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Sailor Moon Galaxy Stars

Season 2. Arc 2: Virtual World

Chapter 33: Search for the Remaining Senshi! Chibi Moon and Saturn's Difficult Battles!


Virtual World/Dojo and Shrine/6:02 PM

("Ready to play, you pink-haired brat?!") Unit 010 screeched as she lunged toward Chibi Moon.

"Brat?!" Chibi Moon angrily retorted as she swiftly swayed to the side. She backflipped out of Unit 010's reach and whipped out her scepter. "Look who's talking! How did you find me?!"

Unit 010 cruelly smiled. ("Oh believe me. I have my ways. Besides, I've been watching you and your friends from the other side.")

"Other side? You must mean OUR world! Just you wait, we're going to get out of this place," Chibi Moon furrowed her brow. "I've learned this place is a virtual world. Don't think you'll contain us here forever."

("Too late for that. Lord Souja intends to destroy your world once he's done with it. There's nothing you and your pretty friends can do to stop us!")

"Chibi Moon! " Naru gasped with fright as she backed off, keeping her distance from Unit 010.

The sadistic female cyborg shifted her eyes on the alternate Naru. ("Ah, well what do we have here? Did you make yourself a new friend, bitch?")

As soon as Unit 010 eyed Naru, Sailor Chibi Moon threw herself in front of her new ally and shielded her. Naru stepped back as she put her back against the nearest wall. Unit 010 extended her right hand out, firing a beam out of her palm. Chibi Moon put her scepter in front and quickly forged a pink barrier, protecting Naru and herself. Unit 010's beam died as it struck the barrier. Unit 010 continued firing more beams as each one dissipated against Chibi Moon's barrier construct.

"Are you okay, Naru-san?!" The future princess asked the young woman.

"Yes, thank you, Chibi Moon!" Naru answered as she stood behind Chibi Moon. "Wow, this is a mighty strong barrier you've conjured."

"I can't keep it up for long. No doubt this witch is going to shatter it," Chibi Moon watched Unit 010 with keen eyes. "Grab on. I'm getting us out of here."

Naru nodded as she grabbed onto Chibi Moon's shoulders. As she supported herself, Chibi Moon mustered enough strength to carry Naru on her back and powered down her barrier. And rather quickly... the pink-haired princess flew right through the ceiling and glided outside.

("Psssh. Running away from a fight? I thought you were a warrior princess!") Unit 010 wasted no time flying through the hole in the ceiling and pursued right after Sailor Chibi Moon & Naru. Just as soon as she left, she was already hot on their trail. ("Did you think you'd get far?! Hehehe! Don't make me laugh!")

Naru warned Chibi Moon as she held onto the winged Senshi. "She's right behind us!"

"I know! I know!" Chibi Moon gritted her teeth as she boosted her flight speed, using up most of her energy to get out of Unit 010's wrath.

("You won't get away!") Unit 010 shouted as she extended her right hand and fired a beam, which followed Chibi Moon's direct path like a homing missile.

As Chibi Moon tried to swerve around the beam, it maneuvered around her and struck the princess' straight onto her chest. Chibi Moon cried out in pain as she spun out of control and crash landed into a marshy area near where it used to be Juuban Park. Naru and Chibi Moon both landed in a heap on the marshy grounds. Unit 010 stopped right above the marshy landscape and landed right down near her enemies' positions.

"Ugh... man... that was smarts..." Chibi Moon groaned as she slowly stirred on the wet ground. "Naru-san... can you hear me?"

As Chibi Moon raised her head, she saw Naru laying motionless near her. The pink-haired princess shut her eyes, feeling guilty for dragging her new friend into this mess. Unit 010 stalked towards Chibi Moon. Chibi Moon barely stood up on her own as she held onto her scepter for dear life. Unit 010 launched herself toward Chibi Moon and elbowed her in the face, hitting the bridge of Chibi Moon's nose. The princess cried out in pain as she was knocked back against a tree. Chibi Moon fell on the ground as blood trickled down both sides of her nose.

("Mmmm. I have to say that blood looks good on you. Guess you're going to need a plastic surgeon to repair that, hmm?") Unit 010 cruelly taunted her adversary. As she brought down her right hand, a long blade protruded out of her right elbow. ("Now, how slow should I cut you? Hmmm? Any suggestions? Ehehehe, I could cut off both of your ears. Or, I could slit your throat?")

"No... way... you're not going to kill me!" Chibi Moon smiled in defiance.

("Ugh, I hate that defiant look in your eyes! Stop looking at me like that!") The ruthless cyborg sneered as she approached Chibi Moon. ("You're all alone! How do you intend to beat me without those slutty friends of yours? Not even Saturn can save you like she did last time!")

"I don't need them to beat you. Besides..." Chibi Moon growled as she slowly picked herself off the ground. While wiping the blood from her nose, the future princess smiled defiantly once again... much to Unit 010's irritation. "...I'm not alone. Sailor Moon and the others are always with me in spirit."

Unit 010 stifled with a bit of laughter. ("Ho-hum. Whatever. Just die already.")

Chibi Moon went straight at Unit 010 with scepter in hand. As she readied her weapon, she pointed and fired a pink blast. Unit 010 countered by raising her shoulder blade, deflecting the blast to Chibi Moon. The pink-haired princess took to the air, avoiding the blast that hit the ground and exploded. Chibi Moon quickly turned as she saw Naru's body sinking into the marshes.

"Naru-san!" She called out. I've got to get her out-

("Hey! Where are you looking, bitch?!") Unit 010 teleported behind Chibi Moon and went to stab her adversary.


Chibi Moon countered Unit 010's shoulder blade with her scepter. Both ladies struggled to hold each other back. As Unit 010 gained some leverage, she rammed her left knee into Chibi Moon's gut. As the princess doubled over in pain, Unit 010 went for an overhead slash. Chibi Moon managed to teleport out of Unit 010's reach.

The pink-haired princess was back on the ground as she knelt over by Naru's side.

("This is getting annoying! C'mon! Quit running and fight me! Too scared to die?!")

"Heh, no... just checking on a friend. Something you'll never have," Chibi Moon said with her back turned to Unit 010.

("Turn your back on ME?!")

Taking Chibi Moon's back turn as an insult, Unit 010 swooped down to stab Chibi Moon. As she inched closer...

Sailor Chibi Moon twirled around at the last tenth of a second, raising her scepter and striking Unit 010's chest. Unit 010 yelped as the blow knocked her up a few feet into the air. Chibi Moon twirled her scepter like a katana and flew up to meet the menacing cyborg head-on. Unit 010 recovered quick enough to rebound and strike Chibi Moon's scepter with her right shoulder blade. The two countered each other's strikes as scepter and blade hit one another. The airborne warriors took their fight even higher into the air.

