The New Girls on Campus

Lovers and Friends

Rating: Teen

The next day Gabriella walked into the theater and went backstage. It was empty, except for a blonde girl sitting in a chair with her head in her hands. Gabriella knew she would have to talk to her at one point so it was stupid to walk away.

"Hi Sharpay," she said quietly walking over to her.

"Oh, hi, Gabriella," she said looking up.

"Can I sit?" she asked.

"Yeah sure," she replied and Gabi sat in the chair across from her. They both started to speak at once, which made them laugh a little bit.

"Can I go first?" Sharpay said,

"Yeah, go ahead," Gabriella said sweetly.

"You know in high school I got everything I wanted," she started and Gabriella nodded, "but the one thing I never got was Troy. And I knew he didn't like me but then I thought that maybe there was some possibility we would get together. Then you came along, and I heard you and Troy sing together and saw your chemistry, and I knew that I would never be a lead again. And it was the one thing I had, so I thought if I split you two up I would be able to do the one thing I love most."

"I am sorry about that, I didn't know you cared that much about losing the part, I thought you just wanted Troy," Gabriella replied.

"Yeah, so that is why I was so mean, to you I am sorry," Sharpay said.

"It's ok, but I haven't really been the nicest person these past few months, I guess I was just so pissed off that you came here," she replied, "so I am sorry about humiliating you."

"Truce?" Sharpay asked.

"Truce," Gabi replied. They both laughed a little. "So I am starving you wanna go pick up some lunch?"

"Yeah, sure," Sharpay said and they both got up and walked out of the theater.

"You know I secretly always wanted to get in a bitch fight at a party," Gabriella said.

"Yeah, me too," Sharpay said and they both laughed, "by the way you are strong."

"Pshh, so are you you," Gabriella said and they both giggled again.

"Am I hallucinating or are you two not only having a civil conversation, but laughing as well," Troy said. They both looked up and laughed at his confused face.

"Well me and Gabriella called a truce," Sharpay said.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yep, we realized that all the fighting has been pretty stupid," Gabriella said.

"Yeah, well we are going to lunch do you want to join us?" Sharpay asked Troy.

"Sure, so Sharpay, you coming to the game?" he asked her.

"I dunno," she replied.

"You should, I know someone who is going who would love to see you," he replied.

"Oh my god Zeke is coming!" Gabriella exclaimed and Troy nodded.

"He wants to see me?" Sharpay asked him confused.

"That man is in love with you," Troy responded and Sharpay smiled.

"Well I will think about it," she said. They all walked in silence and Sharpay looked at Troy and Gabriella.

"You two make an amazing couple, you always have and you always will," she said.

Gabriella and Troy smiled at each other. "Thanks, that means a lot," Troy said.



It was Syracuse vs. UCLA, and it was the biggest game of the year. Who ever won would be the national champions. (A/N: I said in the last chapter that Syracuse will be playing UCLA, in the final four. However, I am changing that, because I want them to play against each other in the championship). Gabriella was sitting with Troy's parents, she wanted to focus on the game, and not be distracted by the crazy students. ABC had also told them that the camera might find them during the game. Both teams were warming up before the game.

Troy stood in the middle of the court about to do another drill. He turned around and saw Chad standing opposite him.

"Wait one second," he said to Matt who just nodded, "hey Chad." Chad turned around and saw Troy standing there. They both walked over and met at the center court.

They clapped hands and hugged each other. "It is good to see you man," Troy said.

"Yeah, it is good to see you too," Chad replied.

"Can you believe we are about to play in an NCAA championship game," Troy said lightly laughing.

"Hell no, especially against each other," Chad replied and they both laughed, "Oh hey what the hell was that 'he is used to me beating him' bs you said in that interview?"

"Oh you saw that," he said smiling.

"Yeah, I did, I saw what happened after too," Chad said.

"Yeah," Troy murmured.

"How did Gabi take it?"

"Well lets just say there was a little bit of a wrestling match at the victory party," Troy sighed.

"Are you serious," Chad said and Troy nodded shamefully, "that is actually kind of hot."

"It would have been hot if I wasn't so damn pissed off," Troy replied.

"Who started it?" Chad asked Troy just gave him a look, "Gabriella!"

