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By: 24


Jarod walked to his car and got in. He was finally finished with this particular pretend and for that he was glad. It had almost taken him longer to finish it, but he had figured who the bad guy was and why he had done it. He left behind the red notebook and the new discoveries he had discovered for Miss Parker and her crew to look at.

He hated going from one town to another, but this was his life and he wouldn't stop it because he had so much to atone for. The only thing that he liked was meeting new people, finding out their stories and the new discoveries that he found out. He loved that there was so much for him to still learn from life and he was glad that he could experience it. If he had never escaped from the Centre than he would never know about the outside world, the new discoveries, the toys, the food and the junk food. He loved Pez and still carried them around with him. He also hated that he could never find his family because they to were on the run. He wanted to finally feel the love of his parents. The love that was denied to him inside the Centre and the love that was stolen from him when he was kidnapped from his room.

He hoped that someday he would finally feel that love that was taken from him. He would have his mother, father; his young clone Jeremy and his little sister. He only wished that his little brother would have been with them, but he sacrificed his own life by saving his.

He was going to go to Dallas, Texas to see if anyone needed his help. This was the way that he could use his gifts for good by helping people that couldn't help themselves.

Dallas, Texas

Jarod had just gotten into Dallas when a car ran a red light in the intersection and crashed into his. The car that he was in was on its side and the car that crashed into his was not in great shape.

The paramedics had gotten there and gingerly got Jarod out, but he was unconscious by the time they got there and they took him to the local hospital. The Doctors started to work on him and got him into a room.

It had been a rough week when finally Jarod opened his eyes and looked around him. He wondered where he was at and why he was there. The nurse who had just come in noticed that he was awake and went to get the Doctor.