Chapter 3

When she awoke the next morning Wendy refused to speak to anyone. Captain Hook had rejected her, and she wanted nothing more that to succumb to the peaceful oblivion of death. Unfortunately, her family had refused to allow her to be alone even for a second, and so she had no choice but to dress for the wedding.

The morning flew by much too quickly for her taste, and soon her proudly grinning father was escorting her down the aisle.

When they reached the end, Mr. Darling took her hand and placed a gentle kiss on it.

Wendy braced herself for the moment when her father would place her hand in the small, cold, limp hand of Reginald. She bit back a gasp of surprise when a large, warm hand firmly grasped her own.

She looked up in shock at the twinkling blue eyes of none other than Captain James Hook.

Wendy smiled and heard the horrified gasps of the wedding guests as about thirty pirates with pistols and knives surrounded the church.

One of the pirates she'd seen the night before smiled and winked at her from his position standing over a bound and gagged Reginald.

Smee appeared with a pistol politely pointed at the priest.

James gave him an encouraging bow.

"Please proceed," he commanded.

Shaking, the priest began the ceremony.

"If any man can find any reason why these two should not be joined in marriage, let him speak now or forever hold his peace."

A riot seemed to break out among the guests, and Wendy gasped as she was pushed to the ground. She huddled under James's body as the sound of gunshots and terrified screams rang throughout the air.

The noise abruptly stopped, and an eerie silence descended. James helped Wendy to her feet and cringed at her look of horror as she surveyed the massacre.

She looked at the dead bodies that filled the chapel in disbelief then turned to Hook with a scowl.

"You killed my family and friends… well, acquaintances, on my wedding day!" she shrieked, slapping at his arm.

He grabbed her flailing hand and placed a kiss on the back of it.

"Wendy, dearest, it was necessary. We're leaving after the ceremony, its not like you'll ever see any of them again anyway," he said, dismissively.

Wendy huffed and crossed her arms across her chest, glaring at him.

"That's not the point, James!"

He had known that deaths would be involved with this plan of his, but he had not realized how upsetting it would be for her.

Wendy was more upset with herself than him. He was a ruthless pirate, she knew that, but she wasn't. And yet, try as she might, she could not seem to find it within herself to feel remorseful about any of the deaths that had just taken place.

James grabbed her by the arm, and pulled her close, tilting her chin up toward him with his hook. He did his best to look innocent and sincere as he said, "Wendy, these people are the reason you've suffered for so long. They saw your torment, and did nothing to help you. They allowed you to be driven into madness, to try and take your own life. I would be remiss in my responsibilities to you if I had let them continue their worthless existence for another moment."

Wendy's heart melted at his words, and she leaned forward to place a light kiss on his lips. They smiled at each other for a moment then turned to the priest, who, still alive, was shaking even more violently than before.

"If you would be so kind, Father," James said, sweetly.

The priest rushed through the end of the ceremony, wanting to get away from this mad man and woman as quickly as possible.

"BythepowervestedinmeInowpronounceyou husbandandwife. Youmaykissthebride," he mumbled, then quickly ran for the door.

James claimed her lips in a powerful kiss that weakened her knees so much, he had to hold her tightly to keep her from falling.

He pulled out his own pistol, and trained it at the back of the retreating priest.

"Oh, no James, please! We need at least one witness to our marriage!" she cried, pushing his arm down.

He frowned and gestured to the pirates that surrounded the room.

"We have several witnesses," he protested, watching the form of the priest getting smaller in the distance.

"Your brainless lackeys don't count! Besides, he's too far away now, and you promised we could leave right after the ceremony," she pointed out.

He gave a mock sigh of irritation, then offered her his arm and said, "As my lady wishes."

Wendy giggled and looped her arm through his. They walked happily out into the sunshine, surrounded by ruthless pirates.

"Wait!" Wendy suddenly cried, tugging on his arm so that he'd stop.

The entire group came to a halt and scanned the area for danger.

"You didn't give me a ring!" she cried, petulantly.

James sighed and wondered, not for the first time, what exactly he was getting himself into.

"I'm sorry, my dear, the priest whom you so insistently demanded I not eliminate, rushed through the ceremony and skipped that part," he said, regretfully.

Wendy's frown deepened, until she saw James retrieve a small box from his pocket.

She gave him a very wide smile when he removed the large diamond ring and slipped it smoothly onto her finger.

"Oh James, it's lovely," she cried, kissing him again.

One of the pirates huffed and rolled his eyes. It was the last thing he ever did, as Hook had quickly pulled his pistol back out and disposed of him.

Wendy's face clouded over, and he wondered if he had just made a big mistake.