Chibi Moon shot forward and went for a head-on impalement through the cyborg's chest. Unit 010 countered as she slammed Chibi Moon's scepter with her shoulder blade. Both women tilted each other's armed weapons while attempting to disarm one another. Unit 010 saw an opening and fired beams through her eyes. Chibi Moon had enough power to summon another barrier construct, which deflected the beams at Unit 010. The cyborg's head snapped back as the beams struck her face. As Unit 010 covered her face, she let down her guard.

Seizing the immediate opportunity, Chibi Moon flew at Unit 010 and knocked the cyborg senseless with her scepter. Unit 010's head snapped to the side as she struggled to tilt her head back in front position.

"Pull yourself together!" Chibi Moon taunted the demented cyborg. She pointed her scepter and unleashed a bombardment of streaming pink blasts at the enemy.

Unit 010 grunted as the blasts pounded all over her cybernetic body. While Chibi Moon relentlessly continued blasting at her, the psychotic cyborg activated a barrier. Suddenly, a silver, circular construct formed in front of Unit 010 and directly cancelled Chibi Moon's attacks.

"Oh great... copy cat!" Chibi Moon growled intently as she continued her pink blast bombardment. "Let's see if your stupid barrier can stand up to this! Pink Moon Meditation Beam!!" The Princess Serenity of Crystal Tokyo shouted as her scepter fired a heart-shaped pink beam that easily penetrated through Unit 010's construct.

("Wha... WHAT?! HOW DOES PINKY MANAGE TO GET ALL OF THIS.... GAAAAUGH!!!") Unit 010 screamed out in horror as the pink beam widened across and blasted the cyborg head-on. ("NOOOO!!!")


Chibi Moon was just about out of breath as she landed down near Naru's fallen side. The princess watched as Unit 010's body flew out of the billowing smoke cloud, which formed following Chibi Moon's attack exploding. Once the cyborg hit the ground, Chibi Moon sighed with relief as she shook Naru's body.

"Naru-san! Hey, wake up!" Chibi Moon exclaimed as she noticed Naru's mouth twitching a bit. "Naru-san?"

Naru opened her left eye and then her right. As she squinted through her blurry vision, she saw Chibi Moon's face looking down at her. Chibi Moon smiled as she grabbed Naru's hands.

"Good! I thought I lost you there!" Chibi Moon said.

"Oh... what happened? Where are we?" Naru asked as she looked around while rubbing her head. Her eyes moved across as she noticed Unit 010's body laying prone on the wet marshy ground. "Oh dear. What happened to her?! Chibi Moon, did you do that?"

"Yep! I told you I had some powerful magic of my mine," Chibi Moon smiled yet looked slightly exhausted.

"Oh... you must have used up quite a bit of Mana, Chibi Moon. Here... let me give you something to boost your Mana level to full power," Naru offered while pulling out a small bag from out of her right sleeve. "I never leave home without these. There's no telling when I'll ever run into any of Tylong's soldiers." The first item she pulled out of the bag was a tiny bottle of pink liquid. "Drink this and you'll be up to full Mana again." She handed the bottle to Chibi Moon.

"Isn't this yours? I couldn't..."

"Take it, Chibi Moon. You need it more than I do now. I wasn't the one who was involved in a battle."

Chibi Moon nodded in an as-a-matter-of-factly manner. "Yeah, good point. Thanks, Naru-san." With that, she opened the cork on the bottle and swallowed the liquid in one gulp. She took a deep breath and smiled while licking her lips. "Mmmm! This is pretty sweet, but good!"

"Glad you like it. Now, we must get going. Your Mana should recover to full in no time."

"Good idea, Naru-san," Chibi Moon turned as she stared toward Unit 010's fallen body. Her eyes narrowed with careful suspicion.

Naru noted the princess's weary look. "Is everything ok, Chibi Moon?"

"Nothing, but that seemed a little too easy. Unless I've gotten too strong myself?"

"Who knows? Those who are actively involved in battles usually see their strength building. I'd say you leveled up somewhat."

Chibi Moon shrugged as she tried to sense Unit 010's life force. Of course, this would be next to impossible - considering the villainous psychopath had no life energy to explore. Unit 010 was the type with no soul. Therefore, she couldn't have any life energy contained within her being.

"Let's get going, Naru-san. I need to find my friends."

"Oh that's right! Well, perhaps I could ask someone who could possibly help us."

Chibi Moon inquired, blinking thrice. "Who do you have in mind?"

"I'll take you there, but we're going to have to stay low. We can't be seen out here in the open."

"Right. Tylong's men are out on patrol or something? Sheesh, I can't wait to give that tyrant queen a piece of my mind!" Chibi Moon frowned as she so desperately wanted to get her hands on the tyrannical ruler. "Before we leave, I'm going to see it this place is changed for the better after we've ousted that witch!"

"And I truly believe you can. You and your friends," Naru said with overwhelming confidence. "Me and the resistance will help you in anyway we can."

The future princess of Crystal Tokyo smiled. "Thanks, Naru-san. Now, let's go. Lead the way."


Before they could move, the ground rumbled underneath their feet. They watched as an explosive blast ripped away and reduced a section of buildings into a pile of rubble.


Another blast engulfed another section and completely stripped away what used to be another set of buildings. Explosive blasts erupted in the background as if a battle was taking place. In fact, Chibi Moon quickly sensed this presence and looked across to find a familiar face emerging through the billowing smoke clouds that shrouded the city landscape.

"Saturn?!" Chibi Moon cried out as she recognized her friend in the distance. What's going on?! Who is she fighting?!

Saturn murmured as she turned around and faced her nemesis. Mistress 9 floated out of the smoke as a calm, composed smile crossed her face. The Senshi of Destruction jumped right at Mistress 9 with her Silence Glaive and attempted an overhead, vertical slash. Mistress 9 teleported out of Saturn's way and reappeared behind her. She quickly caught Saturn off guard and punched her in the face, which had enough force to send Saturn flying across the street.

Chibi Moon watched in horrified shock as Mistress 9 came into view. Her face paled in fright while watching Mistress 9 floating over to where Saturn was sitting up. "No... it can't be...not HER!"

"Chibi Moon?! What's going on? Who are those two?" Naru asked as she hurried over by Chibi Moon's side. "From what I can guess, that girl's uniform looks almost identical to yours. She must be your friend?"

"She's my best friend! And that woman she's fighting was supposed to be dead!" Chibi Moon exclaimed.

"What? Now, I'm lost."

"Never mind. I'll tell you everything later. Trust me. It's complicating," the pink-haired princess growled as she flew out into the battle. "Naru-san! I've got to go help my friend!"

"Chibi Moon!" Naru shouted as she tried to intervene and stop the future princess.

Mistress 9 stood over Saturn and folded her arms nonchalantly. "C'mon, Saturn. Is this the best you've got? I truly thought you'd provide me with a better showing than what you've demonstrated." With that, she sighed and opened her right hand, allowing her fingernails to extend into sharp claws. "Guess this is it for you. Say good-"


Chibi Moon shot her right foot into Mistress 9's face and knocked her back thirty feet across the street. The dark-clad woman crashed through a glass window and landed on top of a station wagon.