"Yep," he sighed.

"Wow, didn't know Gabi was like that."

"Yeah, that is nothing to the public humiliation she was pulling on Sharpay," Chad's jaw dropped, "yeah, well on the bright side, I talked to her, and the old Gabi is back."

"You mean twelve year-old Gabi?" Chad asked and Troy nodded, "Thank god I wasn't a fan of party-girl Gabi."

"You and me both," Troy sighed and looked away they stood there in silence for a second, "why are we talking about girls when we are about to play the biggest game of our lives?" Troy asked.

Chad lightly laughed, "Well what did we talk about before our East High games?"

"Gabs and Tay," Troy responded.

"Yeah, so I guess it is okay," he said and they both laughed.

"Well I just wanted to say that no matter who wins today, you will always be my teammate and best friend," Troy said.

"Yeah, thanks man," Chad replied.

"You ready?" Troy asked.

"I think so," Chad replied. They both started to walk away.

"Troy," Chad called and he turned around, "Getcha head in the game." Troy smiled and went back to his team.

"What was that about," Greg asked.

"Nothing, just wanted to talk to him," Troy said. Greg passed him the ball and Troy went for a lay-up. Of course he made it.

"Gabriella!" Mrs. Bolton yelled waving. She saw her and made her way up her seats.

"Hey! How are you honey?" Mrs. Bolton asked hugging her.

"Good. Really nervous," she replied.

"Well don't worry, you aren't the only one Jack is going out of his mind," Mrs. Bolton (or I am just going to call her Susan for now).

"Ok good," Gabriella laughed.

"Hi Gabi," Jack said from behind her.

"Oh, hi Jack," she said turning around.

"You as nervous as I am?" he asked.

"You have no idea," she replied.

"Well good then we can, be nervous together," Jack said and she laughed.

"Did you see Troy today?" Susan asked Gabi.

"Yeah, I saw him this morning," she replied.

"How is he?" Jack asked.

"Good, a little nervous, but really excited," she replied.

"Oh good," Susan said.

The game started off and after the first half UCLA was beating Syracuse 54-50. It was a back and forth game, both teams were very strong. Gabi and Jack went to get food during halftime.

"Is it just me or is it so weird seeing Chad and Troy play against each other?" she asked him.

"You have no idea how weird, I was their coach for 6 years, and before that I saw them play on the same team every year," he said. "God I remember when we won our first championship."

Gabriella laughed, "Yeah that was a great day."

"And you guys stopped the game so you and Troy could try out for the musical," Jack laughed.

"Yep," she laughed, "it will always be known as triple win day."


"They won the game, we won the scholastic decathlon, and me and Troy got the leads in the musical." She responded.

"Ahhh, well it would have been a quadruple win if Chad hadn't interrupted when Troy tried to kiss you." Gabriella laughed and blushed.

"Yeah," she sighed, "I miss East High."

"I miss having you guys there," Jack said.

The second half began and it once again went back and forth. Gabriella got so nervous that every time Troy shot the ball she grabbed on to Susan's hand.

"Umm, Jack," Gabriella mumbled.

"Yeah," he replied.

"Have you ever seen Chad play like this," she whispered.

"No, I haven't" he said in shock, "but Chad is an adrenalin junkie, so I guess we really shouldn't be that surprised."

Syracuse was down by 2 with 3 seconds left and they had the ball. Gabriella and Susan were holding on to each other for dear life.

"I can't watch," Gabriella said and put her head down.

Matt passed the ball to Troy who shot it with one second left. Susan squeezed her hand tighter and Gabriella glanced up to see the ball go in the hoop. The place erupted in cheers. Syracuse had won. It took a second for it all to sink in though.

"Oh my god!" Gabriella exclaimed. They jumped up and all hugged each other.

The Syracuse bench had flooded the court as well as tons of TV cameras and photographers. It was the craziest thing anybody had ever seen. Troy caught Chad looking at the team's celebration. He broke free of the mob and walked over to him.

"Dude, since when could you play like that," Troy said walking over to him. Chad laughed and they hugged each other.

"Congrats man, you played a great game," Chad said.

"Thanks, but I am sorry, it must suck, you really deserve this," he said seriously.