"But I don't have a ring for you! I had one for Reginald, but it's not good enough for you," she said, dismayed.

"Don't worry, my lovely! We shall have plenty of opportunity in the coming days to look for a ring," he said, kissing her hand.

She nodded, satisfied, and the group continued on their way to the ship.


Wendy looked around Hook's lavish cabin with a critical eye.

"I see some major redecorating in our future," she commented.

Hook frowned.

"I think not. There is nothing wrong with the way I've decorated. It's been this way for years, and it will stay that way! Understand?" He demanded.

She shrugged, but didn't say anything.

"Wendy," he said, warningly.

She turned her back, and glanced coettishly at him over her shoulder.

"Help me out of my dress?" she asked.

James grinned and walked over to her, completely forgetting that she had not agreed with what he wanted.

He was dismayed to see the long row of buttons that now stood between him and what he desired. He actually managed to unbutton three buttons before losing his temper and slashing the dress down the back with his hook.

"James! You've ruined my wedding dress!" She cried.

"It's not like you'll need to wear it again," he muttered then ripped through her corset.

"I would have worn that again!"

"I'll buy you a new one," he growled continuing to destroy what remained of her clothes.

Scraps of satin and lace littered the floor around them before he finally reached skin. As brutal and hasty as he'd been with her clothes, Wendy was impressed by the fact that he did not even scratch her skin.

She suddenly found herself naked in front of him, blushing as his gaze traveled all over her.

There was a knock on the door, and James quickly jumped in front of Wendy to block Smee's view as he entered the cabin.

"Cap'n, I… Oh, so sorry Miss!" he exclaimed, blushing and averting his eyes to the floor.

"What is it Smee?" James asked, dangerously.

"I just wanted to tell you that we set sail," he said, sheepishly.

"Yes, I did give the command," James said, irritated.

"Mr. Smee, my wife and I are not to be disturbed again tonight, unless the ship is sinking. Is that clear?"

"Yes Cap'n!" Smee called, and hurried out of the cabin.

James turned back to Wendy.

"Now, where were we?"

Wendy crossed her arms over her chest and gave him a considering look.

"Well, you ripped my clothes to shreds, I'd like to return the favor," she said and grabbing hold of each side of his coat.

Wendy tugged as hard as she could. Nothing. Not even a ripped thread.

She sighed in frustration and tried again.

James chuckled at her, amused.

"It's not fair, you had a hook to help you," she pouted.

He laughed again, then twisted the hook out of the holder where his hand should have been and gave it to her.

She smiled, and held the hook up, tucking the sharp end under his collar and pulled. A couple of threads snapped, but that was it.

Wendy pouted for a minute, then sighed and resigned to unbutton each one by hand.

She was tired by the time she had him naked to the waist and didn't protest when he picked her up and carried her to his bed.

He lay beside her propping himself up by the elbow of his hand-less arm.

"You truly are lovely, my beauty," he said, trailing his hand down the length of her body.

Wendy smiled, then gave him a look of determination.

"Well, get on with it then," she said, spreading her legs and pulling her knees up.

His eyes flew to her face.

"Have you done this before?" he asked, uncertainly.

Wendy shook her head.

"But Mother explained to me what happens. I only ask that you are quick about it."

James frowned and pushed her knees back down.

"I won't be rushed. We have all night, and I believe your mother neglected to tell you a few things. Or maybe she just doesn't know…" he trailed off looking thoughtful.

Wendy was skeptical. Her mother had given birth to three children, how could she not know everything there was to know about sex?

"She said it would hurt. I'm not one for pain, so if we could do this quick-"

James cut her off with a deep kiss that left her shaken, and out of breath.

His warm hand rested on the smooth skin of her stomach, and she shivered at the weight of it.

He kissed her again, slowly, and teasingly, pulling his tongue back to encourage her's to enter his mouth.

Wendy was so preoccupied with his mouth, that she was truly startled when his hand slid up to cup her breast.

She let out a squeak, and tried to pull away, only to have him follow. Flat on her back, she looked up at him her heart racing with some unknown fear.

He withdrew his hand and narrowed his eyes in annoyance.

"What is it now?"

Wendy shook her head, looking lost and confused. His face softened as he felt a rush of an emotion he had never felt before in his life. Compassion.

"Wendy, you are my wife now. It is perfectly acceptable for me to kiss you…" he whispered, and dropped his lips to her forehead, then her nose, and finally her lips.

He pulled back, and was happy to see some of the fear leave her eyes.

"…to caress you…"

His hand moved slowly and deliberately up her body and to her breast.

This time, she didn't pull away.

