A/N: Warning! This might be disturbing to sensitive people. There is attempted suicide, mentions of abuse, and a murder massacre. (You know, generally Captain Hook being Captain Hook) Also there is sex in the third chapter, so please heed the rating.. Both Wendy and Hook are very Out-Of-Character! The beginning is definitely angsty, but then it turns into a horror/romance with a dash of comedy thrown in. Note: I have not read the book, only seen a couple of the movies so I apologize for errors. Also, this has not been beta'd, but I have done my best to correct any spelling/grammar errors. This is a just-for-fun story that will hopefully amuse you.

Rescuing Wendy

Wendy Darling sat on the window seat in her bedroom and gave a sigh that was much too heavy for a young woman of eighteen. As she stared out into the night sky she longed for the simplicity of life in the nursery…

Very soon after her adventure in Neverland, Wendy had to grow up. Her parents almost immediately packed her up and shipped her off to a boarding school where she had been subjected to four years of phenomenally boring training to become a lady.

Wendy was determined to make the best of her situation, and so she began telling stories to her roommates. It was not long before almost the entire school would sneak into her room after curfew to hear her adventurous tales. However, stories of the young boy named Peter Pan had not held much fascination with the girls who were quickly becoming women, and so Wendy had to change the type of stories that she told.

The girls begged her for stories of tall, dark, and handsome men, and of course, romance. Unfortunately Peter did not fit this description, so she began telling stories of the only man she had ever met that did.

Captain James Hook.

She was slightly startled by how easy it was to turn the horrible villain into a dashing hero. At first Wendy toned down the evilness of the infamous pirate because she was afraid that the girls would be disgusted by his ruthlessness. However, the darkness of the character was appealing to her audience in a dangerous and forbidden sort of way. Captain Hook was almost the exact opposite of the gentlemen that they were being bred to attract, and the girls found themselves excited at the prospect of an affair with such a dangerous and deadly man.

Her nightly story time was the only thing that kept her from completely conforming to adulthood. But one night, six weeks before her sixteenth birthday, the stories had to stop.

The Head Mistress, tipped off by an older student, caught them. The girls who had come to her room each night were given heavy house keeping duties in addition to their lessons for one week as punishment. Wendy, however, had been beaten and forced to become the assistant of the cruel teacher. At least, 'assistant' was the word that Mistress Swindle used. The term 'slave' was a much more accurate description.

Wendy was forced to do all sorts of horrible things during her time as assistant to the abusive Mistress. Her days blended together into a dull and miserable fog. She was awoken at six every morning to help the cook with breakfast. After eating, her lessons would begin, and her day became pretty much the same as the other students. That is, until the lessons were over.

While the other girls spent their afternoons and evenings having tea, gossiping, and studying, Wendy was scrubbing blackboards, windows and floors. She did laundry, and then it was back to the kitchens to help with dinner.

She spent her evenings under the watchful of eye of Mistress Swindle, studying and doing whatever task popped into the Mistress's head.

At first she only half-heartedly attempted the tasks given to her. However, she quickly learned that displeasing the Mistress only earned her a missed meal, extra chores, or even a painful beating.

The only way Wendy was able to survive these terrible days, was by telling herself stories as she worked. In the stories, Mistress Swindle became the villain, and valiant Captain Hook would sail in on his ship and rescue Wendy from her life of misery.

Three weeks before her birthday Wendy was pealing potatoes in the kitchen when she made a startling revelation that made her cut her finger.

She had fallen in love with Captain Hook.

She soon became so withdrawn into the fantasies of her mind that she had actually convinced herself that Captain Hook would be coming for her on her sixteenth birthday.

For three weeks she endured everything that was thrown at her, always reminding herself that soon her Pirate Captain would come for her. Soon, she would be free.

When the day of her birthday finally arrived, Wendy packed a bag, and hid it under her bed. She wore a pretty new gown that her mother had sent as a present. Mistress Swindle had told her to change into something else.

"Just because today is your birthday, does not mean you won't be expected to attend to your duties. Today, Miss Darling, is no different than any other day," she sneered hatefully.

Wendy refused to change, not caring if her new dress was ruined.

With every hour that passed, Wendy felt a little part of herself die.