"Ch-Chibi Moon?!" Saturn blinked out of bewilderment. Once she came to, Saturn ran over and embraced her friend. "Thanks! Am I ever glad to see you?!"

"Likewise! But, how did you end up... fighting Mistress 9? What's going on?"

The dark-haired girl briefed her friend on the situation. "It seems the dark power that took over was remnants of Mistress 9. Being in this virtual world allowed what's left of her to surface. Since any rule can apply here, she saw this as the opportunity to materialize and create herself a body."

"Ugh, still makes no sense, but now we've got to deal with HER? On top of that, we have that Tylong witch to overthrow if we want to get back home."

"Yes, things are getting way out of hand I'm afraid, but let's stay strong. Chibi Moon, together we'll defeat Mistress 9."

"You can count on me!" Chibi Moon nodded.

As Saturn looked over her right shoulder, she noticed Naru standing in the background. "That looks like Naru Osaka."

"It is her. Well, it's her alternate self. She and I became fast friends. I saved her from one of Souja's cyborgs. I took out that Unit 010 freak."

"Good. As long as she keeps her distance, we can solely focus on Mistress 9," Saturn shifted her eyes across and watched Mistress 9 floating from out of her spot. "Here she comes. Get ready, Chibi Moon!"

The pink-haired warrior princess nodded, twirling her scepter for the next battle. "Right!"

Once Mistress 9 recovered, she set her sights on Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi Moon. A coy smile curled on her lips while eyeing her two adversaries.

"Well, if is isn't the pink-haired brat. Heh, your Pure Heart Crystal was the delicacy that revived me in the first place. Hmmm, taking your energy will be sufficient to restore my former power. Taking you two out is just what I needed," Mistress 9 smiled evilly while a thick, black aura surrounded her. "Perhaps you two shall provide me with some entertainment before you die?"

"Ready, Chibi Moon?" Saturn asked as she flew up to meet Mistress 9 head-on

Chibi Moon shouted a battle cry and followed her friend. "Let's go!"

"You two won't make it out of this fight alive!" Mistress 9 exclaimed while situating herself for the impending battle, which will devastate much of Old Tokyo and possibly Neo-Tokyo in the process.

Meanwhile, Naru remained on the sidelines to witness the battle. She clasped both hands together and prayed for the Senshi pair to return alive.

"Please, be careful you two."


Virtual World/Underground Shelter Facilities/6:14 PM

Meanwhile, below the city, the remaining populous that once occupied Old Tokyo sought refuge and build homes underneath. They did this in attempt to get away from Queen Tylong's soldiers and to rebuild what they had lost to begin with. They also did it to avoid the increasing gang activity and violence that began to ensue.

Amongst those who lived underground were Old Tokyo's freedom fighters. They, among others, organized resistance attacks on Tylong's soldiers and her palace. So far, their plans had gone without much success. The one to lead the charge was Kotori Ayami.

And just now... the rebellion gained new allies: the Sailor Senshi.


Kotori opened the door into her underground bunker as she allowed Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Venus to pass through. Yuko and Yuka were the last ones to enter as they closed the door behind them.

The room itself was the size of an apartment room. On the left side of the room, there was a kitchen. The center room had a giant screen monitor installed against a side wall. To everyone (including Mercury's) astonishment, they gazed at the technological equipment installed all around the central room. There were wires all over the place. Sitting on top of the giant monitor was an even smaller screen. This one contained a grid map that covered the entire Tokyo metropolis.

"Wow... and here I thought my side of our apartment was messy," Venus chuckled a bit as she elbowed Jupiter's side.

"No kidding! Sheesh, now I'm this close to wanting to clean this mess up," Jupiter nodded.

Kotori overheard their comments. "Don't mind the mess. We... don't clean up around here too often."

"We can tell!" Venus and Jupiter said simultaneously.

"Amazing. This equipment... this had to cost you a lot to obtain!" Mercury was astonished, scanning around the room.

"Not really," Yuka replied.

"We stole the equipment," Yuko added as she walked over into the kitchen. "Besides, this is only our work quarters. We don't actually live in here."

"Though, we've spent so many hours here that we do crash and sleep in this dump," Kotori said as she sat down on the couch and pulled out a black leather bag. She set it on top of her lap and opened it, pulling out a laptop.

Sailor Moon stood in front of the monitor and stared at the grid map. "Hmmm. All of these gizmos. Mercury would have a field day with this."

"Well, maybe, but I would prefer a much more organized facility," Mercury chuckled a bit.

Kotori overheard Mercury's comment. "Sorry, but I'm not a maid. When it comes to cleaning up, I can be lazy." As she put in her password, she accessed her front page and opened a file folder named Restore_Tokyo_Plans. After licking on the icon, she opened up a page containing a log of the attempted resistance attacks on Tylong's kingdom.

"What do you want to show us?" Moon waked over beside Kotori. "What's this?"

"I've kept a log of the many attempts we've tried to defeat Tylong's army. Tylong herself is a powerful figurehead who has crushed our resistance groups like insects. You couldn't imagine what we've all had to endure and the losses we've suffered. They were terrible losses. Yuka and Yuko lost close friends in the battles. Even I... lost someone."

Jupiter sighed out of grief for alternate Kotori. "Sorry to hear that."

"Well, this person whom was close to me didn't die... he just got captured and... he's been converted to Tylong's side. Just like so many of our colleagues were. Anyone who were a part of our resistance lost their lives or were converted to Tylong's side."

"How does she convert people?" Venus inquired, dreading what Kotori had to tell her.

"Mind control. She and her men utilize really powerful propaganda and brainwash people who go against their ways. Many captured were imprisoned... either to be executed or converted. I was lucky to have escaped from them."

"Wait, but I don't get it. Why don't they capture you now? I mean you are a pretty well known combat fighter in that arena," Jupiter pointed out.

Kotori sighed as she set her laptop on her coffee table. "Simple. Tylong feels that I've given up attempting to fight her. She thinks I lost my will and turned my back on the resistance. But, this is all just a front to keep Tylong thinking I've given up. That's why I joined that combat organization. On top of that, I need the money to finance enough weapons and to gather a bigger group to my side. As you know, money doesn't grow on trees."

"I always thought it was money doesn't grow out of one's pockets?" Venus remarked.

"Well, you thought wrong," Jupiter stated as she walked over beside Kotori. "I get it. So you joined that organization to get paid enough money to form another resistance. This is without Tylong knowing, right?"

"Well, now Palmer has probably already suspected I've been plotting something behind her back. She works under Queen Tylong and has made sure I remained in her company... just so I can please that witch. The fact I've been competing solely for Tylong's amusement sickens me!"