James kissed her lips again, then sensuously rubbed his lips down the white column of her neck. His tongue came out to lick at the salty skin causing Wendy's face to flush with pleasure. He stopped to swirl his tongue in the hallow of her throat, eliciting a strangled sound from his new bride. Chuckling softly he moved his mouth to her breast, sucking a rose colored nipple into his mouth.

Wendy put a hand over her own mouth to try to smother the moan that she could no longer contain from the shock of pleasure. His hand came up to grip her wrist and pull it away.

"Don't hold back, my beauty. I want to hear how much you desire me," he whispered against her skin.

A tear slipped from Wendy's eye.

"I-I don't know what I am supposed to do. Mother never said how good this felt… She only talked of pain-ahh!" she ended on a slight scream that was not at all from pain as James slid his hand between her legs.

Wendy was incapable of talking after this point. Finally letting go of everything and just letting herself feel. It wasn't long before Wendy felt something inside her snap, sending waves of pleasure crashing over her as she cried out in ecstasy. Sometime during this abandonment of the senses, Wendy felt a sharp stabbing pain in her center. She looked down and was surprised to see that James had joined his body with hers. Her eyes quickly flew to his face. He looked as if he were in pain. All his weight was being supported by his hand-less arm, and the muscles in it were quivering from the strain.

Her hand reached up and gripped the poor arm.

"Rest your weight on me," she said, hoarsely.

He shook his head.

"I'll crush you, you are so tiny," he muttered, his forehead dotted with perspiration.

When he could take no more, he pulled out of her and rolled onto his back.

Wendy stared in a disgusted fascination at his slimy erection. It was rather large, and she was surprised that it had fit in her without more pain.

"Is it bleeding?" she asked, worriedly as she saw the dark-colored liquid on it.

James frowned and looked down at himself.

"No, you are."

Wendy touched a hand to her center and was surprised when she saw the fresh blood.

She looked up at him suspiciously.

"Did you do something wrong?" she asked, accusingly.

He laughed at her then.

"I thought your mother told you what would happen."

"She said it would be painful, but that if I held still it wouldn't last very long," she recited, her eyes focusing back on his erection, this time with a guarded curiosity.

James became rather hysterical after that, and it was sometime later before he was able to calm down enough to explain things to her.

"If a man knows what he is doing, then it isn't painful for the woman," he began.

"It hurt me," Wendy interrupted petulantly.

He raised an eyebrow at her.

"Well, it hurt a little, but it also felt so good that I couldn't really dwell on it," she admitted, flushing slightly.

"It is supposed to hurt the first time. Next time, it shouldn't hurt much at all."

"Next time?"

He nodded grabbing her wrist and pulling her to lie across him. His erection, which had gone down slightly during his laughing fit, was now at full attention again as he rubbed it along her thigh.

"But first we must finish this time," he whispered his gaze darkening with lust.

"But I thought…"

He silenced her with a kiss, and slipped his hand down to play between her legs again.

When he felt she was ready for him, he urged her to take him in hand, and guide him into her.

A look of revulsion broke through her lustful haze.

"I have to touch it?" she demanded.

"You don't want to touch it?" he asked, barely able to suppress his frustration.

Wendy heard it anyway and looked uncertain again. She was also a little upset with her mother for not sharing all of this with her.

The same mother you let him slay in cold blood on your wedding day? A voice, sounding suspiciously like Mistress Swindle whispered in her head.

James wasn't sure why she was glaring at the wall above his head, but had had enough of her stalling.

He thrust his hand back between her legs.

"Do you like it when I touch you, Wendy? Doesn't it feel good?" he coaxed.

Wendy squirmed and nodded in delight. He abruptly took his hand away and she opened her mouth to protest. His eyes caught hers, before they looked pointedly at his erection.

Understanding dawned on her and she apologized.

"I'm sorry, James. I wasn't quite as prepared for this as I thought," she admitted, but gently took him in her hands.

She had expected it to feel cold and slimy like a snake, but was surprised to find it very warm and firm. She was further surprised to hear him let out moan as she tightened her grip. Any remaining repulsion she had quickly dissipated as she felt the power she had over him in that moment. Soon, he was begging her to take him inside her again, and was again surprised to find that she wanted to.

Wendy wasn't on him long before she felt herself become overtaken by the pleasure again. This time, she heard him cry out her name and felt warm liquid spill into her from him.

She leaned forward and tucked her head under his chin. His heart was racing beneath her ear as they both panted from the exertion.

"So, we finished that time, right?" she asked when her breathing returned to normal.

He laughed and kissed her again.

"Yes, my beauty, we both finished that time!"

The End…

Unless people really, really want me to continue…