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MegaMan Battle Network: A NetNavi and a Mew Mew


Rated: K

Summary: First MegaMan Battle Network/Mew Mew Power crossover that's turned into a saga! What happens when the Mew Mews are sucked into the MMBN universe and they meet Lan Hikari and his NetNavi, MegaMan.EXE? You'll get the ultimate adventure, that's what! Plus the Mew Mews have the ability to go into the net! The Mew Mews will have to blend in as students with the exception of Renee as a teacher at ACDC Elementary till they find a way home, but with evil organizations, viruses, and the evil renegade NetNavi, Bass wants their powers, they will have trouble finding a way home. And what this? MegaMan is falling for Zoey and Renee is falling for Eugene Chaud? And anime characters getting sucked into Lan's world? This will be an awesome journey for the Mew Mews! Lan/Mayl, Zoey/MegaMan/Roll love triangle, Renee/Chaud and other pairings.

Disclaimer: I don't own MegaMan Battle Network, Mew Mew Power or any anime shows I put in this fic, so go easy on me.

Saga 1: The WWW Saga

Chapter 1: The First Day: Mew Mews in the MMBN World.

Our story begins in a small town called ACDC Town in the year 20XX, in a blue house next to a pink house; a boy at the age of ten, with brown hair in blue pajamas was sleeping. Suddenly, his mom called out to him.

"Lan, wake up!" his mom called out to him.

Lan didn't answer, he moved in his sleep.

"If you don't get up, you'll be late for school!" His mom called out again.

Again, Lan didn't answer. Suddenly, a light blue and dark device lights up.

"PET NetNews! "WWW crime is on the rise!" It says the WWW plan to control the net might be starting!" The device known as a PET read the email.

"Ugh… Sleep…" Lan grumbled in his sleep.

"You've got mail from Dad, too! Look… "Sorry I couldn't get off work Sunday, I'll be home soon. Here's a present for you" It says! There's some battle chip data attached!" The PET said.

Lan finally got up and rubbed his eyes.

"Yaaaawn… I was just having a great dream, too." Lan mumbled.

"I'll expand your chip data, so check on your PET later, OK?" The email from Dad finished.

Lan got out of bed and got dressed. He wore a blue bandana with a yellow, red and black circle on the center of the bandana, an orange vest with white sleeves with black rectangles, black shorts with yellow lines, orange sneakers with black lines, and on his back was a black backpack with a green zipper line and silver bottom. He ran up to where his PET is and got it. Inside the PET was a NetNavi, he wore a dark blue and light blue jumpsuit with dark blue gloves and boots with a light black rectangle in the gloves and boots, his helmet is dark blue with a yellow rectangle and square on the top, silver lines next to the rectangle and square, on his ears and chest is the same symbol on Lan's bandana. His name was MegaMan.

"Lan! Good morning!" MegaMan said to him.

"Morning, MegaMan!" Lan said to him also.

"Ok, let's get to school!" MegaMan said.

After checking his mail for a Battle Chip, Lan head downstairs and saw his mother making breakfast.

"Good morning Lan." His mom said.

"Morning mom." Lan replied.

"Breakfast is on the table, you have time to eat?" His mom asked.

"No, I'll be late!" Lan said as he headed out the door.

Once outside, his childhood friend, Mayl was waiting for him, and she doesn't look too happy.

"Lan, you're late!" Mayl shouted.

"Uh oh… Mayl looks grumpy…" MegaMan whispered.

"Sorry about that." Lan said nervously.

"Well, anyway, let's get to school." Mayl replied and they head off to school. On the way, they chat.

"Have you heard about people's ovens exploding? It must be another plot of WWW!" Mayl said.

"Maybe you're just imagining things." Lan guessed.

"Maybe you're right… Ah, here we are." Mayl said as they entered the school.

'Man… I wish some cool people from another town, no wait, make that another world will show up and show the WWW that they're not all that. That will be awesome.' Lan thought.

As they entered the school, Lan chats with a classmate.

"Morning Lan. By the way, Dex is looking for you. He's too big to be in our class, scary huh?" Lan's classmate told him. Lan nodded.

Lan decided to talk to Yai, the richest girl in all of ACDC Town.

"You wish to talk to me, Madame Yai about NetNavis?" Yai asked.

"Yes." Lan replied.

"Curiosity is a virtue, A NetNavi is a personalized digital assistant that are capable of independent thought and distinct personalities. They are resided inside PETS or Personal Terminals for short. You can use them to go into the internet, shop or perform daily needs. And if you have Battle Chips, you can use them for your NetNavi to battle viruses or battle another NetNavi. If you have an emotion chip, you can install it to chat with your NetNavi. You have one too don't you? Was it called MegaMan?" Yai asked in curiosity.