Yuka nodded. "Me and my twin sister met Kotori. Lucky for us, we were planning the same thing. So, we all decided to conspire together and help each other out. Of course, Yuko and I couldn't be convinced that Kotori would be a capable leader. So, we decided to challenge her to a two-on-one match. Kotori, like the true warrior she really is... proved us wrong and we've been following her ever since."

"And believe me... as tough as I am... these two can be a real handful when you fight both of them!" The dark blue-haired woman smiled as she pat Yuka's head.

"Believe me. I know exactly what you mean, Ayami-san," Jupiter sweat-dropped as she and Kotori shared a laugh together. "Yeah, they really kicked my ass!"

"Still, you're a very strong woman yourself! You took out nearly all of the competition tonight!" Yuka was astounded by Jupiter's accomplishment.

Jupiter sighed. "Of course, there was Grace. I wonder where she could be now."

"What's the story between you two?" Kotori asked out of curiosity.

"It's a long story. Besides, we have more important matters at hand. Right?"

The resistance leader nodded in reply. "Yeah, good point."

"Well, Kotori, if it's our help you need... we'll do it," Moon said. "Just as long as we find our way back home and out of this place."

"Don't you guys worry. We'll figure out a way for you to get back home. I'm really surprised that you're from another world and a different Tokyo from this one."

Venus sat down on a chair and added to the discussion. "That's right, Kotori. Our Tokyo is still unified. There's no Old or Neo-Tokyo. No Tylong... but there's still a freaky cyborg out there we were dealing with. Then, of course, he and his cronies had to send us here! It's been a real handful for us and we still need to find our other fellow Senshi."

"Saturn, Chibi Moon, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are still out there," Mercury added as she pulled out her mini-computer. "My scanners can't even pick up a trace of them. I should've picked up energy signals from all of them, but there must be some kind of frequency that's jamming my computer. Kotori, do you have anything I can use that'll help fix my computer's problems?"

"Sure, I do have some equipment you can use. Yuka, you go and show her," Kotori instructed the twin.

Yuka responded. "Sure thing! Come with me, Mercury!" As she walked into a back room, she opened a closet and allowed Mercury passage into it.

With Yuka and Mercury preoccupied, the other Senshi gathered around to scan through Kotori's logs. Their eyes scrolled down as they read each log one by one. Every outcome has ended in failure for Kotori and her freedom fighters. They have gained no real victories, except for a few minor battles that didn't amount to anything. This only proved Tylong's superiority over Old Japan's resistance, which didn't sit well with the Senshi.

"Relax, Kotori. You guys won't have to endure another loss as long as we're here," Moon tried her best to lift Kotori's spirits. "I'm a strong believer in overcoming impossible odds."

"That's right. I thought you guys ever had someone as powerful as us," Venus smiled proudly.

"No doubt about that, but Tylong is someone you guys are going to have a hard time with," Kotori replied. "She has amassed herself enough power to bring an entire country to its knees. Hell, the bitch is already a powerful global figurehead! She has control almost over everything that comes and goes out of this world!"

"Perhaps, but every villain has their weakness. We're going to find Tylong's," Moon reassured Kotori. "Once we do, it'll be all over for that witch! You guys will finally be freed from her reign of terror!"

"I hope so. In fact, no... I know so," Kotori smiled as she turned and faced the Senshi. "Now that we have your on our side, we can win. This time the end result WILL be different! Just as I saw how powerful you girls were... when I saw Jupiter fighting Grace... I've never seen that kind of power shown since Tylong first rose to power. Even I, a strong combat fighter myself... I don't have anything close to the amount of magic you possess. I'm limited to just Chi and my fighting spirit. That alone won't be enough to defeat Tylong. Strong magic users are what's essential in bringing down that witch."

"How do you know?" Venus asked directly.

"She's shown a certain weakness when facing powerful magic users... especially ones with purely good intentions. Still, it's going to require more than just one magic user. And you mentioned there are others like you out there. Your other friends I mean."

Jupiter proclaimed. "There's ten of us and we each possess our own unique magical element."

"All of us should be more than enough," the red-bowing wearing Senshi stated as she faced Moon. "And we still have the Silver Crystal when push comes to shove!"

"I'll only use it if we need it, but I don't think I'll need it against Tylong," Moon admitted.

"We'll see. But, I'd keep that as an option," Kotori suggested. "Now, we need to act fast. First, we'll help you find your friends. Soon after that, we'll make our move against Tylong. This time... it will be final. Tylong is seeing the last days of her reign."

The brunette nodded. "Count on us to put an end to that witch."

Just then, Yuko walked out of the kitchen and carried a tray of coffee cups.

"Here's ya'lls coffee, guys! Tell me if you want any sugar add-"


"GAH!!" The twin sister freaked out as she felt the tremors and fell over, accidentally dropping the tray and spilling the coffee over the floor.

"What the hell was that?!" Jupiter cried out as she jumped out of her seat.

Kotori noticed three beacons zipping across the grip map on her laptop. She carefully monitored each one and analyzed their energy levels.

"Whoa! There are three highly-powerful energies clashing on the surface!" Kotori confirmed as she frantically looked up at the ceiling. "Whatever they are... they're sending really strong energy signals and are causing all of these tremors!"

Moon quickly recognized two of the energies. "It's Chibi Moon and Saturn!"

"It is them!" Venus said as she probed the source of the third energy signal. "But, that third one... seems really weird."

"And dark. Who could this be? It feels like there's two Saturns," Jupiter said.

"No... it couldn't be..." the Moon Princess expressed dread as she probed the third presence. "I can recognize this one. It's her!"

Kotori looked oblivious to what the Senshi were discussing. "You said two of them are your friends, but what's this about that third energy signal?"

"Everyone! I've just put my computer with a quick maintenance! I've traced three powerful signals above this vicinity!" Mercury called out as she raced back into the central room.

"We know, Mercury. It's Saturn and Chibi Moon. The third one is..." Venus paused as Moon abruptly interrupted her.

"Mistress 9! They're fighting Mistress 9!" Moon exclaimed.

"Mistress 9?!" The other Senshi cried out in unison, overwhelmed with shock.

Yuko walked over to help Yuka off the floor. The twins shifted their attention to Kotori and her laptop screen. They watched the grid map displaying the three energy beacons moving around.

"Wow, that's intense," Yuka looked on in awe.

"No kidding! One of them is even close to Tylong's level!" Yuko exclaimed.

"Great. Now, we have another powerful entity to deal with... things just keep getting better, don't they?" Kotori muttered with sarcasm in her tone. "Do you guys deal with this kind of crap?"

"All the time," the Senshi responded simultaneously.

"Sheesh, you guys are something. Exactly why I think you'll be more than enough to beat Tylong by yourselves!"

"Maybe, Kotori, but we'll see. Chibi Moon and Saturn come first," Jupiter stated. "Sailor Moon, let's get going and save those two."