"Yeah we lost whatever, but my best friend just won the NCAA tournament, so I am happy," Chad said.

"Thanks man," he said and glanced toward the bleachers, and saw his parents and Gabriella. Chad followed his gaze.

"Dude, go. Now." Troy laughed and patted him on the back, Chad just smiled.

Troy busted through the chairs and ran toward the bleachers. He ran up towards their seats, trying not to knock down people. But many people were staring and had cleared the way for him to get through. He wrapped his arms around his dad.

"Thanks, Dad for everything," Troy said.

"No son, thank you," he said patting his back and tearing up.

He let his son go and Troy hugged his mom and kissed her on the cheek.

"Congratulations honey, I am so proud of you."

"Thanks, mom," he said. She broke the hug and looked and saw Gabriella standing there. He just looked at her and smiled. She smiled back and shook her head, lightly laughing. They just stood there for a moment looking at each other. Then she jumped into his arms, and he kissed her. Little did they know everybody was staring at them.

"You actually did it," she said breaking the kiss.

"Yeah, but I couldn't have done it with out you," he said and kissed her again.

"Bye the way guys," Susan said and they pulled away and looked at her, "you are on the jumbotron." They both looked and saw themselves on the huge screen that was in the middle of the stadium. They both just laughed and Gabi blushed.

"You should get down there," she said.

"Only if you come with me," he replied.

"Well, I guess I could do that," she said. He took her hand and led her down to the court. The people in the aisles parted like the red sea to let them through. As soon as they got down to the court, Troy and Gabriella were completely surrounded. Troy hugged Matt and Greg, and some of the rest of the players while Troy was pulled away to do an interview. Then he was called over because they were going to do the Trophy presentation. The coach received the championship trophy and passed it to Troy who passed it to the rest of the team.

"No this is a big surprise," announcer said sarcastically, "tonight's MVP, the guy who had 34 points tonight, and 12 rebounds, captain Troy Bolton." Troy went up to him, received the trophy and shook the commissioner's hand.

"So Troy how does this feel?" the guy asked on stage.

"Oh my god, amazing, but there are so many thoughts going through my head right now I don't even know what to say," he replied.

"Is there anyone you would like to thank?"

"Umm, yeah, well first my coach and team, I mean without you guys on and off the court I wouldn't be here tonight, my best friend and former teammate, UCLA's Chad Danforth, for giving me a run for my money tonight. I don't know what I would do without you, but I will probably kill you when I am sore tomorrow. And of course my mother, who has always been there for me, my dad you have been the best coach I have ever heard, and last but definitely not least my beautiful girlfriend Gabriella, I love you to death and now that the season is over I can spend all my time with you."

"Oh yeah, that was quite a show you put on with your girlfriend a few minutes ago."

"What can I say man, I always like to give these great fans a good show," Troy replied.

"Well you certainly did tonight," he said, "so Troy the burning question…"

"We already discussed the fact that I have a girlfriend," he said laughing.

The interviewer laughed, "yeah well the girls at Syracuse are really pissed off right now, but anyways,"


"Are we gonna be seeing you back in this tournament next year or will you be heading to the NBA?"

"Ahh, that question," he sighed.

"Yep," everybody was on there seats waiting to hear an answer.

"Come on man, you think after tonight I could leave these guys?" Troy said smiling. The Syracuse fans erupted and cheers and Troy laughed.

"So that is a no."

"Yeah, I am still young and I want to get an education," he replied and Gabriella rolled her eyes, "Gabriella Montez! I saw you roll your eyes!" Everybody laughed. "But yeah, I am staying."

"Well good, congrats Troy," he said.

"Thank you," he replied and walked off the stage. He joined the team in their celebration.

"Hey, did you forget I was here?" Gabriella said from behind him.

"Of course not," he said and bent down and kissed her. "Marry me," he mumbled.

"What?" she said.

"I said…I said marry me," he louder. Her jaw dropped and then she smiled. She jumped into his arms and kissed him.

"Is that a yes?" he asked.

"Yes it is," she said and kissed him again. They stood there passionately kissing on the court, thousands of people around them screaming and cheering, but to them, they were completely alone.

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