Raising Holi

By Fatala

I've been wanting to do a fanfic like this for awhile but never knew how to start it. The genre of the story with change a lot; from drama, to humor, to horror, or others; it will all depend of the storyline.

Chapter 1: The Survivor

It had been a long day. Too much fighting and too many innocent lives lost to their seemingly unceasing war. Optimus Prime walked past where Ratchet and Wheeljack had set up a makeshift M.A.S.H. site to care for the wounded. But right now, besides his wounded Autobots, it was more like a morgue than a hospital. They had search the wreckage of the small town looking for survivors, only to find a graveyard.

Riverview was a small town east of Portland near the Columbia River. A couple months ago a new energy research facility had been built less than a mile away. The system was still relatively new but it had already been producing massive amounts of energy for sometime. Because of this he had regularly sent a small patrol to guard the area against a Decepticon attack. Everything had work perfectly, too perfectly. 'I should have known better. Megatron had been silent for too long. How could I not see what he was up too? If I had only known.', Optimus mental reprimanded himself as he briefly stopped his scans. A few yards away he could see that Prowl and Bluestreak had uncovered more of the town's once many citizens. But by Bluestreak's uncharacteristic silence he could tell it was too late. Optimus turned back to his scans as the events of the day replayed in his mind.

Early that morning at 6:00 A.M. Trailbreaker, Brawn, and Gears had left the Ark for their shift at Riverview. Around 8 o'clock Mirage, Windcharger, and Bluestreak came back from their night patrol of the town. It wasn't until 11:00, when the afternoon patrol; Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, and Jazz; normally left, that Teletran 1's Skyspy picked up a transmission that the Decepticons were attacking Seattle. Optimus had taken the afternoon patrol to deal with the Decpticons. But by the time they reached the Seattle city limits Prowl radioed that Riverview was under attack. That's when if hit him. 'Its a diversion!', Optimus had thought in realization. He immediately turned around and headed top speed for the small town. Prime radioed Prowl back for him to put together an assault force to guard the city and back up Trailbreaker's patrol. The small patrol had been pinned down and was fighting overwhelming odds. He had a sinking feeling deep in his fuel pump that it was already too late. His feeling was right, by the time they got there the town was left a smoking husk and the Decepticons had left the energy. From Prowl he had learned that Megatron had sent Soundwave to Seattle to setup a fake signal while Megatron and his main forces attacked the town and research facility. Now they were clearing the wreckage and searching for survivors; if there were any.

'Why had Megatron destroyed the entire town and not just attack the energy plant?' That's what he would have though that the beginning of the war. But now it was clear now that this was Megatron's way of saying that he would kill everyone and destroy anything to achieve his goal of universe domination. Optimus knew that he shouldn't have been shocked by Megatron's actions; he had destroyed entire city-states to destroy his opposition back on Cybertron. But still, every time something like this happened here Optimus couldn't help feeling applaud and shocked at the destruction and death. Maybe it was because these people had no way to defend themselves At times like this he was thankful for his battlemask; it helped him hide his emotions, which right now were ready to overflow.

Suddenly there was a faint flash on his scanner. 'Maybe somebody did survive.' Optimus stopped and scanned again but this time he detected nothing. He in front of one of the many demolished houses, this one unlike the others was only partially collapsed but it would probably collapse the rest of the way soon. Amongst the debris he could see a pair of humans that were partially buried by the roof. Gingerly moving it aside Prime could see a young woman and a young man, who even in death clutched each other tightly.

Again he saw a faint flash on his radar, but this time it did not disappear. It seemed to be coming from inside the house. In a rush of hope he slowly lifted the roof up. Seeing Optimus' actions Ironhide and several other rushed over, while Bumblebee ran to get Ratchet. Ironhide helped support foundation with Optimus as Windcharger and Brawn dug through the wreckage. By the time Ratchet and Bumblebee got there they had uncovered the body of a small girl.

"Is she?", Bluestreak slowly asked hoping for the best. Even though she was a bloody mess and was covered in dirt and ash they could just barely see her chest moving up and down.

"Well she's breathing that's a good sign.", said Ratchet moving the younger bot aside. After making sure Ironhide had the roof Optimus slowly lifted the girl out of her, would be, tomb. Almost immediately after she was out the house crumbled to the ground.

"A minute later and we would have lost her.", Ironhide commented. But the comment never made it to Optimus' audio sensors for his attention was on the young girl in his hand. She let out several harsh coughs, as her lungs fought to clear themselves of the dust and dirt that had gotten in. Weakly opening her eyes she stared up at Optimus in a daze, almost as if she was unaware of what was going on around her. Slowly he lips moved to form a single word that only he could here, one that took him by surprise. She then fell unconscious, that's when he noticed the small pool of blood which was forming in his hand.

"We better get her to the hospital fast, she's lost a lot of blood and will bleed to death if something isn't done.", Ratchet said transforming. Wheeljack carefully lifted her out of Optimus' hand and into Ratchet. Ratchet quickly instructed Bumblebee to get in and help stop her bleeding. The mini-bot was a little reluctant but got in just before Ratchet drove off, sirens blaring. Prowl radioed to hospital as everyone got back to work. The parents bodies were taken by Wheeljack to be placed with the others for a proper burial. Now again Optimus was left alone but his attention was soon drawn to the mass of news media that had arrived. 'Not again.', he inwardly sighed as he walked towards them. As he did the one word that the young child had whispered to him echoed in his mind. It had summed up what she need the most right now, although it had been taken away from her . . . seemingly forever.

daddy . . .

To be continued.

Like it; hate it, that's for you to decide. I only write here.