the sections of books.

"Now to find some good literature to pass up the time during my break time from studying," Ami said, walking across the bookstore. "I know I will never see Usagi-chan here. Unless there was some good manga... Oh, maybe I should get her some manga while I'm here. All right, first things first, time to study hard for those exams this week. So, time to get into gear."

She found a table to set her bag of books and quickly pulled out a Microbiology book. As she opened her textbook, it didn't take Ami long to start skimming through the highlighted text and the notes she had taken from her class the other day.

Well, Usagi, even if you aren't in school, you're at least with someone you can depend on for the rest of your life. That's one trait you excel at: being happy. That's all that matters and I'm looking forward to your wedding. This year should be great not just for you but for the rest of us. At least, I hope so.


Local Starbucks/10:40 AM

Inside one of the local Starbucks, which itself had once boomed successfully in Japan, two young women were sitting together at a table while drinking two cups of nice, warm coffee. On the right side of the table was a beautiful woman with shoulder-length, wavy turquoise-colored hair and deep sea blue eyes that evokes the elements of the ocean. She appeared elegantly dressed in an orange blouse and a lighter blue long skirt. She wore a pair of white shoes. This was Michiru Kaioh, also known as Sailor Neptune.

She sipped her cup of coffee and glanced over at a woman who physically somewhat appeared to be a young man. This woman's outfit consisted of a brown collared, casual shirt, watching colored pants and black dress shoes. Underneath the brown dress shirt was a white t-shirt. Her hair was short, beige and barely reached past her upper neckline. Around her neck was a thin, golden necklace. Twirling the spoon inside her coffee cup, she mixed the milk in the coffee to take a sip from her brown coffee. This 'tomboyish' woman was Haruka Teno'h, whose alter-ego was Sailor Uranus.

Haruka looked out the window and took a sip from her coffee cup before speaking. "There's a change in the wind..."

"A warning of things to come?" Michiru sighed, putting her cup down. "The oceans have been unsettling, too."

"I won't be surprised if Setsuna knows about this by now. We have to keep an eye on this," Haruka said, her face taking on a serious mask.

"Yes, agreed. I wonder if the other girls are already becoming aware of this. No doubt Rei would have sensed the approaching darkness."

The tomboyish woman shrugged. "I suppose but we won't know until we actually see them in action. It's been a while since a dark force has loomed."

"And it probably will not be the last time I'm afraid."

"Yeah but we'll make sure of that."

With that, a smile crossed Michiru's face as she took another sip from her coffee cup. Haruka once again glared out the window and watched crowds passing along. But what kind of enemy will be dealing with this time? If Galaxia was bad enough... No, it couldn't that great a threat. At least, I hope I'm wrong.


Juuban Natural Park/11:00 AM

Standing outside the gates of the city district's natural park, an older woman glanced around as her eyes narrowed suspiciously. Accompany her was a younger girl with shoulder-length black hair.

The older woman stood at least 5'8. She had long, beautiful dark green hair flowing down her back with a bun at the back of her head. Her skin was darker tinted opposed to the other girls. Her eyes were scarlet and had a certain mystery to them. She wore a casual red, collared business shirt and a red casual dress skirt with black high heels. Hanging on her ears were golden orb-shaped earrings. Over her shoulder was a small scarlet, leather purse. This woman was named Setsuna Meioh, who has two known aliases: Sailor Pluto and the solitary Guardian of Time. Yes, her duty was to protect the gates of time but has remained with her 'family' so to speak. She currently lives in a residence with Haruka, Michiru and the young girl standing beside her.

The dark-haired girl has a pair of purplish-shaded eyes. Her eyes, too, had a mystery behind them. She wore a dark purple, long-sleeve shirt and violet dress with an accessory including black stockings (from ankle to feet) and black shoes. Around her shoulder was a satchel with a little Grim Reaper keychain hanging on the side. This girl was Hotaru Tomoe, otherwise known as Sailor Saturn. She currently has stayed with Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna in a residence outside Tokyo. She goes to a private school but usually is home schooled. Her actual age was unknown but she appeared to be at least sixteen years of age.