"Yeah… Hey wait a minute!" Lan growled. MegaMan couldn't help but chuckle at that remark.

Lan walks over to Dex, the school bully and by the look on his face, he's itching for battle.

"I had been waiting for you Lan! I challenge you… to a NetBattle! Your puny MegaMan against my powerful GutsMan!" Dex smirked.

"I heard that! NetBattling isn't allowed you know." Yai shouted coming up to the two.

"Aw stuff it! You sure got a big mouth for a shrimp! We're not bothering anyone, right Lan?" Dex said.

"Well… Hm? SHRIMP! That's no way to talk to a lady!" Yai yelled.

Suddenly, the bell rings.

"Aw man! Class is starting! After class Lan… Be there!" Dex demanded.

After everyone got seated, Ms. Mari entered the classroom.

"Okay, let's begin class, First Period is… "Virus Busting". Who has read NetNews?" Ms. Mari asked.

"I did! WWW Net Crime has been on the rise." A student said.

"Very good. And extra marks for checking your NetNews." Ms. Mari said.

"Course you should know too Lan." MegaMan whispered. Lan shushes him.

"And its very important to know how to fight viruses." Ms. Mari said.

"Hah! I like to see a WWW virus take on me and GutsMan!" Dex boasted.

"Hrmp! Dex and his silly little GutsMan." Yai smirked.

"What did you say!" Dex shouted.

"Relax Dex, why would the WWW bother you anyway?" Lan smirked also.

"Grrr! Why you! Lan!" Dex yelled in anger.

"Quiet in the classroom. Today, we'll be using the common virus called a Mettool1. Everyone jack in." Ms. Mari said.

"Lan, jack me in!" MegaMan said.

Lan did so and so the NetNavis were in the net.

"Good, I see everyone has jacked in. Let's get started." Ms. Mari's NetNavi replied. She releases the Mettool1 virus. MegaMan was the first to face two of the Mettool1 viruses.

"Okay, let's get started. First, you need to select your chips. The chips you use are in your folder, so you can select them in the custom window. Select Cannon as your first chip. You also use your own weapon, its weak, but fast." Ms. Mari said. MegaMan chooses Cannon. "Take a look at the attack rating, it shows how much damage you can do. You can only select the chip with the same code or same chip with a different code. This allows you to use more attack power. Alright, when you're done selecting chips, send them to your NetNavi." Lan sent two Cannon A and one Cannon B chips to MegaMan. "Good, now take a look at the HP on your Navi. It shows how much energy your Navi has, if it reaches zero, your NetNavi is deleted, so be careful. Now see the HP on top of the viruses, their HP is 40, so this is a good chance to hit them with the Cannon chips." Ms. Mari told her class.

"Ms. Mari, what if we use all our chips we sent to our NetNavis and the virus isn't dead?" A student asked.

"That's a good question, take a look at the custom gauge, when it fills up, you can send more chips to your Navi. Alright, use the methods I taught you to delete the viruses. Good luck!" Ms. Mari said.

"This will be a piece of cake." MegaMan said.

MegaMan dodges some shockwave attacks from the Mettool1 viruses, and hit them with the Cannon chips. They were instantly deleted.

"Good job, now to the next lesson." Ms. Mari said as she releases another Mettool1 virus.

"Now about support chips, not all chips are weapons, a Steal chip is an example of a support chip, and it can steal some of the enemies' area. Since you need to get close to an enemy, use both WideSword and Steal chips." Ms. Mari explained.

"Ms. Mari, I thought we can only use chips with the same code." A student asked.

"That's another good question. See the letter code on the WideSword and Steal chips? They have the same code, so you can use different chips with the same code. Now select the Steal and WideSword chips in order." Ms. Mari said. MegaMan selected Steal and WideSword and he was ready for battle.

"Okay, use the Steal and WideSword chips to steal a area of the virus and move in to attack." Ms. Mari said. MegaMan used the Steal chip to steal a area of the enemy and he close in to attack, he uses WideSword to delete the two viruses. He dodges some of the last virus's attacks and waited until the custom gauge was full.

"Okay, now select your own strategy this time. Good luck!" Ms. Mari said. MegaMan used the Steal and WideSword chips again and deleted the last virus.

"Good job, now for the last lesson." Ms. Mari said and she releases the last Mettool1 viruses.

"Our last lesson is chip adding, use the add button to add more chips, but you'll have to wait until the custom gauge is full and when that happens, you get 5 more chips, keep this up and you'll have 15 chips. Pop quiz! Use the methods I taught you to delete the viruses. Good luck!" Ms. Mari said.