"Right then. Let's move, girls," Moon declared.

"Mind if we come?" Kotori stood up as she and the twins walked up to them. "I doubt we'll do anything to beat that highly-powered entity your friends are fighting... but it's better than sitting here."

Jupiter folded her arms as she stared at the other Senshi. "What do you think?"

"Sure. I don't see why not," the Moon Princess shrugged. "The more help, the better."

"All right then. You three ready to kick some ass?" Jupiter asked.

"Would we?!" The twins exclaimed in unison as they jumped up excitedly.

Kotori smiled as she put on her fighting gloves. "This should be fun!"

"Let's go!" Moon declared as she led everyone out of the bunker.


Virtual World/Old Tokyo Streets/6:30 PM

Mistress 9 formed two dark balls of energy in her hands and tossed them at her two adversaries. Chibi Moon and Saturn dodged the incoming spheres. As they came together, Mistress 9 glided toward the girls and unleashed long strings of her own hair. The strands shoot forward like snakes as they ensnared both Saturn and Chibi Moon.

"I've got you!" Mistress 9 cackled as she reeled in both Senshi with her hair. She wrenched and pulled on their necks with her hair. "You can't escape me now!"

Chibi Moon choked out. "Ugh... no! Let go!"

Saturn struggled to move as she cut through the strands with her Silence Glaive. "You... won't keep... us tied like this, Mistress 9!"

"Defiant until the end. Oh, how I love watching you two squirm. It's kind of a turn-on," Mistress 9 chuckled with sick pleasure.

"Wha-what do you want from Saturn, you witch?!" Chibi Moon managed to scream out while struggling to break free.

The black-haired mistress smiled cruelly. "Simple. No one has any claim on Saturn's body, but me. I've been suppressed inside her body for so long... that my presence has been losing control. I'll soon cease to exist... if I haven't already. Luckily for me, this realm can make anything and everything come to life. This virtual world has allowed me to emerge out of Saturn and this time I'll have my revenge on you two. You two first, then the Guardian Senshi, and then Sailor Moon herself!"

"I'm... not going to let you hurt... my mom!" Chibi Moon shouted as she was losing her breath. Mistress 9's hair held a firm grip on the girl's neck, constricting it and cutting off her air supply. Chibi Moon gagged and choked, feeling her face going numb.

"CHIBI MOON!!" Saturn screamed out in horror. "Let... her go... it's me you want!"

"Yes, it is you that I want. That is why I plan to keep you alive and kill your friends. Does that sound good?"

"No... I won't let you... take over my body again!"

Mistress 9 stifled a haughty laugh. "Oh, ho, ho, ho! But, I'm not giving you a choice in the matter, Saturn. Who would you rather claim your body? Me or Souja? Pick your poison, child."

"I'll go... with option C... none of the above!"

"Wrong answer," the crafty woman frowned as she flew toward Saturn and punched her in the gut.

Saturn doubled over as she coughed out for air. "Ugh! Ack...!"

"Now, what's the appropriate answer I'm looking for?" Mistress 9 demanded.

"Screw... you..."

The woman frowned. "Pitiful." With that, she slapped Saturn's face and left a red welt on the girl's left cheek. "I'm going to keep this up. Better yet. I've got an even more delicious idea." Mistress 9 glanced over toward Chibi Moon's direction and floated over to her. "Shall I take it out on your dear, sweet Chibi-Usa?"

Saturn's eyes shot wide open as she twirled around. Her teeth gritted angrily as she shouted at her darker half. "Leave... her... ALONE!!"

"Not until you give me the right answer. And if you continue to refuse..." Mistress 9 grabbed Chibi Moon's chin and moved a lock of her hair toward the girl's neck, shaping the hair's end into a sharp blade. "I'm going to cut her throat. How does that sound?"

"LEAVE MY FRIEND ALONE!!" Saturn screamed as a subtle purple aura glowed around her.

"So, you're still defiant?! I guess you don't give a damn about your friend?! Very well... you made your choice! The bitch dies!" Mistress 9 howled as she prepared to slit Chibi Moon's throat. "This ends for you!"


Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Sailor Moon struck Mistress 9's back with her scepter. The blow knocked Mistress 9 back, causing her to relinquish Chibi Moon out of her grasp. Moon dove in and caught Chibi Moon in her waiting arms.

"Sa-Sailor Moon... you came!" The pink-haired princess was happy to see her 'mother.'

"Sorry I'm late," Moon smiled as her smile faded once she eyed Mistress 9. "So, I did sense Mistress 9. It is her."

Just then, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter flew right behind Saturn. Jupiter snapped off the hair that ensnared Saturn and released her.

"Thank you, Jupiter," Saturn coughed while recollecting her breath. "She... she almost had us."

"I'm glad we could make it on such short notice," Venus was relieved. "Luckily, you guys were right below us. We came out of the underground."

Saturn nodded. "I see. Well, you guys came at the right time. As you can see..."

"Mistress 9. I can't believe she's here," Mercury noticed the evil woman staring at the Senshi. "How did this happen?"

"She came out so she can prevent Souja from taking my body. But, it's the power of this virtual world that somehow revived her," the Senshi of Destruction briefly explained. "We're stopping her before she causes more damage to anyone else."

"I don't care how she got here. We're taking her out now!" Jupiter gritted her teeth as she balled up her fists.

Mistress 9 merely chuckled as she floated down toward the top of a nearby building. She pressed both hands together, compressing two balls of her dark energy into one. Then, she let the compressed black ball shoot upward and spin.

"Get clear everyone!" Saturn hollered out to the other Senshi, warning them immediately.

"Let's see you take this!" Mistress 9 grinned as she snapped a finger and made the ball suddenly explode, which unleashed a volley of concentrated energy blasts.

Chibi Moon shouted. "Summon your barriers! These are a pain in the butt!"

With that, the six Sailor Senshi summoned barrier constructs to counter Mistress 9's deadly blasts. Mistress 9 continued to let her energy beams ferociously pound against their barriers in hopes of shattering them.

"Don't drop your barriers!" Moon called out as she and the Senshi withstood Mistress 9's relentless blasts.

"Look at you! Resorting to your pitiful defenses?! Your barriers won't hold for long!" The sinister woman savored every moment of seeing the Senshi displaying a desperate tactic. "Make it easy on yourselves and hand your precious Saturn to me! She's mine anyway! I won't let anyone have her! Not even Souja!"

Saturn growled as she cancelled her Silence Wall and flew down to meet Mistress 9 head-on.

"Oh, so you've decided how futile it is to stand against me?!" Mistress 9 smiled with psychotic glee.

"Fat chance," Saturn retorted and raised her Silence Glaive. "I am no one's artificial body."

"Saturn! What the hell are you doing?!" Venus called out to the dark-haired girl. "You're falling into a trap!"