They both looked up to the sky and sensed a great uneasiness in midst. In fact, Setsuna had already been predicting of an unknown darkness lurking in the city for the past week. She didn't want to bother sharing with her colleagues since she shrugged it off as a tiny inconvenience. However, after having second thoughts, the Guardian of Time knew that this was a matter she had to investigate.

"You sense the darkness in midst, Hotaru?"

The young girl nodded. "Yes and we can't ignore this anymore. Like any disease, if we ignore it, it will continue to spread. We must find the source to this new problem."

"I hope Rei has already been aware of this and already has informed her friends. If she hasn't, then it will be a matter of time before we step in. Until then, we will keep an eye on this, Hotaru."

"Ok then," Hotaru nodded, glancing up the skies and noticing a dark gray cloud looming across. Even the clouds appear to be signs of the events to come. I can't tell what enemy we will face next. But whatever it is, we will rise again to protect our princess.


Hikawa Shrine/1:30 PM

Later in the day, the head priestess of the local Hikawa Shrine walked out to await the arrival of Usagi. The young Miko woman was beautifully majestic and radiated an exotic presence. Her hair was long, raven-colored (with tints of purple shading), her eyes were a mixture of purple and black and had the body of a goddess. The outfit she wore was the chihaya, which consists of a scarlet red hakama (a long skirt), a white kimono shirt with swinging sleeves and a tabi (ankle-high Japanese socks with thong sandal footwear). Tied behind her hair was a white ribbon.

She took a deep breath and looked down at her watch. If there was anything she couldn't tolerate it was tardiness. Picking the calls of 'cawing', the Miko girl looked up to find two beautiful, black crowds flapping their wings.

"Phobos. Deimos. What's with you guys?" she asked

This girl was Rei Hino, whose alter ego is Sailor Mars. She was a member of Sailor Moon's five-person Inner Senshi team. Since the defeat of Galaxia, she has worked hard in her duties as a Miko and has been officially given the title as head priestess since her grandfather's retirement recently.

But, recently, she has seen ominous, dark images and messages from an unknown source. Actually two sources: one presumably dealing with the new enemy and the other being from a completely different vision.

Just then, Rei heard the calling of a young girl. She glanced around to find Usagi running up the stairs and kneeling down to take a breather. Luna hopped off Usagi's shoulder and raced towards the Miko.

"Usagi! Luna!" Rei called out, rushing toward them. "Well, it's about time you came."

"I practically had to keep her from playing games at the local arcade," Luna explained, jumping up into Rei's arms.

Rei hugged Luna and smiled. "It's good to see you again, Luna. I take it Usagi has been on her best behavior lately?"

"Not quite. I'll be honest she's a lot more tolerable. She is looking forward to the wedding and being a mother in nine months."

"I see. That's good to know," the Miko smiled, looking over at Usagi and embracing her friend. "Thanks for coming, Usagi. If there was anyone that would come over to see me, it would be you."

"Like I said, if there's anything you want from me, you can depend on me," the Odango-girl returned a hug to her friend and smiled. "So, tell me. What did you need to tell me? You seem really bothered earlier on the phone."

"Right, now you know I told you about those visions that could be a premonition?"

"Yeah, go on."

Rei nodded and walked across the shrine with Usagi and Luna following behind her. "I've been receiving ominous images of a supernatural creature with glowing red eyes. I fear it's something we've never even dealt with before. A powerful enemy with unmatched strength. A spreading of an unknown evil and a full moon."

"Full moon?" Luna wondered.

"But it was a crimson moon. Then, I saw a shadowy figure with red eyes gleaming and that was it," Rei explained, picking out a sakura flower out of a tree.

"But what dark force would be involved with a crimson full moon?" Usagi asked, pondering.

Rei simply answered without any second thought. "A Lycan..."

"Huh...? a Ly-what-cuan?"

"No, Usagi, a Lycan. It's another term used to name werewolves," the Miko corrected her friend.

"You don't possibly think werewolves exist?" Usagi questioned her friend.

"After all that we've been through, would you even be surprised? And my other vision... No, I don't feel at all comfortable telling you yet. I'm sorry," Rei looked away, cooly sighing.