Lan chooses the ADD button. "MegaMan, I'm going to add more chips, give me one more turn!" Lan said.

"Okay." MegaMan agreed. He dodges some of the Mettool1's attacks, until the custom gauge was full. Lan now has 10 chips, he selected three Cannon A chips and sent them to MegaMan. MegaMan uses the chips to delete the last batch of viruses.

"Good job! That's all for today class." Ms. Mari said.

And everyone jack out.

"Phew… What a rough day." Lan said.

"Yeah, so let's go home." MegaMan suggested.

"But first, we owe Dex a NetBattle." Lan reminded him.

Lan walks to Dex.

"Well, you got saved by the bell, but not this time! My GutsMan rocks! I got the latest version yesterday!" Dex boasted.

"Its on!" Lan shouted, getting out his PET.

"That's the spirit! Don't be a cry baby when you lose!" Dex taunted.

MegaMan and GutsMan appeared in a battle arena.

"Guts! Ready to lose?" GutsMan taunted.

"You wish!" MegaMan smirked.

"MegaMan, I'm sending you three Cannon chips!" Lan shouted.

GutsMan threw a punch at MegaMan, but he dodges them, GutsMan tried the Guts Shockwave to hit him, but he dodges again. MegaMan uses the three Cannon chips on GutsMan; it damages him a little bit more.

"Grrr! Hold still you!" GutsMan shouted as he threw another punch at MegaMan, he ducked.

Lan looks at his chip folder and smirked. 'Sword and WideSword chips, just what we need. 3 to be exact' Lan thought to himself.

"Sword and WideSword! Battle Chip! Slot-in!" Lan Shouted as he inserted the three chips in his PET.

'Alright!' MegaMan thought.

He got close to GutsMan and uses the Sword and WideSword chips and slashes GutsMan. GutsMan groaned and he fell down, he was then jacked out.

"Alright!" Lan cheered.

Dex went pale then went to normal and he was angry.

"Grrr… You got lucky! Today doesn't count!" Dex shouted.

"Whatever." Lan said as he jacked MegaMan out and they left the classroom, snickering to themselves.

As they were in the hallway, they were chatting.

"You were awesome today, MegaMan!" Lan smiled at his NetNavi.

"Yeah, looks like GutsMan isn't guts enough to beat us." MegaMan smiled also.

"You know, I was thinking on the way to school." Lan told his partner.

"What is it Lan? You can tell me." MegaMan asked.

"Okay, I wish some cool people from another world will show up and show the WWW that they're not all that and maybe they can help us bring them to justice." Lan told him.

"I don't know it will come true Lan." MegaMan said.

"Yeah, maybe you're right." Lan said as they headed to the exit of the school.

(Meanwhile, in another world. The Mew Mew world to be exact.)

"Closing time, ah the most relaxing time ever in the day." Zoey said as she headed out of Café Mew Mew.

"Yeah, so we can… What the heck is that!" Kikki shouted as she saw a blue portal in front of them.

Before they can answer, the blue portal sucked up Zoey, Corina, Bridget, Kikki and Renee.

"Girls!" Elliot and Wesley shouted as they tried to save them, but the portal closes.

(Back in the MMBN world.)

Lan got out of the school when five girls landed on him from a blue portal.

"Ow…" Lan groaned as he crawls out of the pile and looked at the five strange girls.

"Hey, are you alright?" Lan asked.

"Huh?" A gold haired young girl said groggily as she got up and saw Lan.

"Lan, are you alright?" MegaMan asked. The young gold haired girl was scared of MegaMan's voice.

"AIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Kikki yelled out a loud scream, the others woke up and saw Lan, they screamed too and they scattered off in different directions in ACDC Town, leaving a very confused Lan at the school gates.

"I wonder what scare them." Lan asked MegaMan.

"Maybe its me they're afraid of, a girl can't be afraid of a NetNavi. I don't think they're from DenCity." MegaMan replied.

"I guess you're right MegaMan." Lan agreed.

To Be Continued…

MegaMan: Next time on MegaMan Battle Network: A NetNavi and a Mew Mew, Lan and I rounded up the strange five girls and explain to them about a NetNavi and DenCity. They introduce themselves as the Mew Mews. They explain how they got here and they're from another world! I guess Lan's wish has come true. We promise to keep their secret identities a secret. We offer them to stay at our house and we tell mom to tell the school they'll be new students in our class, except from Renee, she'll be a teacher. Then some weird repairman who claims to be from Net Safety came to fix our control panel. There's something suspicious about him. Then Lan and I do a errand for Glide, Yai's NetNavi. And what is that smoke coming from? Find out next time! Next Chapter: Introduction Time! Welcome to ACDC Town! See you soon!