"Saturn! Hold on!" Chibi Moon took down her pink shield and raced down to stop Sailor Saturn from throwing herself into harm's way. "SATURN!"

Mistress 9 formed another black energy ball in her hand and tossed it at Saturn. The Senshi of Destruction brought down her Silence Glaive, slashing the black ball in half. As if instinct had taken over, Chibi Moon immediately responded to Mistress 9's attacks and assisted Saturn by canceling out the woman's blasts. Chibi Moon summoned heart beams through her scepter, countering Mistress 9's dark blasts.

"You two won't win! SATURN WILL BE MINE!" Mistress 9 vowed, quickly make a bold declaration to achieve her need.

"Chibi Moon! Saturn!" Moon cancelled her barrier as she, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus flew toward where the pair engaged Mistress 9.

As Mistress 9 looked behind the duo, she saw the other Senshi coming toward her. She jumped up, drifting upward into mid-air to catch her breath. Chibi Moon and Saturn didn't stop there as they followed Mistress 9, making certain that she didn't escape.

"Can't... go on... much longer..." Mistress 9 said, showing signs of quick fatigue. Her face turned sickly pale as it clearly indicated that her body was weakening, which meant she had to take Saturn's body quickly. "Need your body... Saturn..."

Suddenly, before Mistress 9 had a chance to fully recover, a massive burst of flames shot toward the dark-haired mistress. She quickly teleported out of the fire's range and reappeared at a further distance. Mistress 9 looked ahead to find Sailor Mars. The Fire Senshi had taken off her gypsy disguise and donned her complete Eternal uniform.

"Even more of you... you just keep coming..." Mistress 9 growled angrily.

"Sailor Mars!" The Senshi shouted in unison as they glided over to the fire wielder.

Moon threw herself at Mars and embraced her. "Glad you could make it!"

Mars smiled as she accepted the full embrace. "I thought I had lost you guys. Luckily, I was able to sense all of you cluttered in one location."

"We're almost all together. Now we just need to find Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto," Venus said.

"Hey, at least we weren't separated for too long. Not even this virtual world can keep us apart for long!" Jupiter proclaimed.

Saturn cleared her throat, garnering everyone's attention. "Save the reunion party later. We have a more crucial matter at hand. Namely, an old enemy of ours... and mine. The entity that has haunted me recently."

Mars frowned as she stared directly over at Mistress 9. "Her. I remember. So, she decided to rear her ugly head again?"

"And she's the one who temporarily possessed me during our battle with Souja," the Senshi of Destruction added, not taking her eyes off Mistress 9 for a single voluntary second.

"Then, with all of us here, she can't win. I can sense her energy level is getting weaker," Mars analyzed Mistress 9, probing her power. "At this point, any one of us can beat her individually."

"Really now?" Venus grinned mischievously. "Then, why don't we leave the honor to Saturn?"

Mistress 9 growled as she frantically drifted back, keeping herself distant from the Senshi. That Miko's right... my power is dwindling fast! I can't believe I wasted all of my power trying to kill that Goth bitch!

"Leave it to me and Chibi Moon," Saturn insisted as she nodded to her pink-haired friend. "What do you say? She hurt you and has tormented me for a long time. Let's put this nightmare away for good."

Chibi Moon smirked. "I couldn't have said it better myself."

With that, the Senshi decided to stand back to let the two younger Senshi take care of business. Saturn and Chibi Moon readied their weapons of choice as they flew toward Mistress 9 at full speed.

Mistress 9 twirled around as her eyes widened in horror. Coming toward her, Saturn and Chibi Moon prepared to unleash their attacks to take out the mistress utilizing one combined attack (coagulated from two of their overwhelming attacks).

This was it for Mistress 9.

At least, until...

To Saturn and Chibi Moon's surprise, Unit 010 teleported in front of Mistress 9 and glided over toward Chibi Moon. The psychotic cyborg rammed her right shoulder into Chibi Moon, tackling her across in mid-air. Saturn quickly turned as she called out to her friend. This allowed Mistress 9 to take advantage of this distraction and glided toward Saturn.

"WHAT?! Where did that freak come from?!" Moon shouted as she flew off to save Chibi Moon. "Hold on, Chibi Moon!"

"Saturn! Behind you!" Mercury cried out to warn the younger Senshi.

Saturn turned and countered Mistress 9's sneak attack, slashing the woman's hand with her Silence Glaive. As Mistress 9 withdrew her hand, she turned as the other Inner Senshi directed their attacks at her direction.

Mercury summoned her frozen blizzard attack. "Mercury Aqua Blizzard!!"

Mars conjured her giant fire snake. "Mars Snake Fire!!"

Jupiter unleashed her electrical storm-like blast. "Jupiter Coconut Cyclone!!"

Venus summoned her sword equipped with chains and slashed across with it, unleashing multiple strikes at the enemy. "Venus Wink Chain Sword!!"

As all these attacks launched out together, Mistress 9 couldn't cope with trying to avoid them. They came too quickly for her to react and dodge in time. She was caught within Mercury's blizzard attack... only to be engulfed by Mars' fire snake. Then, Jupiter's electrical burst electrocuted Mistress 9 and if that wasn't enough... Venus' multiple sword slashes slashed across Mistress 9's body and pushed her back. The mistress was sent crashing to a nearby rooftop and left laying with her body completely torn up from the Senshi's attacks.

"Thank you, everyone!" Saturn said as she floated over where Mistress 9 was laying unconscious. "Time for you to go back where you belong."

Meanwhile, Sailor Moon intervened in Chibi Moon's battle and struck Unit 010's face with a flying kick.

("GAAAH!! That... was completely UNFAIR!") Unit 010 whined as she stopped in mid-air, preventing herself from flying any further up. ("This is between me and pinky!")

"You're messing with my daughter, you freak," Moon gave Unit 010 a cold, angry glare.

"Thanks, Sailor Moon," Chibi Moon said as she shook her head.

The blonde-haired woman nodded, not taking her eyes off the callous machine. "Anytime. Let's take this witch out. Mother and daughter style."

"I'm game," Chibi Moon approved. "You can't beat both of us, you tin head!"

Unit 010 snorted as she unsheathed the claws in her hands. ("Oh, shut up and come at me already!")

Unit 010 teleported and reappeared in front of Sailor Moon. As the cyborg attempted a forward slash, Moon countered and raised her scepter to hold off Unit 010's strike. Chibi Moon quickly swayed around Unit 010 and kicked her in the back. Unit 010 spun around and slashed across, cutting off the bow on Chibi Moon's chest. The pink-haired princess barely swayed back, keeping herself distant from Unit 010's deadly claw strikes. Moon pried Unit 010 off and fired a beam from her scepter. The beam blasted Unit 010's chest, knocking her straight back through a building. Unit 010 crashed through a window and slammed against a side wall inside an unoccupied room.

"Chibi Moon, that was a close call!" Moon flew over as she checked on the girl.