After everyone was asleep, she slipped outside with her bag and sat on the front steps of the school.

When the clock struck midnight, Wendy began to weep. It felt as if all of her hopes and dreams were being extracted from her in the form of tears that cascaded down her pale cheeks. After exhausting herself from crying so hard, Wendy curled up into the fetal position and fell asleep.

She awoke three days later, lying on a bed in the infirmary. The nurse informed her that she had caught pneumonia from staying out in the cold that night, and was lucky to be alive.

If Wendy had had the strength, she would have argued that she was not alive and probably never would be again. But all she did was groan and fall back asleep.

When she was well enough to return to lessons, Wendy was surprised to hear that Mistress Swindle had resigned. Had this happened a month ago, she would have been ecstatic. As it stood, she really didn't care.

Captain Hook had not come for her, and that harsh fact had rid her of the last bit of carefree, childlike happiness that she had possessed.

Wendy became the perfect lady after that. She always did what she was told, never gossiped or played around with the other girls. She rarely smiled, and never laughed. Yes, Wendy Darling had grown up and become a Lady.

Wendy graduated at seventeen, and was then launched into London society. She had no trouble attracting suitors after being unleashed into the social scene. She was polite and demure, the very essence of everything a lady should be, and the gentlemen had come to her in droves.

Reginald Pierce had been the lucky man her parents had chosen as her betrothed. He was a boring, somewhat handsome man who needed a wife in order to receive his inheritance. Tomorrow they would be married.

Wendy contemplated the ground below her second story window, seriously thinking about jumping. She dismissed the idea when she realized that the window wasn't really high enough for the fall to kill her. And an injury would only delay the inevitable.

A knock at the door pulled Wendy out of her disturbing contemplation.

"Come in," she called, not too loudly but not too softly either.

Mrs. Darling entered, and smiled proudly at her only daughter.

"Oh Wendy, I'm so happy! You and Reginald make such a nice couple, and I just know that the two of you will make adorable babies," she gushed and began fussing with Wendy's hair.

Wendy turned her attention back to the window.

Maybe if she had a running start before she jumped, and twisted her body just so, she could land on her neck. Very few people had ever survived a broken neck. Of course with her luck, she would probably be one of them.

She snorted quietly at the thought.

"Your brothers should be here soon. It was nice of their Headmaster to allow them to come home for the wedding," her mother continued, not bothered at all by Wendy's silence.

Wendy had barely spoken to her parents since she returned from school almost a year ago. Deep down, she would always hate them for robbing her of her last few years of childhood by sending her to that awful school.

Wendy's mother began chattering away about what Wendy should expect on her marriage night. With every passing second Wendy's horror grew. When her mother finally left, Wendy opened the window, walked to the opposite side of the room and turned back around to face it, a look of determination set on her face.

She thought briefly of writing a suicide note, but then decided she really didn't have anything to say to anyone.

Wendy whispered a quick prayer, asking God to forgive her, then ran, full speed to the window and dived out, head first.


The ground rushed up to meet her, and her body tensed up in preparation of the impact. She kept her eyes open, watching the grass come closer and closer until… She stopped. Her head was an inch from the ground, and she could see an ant walking on a blade of grass.


She suddenly realized that someone had caught her around the waist, and was holding her up. She began wriggling and was dropped, landing on the soft grass with a thud.

Wendy raised her gaze to her rescuer, furious that he had thwarted her attempt to escape her misery and gasped in shock.

It was Captain James Hook, and he looked exactly as she remembered him.

He looked down at her, confused.

All her old feelings for him came rushing back, and she launched herself at him.

"Mis- omph!" he gasped as Wendy knocked him to the ground, and attempted to wrap herself around him as tightly as she could.

Captain Hook was so shocked he could barely move.

Her arms twined themselves around his neck, and she buried her face into his coat, sobbing.

Hook gave a sigh of annoyance, and then pushed himself into a sitting position, taking her up with him.

Wendy crawled into his lap, clinging tightly to his shirt.

"Ah, Miss? Please stop crying, I need to ask you something," he said, gently.

Wendy pulled back and looked at him questioningly as she got her tears under control.

"That's better. I'm looking for a young girl named Wendy Darling, do you know where I might find her?"

End Chapter 1

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