"You can tell me at least..."

"Maybe another time, Usagi. When I'm ready to talk but that's what I needed to tell you about the possible enemy. Let me tell you I feel uneasy about this."

"Does this Lycan or whatever it is really that much a threat?" Usagi wondered.

"What do you think? Of course!" Luna retorted. "And you can't be involved in much battle since you're nine months pregnant."


"I have to agree with Luna, Usagi. The baby must come first. Now it's possible you can fight alongside us during the next three months or so but until then you'll have to reduce the risk of fighting. If this conflict drags on, you let us handle this," Rei gave her friend a strict suggestion. "Is that understood? I don't want you or the baby to get hurt."

"I see your point..."

Suddenly, catching Usagi off guard, Rei took her friends' hands and caressed them. "Because I want to be there firsthand to see Chibi-Usa being born in this time line and I'm not going to have you waste that chance to become a mother. If this is indeed a Lycan or another kind of enemy, we will be there to stop it. Count on us."

"You think I'd ever give up hope on you guys?"

As she said that, Rei warmly smiled and picked up her broom. "Now, since you're here, how about helping me sweep the steps?" The Miko giggled and winked.

"Ahhh! I knew you had this planned!" Usagi scoffed and fidgeted. "You're always treating me like this!"

"Well, you want to be a good wife to Mamoru-san? I can teach you how to at least sweep since you're just going to be a house wife, right?"

Usagi merely shrank back and nodded meekly. "Yeah..."

"Now is the right time before you get married and become a mother, Usagi. I can at least show you the first step by teaching you to sweep," Rei smirked, giving the broom to her friend. "Ok, now let's get started."


"I can't hear you!"


Luna watched from a corner as the Miko helped Usagi to sweep around the shrine grounds. A smile crossed the guardian cat's face as she curled up warmly.

"It's good to see these two seeing each other. It's been a while since Usagi-chan ever visited Rei-chan," Luna murmured. "But this Lycan Rei-chan speaks of. I wonder... How long has this enemy been hiding from under our noses? This is a matter we must investigate ourselves..."


Near the Tokyo Metropolitan Building Area/Shinjuku District/11:45 PM

Later that late in the evening, strange activity was occurring the area where the famous government structure, the Tokyo Metropolitan Building, stood. A middle-aged man wearing black was seen running with something (or someone) in pursuit of him. He stopped and turned to find his pursuer gone. Then, a pair of crimson eyes gleamed behind him. The man heard low growling as he was forced toward the 'figure' and banshee screams echoed out from out of the man's mouth. That was last thing the man could do before feeling teeth being driven through his neck.


Fifteen minutes have since passed. The full moon was visible in the skies and loomed over the entire city. The same figure, who attacked the man, was standing on top of the Tokyo Metropolis Building with the full moon's light shining down upon him. His identity remained concealed but the most prominent features were the crimson eyes with black irises at the center as they dilated spontaneously.

A low chuckle was uttered from out of the figure's mouth as he scanned the entire city. He smelt blood, human meals and potential victims to convert to his side.

The time has come. Now is the time to punish the humans I have long detested. Starting with the warriors of Queen Serenity...

With that, the dark figure vanished out sight and returned to hunt within the darkness for his next 'victim'.

(Cue fade to black)

End of Episode One.


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The First Encounter with the Lycan! Tough Enemies to Fight?


That concludes chapter/episode one of this story. I hope you guys enjoyed this. It's my first shot at a true Sailor Moon non-crossover story in years. Should I continue this or not? I really like the idea of inserting Lycans into the Smverse. Now that I've covered the Senshi and the major arc enemy (who will be revealed later), I will bring in the likes of Mamoru. This chapter simply served to place emphasis on the main girls first. ;)

Also, the crimson eyes of the 'Lycan' is based off the Sharingan from the Naruto series. :D

I'm not sure when the next chapter for this story will be up but make sure to stay tuned. I also have my Digimon Fusion series to work on and my first Naruto story to write. So, please, have patience.

Until then, send a review! I'm out!