"Yeah, but she barely even cut me. Just my bow..." Chibi Moon pointed to the bow that was shredded.

"Better that than yourself."

Chibi Moon turned around and shifted her eyes toward the building where Unit 010 landed. "I really doubt that's the end of her. I thought I killed her."

"Don't worry. I'm here right now. The others will take care of that witch, Mistress 9."

"Yeah, and then we'll finally face that Queen Tylong!"

"And then Souja."

Chibi Moon sighed. "I just hope we can find our way back home."

"We will. Don't lose any hope, Chibi Moon."

"No way."

While Unit 010 pulled herself out of the rubble, she placed a hand on her damaged chest. Sailor Moon's attack had dealt severe damage, causing a few circuits to malfunction. In her current condition, she wouldn't last in a fight much longer. As much as she loathed the idea, she leaned toward her one option.

("I've got to get repaired. I... really don't want to leave, but... I can't win like this. All right, seeing there's no other way...") Unit 010's voice started to crackle between her words. She slowly levitated through the broken window and faced the Moon family. ("You two may have gotten the better of me this time... savor your victory, but once I get repaired... you won't be so lucky!")

"No way! We're not letting you off so easily!" Chibi Moon snapped as she flew toward Unit 010.

("I'll kill you later, pinky! Bye!") The cyborg giggled psychotically as she stuck out her tongue and teleported out.

"Ugh! She got away!" Chibi Moon growled irritably. "I really hate her!"

"C'mon, Chibi Moon. Let's go to the others. We'll worry about that crazy robot girl later," Moon said as she grabbed Chibi Moon's hand. "Next time, you'll get your chance."

Chibi Moon scoffed. "I hope so. So, that way I won't have to listen to her annoying laugh again."

With that, the Moon family soared off to the other Senshi's exact position. They quickly spotted Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus gathered around the top of a building rooftop. She and Chibi Moon noticed that they were looking down to where Sailor Saturn stood over Mistress 9's prone body.

Saturn gazed over Mistress 9 with an expressionless gesture. She placed her Silence Glaive over the woman's chest and prepared to push it deep through the mistress.

"Are... you willing to go... through with this?"

"In order to force you back into me, yes. I won't allow you to hurt my friends."

"We... can't remain separated for long..."

"No, you can't exist without me. I can do fine without you."

"Then, why... do you wish to seal me back within you...? What are you planning, Hotaru Tomoe? You're up... to something..."

"You'll find out soon enough. When the situation calls for it, you'll know."

Mistress 9 smirked a little as she giggled psychotically. "Is that some kind of bluff? No... I doubt it... you obviously do have a plan. What do you intend to use me in the grand scheme of things?"

"Like I said, you'll know soon enough. Now, return to me..." Saturn frowned as she shoved her Silence Glaive through Mistress 9's chest, puncturing a hole through her and began extracting every trace of her being. Her body and soul turned into a black mist as it re-entered Saturn's body. "Ugh...!" The dark-haired girl cringed as she felt the woman's essence flowing right back inside her body. "...This time I'm going to be the one running things here. You just sit back and wait until I need you."

Mistress 9's voice growled inside Saturn's mind. 'Whatever it is... you intend to do... what makes you think you'll control me? What if I try and take control of your precious body?'

"You won't as long as you're in your current weakened state. You forced yourself to fight all out against me and Chibi Moon. You never took into account how much power you'd lose if you challenged us. Now, you paid for it. The shoe is on the other foot now."

'What do you mean?'

"I still possess enough power under my belt. That means I'll be the on who's in control. You just sit back and be a good girl."

'I swear... I'll get you for this!'

"Ignorance is bliss. Keep that in mind, won't you?" Saturn sighed as she let her entire body relax as Mistress 9's presence settled within her.

"Saturn! Are you okay?!" Moon called out as she and the other Senshi landed around her.

Saturn replied calmly. "I'm fine. Thank you, everyone."

"We kicked her butt, didn't we?" Chibi Moon said.

"We did, Chibi Moon. I couldn't have done it without you. We forced her hand and she went all out, completing draining herself of her great power."

"I get it. So, she didn't know she'd lose a lot of power if she stayed out of you for so long?" Jupiter inquired.

"That's right. That's why she wanted to possess my body. If she had done so, Mistress 9 would have taken over and returned to her former glory. But, since her power greatly diminished during our battle, she was weakened and I absorbed her completely. I'm the dominant mind now."

"Well, I'm just glad to know you've conquered that witch. Looks like we won't be seeing her again," Venus was relieved.

"Perhaps, but I might need her just for one more little errand. She no longer has any power over me, but I can force her to do my bidding."

"What do you have in mind? I overheard you mention something about a plan of sorts," Mars mentioned.

Saturn smiled. "Yes and I'll unveil it when the time comes. Right now. We must find Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto."

"That's right and then we go face Queen Tylong," Moon stated as she folded her arms. "But, then we have our new friends that want to take down Tylong as well."

"Ayami-san and the twins want a piece of the action," Jupiter said.

"Hey, guys. You won't believe this, but you won't believe who I've met," Mars smiled. "This world actually has a Cammy and a Aoshi!"

"Are you serious?!" Moon was flabbergasted as she heard this.

Mercury added. "So, it seems this alternate universe has its own versions of people we know. This proves my theory right about there being alternate universes."

"And I've even met this universe's Naru, Sailor Moon," Chibi Moon mentioned this to her 'mother.'

"Wow?! Really?!" Moon was even more thrilled. As she looked down, she saw other people joining Kotori and the twins from below. She clearly saw Naru, Cammy, and Aoshi all joining them. "You're right!"

Jupiter noticed the group gathering. "They might be all a part of the same resistance group."

"If they are, then we're going to hit Tylong hard. She probably won't suspect that we'll have Old Tokyo's resistance team on our side," Venus pointed out. "I mean they're actually counting on us to take down that witch!"

"And restore order to this universe," Mercury proclaimed.

Moon smiled as she saw the alternate Naru with the other resistance members. "Wow, hard to believe Naru-chan is a freedom fighter in another world."

"Sailor Moon, we need to get the resistance together and lead the charge toward Tylong's stronghold," Mars pressed.

"Just what I had in mind," Moon nodded. "Ok, guys. We're going to hit Tylong and her base hard. Now, to let the others know."


Meanwhile, Kotori and the twins were immediately joined by Naru, Aoshi, and Cammy. They all turned and watched the Senshi conversing with each other.

"Kotori-san, I didn't know you met with Mars' friends!" Cammy approached the woman. "All of you helped get them together!"

"Well, they did sense each others energies once we all came to this point of origin," Kotori proclaimed.

Aoshi smiled. "Still, I'm glad we were able to get them together. But, what do you know... here we are all together again."

"Oh, Aoshi-kun! You cute little guy!" Yuka and Yuko raced over to Aoshi while hugging him tight. "It's so good to see you!"

"You, too!" The boy struggled to get out of their stranglehold.

"Ok, you two! Knock it off!" Kotori quickly pulled the twins off Aoshi. "Sorry, kid."

"It's okay. I'll be fine," Aoshi coughed while drawing in his breath.

"I suppose this means the resistance team will be back in business soon?" Naru asked Kotori directly.

Kotori clarified. "I'm not sure if us meeting here was coincidental, but somehow the Senshi have reunited us. This is our chance, guys. I know we failed in our last attempt. But, I really believe we can finally topple Queen Tylong with the Senshi on our side."

"I agree. Somehow, I've got hope they'll be the difference makers!" Naru replied.

"Though, can we be sure they'll be strong enough to defeat the witch? She's beaten us countless of times," added Aoshi, feeling somewhat pessimistic. "I'm not totally doubting their power, but Tylong is on a whole different league."

"Wait and see, Aoshi-kun. Tylong hasn't faced anyone who's utilized powerful magic on par with her," Cammy defended the Senshi's case. "And from what we saw... they'll be all we need to beat her."

Kotori interjected. "They just need to be very careful. Strong magic users tend to use up a lot of Mana. In my case, I use Chi and fighting spirit. I'm a much more balanced fighter overall. I can reserve some of my Mana better than they can, but it won't be enough to beat a powerful magic user like Tylong. Fighting her with magic is the way to go. And I mean HIGH level magic. Not the run-on-the-mill kind Naru here uses."

Naru felt somewhat dejected. "I see."

"Don't feel bad, girl. We're all going to join in the fight. We can hold off Tylong's soldiers while they face the tyrant," Kotori said.

"Hey, guys!" Sailor Moon called out to the resistance group as she and the Senshi descended near them. "We were just discussing..."

"Yeah, us, too. I suggest we formulate a plan to break into the stronghold."

"Ayami-san. There's still the matter of finding our three remaining Senshi teammates," Jupiter brought this to everyone's attention.

The female combat champion pointed out. "Oh, right, but any chance they'll be heading over to Tylong's palace?"

Saturn added. "Most likely. They'll try and eliminate Tylong before we get there."

"Which will be a mistake on their part. They don't know who they're going up against!" Yuka dreaded the thought of the three Outer Senshi fighting an unpredictable enemy.

Yuko nodded in agreement. "I'm with my sister. They're suicidal if they attempt to attack her palace. Her base is more than just a palace!"

"Something tells me we're in for more than just a mini-boss..." Chibi Moon gulped. And we still have Souja to deal with!


Virtual World/Queen Tylong's Chamber/7:09 PM

Tylong's eyes shot open as she probed the Sailor Senshi's powers. The fact their powers fluctuated during each phase of battle astonished her. Even more nerve-gripping was the fact they each wielded powerful magical properties.

"I didn't think they'd be this troublesome," the tyrant queen gritted her teeth as she turned away from one of her viewing windows. I don't think my battalions will be enough to stop them! Simply put... the only way I'm going to beat them is if I do it myself! As she turned, Tylong stared at the container that contained Sailor Pluto. "I've captured one. Now, all I need is nine more... and Lord Souja needs Sailor Saturn. Oh, you ask too much of me... why can't I simply kill them?"

("Because... you should do as Lord Souja tells you!")

Tylong quickly turned out of panic as she saw Unit 010 entering her royal chamber unannounced.

"You... what happened to you?"

The cyborg snorted out of agitation. ("Let down my guard... I'll be ready for them next time.")

"Oh, ho, ho! Seems not even you can beat those mini-skirted brats!" Tylong laughed, mocking the cyborg.

("You'd best watch your tongue, your royal pain-in-the-assness. Why don't you fight them for yourself and see who comes out laughing.") Unit 010 paid no attention to Tylong as she sat down on the nearest cushioned seat. As she turned, she called toward one of Tylong's armored guards. ("Hey, you! Bring me some tools to fix my chest! I sustained damage and need my core recharged!")

The soldier acknowledged Unit 010's request and walked off. "As you wish, Lord Souja's warrior."

"Hey! You don't go ordering around MY followers!" Tylong chided the childish cyborg.

("Blah, blah, whatever. Look, queenie. It'll be up to you to take care of the Senshi now. No doubt they're heading this way.")

Tylong turned her nose and scoffed. "I'll be more than ready for them, you brat. Just make sure you and your friend be on standby."

("Grace isn't here yet? Oh boy, she can be quite the handful. Oh well. I doubt she'll miss out on all the fun. Can't be helped.") Unit 010 shrugged as she opened her chest and examined the damage inflicted from Sailor Moon's blast.

"I'll have you know that I've taken one Sailor Senshi!" The evil queen pointed to the chamber that contained Sailor Pluto. "She didn't know what hit her when I ambushed her in my chambers."

("Pfft, yeah. She got really unlucky when she was transported into your royal chamber!")

Tylong smiled evilly, feeling confident about her magical prowess. "I had to fear her time stop ability. When it came down to our magical power, I completely overwhelmed her. If she's regarded as the oldest and most experienced, the other Senshi will drop like flies when they confront me. I say... bring it on. I'll have them begging for their lives!"

("Right, right. Just do your job.")

Suddenly, Queen Tylong sensed a pair of powerful energies drawing near her quarters. She stared up toward the ceiling as her smile curled into an evil grin.

"It appears we have company. Ah, right on cue. If you'll excuse me..." Tylong said as she teleported out.

Unfazed by what Tylong just said, Unit 010 filed her claws. ("Once she's done with those two, we'll have three captive Senshi. Ah, and I didn't even have to lift a finger here.")


Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune thoroughly scrutinized the entire rooftop. They had taken out twenty of Tylong's royal guards rather quickly. They pressed onward directly for a doorway leading into Tylong's royal palace.

"So much for these weak guards. Not even worth our time," Uranus remarked as she walked ahead.

Neptune smirked. "This Queen Tylong needs better security, but... hey why am I complaining?"

"You will be once I'm through with you!"

With that, Uranus and Neptune quickly spun around in alarm as Queen Tylong appeared right before their eyes. The tyrant queen softly landed on her feet and folded her arms, giving a rather apathetic look.

"So, you're Queen Tylong?" Uranus frowned, unsheathing her Space Sword.

"We've heard all about you," Neptune said as she whipped out her Deep Aqua Mirror.

Tylong smiled evilly and calmly. "Just two of you? Humph, oh well. Since you've trespassed on my quarters, I'll add you to my collection."

"Collection?" The Outers repeated amongst themselves.

"Why yes. I have your precious Time Guardian and soon you'll be joining her."

"You what?! You captured Pluto?!" Neptune exclaimed in shock.

The tyrant queen uncoiled the locks in her hair and prepared to launch them forward like spears. "Yes. Now, that we've formally met, let our battle begin!"


To be continued...

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